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Everyone likes eating homemade bread, but none of us has enough time to make one. Therefore having one bread maker or bread machine at your home can fulfil your requirement.

By using a bread machine, you can make many loaves conveniently. Bread machines are one of the commonly used, and ordinary household appliances these days. 

Top Bread Machines by 10 Consumers

Bread machines are perfect, either, if you are tired of making bread with your hand, or you cannot make it due to some physical disabilities. Bread machines are easy to use, convenient, and save ample time. Moreover, these bread machines are not only restricted to bread making.

By using a bread machine you can knead the dough, jams, even scrambled eggs. In brief, you can use bread machines as an alternative to your stove if it’s out of order. Finding the best bread machine is necessary therefore we provide you with a complete list of bread machines that you can buy in 2020.

1. Cusinart Bread Machine



  • 12 pre-programmed easily accessible options.
  • Compact size.
  • Glass lid for process monitoring.
  • Fully automated.
  • Freshly baked bread can be kept warm for 60 minutes.
  • 3 crust colors.


  • The fast bread cycle is a bit slow.
  • Hard to deactivate the annoying digital alarm.

CUISINART is well known for providing quality bread machines, equipped with the latest technologies. This bread machine has a dimension of 10.25 x 13.25 x 11.25 inches, and it weighs around 10.8 pounds. This CUISINART bread machine is fully automated.

This bread machine features 12 pre-programmed options. These programmable buttons provide quick and easy access. This compact bread machine offers crust with three varieties of colors that are light, medium, and dark. By having this bread machine at your home, making bread will be a breeze. The automatic features include automated features of kneading, baking, and rising. A perfect sized family bread machine can enchant friends and family. They will love cakes and pizza treats too. This bread machine is equipped with a glass lid to monitor the progress of baking or cooking. It can accommodate loaves or bread of 3 sizes 1, 1.5, and 2 pounds. A vertical bread baking pan can bake 2 pounds at a time.

2. Hamilton Digital Bread Machine



  • 12 programmable settings available.
  • 2 loaf sizes and 3 crust shades.
  • Dishwasher safe and nonstick pan.
  • Easy 3 steps cooking.
  • Audible reminders.
  • Perfect for preparing dough for bread or pizzas.


  • The heating element isn’t hot enough for the yeast.

Hamilton digital programmable bread machine offers you a unique experience of baking and cooking. This Hamilton bread machine has the dimension of 10.43 x 14.13 x 12.20 inches. The weight of this bread machine doesn’t exceed 11.86 pounds. It is one of the compact and stylish bread machines for your home, which can fulfil other needs apart from making bread.

This Hamilton bread machine features 12 cooking settings which include 2-pound express, cake, whole grain, French, quick bread, jam, sweet, and more. This digital bread machine offers 1.5 or 2 pounds loaf size and crust shades. Light, medium, and dark crust shade settings are available. This digital bread machine features a large digital display fitted with a delay timer. Hamilton offers dishwasher safe pans and kneading panels with this bread machine. It also provides a removable interior pan. Easy cooking, just by adding an ingredient and selecting a cycle you can create your homemade bread.

3. KBS Programmable Bread Machine



  • Durable stainless steel with a glossy appearance.
  • 17 pre-programmable features.
  • Large baking capacity.
  • Sleek design provides an elegant look and suits any kitchen décor.
  • Automated nut dispense.
  • Healthier chemical-free baking.


  • Several complaints regarding faulty stirrer.

This KBS programmable bread machine is manufactured from stainless steel. This bread machine is durable and has a glossy finish. The dimension of this bread machine is 13.7 x 8.6 x 11.8 inches. This bread maker weighs around 14.7 pounds. KBS programmable bread machine requires 710-watt power.

KBS bread machine has 17 customizable automatic programmable features. Some of the features include whole wheat, jam, gluten-free, quick bread, and more. This bread machine offers a large capacity of around 2 pounds. This bread maker allows the user to select three different crust shades: light, medium, and dark. This bread machine has touch control panels, which provide ease in controlling for the user. This bread machine features a sleek glossy stainless steel design and tempered glass which provide a beautiful décor. It is also equipped with a nonstick ceramic pan to provide evenly baked healthier bread without any chemicals involved.

4. Oster Bread Machine



  • 12 pre-programmed features.
  • A large capacity for the loaf.
  • 3 crust shades available.
  • 13 programmable bake timers.
  • Gluten-free bread.


  • Pan is hard to pull out.

This OSTER bread machine is a 650-watt bread maker that has a loaf capacity of around 2 pounds. This bread machine by OSTER has a dimension of 12 x 11 x 11 inches. This bread maker weighs about 8 pounds. Due to its large load capacity, this bread maker is suitable for large families.

