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Whether you call it liquid soap or dish soap, it means the same. It is a must-buy for helping you to perform your cleaning and washing tasks. There are uncountable options available for the buyer when they want to buy dish soaps. However, they select the cheaper ones.

In the long run, your hands, dishes, and the environment pay off. These dish soaps will be highly ineffective to wash off the grease and remain harsh to the hands. So look for the best ones from the article to suit your needs and budget 

Top Dish Soaps by 10 Consumers

With so many options for dish soap, you might be pondering over, which dish soap you must choose? Below is a list of top-rated Dish soap for your convenience. Your cleaning experience will be no more boring and hectic if you select smartly from the below-mentioned products.

1. Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap



  • Effective for most of the stains.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Made from plant-based contents.
  • Free from synthetic scents.
  • Free of triclosan, phosphates, and dye.
  • Infusion of essential oils.
  • Affordable.


  • Not effective for tough greasy stains.
  • Contains methylisothiazolinone.

Among all the dish soaps, Seventh Generation Dish Liquid tends to be the most affordable. As it is certified as a USDA bio-based and EPA safer Choice product, it is highly impressive. These entire certifications highlight that you can buy and use this dish wash soap, Seventh Generation, without harming nature.

Moreover, you will be glad to know the Seventh Generation is free from fragrances, synthetic dyes, phosphates, or triclosan. Also, it is cruelty-free because no testing was done on the animals. Being biodegradable, it will not adversely impact Mother Nature.

Buyers communicate about the dish soap to be gentle on the sensitive skin due to the hypoallergenic formula. For a long time, buyers trust it as a plant-based and safe product. The essential oils create a subtle scent of mint and lavender.

However, despite free from harsh chemicals, you cannot deny the shininess on the pots and utensils washed. Your dishes will be sparkling clean, once washed with this dish soap for effective removal of grease and stains. Even the bottle caps of it are made up of recycled plastic for the consumers after use.

2. Mrs Meyers Liquid Dish Soap


The Good

  • Comes in the supply of three packs.
  • Refreshing and lemon-infused smell.
  • No animal testing of the product.
  • Free from chemicals like parabens and phthalates.
  • Wash off grease effectively.

The Bad

  • Hands become dry.

Are you in search of appealing and fresh fragrance dish soap? Hardly, some people are keen to use dish soap with good smell while washing the dishes. This dish soap will let your washing experience to be wonderful. Surely, the heavenly scent of the Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish soap will stir your senses and make the washing chore from hectic work into a joyous experience.

The scent of lemon verbena will infuse into your kitchen reminding you, of your nice choice. The hypoallergenic formula is based on the plants. You will love to know that this dish soap is free from dyes, aluminum, phthalates, and parabens. No animal testing is done.

Thus, you don’t need to not worry much about the hazardous impact on Mother Nature and the environment. However, this product for sure offers a punch for its customers. It has an effective cutting through the grease. Also, you can easily scrub off the food residue of the baked food.

3. Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap



  • Fruity fragrance.
  • Effective cutting of grease.
  • Every drop is 3 times stronger.
  • Affordable.
  • No phosphate.
  • Comes in two bottles pack.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Gentle on hands.


  • Unsuitable for dishwashers.

Numerous customer feedbacks came positively for dish soap. It compels the users to select and review it as their next or rightly chosen dish soap. For years, Dawn is serving its customers with high-end quality household products. The quality shows no compromise till yet, which satisfy its customers.

The mild and fruity scented formula is strong enough to let you scrub off the food debris, grease, stains, and, even the burnt food. You need hardly any effort to clean your dishes. Just scrub off and get the shiny dishes, in an instant. Even do not worry much about the milk, spinach, egg, or oatmeal stains. Even don’t bother about scoffing the burnt cheese, lasagna, and burnt sugar. Your bacon grease will get off within no time.

You can easily get hold of this classic product in every nearby retailer. Not only on retailers, but it is also available online too on websites like Amazon and Target. That is not all! The unique blue color and thicker texture is a perfect solution for the grimy dishes within a budget. Unlike cheaper dish soap, you do not need to pour it 2.5 times more for cleaning your dishes. You will find a reason for spending on the Dawn Ultra because it works undeniably well.

