10 Best Solar Pathway Lights

When the sun goes down, everybody heads back to their home. And the tiring drive back home comes to a refreshing end when your pathway is lit with beautiful lights. No one loves dark and dull driveways. Bring yourself enchanting lights and guarantee a cheerful entrance to your home.

There are many new technologies in Solar Pathway Lights, including LED lights and solar-powered lights. But, solar lights are affordable, energy-saving, and eco-friendly. There are many selection choices available in the market. Let’s move forward to the list of some of the best solar pathway lights you can buy. 

10 Best Solar Pathway Lights Review

There are many solar pathway lights on amazon that one can buy according to their budget and needs. Let’s have a quick look at the ten best solar pathway lights:

  1. Best Value Package: SUNNEST 12 solar power outdoor/pathway lights
  2. Best Range of Colors: Balhvit glass solar pathway lights
  3. Best Runner-Up: BEAU JARDIN 8 pack solar pathway lights
  4. Best Durable Solar Light: Signature Garden 6 pack solar pathway lights
  5. Best Quality Solar Light: Moonrays Payton Solar LED pathway lights
  6. Best Multi-colored Solar Light: AUSHEN solar garden and pathway lights
  7. Best Brightest Solar Light: OSORD solar pathway lights
  8. Best Flickering Solar Light: Aityvert solar pathway lights
  9. Best Battery-less Solar Light: LANSGARINE solar pathway lights
  10. Best Popular Solar Pathway Light on Amazon: Voona Solar pathway lights

1. SUNNEST 12 Solar power outdoor/pathway lights

SUNNEST 12 Solar power outdoorpathway lights


  • Valued 12 lights in a pack
  • Has wide application 
  • Is harsh weatherproof
  • More than 8 to 10 hours of light
  • A pretty range of color choices
  • Has easy installation


  • Stakes might break if not handled with care

When you have so many options available in the market, the SUNNEST Solar pathway lights on amazon are the best-LED lights for your driveway. The economic design is stainless, attractive, and strong. It is budget-friendly and provides a set of 12 lights.

The solar pathway light can be used on the deck to decorate your garden and landscape because of its easy installation. It provides a pretty range of colors; cool white, warm white, and even multi-colored. The material is harsh weather-resistant, and you don’t need to worry about rainy days. 

2. Balhvit Glass solar pathway lights

Balhvit Glass solar pathway lights


  • Material is IP65 Waterproof
  • Brightest as has ten lumens
  • SMD LED solar pathway lights
  • 10 – 12 hours light time
  • Efficient battery 600mAH
  • 18 months warranty


  • Might be heavy

These waterproof stainless Balhvit glass solar pathway lights have intricate designs. A pack consists of two lights. The pattern on the glass provides a luminous pattern on the ground when lights are on. This creates an enchanting and beautiful vibe all around. The multipurpose solar lights are guaranteed safe in extreme weather conditions.

The materials used are ABS plastic, glass, and stainless steel. The finish is all black, and the range of light colors includes cool and warm white. It automatically gets on and off, thus saving from overcharging and increasing the product’s overall efficiency. Its working time is greater than the charging time, so it is quite helpful on short winter days. 

3. BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Lights 

 BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Lights 


  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Harsh weather resistant
  • 8-10 hours of light time
  • A variety of colors in light
  • Different materials like plastic and stainless steel
  • Stylish and unique design


  • Maybe Less light time in winters

If you are looking for lights with a great history of good reviews, then BEAU JARDIN solar pathway lights are for you. These lights are reviewed 4.5 stars on amazon and are highly recommended by all the consumers. These are considered one of the brightest solar pathway lights. And the design is intimidating yet stylish.

The modern style of the diamond glass lens filters the light beautifully, and a soft glow is made. These lights are waterproof, thus extreme weather resistant. It has an effortless installation and requires no additional tools. It consists of NiMH batteries, which are automatically controlled and can turn on or off with respect to environmental conditions.

The company promises to provide 8-10 hours of light time in summer and 4 hours in winter. The remarkable thing about these pathway lights is that there are various lights you can choose from and decorate on Christmas.

The stake is made up of a range of materials such as plastic, stainless steel and in different colors like black, bronze, and silver. You can also choose from tinted diamond glass lenses. There are various modes of light like cool white, warm white, and multicolor. All in all, it’s a great deal!

4. Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights 

4. Best Durable Solar Light Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights 


  • Offers one-year warranty
  • Long term application
  • 15 lumens of light
  • Easy installation as no wires


  • Might not be completely waterproof

The beautiful Signature Garden lights are perfect for a driveway or to decorate your backyard on Christmas. A pack consists of six lights at a great price. The installation is very easy for a newbie in solar lights and requires no professionals to install it at your precise location. These lights are so bright as compared to many other solar pathway lights. Thus, they are being added to this list.

You require no wires to connect them, so there is no such hassle to on and off them. They are weather-resistant, and the material is sturdy enough to be placed along the pathway. The solar pathway lights are light in weight and provide the brightest glow of light.

Many sellers offer a lifetime guarantee and replace any damaged light, one of the consumer’s reviews. The company owners are very cooperative with their customers and help them out as much as possible. This makes it a must-buy for newbies and those who are afraid to buy online.

5. Moonrays Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light

st Quality Moonrays Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light


  • one year warranty
  • No fear of breaking as made up of plastic
  • Two to four lumens of light
  • 12-inches illumination 
  • A pack of eight lights
  • Weather-resistant IP65
  • Offers easy installation


  • May fail to light up the area when not fully charged

Moonrays are considered quite experienced in making great designs and quality solar lights. Their designs are unique yet stable and sturdy. Moonrays have a great history of making perfect solar pathway lights that also includes Richmond solar pathway lights but are currently unavailable.

These can replace those as they provide two times brighter light than other usual solar lights brands. It provides a specified 12- inch area of illumination. These are one of the few plastic solar lights that have been purchased and liked by many. The finish is all black, and warm light is produced by it. The pack includes eight lights having a 360 display. The whole design is weatherproof; thus no need to worry about snowy or rainy weather. 

6. AUSHEN Solar Garden and Pathway lights

AUSHEN Solar Garden and Pathway lights


  • Cascade of light; unique
  • Ten lights in a pack
  • Is very lightweight 
  • Offers a variety of colors
  • Six to eight hours of light time
  • Has easy installation
  • Extreme weather resistant


  • Small in size

The modern styled AUSHEN solar pathway lights are the next included in this list. These are unfinished stainless steel solar lights. And a pack includes ten solar lights. These are for the people who love miniature and Christmas. These lights are small in size, handy, easy to install, and very light in weight. The ten lights will cover your pathway very easily and will increase the charisma of our place.

They provide a good light time of six to eight hours. These are weather resistant as made up of IP65. The small AUSHEN lights are easy to install by following the four-step guide. There is a range of colors provided by the company to enjoy different patterns of light.

Many buyers rated these solar lights five stars because of the cascade pattern of colors seen in them. This feature of light is not provided by any, thus very unique in this. The price is very reasonable to get a pack of 10 lights.

7. OSORD outdoor solar pathway lights

OSORD outdoor solar pathway light


  • Has downlight of 150 lumens
  • 12 lights in a pack
  • The brightest light of all
  • One-year warranty
  • Dimmable cool white and warm white
  • Adjustable direction according to sunlight


  • Material is all plastic – not showy

OSORD outdoor solar lights are a great downlight for your pathways and driveway. These lights come 12 in a pack. Thus, the very reasonable and appropriate rate for the 12 brightest of lights. A buyer reviewed the OSORD pathway lights and mentioned that he compared nine different LED lights, and these ones were the most promising of them all. If you are looking for the brightest light and that is not visible to your neighbors, these are the best for you.

The OSORD pathway lights are the best downlights in terms of brightness, regal architectural design, and longevity. The design is sturdy, adjustable, and catches more sunlight, and stores high energy. 

These lights are also mentioned as Amazon’s Choice. Moreover, they are made up of durable, weather-resistant plastic and light in weight compared to other metal-based solar lights. There are two colors to choose from; one is warm white, and the other is cool white. You can dim these lights with respect to your taste. 

8. Aityvert Solar Pathway Lights

Aityvert Solar Pathway Lights


  • 35 lumens brightness
  • Unique design; flickering flames
  • Adjustable stakes with easy installation
  • 10 to 12 hours light
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • 12 months warranty


  • Plastic poles might be a disadvantage

These Aityvert solar pathway lights are a bit on the expensive side, but if you look for something unique and beautiful, these lights are the ones. These are amazing flickering solar lights, which can be an excellent alternative for real flames.

The Aityvert solar pathway lights are waterproof, dustproof, and harsh weather resistant made from IP65. These lights are four in a pack and provide coverage to the moderate area. No wiring is required; thus, the installation is very easy and requires no tools. One of these solar lights best features is that their height is adjustable; you can use two connectors to make it long or keep a medium height.