This bread maker or machine offers 12 programmable bread setting features. This bread maker, like the other competing brands, offers three crust shades light, medium, and dark. The express bake feature of this bread maker bakes the bread in an hour. This bread maker also features 13 programmable bake timers. This machine has a large LCD, and instinctual button control provides ease in operation. A 40-inch cord is provided, with this bread machine. This OSTER bread machine has an automated kneading, baking, and rising. A kneading paddle, spoon, and measuring cup are also included, as an add-on with this machine.

5. Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine



  • Easy three-step baking.
  • Non Ceramic sticking pan.
  • 14 pre-programmed buttons.
  • Sleek design with stainless steel finishing.
  • Large loaf capacity.
  • Digital display with delay timer.
  • Less noisy.


  • Expensive.

POHL SHMITT bread machine has a glossy stainless steel finish; that makes it, durable and long-lasting. This bread machine has a dimension of 15.1 x 13.1 x 11.25 inches and a weight of 11.68 pounds. This bread features a sleek design, and its compact design makes it flexible for a small kitchen too.

POHL SHMITT bread machine features 14 programmable buttons for quick and easy baking. Some of the features are quick bread without yeast, dough kneading, cake, French bread, whole grain bread, and more. For convenient and easy cooking, this bread maker is equipped, with a digital display supported with a delay timer. The remainder of inserting the final ingredient of the recipe of your favourite bread; is featured by a beep. A ceramic non-sticking pan is featured in this bread machine to ensure proper and healthy baking without any involvement of chemicals. Easy baking can be done in three steps merely in this bread maker. By adding ingredients and by selecting cycles, you easily bake your bread.

6. Elite Gorment Programmable Bread Machine



  • Nineteen pre-programmed easily accessible buttons.
  • A large loaf capacity of 2 pounds.
  • Bake three different sized loaves.
  • Three crust settings available.


  • Small or minor indentation on the bread due to the texture of the pan.
  • Several complaints regarding recipe books.
  • 60 minutes of bread warming feature available.

ELITE GOURMET programmable bread machine is made from aluminium. The black shiny aluminium finish on these bread makers is mesmerizing. This bread machine has a dimension of 15.9 x 13.5 x 11.2 inches. This bread machine weighs 9.93 pounds.

This elite gourmet’s bread machine has 19 pre-programmed features for easy cooking. Enjoy baking the bread, with the weight of 2lbs in this bread machine. This bread machine features a setting for a loaf, of 3 different sizes. This bread machine can make dough for basic white bread to dough for pizza. Like many other bread machines, this bread maker also features three crust settings. It is equipped with a 60 minutes function to keep the bread warm. One pound, 1.5 pounds, or 2 pounds sized loaves are the choices that you can enjoy in these bread machines.

7. Cuisinart CBK-200 Bread Maker



  • Delay timer of 12 hours with a 680watt power.
  • Audible tone indicates the time for nuts and fruit addition.
  • 16 pre-programmed features.
  • 15-minute pause.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Low carbohydrates.


  • Several complaints of bread burning.

Cuisinart CBK-200 bread machine is a programmable bread maker machine with a convection machine fan. The fan controls the speed and helps to provide its users with good baking results. This product has 16 pre-programmed options with gluten-free, low carbohydrates and Artisans dough settings.

Baking is not a problem nowadays with these premium bread makers. We can enjoy lots of bakery items in this product. This bread maker is a health saver in that it can control gluten-free and low carbohydrate settings.

Guess what! You can bake your bread in 3 sizes, and you even have the privilege of baking the upper layer of your foodstuff in three colours. The convection option is to circulate the air to make the bread soft and spongy. This bread machine has a size of around 19 x 16 x 13 inches, which weighs nearly 16 pounds. CUISINART offers many other additional features like a 15-minute pause, 12 hours delay start, power failure backup, etc.

8. Hamilton Premium Bread Making Machine



  • cycles.
  • Nuts and fruit dispenser.
  • 3 bread or loft sizes and 3 crust color light, medium, or dark.
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher that is these bread machines are dishwasher safe.
  • Glass view for the process checking.


  • Several heating issues.

HAMILTON premium bread machine is manufactured, from durable stainless steel. This bread machine requires 450 watts of power. This bread machine features 14 programmed buttons which include bread making of basic, French, sweet, quick bread dough, whole grain dough gluten-free, and many more. This machine can make different sizes and shades of bread with bake options. This machine is easy, just put all the ingredients and start. The automatic system will give you aromatic baked bread or any other baked items with your own set of choices of flavour and offer various shades of crust. This bread machine has a dimension of 9.5 x 13.75 x 13 inches. This bread making machine weighs around 15 pounds. This bread machine has the option to provide 3 different sized loaves and 3 different shades crust

9. KBS 710 Watt Bread Machine



  • Almost zero noise by the AC motor.
  • 17 pre-programmed menus.
  • Durable stainless steel body.
  • Double heating technology.
  • Audible instructions.


