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Dash cams offer an extensive range of advantages. One of the most prominent benefits is that it adds peace to the mind. As this device captures almost all mishaps and incidents taking place around the car, the driver can relax while driving. It makes monitoring safe and stress-free. You can mount it behind the windscreen.

The dash cam will record every bit and save it on the SD card. But buying the best dash cam requires some knowledge and research. You cannot just go to the market and select any of them. Therefore, we will ease this task for everyone.

Top 10 Dash Cam Reviews – Consumer Reports

You can have a look at our well-researched ten best dash cams. These ten dash cams contain the necessary features that can prevent you from future accidents. 

1. Nextbase 622GW Full 4K HD in Car Dash Cam Camera

A new and much better flagship car dash cam, Nextbase 622GW, is highly in demand. Dash cam provides improved and high-quality video results. Along with the services of what3words geolocation, it also includes better stabilization. This feature makes it possible for the dash cam to pinpoint and locate a stricken car (vehicle) within a radius of three meters. 

Moreover, due to the selection of 30fps and 4K gives an almost cinematic presentation in terms of the resulting footage. In simple words, the dash cam will offer detailed and extremely crisp output even if it is working in poor lighting conditions. Therefore, it is easier for the device to determine the registration numbers and hard-to-observe elements of the accident. 

The addition of the polarizing filter (built-in) present on the front side of the camera tends to minimize glare from your windscreen. You can even rotate it. The digital image stabilizer helps in smoothing out the shakes and bumps, which are a result of poorly built road surfaces and potholes. You can even control it with the help of the Alexa skills and your voice. 

What do we like
  • Built-in what3words and Alexa capabilities help control the dash cam.
  • This car gadget will provide clear, bright, and high-end video quality.
  • It works in poor-lighting and bumpy areas as well.
  • Compatibility issues with the smartphone application
  • You need an SD card with a large capacity.

2. APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD – C450

The name of this dash cam might sound odd to you, but the performance of this device will, for sure, amaze you with its unique features. The reason for mentioning this product in the list of best pick dash cams is that the device covers every requirement. It is one of the best dash cams available under $50. This camera lens can record a 1080p footage video, which makes it a perfect gadget to capture high-quality videos. 

From capturing the license plate to the motion of the car, this dash cam proves itself to be the number one gadget on the market. You can even record a continuous audio loop on your 32 gigabytes SD card (micro). Moreover, the ultra-wide dash cam angle lens provides a faultless viewing angle. 

Furthermore, the motion detector sensor helps to record the footage once you start to park your vehicle. It will recognize you if anyone tampers or hits your car while parking. The LCD (3-inch) present on the car’s backside aims to view the field. You can also use it for navigation with the help of the menu and buttons.

What do we like
  • An affordable dash cam with all the features.
  • Night vision helps to portray clear images even at night.
  • Easy setup and usage method
  • You cannot expect HD videos at this price

3. THINKWARE F800PRO Dual Dash Cam

Another dash cam that is successfully running in the vehicle’s market is the THINKWARE F800PRO. Not only its working profile, but the affordable price also attracts several people. First, you can fix the F800 camera on your windscreen. Moreover, it does not contain any screen, which means you can even hide and place it behind your car’s rearview mirrors. According to us, this is the best place to fix your dash cam. 

Secondly, this particular dual dash cam includes speed alerts, a safety camera (lifetime), and GPS tracking. That’s not all! The model will also provide you with safety warnings that include awareness about lane departure and forward collision. Moreover, the quality of the HD videos and night mode is quite impressive. The built-in Wi-Fi also makes it possible to connect the dash cam with the user’s smartphone. 

Thirdly, and most importantly, the mode of time-lapse is a feature that deserves your complete attention. It records the parked car (vehicle) for (max) 48 hours. Therefore, you don’t need to stress out about vandalizing, damaging, or destroying your car at night. The new Cloud spec will help to notify you once the vehicle leaves any geofenced location. 

What do we like
  • Interesting cloud features and built-in Wi-Fi
  • Non-intrusive, innovative, and impressive dash cam design
  • The night and parking modes – helps in low light as well.
  • Connectivity and application issues – compatibility problems
  • Some people find it a difficult-device in terms of use.

4. Garmin 010-02062-00 Dash Cam Mini

People who are confused due to the installation of the dash cam can try this Garmin dash cam mini. In simple words, they won’t come across any difficulty while setting and using the dash cam. The size of the Garmin dash cam is no larger than the key of your car. Thus, you won’t get a screen with this mini dash cam. You can operate it with the help of the application on your smartphones. 