9. LANSGARINE Solar pathway lights

LANSGARINE Solar pathway lights


  • Six to eight hours of light
  • Eight lights in a pack
  • Unique color scheme
  • Doesn’t gets damaged by water
  • One year warranty


  • Stakes are not strong

The LANSGARINE solar pathway lights are also one of the best options you can have. These come with eight lights in a pack. It does not require batteries. Solar-powered and automatic on and off. They have a pretty good performance with six to eight hours of light at quite a reasonable price.

They have a plastic body and have two colors of the stake a complete jet black and a unique brown color. You can pair cool white light with black and warm white with the brown color to make a calming ambiance. These are waterproof and can be maintained to light up in the snow. 

10. Voona Solar LED pathway lights

Voona Solar LED pathway lights


  • nless steel material
  • Eight hours of light
  • 30 days full refund warranty
  • Six lumens of bright light
  • Eight lights pack
  • 500mAH pre-installed battery


  • Stakes are not durable

Voona Solar LED lights are Amazon’s Choice in the category of Solar pathway lights. These are eight lights in a pack. These solar pathway lights are made up of stainless steel and classic design. The consumers much love the delicate design of Voona LED lights. They give the brightest light of six lumens, which is perfect for your driveway, pathway, yard, and lawns.

The working time is up to eight hours when charged fully in the daytime. The durable stainless steel makes it workable in every harsh environment and increases its longevity. 

Buyer’s Guide – Things You Need to Know Before Buying Solar Pathway Lights

In this, we have listed only the best products along with their product specifications, their pros, and cons. But most of the time, the confusion with many products remains unsolved. There are times when the buyer has a problem while installing these solar lights; for that case, follow this step-by-step guide. Moreover, we will provide you some useful tips that will help you buy the product of your choice and the best in quality.

1. Lights in a Pack

One should carefully read all the product specifications and, most importantly, look for the number of lights available in one pack. It can be chosen according to your needs, but a pack of more than five lights is recommended. If a pack contains 10 to 12 lights, then go forward to buy it as this is definitely a go-to option and a great deal.

2. Brightness of the lights

Many people prefer lights with bright light, and the solar lights having a higher lumen will be better than the lower ones. In addition to the brightness of light, also look for the LUX of the light. LUX is the measurable light that falls on the ground. A solar light with higher LUX will be preferred.

3. Material of the solar lights

The solar lights are made of plastic, steel, and glass. Many brands put in extra effort to make solar lights lightweight and durable in harsh weather conditions. So, the one with durable plastic and IP65 material is better. In the case of lights made of steel, the steel should be stainless that will save the life span of the lights. The glass material is used for the lens to have a more beautiful fallout of the light. 

4. Battery time 

The more battery time of the solar lights better the product will be. Always look for solar lights having a good eight to ten hours of light. It should light up even if it is not fully charged, and when fully charged, it should light up for at least eight hours in summers. 

5. Warranty of the product 

Most of the companies provide a good time for the warranty of the product. It is usually one- year time. Some of the companies also offer a fully refundable policy within 30 days of the purchase. Even if the product does not have a warranty, always talk to the help center and report your problem. Some people are kind enough to help you anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Pathway Lights

Here we are listing the most frequently asked questions that will help you buy solar pathway lights from amazon easily. 

1. Do lights change color?

Most of the lights have a straight color that can be cool white or warm white. But many also come with an option of multi-colored lights.

2. Are these lights waterproof?

Yes, all of the lights are waterproof and extremely weatherproof. Some also come with dustproof quality.

3. How to install the solar lights?

If the soil is not soft enough, please dug a little to soften the soil and simply place the stake into the ground. No wiring is required.

4. What type of battery do the solar lights have?

Most of the solar lights have rechargeable AA batteries. That will recharge by itself in the morning and will light up the light in the dark automatically.

5. How much time will it take to fully recharge?

It will take a good summer day of eight to ten hours to recharge the batteries fully. And in winter, more time will be required.


When somebody calls a place home, it is because of the love and effort that he/she has given to build it. They spent their time to decorate it beautifully on Christmas and according to their needs. An adequately illuminated house only provides you the warmth and comfort of the home. According to us, SUNNEST Solar pathway lights and Signature Garden Solar pathway lights are the best concerning their features, packaging, price, and lights output.

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