7 Best Cordless Tire Inflators

Cordless Tire Inflators

Cordless tire inflators are one of the most important tools to have at your home or in your car while driving, especially leaving for a long trip. It is never fun to have a flat tire on your car. It can be frustrating and sometimes a real problem when in a hurry. Other than that, it can be life-threatening driving a car with a flat tire, and having a flat tire may prove to be injurious to your vehicle as well.

So, whenever you are stuck with a flat tire, the only thing to regret is not having a pump by your side. Having a hand pump can be problematic for many people, especially the old or handy caped that cannot do much movement. A conventional air pump can be useful too, but due to its big size, it cannot be available everywhere. This leads to only one option, and that is having a cordless tire inflator.

Best Cordless Tire Inflators

We realize most of you have been in a situation like having a flat tire on the road or your garage due to some mysterious reason but don’t worry, we got the list of one of the most demanded and appreciated cordless tire inflators that you can buy and save yourself from that happening again.

You can trust on our list as it has been presented before you after a thorough study and going through each product’s reviews and ratings to bring the best products that satisfy the most crowds. We also have included a buyer’s guide and a frequently asked question section so that you may find it easy to look at what you are looking for.

1. Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator


  • It is automatic, so the users do not have to worry about over or under inflating their inflatables.
  • It displays the pressure on a digital screen that glows in the dark, so you don’t need an external light source to see the pressure on the gauge.
  • It is compact and portable that can be easily stored.


  • There may be a battery malfunction issue.
  • It can overheat on frequent use and catch dust.

This one of the most demanded and bought cordless tire inflators on the market. It is made of suitable light and durable materials. It has a LED screen that reads the pressure in the tire. It has a simple squeeze and releases a locking trigger to begin inflation. This cordless tire inflator works on rechargeables that can be used anywhere. Other than that, it comes with an 11-foot long car adapter ensuring it works even if the battery is not charged.

The cordless tire inflator comes within the carry bag that makes it easy to manage and portable. The cordless tire inflator has a powerful battery that can inflate tires in 90 seconds or less. It automatically shuts off when the tire or the inflatable has reached the desired air pressure. It also has a built-in LED light that provides visibility in dark areas.

2. Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Inflator

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Inflator


  • Greatly portable
  • Compact design
  • You can also use it to inflate toys.


  • It overheats on continuous usage.
  • It may have some battery issues with time.

It is one of the best tire inflators despite having a low price. We have included this product for people whose budget is limited. So, you will get a better quality product at a low price.

It has a much faster performance than others. With this, you can air up your flat tires in a few minutes. It has a very high pressure as compared to other cordless tire inflators. With this, you can inflate your car tire, light trucks, and compact equipment tires with ease.

It equips REDLINK intelligence. With this, true fill auto shut-off technology will increase efficiency along with accuracy. So, you will get a protected use of these air inflators without any problem. 

It is only compatible with Lithium-ion batteries. We know that Lithium-ion batteries are the most advanced and powerful batteries. The inclusion of this battery will increase the performance of this inflator in a way that it will make it smoother to work. You will also get a longer running time as compared to others. Moreover, the charge time is also low for the battery. 

3. CKIECK Cordless Rechargeable Tire Inflator

CKIECK Cordless Rechargeable Tire Inflator


  • The battery is much better
  • LCD backlit digital display
  • Much safe and easy to use


  • Fragile material
  • Much likely to produce smoke

The third best product on our list is manufactured by CKIECK. This model is well-known due to its simplicity. It gives you the simplest way to use this tool yet most effective. Moreover, it is also much more powerful relative to other products from CKIECK. 

It equips a mini air pump that delivers you maximum power. Moreover, the air pressure is also high. With this, you can air up a medium-sized tire in approximately less than 4 minutes. 

It features a technology with which it automatically shuts off once the inflator reaches the desired pressure. Moreover, its hand free design allows you to walk away while inflating your car tires or anything else.

4. Ryobi R18I-0 ONE+ Inflator

Ryobi R18I-0 ONE+ Inflator


  • It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere.
  • It has a led screen and a digital readout system that lets the user know the pressure quickly.
  • The cordless tire inflator can also be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter and can drive power to pump from there.


  • It doesn’t come with a battery or a charging cord.
  • The motor might burn out under extreme stress.

It is one of the most robust and strong cordless tire inflators. It has a very efficient motor that gives the user and good battery mileage per charge. It works on the Ryobi 18V batteries that are to be bought separately. The lightweight makes it easy to carry anywhere. It has a wraparound air hose that keeps things tidy. 