  • It gets too hot while baking.

KBS bread machine is a smart body object, made up of stainless steel, as its basic material. This bread maker weighs around 9.1 lbs, which consumes 740 watts of power. KBS bread machine is a compact bread maker that has a dimension of 13.7 x 11 x 11 inches.

It has 17 automatic baking programs. It can bake approximately 14 lbs of bread enough for a family of 4 – 6 people. This bread machine has a nut fruit dispenser and nonstick ceramic skillet which helps the bread to be baked evenly & healthy. The bread machine has a power of 740 Watt with heating double tube technology to save time. The body is of stainless steel with touch panel control. The panel lights up as you tap on it. The large window allows us to view the whole bread process. The AC motor in this bread machine ensures a noise-free environment.

10. Crown Full 21 in 1 Bread Machine



  • Ample add on including one measuring cup, a spoon, and a recipe book.
  • Automated 12 programmable features.
  • Supports 3 crust shades and 2 sizes of bread.
  • Can keep freshly baked bread warm for around an hour.
  • Easy viewing windows.


  • Expensive.

This CROWN FULL bread maker is a well designed and elegant programmable bread maker machine with a nonstick pan. This bread machine has a dimension of 15.7 x 13.7 x 11.2 inches. Moreover, the product has the capability of a gluten-free setting. It is available in three crust colours. This machine has 12 pre-programmed buttons for easy and convenient cooking.

Including basic, gluten-free, French, bread, whole wheat bread dough, cakes, quick bread, buttermilk bread, even pizza dough can be kneaded and baked with audible reminders to add nuts or fruits. It has a large capacity with 2 bars of 6.8 and 19.8 lbs. The five layers of the skillet make the bread to be baked evenly. It is nonstick, which is easy to clean. Timer which is given for adjustment can be set, as delay and 1 hour keeps the warm option. You can quickly get freshly baked bread in hours. The operation of this machine is easy as it has an LCD digital panel and a large clear window to see your bread

Things to consider before buying bread making machines

Bread machines are very convenient and are of great use. Therefore selecting one that fits your style and requirement is necessary. Some people prefer and like a gluten-free diet, and some might look for a cheaper yet with necessary features. Therefore in this, the article will guide you to select a bread machine that suits your requirement.

  • Programmable Features

If you are enticed by the pre-programmed features, then the Elite Gourmet programmable bread machine is the perfect one for you. These types of bread machines have many programmable features, which are accessible for easy and instant cooking. By having various programs, you can have full control over your bread machines.

  • Noise

None of us would want a bread machine making terrible and irritating noises. You can look for bread machines like KBS 710 watt bread machines which have better AC motors that create minimal noise. Buying expensive bread machines will reduce sufficient noise because of better materials in their manufacturing.

  • Alarm

Alarms are quite necessary when you are planning to bake bread with nuts and fruits. The alarm tells you to know when to add nuts and fruit as ingredients. Some bread machines support audible noise alarms like CROWN FULL 12 in 1 bread machine. This machine is gluten-free as well if one looking for a dietary purpose then it is a must to buy this bread machine.

  • Delayed Timers

One of the main features in selecting a bread machine is the delayed timer. Look for a bread machine that has delayed time equipped with it. A delayed timer saves the bread from burning, and you can have fresh bread as well.

FAQS About Bread Machines

Can I remove the paddle from the bread machine?

Yes, it is preferable to remove the paddle out of the bread machine for cleaning. Many complaints regarding the paddle being stuck in the bread machine, to clean it, soak it with water, and gently turn the paddle for cleaning.

Why is my bread dense in the bread machine?

Bread being dense can be caused by flours. It can also be due to the problem in the yeast. To eliminate this sort of issue, you can refrigerate the yeast; or you can add hot water to the pan.

Should I melt the butter before putting it in the bread machine?

Ans- It is not necessary to melt the butter before putting it in the bread maker, however, if the recipe requires it in that form that you can melt it.

How does a bread maker work?

A bread machine rises, bakes, kneads, and mixes ingredients. The automated machines are calibrated with temperatures to provide elegant crust and loaf size.

What are the best bread making machines?

1. Cusinart Bread Machine
2. Hamilton Digital Bread Making Machine
3. KBS Programmable Bread Machine
4. Oster Bread Machine
5. Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine
6. Elite Gorment Programmable Bread Machine
7. Cuisinart CBK-200 Bread Maker
8. Hamilton Premium Bread Making Machine
9. KBS 710 Watt Bread Machine
10. Crown Full 21 in 1

Final Verdict

Bread machines nowadays have become an essential household appliance. Having one bread machine can save precious time. So on our list, one of the best bread machines is the KBS PROGRAMMABLE BREAD MACHINE and an elite gourmet programmable bread machine. These two have tremendous and smart all-around features. These have various pre-programmed features for faster and healthier cooking.

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