Best Beard Trimmers For Mens

Best Beard Trimmers

One of the effective ways to maintain your beard is to use the best beard trimmer. People usually believe great looking maintained beard to be a natural thing. But behind this beard, there is a lot of effort and some essential tools. And the beard trimmer is one of them. It is because when you want to keep your beard neat and tidy, then an electric razor and other tools aren’t going to do the job.

That is the time to get high quality and best beard trimmer. Beyond using the right beard oil, one of the essential weapons in maintaining your facial hair to ensure that it remains to look its best, is a beard timer. This way is much quick and convenient. You can effortlessly trim your beard whenever you want. This essential little tool is much better than other shaver alternatives as along with performing the work it also ensures the safety.

7 Top Beard Trimmers by 10 Consumers

The trouble is, there are a lot of options in front of you to choose from. With this, you may get confused while choosing the best product. It is because you will have to look for each essential aspect. So, all of this will consume much of your time. In that regard, we have enlisted the leading beard trimers through their paces. We have summarized our findings below to make you choose the best product with ease.

Similarly, you can trust this research because we have went through every product in detail before shrinking the products into one place. Moreover, we also kept all the specs and customers’ reviews kept in front so, you surely get the best product without any problem.

1. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Trimmer for Beard



  • Fully washable.
  • It includes a Lithium-ion battery.
  • Premium stainless steel frame.


  • A little bit heavier.
  • There are too many guards with too small prints to read.

The first best beard trimmer, on our list, is the result of the manufacturing of Philips. This product comes up with all the essential accessories that fulfill all of your trimming needs. You can use this all in one trimmer for beard, head, body, or face hair styling. It is because it includes 23pieces of clippers for all your trimming needs.

It equips a dual cut technology. With this technology, it offers maximum precision and includes 2x more self-sharpening blades. These blades last up to 5 years. You can see that this product is the right one for your investment.

If we come towards the motor of the trimmer, then it delivers maximum torque and power. It includes a full-metal motor and a drive train that’s been reinforced with tempered steel. Moreover, the trimmer is also very safe to use. It has unique cutting guards that are reinforced with ultra-strong fiberglass. It will also prevent buckling, bending, ensuring even trimming.

2. Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer



  • Smart LED charge indicator.
  • 12 attachment guards.
  • Quick 1 minute charge.


  • The battery may get affected by use.
  • It requires rest after every use.

The second product on our list is the Wahl Stainless steel beard trimmer. This trimmer contains self-sharpening precision blades. Due to this feature, it is better than other trimmers. Similarly, the patented technology included in this trimmer provides superior cutting for all hair types and lengths. Moreover, the blads are long-lasting for quiet performance for outstanding performance.

Another best feature of this trimmer is that it has four multi-purpose attachments: T-blade, Detail shaver, rotatory-personal trimmer, and detail trimmer. These are perfect for all types of facial hair.

If we add information about its battery, then it owns a Lithium-ion battery to provide a much longer running time. With this, it will become a perfect travel choice in a beard trimmer.

Lastly, if you want to give a gift to your friend, father, or any person, it is the best choice. It is because beard trimmers are better choices for gifts for men.

3. Philips Norelco BT7215/49 Beard Trimmer



  • Powerful suction.
  • Trimming with fewer strokes.
  • 20-precision length settings.


  • It is not solidly built.
  • The grip is not that good.

The third product on our list is also manufactured by Philips. The main feature of this trimmer is that it has an integrated vacuum system. With this system, the trimmer catches up to 90 percent of the cut hair for less mess. The high-velocity motor and fan system creates powerful suction to lift and capture hairs.

It equips an innovative lift and trims technology effectively lifts and guides hair for a more efficient hair cut. Similarly, the self-sharpening blades are designed to effectively cut each hair perfectly. With this, the trimmer will prevent skin irritation and are double sharpened to cut more hair in every pass for quick trimming.

This useful trimmer offers 20 built-in length settings. With this, you can select your preferred trim length by simply turning the zoom wheel until the length you want displays from 0.5 millimeters to 10 millimeters.

The included advanced Lithium-ion battery delivers maximum power for high cutting performance. You will be shocked to know that you will get 80 minutes of cordless use with each 60 minutes charge.

4. Hatteker Men’s Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer



  • Included LCD for a much better display.
  • USB quick charge.
  • 100 percent waterproof.


  • A little effort to changes its head for trimming.
  • It may stick to your hair while trimming your beard.

It is another product in our list that comes up with 12 attachments or all of your grooming needs. Another thing about this trimmer is that it is a full-size and extra-wide steel trimmer. It is an all in one trimmer. You can use it for the nose and ear hair trimming, body trimming, and adjustable beard trimming. Aside from this, it also offers four hair trimmer combs. With this, your trimming process will become more precise and perfect.

It also owns self-sharpening blades. The trimmer’s precise steel blades create clean, straight lines, evenly trim through the thickest hair. Moreover, these non-corrosive blades won’t rust and will prevent you from skin irritation.