Interestingly, this application is 100% free for iOS and Android phone users. The camera consists of two buttons. There is a tiny button at the camera’s side that helps toggle the audio recording. Moreover, the large button at the back aims to mark and permanently store those video clips that show something vital. This large button works as a pairing button as well for connecting the phone with the camera. 

The status LED present on the side of this dash cam tells the user about the operating mode. This LED will be red in case of a normal-mode of video recording. However, if the status LED flashes green, the camera is currently installing any updates or booting up. The microphone LED glows red (at the bottom) if the dash cam is recording audio. 

What do we like
  • It consists of an excellent small profile and motion stabilization features.
  • High-quality and perfect video quality
  • Well-explained user manua
  • It does not contain GPS capability.
  • The run time of the supercapacitor is short – one second.

5. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam 

Many of you must be hearing this name for the first time. Unlike other brands of dash cam, the VIOFO brand is not that famous in the market. But nowadays, it is gaining well-deserved popularity due to the Pro Duo 4K resolution Dual Dash Cam model. This piece offers phenomenal performance at a reasonable price. Along with this spectacular resolution, you will also get a GPS module (built-in), which people usually buy with other dash cams. 

The device is present in a plastic casing with some tricky and latest technologies. Rather than using a rechargeable (traditional) battery, the model runs and uses supercapacitors. In other words, the power source of VIOFO A129 can last for longer. It can even withstand extreme ranges of temperatures without affecting the performance. 

Also, you will get a choice of glorious 3840 x 2160p (4K) upfront video recordings. As a result, the final footage will offer a lot of useful details along with a wide dynamic range (rich and vibrant colors in every weather). Moreover, the user can set up the dash cam with ease. The mobile app allows quick review and saving options for clips. 

What do we like
  • The dash cam provides crisp, clear, and high-quality footage.
  • It is a worth buying dash cam – affordable and great specs.
  • Parking mode, night vision, GPS tracking, dual-channel, and motion detection features are available
  • Bulky front dash cam camera
  • The device requires many trailing wires.

6. PIONEER ND-DVR100 Low Profile Full 1080P HD Dash Camera

The Pioneer ND-DVR100 dash cam is making a place in the market with its immense specifications and performance. From loop recording to the G-shock sensor, the dash cam is full of unique features. Moreover, it has a 114° lens and snap-shot photo spec. The device uses a 27.5 fps recorder that aims to match the refresh of LED lights so that the user does not see any flicker in his recordings.

Secondly, you can even install it without seeking any help from an expert as it requires easy mounting. All you need to do is mount the dash cam on the windshield, which is present next, or behind your rearview glass with the help of an adhesive. Connect the power cable to the adapter of the cigarette lighter.  

The camera can record 1080p videos. It also allows the user to set any compression level and install a micro SD card (32GB) for storing the videos. Furthermore, if you want to capture photographs of a collision (accident) scene, then you can slide out the dash camera from the bracket. The device automatically records the driving speed, time stamp, and location coordinates for better video recording.

What do we like
  • Easy to use, mount, and install
  • It has an innovative and impressive design.
  • The filming of this dash cam is perfect – appreciable video quality.
  • If not handled with care, the buttons might stop working after a few months.


People who regularly travel high mileage, use different roads (damaged or bumpy), and visit places with severe conditions (road) should invest in a high-quality dash cam. In simple words, much better image quality and video recording should be their requirements. Therefore, the BLACKVUE dash cam is a perfect choice for such people. 

This device is handy and responsive in case of a mishap, such as a hit-and-run scene. It can read the number plate of the car from any distance and help to distinguish the features for catching the culprit. Moreover, the package contains both rear and front-facing cameras. These cameras capture the accident in HD premium quality. 

The only available dash cam in the market has an 8MP sensor (CMOS) upfront. The rear camera comprises of a high-performance CMOS sensor (Sony STARVIS). Thus, the user will get the best possible footage. People can use advanced smart park mode (intelligent) that only records once the user powers on the vehicle. The dash cam contains built-in incident detection and GPS.

What do we like
  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • High-quality, lively, and vibrant image quality
  • You can remotely check your parked vehicle using the app.
  • It is more expensive than other dash cam models.

8. Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam

The Nextbase 522GW camera can even provide a back view and video of the car after connecting it to the rear-face camera. It consists of a 140° viewing angle and a 3-inch display screen (touch-enabled). The camera can record 1440p HD videos at 30 fps. Moreover, this 522GW dash cam includes a built-in connection for Wi-Fi and one companion application. The device does not require any extra GPS antenna as it has an already built-in GPS tracking feature. 

