Best Cordless Hair Straightener Consumer Reports & Reviews

Best Cordless Hair Straightener Consumer Reports & Reviews

To save you the trouble we have listed the best cordless hair straightener in terms of price, quality, and features. So you can pick according to your need and taste.

In a hurry and need the best? Here pick the Conair Cordless multi-styler straightener.

Our Top Choices of Portable Cordless Hair Straighteners For Travel in 2021

Hair StraightenerType of Plates
#1- Easymoss Cordless Hair StraightenerTitanium 
#2- Conair Unbound Cordless Multi-stylerTitanium
#3- Kiss Rouge Cordless Flat IronCeramic Tourmaline
#4- Babyliss Portable Flat Iron PRO BABNT3053NNano Titanium
#5- Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron Mermaid DesignCeramic Tourmaline
#6- Pritech Cordless Ceramic Hair StraightenerCeramic
#7- Babyliss Cordless Hair Straightener 2581BUCeramic

#1 Easymoss Cordless Hair Straightener



  • Heats quickly
  • Fast heat recovery
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Distributes heat evenly to prevent any hair damage


  • Cannot use while charging

If you are willing to pay a little more for a top-quality tool that will last longer, you need to consider a cordless straightener from Easymoss. Because of its titanium plates, it gets hot super quickly i.e. up to 400 Fahrenheit, and with advanced infrared technology, this styler does it all – whether it’s straightening your hair, curling it, or adding waves to it.

It gives you a solid 45 minutes run time once charged so if you need extra power this style is perfect for you. The package comes with two rechargeable batteries, a power station, and a waterproof pouch for optimal safety.

#2 Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi – styler



  • Lightweight
  • Automatically shuts off after 15 minutes to preserve battery
  • Easily fits in handbag or gym bag
  • Lock mechanism


  • Charging time depends on the type of adapter you use

A small, powerful, and lightweight product that will not only let you have a salon-quality hairstyle no matter where you are but also will help you preserve the elasticity and softness of your hair. The titanium plates will save your hair from any potential damage. A 2-in-1 styler that lets you straighten or curl your hair at the same time.

It comes with four temperature control options that are suitable for all hair types. It lasts up to 25 minutes once fully charged which is a good enough time for you to style your hair since it heats up rapidly. The auto off feature is quite impressive which helps you preserve the battery. In addition, the USB charging cable allows you to charge it practically anywhere.

#3 Kiss Rouge Cordless Flat Iron



  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Automatically shuts off after 8 minutes


  • Doesn’t heat up fast

Aside from its super cute red lipstick design, this mini cordless flat iron is perfect for you to straighten, touch up and tame up your hair, whether you are at the office pre-event, in your car, or at home with the power outage. Although it gives up to 50 minutes run time once fully charged, still you can charge it anywhere with its USB charging cable. It features two heat settings, 350F and 420F, which is ideal for every type of hair. 

The ¾ inches Tourmaline Ceramic plates help smooth your hair and remove frizz without causing any damage. It is perfect for a bad hair day, especially those stubborn bangs.

#4 Babyliss Portable Flat Iron PRO BABNT3053N



  • Lightweight
  • Easily fits in handbag or gym bag
  • Heats up quickly
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use


  • One temperature control

You can always count on BaByliss for a high-quality hair tool and BaBylissPro is no exception. Its Nano Titanium plates deliver superior heat retention in a compact and travel-ready size.

The plates are 1 inch wide, which makes it easier for it to grab a large chunk of hair and straighten it. This flat iron takes about 5 – 8 minutes to straight short hair.

The plates heat up quickly and reach up to 440F in a few minutes. It is ideal for thick, curly hair. It is 6 inches long, which makes it so small that you can take it anywhere in your bag.

#5 Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron USB – Mermaid Design



  • Lightweight
  • Small, portable and easy to fit in bag
  • Suitable even for kids


  • Cannot operate while charging

With its unique lipstick and mermaid design, Deogra resets the fashion definition. It is not only trendy and elegant but it also gives you the best results. Its Tourmaline Ceramic plates release negative ions when heating up that eliminate static, reduce frizz, protect your hair from any potential harm, and keep hair sleek and healthy. Its half-inch narrow size plates make it suitable even for kids.

The patented JPH heating technology allows your flat iron to heat up quickly up to 410F in minutes. Deogra small portable flat iron lets you touch up bangs, hair frame, or hairtail perfectly.