It features a Lithium-ion battery. This high power rechargeable battery delivers 60 minutes of use after every full charge. So, it will give you sufficient time to trim your beard with ease.

Lastly, the trimmer and all of its attachments are fully washable. Just rinse them under the faucet for easy cleaning.

5. Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper/Trimmer



  • It is a corded trimmer.
  • Best for smooth and precise trimming.
  • User-friendly.


  • It is somewhat noisy.
  • It needs higher maintenance.

We have added this product o our list for experts. It is the only best beard trimmer that experts demand. Moreover, it is also one of the top-rated corded beard trimmers. The very first feature of this trimmer is that it is corded. There is no battery in it. So, you can use this trimmer without any charging issue.

The next thing is manufacturing. The design and manufacturing of this trimmer are specifically for smooth, precise, and ultra-thick trimming on thick, textured, and multicultural hair types. Similarly, the blade included in this trimmer is of very high-quality. The trimmer’s blade consists of pure stainless steel for much better cutting. With this, you can create any design of hair with ease.

Lastly, it also gives you multiple trimming options. Due to this, this product best suits the barbers. It is because it fulfills all the needs for commercial use.

6. Philips Norelco MG3750 beard trimmer



  • The blade is made out of metal.
  • Blades and guards are easy to detach and rinse.
  • No oil needs for maintenance.


  • Some parts are of low quality.
  • The battery can die after long use.

This product from Philips adds to our list for those people whose budget is limited but want the best quality product. Despite having a low price, this trimmer satisfies all of your needs for trimming. It comes up with 13 attachments for all your grooming needs. It is a full-size, steel precise trimmer best for the nose and ear trimming, body trimming, and beard trimming.

It has maximum precision due to the presence of DulaCut technology. It also includes 2x sharp blades. They sharpen themselves gradually with regular use.

The battery included in it is a Lithium-ion battery. It provides you with a longer running time in a much less charge time.

7. Beard Trimmer by Bevel



  • Compact and modern look.
  • Better charging and recharging time.
  • Much safer and efficient.


  • The warranty does not cover the breakage of plastic.
  • The battery may become weak after use.

The very last product on our list is also the best one. It is designed and manufactured by Bevel. It has quick tool-free adjustments with no screw drives needed. All you have to do is adjust it with the Bevel dial for a cleaner, smoother trim. It will also reduce bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation.

It is also a perfect gift for men. You can gift it to your father, husband, son, or friend. Moreover, it is comfortable to grip and control. The soft-touch grip and custom-faceted body give you superior control over the trimmer along with 360 degrees non-slip handling.

Buying Guide – Here is What You Need To Know About Best Beard Trimmers

A beard not only maintains your beard but also enhances your beauty. So, the trimmer should be the best one. In that regard, we have also added a buying guide for your convenience. In this section, we have added some considerations that you should keep in mind when buying a beard trimmer.

  1. Quality

The very first thing to consider is the quality of the trimmer. It is because you have to run the investment for a long time. For this, the quality of the trimmer should be better. Otherwise, the trimmer will last earlier.

  1. Blade

The next essential thing to consider is the blade. As we know, the blade of the trimmer plays a vital role in perfect trimming. So, the blade quality and performance should be the best one. A cheaper blade will not be that sharp. However, a better-quality blade will have a strong metal and will be much sharpened.

  1. Battery

The next thing to consider is the battery. In cordless beard trimmers, the battery of the trimmer also plays a vital role in trimming your beard with perfection. It is because the performance depends upon the battery of the trimmer. So, go for the trimmer having a better battery life. However, you can also choose a trimmer that works with direct electricity that is also called a corded trimmer.

  1. The motor

The motor is another essential consideration. The motor must be delivering sufficient power to the blade. Otherwise, the trimmer will not work correctly, and your trimming would not be that good. So, make sure that the motor is efficient and reliable.

FAQs About Best Beard Trimmers

What are the best manufacturing companies for Beard trimmers?

Several companies come on top of the manufacturing beard trimmer. However, some of the best companies are Wahl, Panasonic, Phillips, and Hatteker.

Can we do a haircut with a beard trimmer?

Yes, you can. You can use any beard trimmer for haircutting. For this, all you will have to need is the clipper. By using the clipper, you can cut your hair according to the required size.

Is trimming better than shaving beards?

Yes, it is much better than shaving a beard. It is because shaving irritates your skin, no matter how much do you take care of your razor or face. Trimming is the best alternative to this. It can manage your growing beard in a much better way.


A beard trimmer is a must-have tool for the appealing look of your beard. You must buy this product to maintain your beard in a much better way.

Now, we will conclude some of the best beard trimmers on our list. First of all, the top-picked product on our list is Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Trimmer for Beard. We have declared it the top-picked because it is best from every aspect. This product will fulfill all of your trimmings needs more effectively.

However, if you want just a runner up, then go for the Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer. Similarly, if you prefer an average-choice product, then we would recommend Hatteker Men’s Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer.

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