The emergency SOS spec (feature) aims to alert the authorities in case the driver does not give any response or faints after an accident. It sends the GPS location via phone Bluetooth to the emergency services. However, you will require a subscription to use the SOS feature. But after purchasing the camera, the user will get the companion app subscription for one year. The 10x GPS will refresh at 10 Hz, which, in turn, will provide smooth and accurate data.

Lastly, the hot-start feature tends to save the loaded maps for at least two hours. This camera does not require any wiring for mounting (wireless camera). You can attach the dash cam with the magnets without using an adhesive. It secures the position of the camera and prevents it from tripping. 

What do we like
  • It contains a built-in Amazon Alexa.
  • The hot-start specification will save the map for two hours (time-saving device).
  • Includes a built-in emergency SOS feature and touch display LED
  • It does not include an SD card.
  • The footage is not up to the mark at times.

9. Dash Car Camera DVR Mio, MiVue C330

The mid-range MiVue Dash Cam can offer numerous features at a reasonable price. It tags the location in the video clips and also provides the safety (precautionary) camera warnings. Full GPS tracking helps in recording the location and speed during the entire journey. In case of any accident or mishap, you can use the playback as a piece of evidence. It will show the accurate speed reading while traveling and the whole incident happening. 

The device even detects a crash or collision. It (camera) will separately store this incident footage. As a result, it will be easier for the user to access and differentiate between the regular and incident recordings. The general-recording won’t overwrite these footages. 

Alerts for high speed are another impressive feature. If the camera detects a high speed, it will automatically produce a verbal notification or beep to alert the driver to slow down the vehicle. You can even add new speed camera settings or locations to its memory. All you will have to do is to press the button.

What do we like
  • Small design and affordable piece
  • The dash cam provides full HD video quality.
  • Speed alerts prevent accidents.
  • It requires a large mounting.
  • Does not offer good results during the night

10. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam

The front camera lens comprises six separate glass elements with an f/1.8 aperture. This feature makes it brilliant and responsive to capture crisp images, even in situations with low light. The second f/2 camera lens faces the cabin. It has the support of four infrared LED lights that aim to boost the image quality of gloomy and tricky footage.

These functionalities are best for expert and professional drivers. The device contains a microphone (built-in) that helps to record any sound. You will also find a continuous and uninterrupted loop recording. It aims to overwrite the old footage with the new ones. 

G-sensor’s latest technology detects the accident and automatically saves its footage into the micro SD card. The advanced Sony sensor improves image quality and eases the linking of the device with a PC or laptop. It saves the rear and front footage in two individual files, which reduces the browsing time. 

What do we like
  • Ultra-wide and perfect viewing angle
  • The device contains top-quality and the latest sensors.
  • Bulky and heavy mounting bracket

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Know Before Buying DASH CAM

Whether it be for liability protection, capturing the road spectacle, or safety purposes, a dash cam can serve as a perfect device. It works as the second eye of the driver while driving. Here are some features that you should look to buy a dash cam. 

  • Connectivity and installation

The two most essential features are the connection and mounting of the device. You should select a dash cam that does not comprise complex installations and connects easily to your smartphone. Devices that require adhesive or magnet setup are preferable.

  • Video quality

Don’t forget to check the quality of the video before making your final device. If it’s not HD, the dash cam should at least provide crisp, clear, and flawless video quality. Blurred and blunt videos will not help you with any problem. 

  • Budget

You should skip the products that are too expensive and do not offer impressive results. Try to buy a compact dash cam that contains advanced technologies and gives better results at a budget-friendly rate. 


What do we mean by dash cam?

In simple words, a dash cam is a video recording camera that people install in the windshield of their cars. It continuously records videos and audio at times while driving. Other names of the dash cam are dash camera, car digital video recorder-DVR, in-car camera system, and car black box.

What features can a dash cam provide?

Some features that are available in almost every dash cam, whether it be of any brand. Some of the features are built-in GPS, date and time stamp, loop recording, G-sensor, and parking mode. 

Why should I buy a dash cam?

You will come across numerous reasons for buying a dash cam. However, the most significant reason to purchase a dash cam is that this device protects the driver from accident cases. Yes, a dash cam provides all of the evidence that can prove who is guilty of the accident. In other words, it is a safety device for car owners and drivers. 

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