10 Best Bed Sheets Reviews

Best Bed Sheets

A good quality bed sheet enables you to have a sound sleep at night and gives a relaxing impact in the morning. A soft fabric sheet gives you an impact of lying over a bed of roses, keeping you at comfort. Bedding, which demands constant investment, not only eats up your salaries but also makes you tired.

Choosing the right bed sheets is essential as it alters the entire look of the room. The bedsheet should be comfortable to use and easy to wash, and ensures longevity making the purchase worth it.

Top 10 Best Bed Sheets Reviews by 10 Consumers

If you are running out of time, don’t bother; here is the list of the best bed sheets you will love to sleep in.

  1. Best Overall Sheets – Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set
  2. Best Value Sheets – Mellanni Bed Sheet Set
  3. Best Organic Sheets – Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set
  4. Best Hotel Sheets – Marriott Signature Sheet Set
  5. Best Wrinkle-Resistant Sheets – Cuddledown Hotel Sateen Sheet Set
  6. Best Crisp Sheets – Parachute Percale Sheet Set
  7. Best Temperature-Regulating Sheets – Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set
  8. Best Luxury Cotton Sheets – Wamsutta PimaCott Sheet Set
  9. Best Sweat-Wicking Sheets – Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set
  10. Best Flannel Sheets – JCPenney Micro Flannel Sheet Set

1. Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set



  • Cleverly designed labels make bedding easier.
  • Soft, Cozy & Buttery-smooth.
  • Extra pockets on the pillow.
  • OEKO-TEX certified.
  • Free of chemical hazards.


  • Too cold and too noisy.
  • Warm colors available only.

At the top of the list comes the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set, as it’s composed of 100% cotton sateen fabric, which provides strength to the sheet. Its buttery smooth-weave keeps you comfy and makes it the ultimate bedding upgrade. It is easy to wash and difficult to get pilled.

Making your bed is a lot easier with this perfect bedding set, as the fitted sheet marks the labels “long side” and “short side.” No matter what size your bed is, to your fortune, this bed sheet set comes in all sizes. It comprises the 480 thread counts and slightly luminous finish that adds up to customer satisfaction.

2. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set



  • Shrinkage is minimal.
  • Extremely soft, smooth, and comfortable.
  • More durable than cotton.
  • Wrinkle-free material.


  • Not ideal for crisp sheet lovers.
  • May hinder in breathing.

Mellanni introduces the world with the silkiest soft, luxurious and comfortable bed sheet set. It is composed of 100% polyester that gives a buttery feel to its users. Bring yourself to ease with this bed sheet set, which is easy to wash without getting shrunk. Moreover, these high-quality sheets won’t get wrinkles like most cotton fabrics.

These bedsheets arrive in all sizes; just pick up the right size that fits your bed. Buy the color you love the most without fearing the issue of color fading, as Mellanni bed sheets are resistant to fading and stain. Mellanni bed sheets perfectly fit the bedroom, guest room, and children’s room.

3. Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set



  • Certified by GOTS & Fair Trade.
  • Strong, buttery smooth feel.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Gets soft with use.


  • Not remarkably soft.

The Hemmed Sheet Set offers a simple signature weave yet not ordinary. These beddings are comfortable to feel, beautiful to look at, and heavenly to sleep in. The material is super-soft and light in weight. These long-staple 100% cotton bed sheet sets are certified by GOTS and Fair Trade, ensuring its ethical production meets high-quality demands and gains customer satisfaction.

These bed sheet sets are remarkably soft, buttery-smooth, and long-lasting without losing their softness. These beddings are easy to use and laundered well. The hemmed sheet sets arrive in various sizes. Above all, the size is not altered after every wash due to shrinkage. Pick the color that blends well with your room.

4. Marriott Signature Sheet Set



  • Resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles.
  • The fabric is strong yet soft.
  • 300 thread count cotton blend fabric.
  • Breathable fabric ensures a good night’s sleep.


  • May become scratchy after washing.

The Signature sheet set by Marriott enables you to bring the feel of hotel bedding you love the most to your homes. Marriott bed sheets keep you comfy with its cotton-polyester blend, which, however, elevates its price, unfortunately. The fabric is ultra-breathable, ensuring your comfort all night long.

These signature sheet sets have a contemporary design; its clean, bright-white, and crisp lines add up to the beauty of your bedroom. The Marriott beddings offer queen and king size. These beddings perfectly accommodate partners, pet-owners, and busy lifestyles. In addition to their eye-catching look and comfortable fabric, these bedsheets are easy to wash and serve you long.