#6 Pritech Cordless Ceramic Hair Straightener



  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Lock mechanism
  • Adjustable temperature setting


  • Cannot be used while charging

This ultra-light travel straightener is designed with triple – coded ceramic plates for extra shine and less damage and the built-in comb teeth give smoothness to your hair. It supports a standard USB interface charging, and once charged you can have about 20 – 25 minutes to style your hair.

If you have short and thin hair, this product is perfectly right for you. It even offers three – temperature level (165C / 185C / 205C) so you can have control over temperature and don’t burn your already thin hair.

#7 Babyliss Cordless Portable Hair Straightener 2581BU



  • Lightweight
  • Comes with separate battery cell
  • Heats up quickly


  • Doesn’t give quality finish on thick hair

This hair straightener comes with two separate BaByliss battery cells for an extra charge in an emergency, which makes it one of the longest charged portable cordless flat iron. 

You can store it away when traveling as it comes with its own heat shield. It heats up pretty quickly, within a couple of minutes, and can reach up to 200C so you can achieve a quality finish on thin and short hair. The plates are made out of ceramic that distributes heat evenly and leaves no place for hot spots.

Buying Guide for Cordless Hair Straightener

What to Look for in a Cordless Straightener?

Choosing the right straightener can be a little difficult without the proper information. Apart from budget, you should keep in mind the hair type, the level of thickness, quality of straightener, and much more. Here are the things you should know before buying a cordless straightener.

  • Plate Material

When you are on the market, there are plenty to choose from so you should not be confused. With the right information, you can choose the right type for your hair. The most common ones are elaborated upon below.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic is widely known and commonly used material in most styling tools because of its ability to distribute heat evenly. It prevents damage through accidental overheating and eliminates frizz in your hair while adding long-lasting shine to it. However, it also has a major disadvantage that the ceramic tends to chip out after a certain time, meaning you need to buy a new one every now and then.

  • Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is usually paired with ceramic to enhance the straightening effect. It tackles frizzy hair efficiently, creates smooth straightened looks perfectly, and leaves no space for tangles in your hair. With this material, the price of a straightener is usually high, so do not be alarmed.

  • Titanium

The curlier the hair, the more time and effort it needs but with the right heat settings you can easily overcome this obstacle. Titanium is an excellent choice when dealing with high heat; therefore, it is suitable for thick, curly, and unmanageable hair.

  • Plate Size

A hair straightener with larger plates is just the right choice for thick and curly hair but if you have short hair or you plan to use hair straightener to create curls or waves then you should go for the straightener with 1-inch plates.

Size of Straightener

  • Small

If you have bangs or short hair then the small-size straightener is just the right thing for you. It offers precise control to tame those fringes. These are also easier to carry on long journeys.

  • Medium

Medium size straighteners are suitable for all lengths – from shoulder hair to long hair – except for the hair that is too curly. It straightens your hair quickly thus saving your time and efforts.

  • Large

Large hair straighteners come with extra-wide plates making it easier for you to cover a maximum section of hair in seconds. Therefore, these straighteners are the best suited for super – thick, rough, extra – curly, and long hair.

  • Temperature Control

Some hair straighteners come with variable settings but many have only one temperature setting (On/Off) and only a few let you choose the exact temperature. It is clear that the more temperature control options you have, the more control you will have over the heat you are going to be applying to your hair. If you have thin, damage-prone hair then flat irons that have lower temperature options, starting around 200 Fahrenheit, are best suited for you. But if you need a straightener for thick, curly hair then you should go for those who offer a higher heat setting.

  • Automatic Shut Off

This feature is very essential and useful for a hair straightener. It turns off your straightener after a set duration that prevents overheating and burning. It also preserves the battery.

  • Run Time

The biggest advantage of a cordless straightener over corded irons is that you can use them almost anywhere whether you are sitting in a car or you need to touch up your hair before a meeting. You only need to charge them after every use and they are ready to go for the next use. Therefore, most companies consider this and offer you a reasonable run time so you don’t have to spend your whole life charging cordless tools. Also, these irons come with USB chargers so that you can charge them even in your car.

  • Battery Power

The biggest disadvantage of a cordless hair straightener is the battery power. Mostly the charging lasts around an hour and it takes about an hour or more to charge it again. However, it can be charged on the way if you are in a car with a USB cable.

Don’t Forget About Heat Protection

Keep in mind, any type of heat styling – whether it’s blow-drying, curling it, or straightening your hair – can be damaging to your strands, especially if you are styling it daily. That’s why it is essential to take extra measures beforehand. So before you start styling your hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant first!

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