It has a nice ergonomic body that keeps it still in its place and is very easy to handle. The cordless tire inflator has a digital readout and an automatic shut off system that shuts the machine off when the tire reaches the desired pressure. It has a quick deflation mod that deflates the tire quickly when needed.

5. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator


  • It is small, lightweight, and portable.
  • It can inflate not only the tire but other inflatables too. It has enough inflation power to do all the work with ease.
  • It comes with a limited 2-year warranty.


  • Its body is made up of plastic; hence it is not very durable.
  • The cordless tire inflator can show error on the LCD display and may not work.

This cordless tire inflator has a strong 20v motor that can pump faster than conventional air pumps. It has a digital gauge to view current and set target pressure according to the users’ demand. The machine has an automatic shut-off system that shuts the cordless tire inflator off when the tire has reached the optimum pressure.

It can be used without a cord thanks to its efficient lithium-ion battery. It is portable due to its cordless design; the cordless tire inflator can also be connected via a cord and be used without charging the device. The inflator comes with a 2-year limited warranty. It has a digital display to show the pressure in the tire. It also glows in the dark so that the user can see the pressure readings even in the dark.

6.  Oasser Air Compressor Portable Mini Air Inflator

 Oasser Air Compressor Portable Mini Air Inflator


  • Super bright LED flashlight
  • Provides Low voltage protection
  • Multiple Accessories


  • You cannot use it for heavy vehicles.
  • The battery dies after some time

 This product is greatly portable. You can even take it away with you in your pocket. Its design is extremely compact. Despite having a small size, it is much effective in functioning. This product is going to be very useful for emergency cases.

It owns an LCD digital pressure gauge with a backlight. With this, you will get three optional units, PSI, BAR, KPA. So, you can preset the required tire pressure. This portable tool will automatically turn off once the required pressure reaches. So, it will also help to avoid overinflating. 

If we talk about the battery, then it supports a Lithium-ion battery. We know that Lithium-ion provides you with a relatively longer run-time than other batteries. Moreover, the charge time is low, with which you can quickly get to work.

It also features low voltage protection. With this, the device will automatically cut off the power whenever the voltage becomes too low. Consequently, the device will not be overcharged during a long time placing. 

7. SKEY Cordless Car Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

SKEY Cordless Car Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor


  • It is very lightweight, and thanks to its long-lasting battery, it can do a lot of work on a single charge.
  • Due to its small size, it is portable and storable.
  • It can be used to inflate not only tires but other inflatables as well.


  • It can have battery issues or battery charging issues.
  • It may have issues with the internal wiring.

This cordless inflator is one of the fastest and one of the fastest tire inflators out there. Its powerful motor can provide a power pressure of up to 150PSI. This cordless tire inflator provides airflow up to 35L/min, which means that it can inflate a car tire from 0 to 35psi within 2 minutes, much more powerful and faster than conventional pumps.

The cordless tire inflator is made of extremely durable material, and the sturdy hose is designed to resist high pressures. The upgraded tire pressure monitoring system makes sure that when it reaches the preset pressure, the inflator will stop automatically. Stop guessing what pressure your tires are at with traditional pressure gauges. It is very small and compact and can be transported anywhere due to its portable nature.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying Best Cordless Tire Inflators

Before proceeding to the final purchase, why not have a quick look at the features you must think of while buying a tire inflator.


The machine should have a good battery that works until the very end. If not, it would need a frequent replacement that is obviously not budget-friendly.

Powerful motor

It must have a powerful motor so that it completely pumps air desired by the user. A weak motor would not run long and usually fails to supply air with pressure.

Cord adaptability

A tire inflator must be adaptable with the cigarette lighter of your car for the power supply so that it works properly. It must be reliable and must have no trust issues.

FAQs – Here Is What You Should Know About Cordless Tire Inflators.

It can be problematic sometimes to choose for things. Here are some questions to give you an understanding of the demand for the device.

Can a cordless tire inflator be used to inflate other things?

Yes, it can be used to inflate other inflatables such as balloons and other things.

Can cordless tire inflators overheat?

Yes, they can overheat. It really depends upon the company you choose from and the specifications of the product.

Are cordless tire inflators dustproof?

It depends upon the build of the product. Some products have an air filter that prevents dust from entering the pump.


So, we have concluded before you some of the best cordless tire inflators. These inflators are the best at their craft and are highly demanded by people.

We have chosen Ontel Air Hawk Pro is our top pick due to its amazing and remarkable features.  It has almost everything that a user can want in A machine this small in size. We hope you find our product review helpful, and it helps you in your quest to buy the best cordless tire inflator in the market.

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