5. Cuddledown Hotel Sateen Sheet Set



  • Resistant to chemical hazards.
  • Minimal shrinkage.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
  • Super soft and comfortable fabric.


  • Not remarkably strong.

Mostly bed sheets get crumpled upon washing, which brings dullness to their look. If you are looking for relief from this issue, then Cuddledown Hotel Sateen Sheet sets are a perfect choice for you. The buttery-soft, smooth appearance of these beddings doesn’t fade away after laundering. Thanks to its wrinkle-resistant feature.

A boatload of features accompanies the easy washing; for instance, it is resistant to chemical hazards, Oeko-Tex certified, and its astonishing finish beautifies your bedroom. The fabric is so soft that it has a silky dreamy touch to it. The generously sized bedding fits almost all mattresses.

6. Parachute Percale Sheet Set



  • Spun cloud lightweight.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Crispy finish.


  • Easily catch wrinkles.
  • Not soft and smooth.

Begin making your perfect bed with a Parachute Percale sheet set. These sheet sets are crafted in Portugal with 100% premium, long-staple Egyptian cotton. The fabric is cool to touch, strong, and pill-resistant. The beddings are easy to use but recommend following special laundry guidelines. It is advised to use a liquid detergent and wool dryer balls. However, avoid bleaching and low ironing is recommended if desired. The fabric is best fit for crispy, airy bedding lovers.

Above all, these beddings don’t undergo shrinkage; however, their crisp finish gets even better with time. If you are facing the problem of getting hot at night, percale resolves this issue. The package includes one fitted sheet and one pillowcase set. To make it more convenient, you may purchase a flat sheet.

7. Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set

Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set


  • Adequately regulates your body temperature.
  • Super-soft and comfortable.
  • NASA-engineered Outlast fibers.
  • Easy washing.


  • Shrink upon washing.

The Slumber cloud stratus sheet set aids in maintaining your body temperature all night long, ensuring you sleep comfortably. Thus, it is a great pick for people who sleep hot. The fabric is a perfect blend of cotton and viscose, keeping you cool throughout the night. Moreover, this bedding follows Outlast technology credited for maintaining your body temperature.

The soft yet strong fabric comes in various sizes. The slumber cloud stratus sheet set comprises an elastic band that effectively stops the fitted sheets from shifting. Laundering has never been easier. All you have to do is to throw the sheets in the washing machine.

8. Wamsutta PimaCott Sheet Set



  • Strong and soft fabric.
  • Fade-resistant makes sure your money is invested for the long run.
  • Ultrafine fabric, 100% Pima cotton sateen.
  • Pill-resistant – keeps the sheet looking fresh.


  • Prone to wrinkles.

The beddings by Wamsutta are the best luxury sheets out there. Its long-staple cotton fabric actually works, adding to the softness and durability of the material. The 100% Pima cotton sateen fabric is resistant to pill and gives a soft and soothing impact.

The sheets are available in numerous colors and sizes, so pick them wisely to give your room the best finishing. This luxury, 500 thread count, Pima cotton sheet set holds color amazingly and lasts long. Moreover, the dense fibers accomplish making ultrafine fabric, which is smooth and soft in touch. The washing of these sheets is simple and convenient.

9. Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set



  • Soft, sleeky, breathable.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Comfortable for hot sleepers.
  • Light, wrinkle-free fabric.


  • May get rough and uncomfortable with time.

 We all have activewear, which we love to wear to stay comfy. These beddings from Bedgear just give you the feeling of your favorite activewear. The polyester fabric is super smooth and soft, keeping you cool all night long. Its innovative design enables wick moisture preventing you from waking up from sleep.

The synthetic fabric is as light as a feather and resistant to wrinkles. Bedgear ensures these beddings adequately regulates your body temperature, so say goodnight to tossing and turning throughout the night. These bed sheet sets are super soft, smooth, and barely get shrunk or pilled.

10. JCPenney Micro Flannel Sheet Set

JCPenney Micro Flannel Sheet Set


  • Barely gets shrunk.
  • Super-soft and strong fabric.
  • Gives extra-softness and warmth.
  • Easy wash, no ironing design.


  • Prone to pilling.

JCPenney gives you the privilege to have a sound sleep in a cozy, warm bed with this flannel sheet set. These flannel sheets are not only the strongest but also the softest. Its durability is amazingly awesome. The flannel sheet set by JCPenney aids you snuggle up and sink into a good night’s sleep without any disruptions.

Considering your convenience, it’s easy to wash and hardly gets shrunk. Moreover, these incredible sheets get softer and softer with every washing. The 100% Cotton flannel makes for easy washing, and no ironing is required. The fabric ensures extra-softness and warmth to keep you comfy.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

Turning and tossing overnight will end up in a dizzy day, hindering your day’s activities. Buying the right bedding is essential to have a good night’s sleep and start your day in a fresh mood.

Purchasing a new bedding set is not an easy task; it requires a lot of research to purchase the right product that suits you best. Here are a few aspects to be considered when opting for new bedsheets.

  • Material of Bedsheet

When it comes to selecting the material for bed sheets, it highly depends on your personal preference. Most people prefer buying 100% cotton fabric as it adds to the softness and comfortability level. However, cotton/polyester blends are more durable and resistant to wrinkles staying within your expenses.

Sheets possessing Long-staple fibers (e.g., Egyptian or Pima) offer more durability and smoothness. Bedsheet sets composed of polyester or linen are not commonly used but possess unique properties.

  • Thread Count

It is a misconception that thread count matters when it comes to bed sheets. In reality, thread count isn’t critical, particularly if your sheets are not 100% cotton. However, the thread count of top quality sheets lies between 300 to 500.

  • Fabric weave

Don’t forget to check out the fabric weave of sheets, as it makes a huge difference in the finishing of the beddings. The most common fabric weave in sheets is percale, sateen, and flannel.

The percale is a basic weave that is light and crisp to touch. If you adore a silky smooth finish, sateen is the right choice for you. Moreover, if you desire extra warmth and search for soft, cozy sheets, then flannel sheets fit your demand.

  • Refer to the Size guide

Assuming that the bed sheets will fit your mattress will be regretful for you, referring to the size guide of the beddings whatsoever are the circumstances. Take proper measurements of your mattress before you proceed to shop. Moreover, before finalizing your purchase, consider the factor of shrinkage after washing.

  • Return Policy

To keep it risk-free, look at the return policy, particularly if you lack proper measurements. Apart from size issues, one can’t know exactly how the fabric feels with just a glimpse. Most online selling brands offer their customers to return the beddings for any reason within a few months after buying.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Sheets

When it comes to bed sheet sets, you need to dig into extra research to ensure you’re spending money on the right product worth purchasing. Some of the quires by bedsheet purchasers are here to help you with your shopping experience.

What do a Sateen weave and microfiber bed sheets mean?

A sateen weave is luxurious, smooth, and soft in feel. These crispy finished sheets have a cool impact when used. Microfiber sheets are composed of very fine fibers manufactured synthetically. These are super soft, smooth, and slippery to touch. It lacks crispness but is highly affordable.

What is included in a bed sheet set, and how deep are the fitted sheets?

A bed sheet set includes at least a fitted bed sheet covering the mattress, a flat top sheet that can be a quilt, blanket, or a duvet, and a pillowcase. The fitted sheets fit large mattresses that are up to 16” deep. However, customized bed sheets may accommodate for extra deep mattresses.

How many sets of bed sheets can you wash at once?

The number of sets of bedding you can wash together depends on the capacity of your washing machine. If your washing machine has a spacious interior large enough to hold multiple sets without compromising cleaning, then you may wash more than one set of bed sheets at once.

How often should bed sheets be changed?

It is recommended to wash your bed sheets at least once every two weeks. However, depending on the extent of your sweating or night sweating, then switch washing beddings once a week.

How to ensure that the bed sheet is of the right size?

Before all, reach your mattress and measure its length, width, and depth. While purchasing beddings, carefully refer to the size guide of the bed sheet sets. Not to forget, mattress sizes vary from region to region. Therefore, before falling to any conclusion, refer to the size guide to ensure it covers your mattress conveniently.

How to wash bed sheets, and should I use fabric softeners?

Washing of bed sheets is mentioned in the guidelines; follow the instructions to ensure the quality of your bed sheet is not at risk and lasts for long. It is recommended to wash your bed sheets before using them but at a low temperature. Avoid using fabric softeners as it hinds in releasing moisture. Beddings will be soft using fabric softeners.


Most people invest without any reluctance in beddings as they play a key role in your sleeping comfort. No one dares to risk their night’s sleep and work all day long in fatigue. Therefore, spending on your beddings, which keeps you comfy, is of no waste. However, considering multiple aspects is crucial to choose the right bedding that blends perfectly with your room and makes your lives easier.

The best bed sheets listed here meet high-quality standards, and all are good enough to serve you long with a boatload of features. In our perspective, Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet is top of the list and credited as best overall on account of its cleverly designed labels aids in fitting the sheets, the extra pockets in pillows add up to your convenience, and above all, it’s super-soft, cozy and buttery-smooth enforcing you to fall in love with its high quality.

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