4. Puracy Natural Dish Soap



  • Excellent degreaser.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Good customer service.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Moderate for stuck-on food.
  • Bit watery.

Puracy excels in serving its customers with the best dish soap to meet their needs. The combination of the fragrances of lime, minerals, green tea, and plants made up the Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap. According to the claims of Puracy, Doctors developed this dish soap, and it is 99.5% natural.

Every ingredient of the dish soap is free from animal content, harsh chemicals, and petroleum. Puracy got an A grade from EWG. These factors account for the excellency and top quality of the Puracy Dish Soap for the environment and health of its customers.

However, it is a bit heavier on your pocket. But definitely, just a drop of liquid is enough to wash out all the dishes, pans, and pots. This concentrated gel is enough to clean up the full sink with the utensils of baked food. Products of Puracy are the USA made. Thus, it ensures a 100% money-back guarantee.

5. Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap Oxy Power Degreaser



  • Dishes get a refreshing smell.
  • Eliminate surface stains.
  • Effective cutting of the grease.
  • The liquid formula is highly concentrated.
  • Comes in a pack of 4 supplies.


  • Not long-lasting bubbles.

Are you worried about old dishes with little stains? This particular issue arises in your oldest and favorite teacups and tumblers. You must have come across dish soaps that remove the food debris yet; they fail in removing the stains.

You must be glad to about the Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap Oxy Power Degreaser. It is highly effective in removing the stains. You can even make your favorite stained cups for years, to be dead sparkling. They will look like as if new ones. You can guess from its name that it is designed particularly, to be tough and, hard for the grease.

Being heavy-duty, this dish soap can get off the most stubborn residues of food. There is, no matter of worries if you forgot your dishes lying on the kitchen counter for hours, just let them soak in Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap for a few hours. And here you go with clean dishes without food residue, after rinsing with water.

That’s not all! The special formula is sulphate and chemical-free, which remains soft on the hands. Enjoy the power of this dish soap without the nasty, harmful chemicals.

6. Babyganics Foaming Dish Soap



  • Available in a pack of two.
  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • No suds left.
  • No animal testing.
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and phosphates.


  • Bit thinner.
  • Cause dryness to hands, particularly sensitive hands.

You must be feeling annoyed, unpleasant, and distracted by the strong smell of your dish soap? Now, even the ordinary dish soaps have the infusion of strong scent. Luckily, this dish soap of Babyganics is designed to be free of any fragrance.

Are you still confused about scent-free dish soap? Does it have importance? Surely, when the dish soap is free from scent, it turns to be ideal and for sterilizing and washing a great range of products. These products are pacifiers and bottles for babies. You will feel the satisfaction of cleaning these items perfectly, without the fear of scent to get transferred in the things.

Moreover, the products are cruelty-free as the company did not test on the animals. Also, the product is free from phthalates, synthetic, and phosphates. Every ingredient of the product is natural. Thus, it provides a quick and effective solution to your greasy dishes. You can easily rinse clean the suds without remaining scum on the dishes.

7. Method Dish Soap, Clementine



  • Available as the pump dispenser.
  • Comes in a pack of 6 bottles.
  • Completely biodegradable formula.
  • Final product tested on humans (no testing on the animals).
  • Bottles are made up of recycled material.


  • Not as strong as other brands.

The Method commits to producing cleaning products for its customers. Surely, it wants to remain considerate to nature and the environment. It succeeds in it through packaging. Undoubtedly, it earned the title of best eco-conscious dish soap due to it. Their biggest triumph lays in the refill pouches. Almost all of the cleaners and soaps of Method are available in the bottles made up of recycled materials. Else, they sell in big refill pouch which is better than bottles because of less utilization of plastic, water, and energy needed to make the bottle. You will be happy to know that you can easily fill out the Method’s refill pouches in your purchased recycled plastic or glass bottle.

There are delightful options of lemon mint, sea salt, lime, clementine, and sea minerals that make the Method Dish Soap, 36 oz. liquid, lightly scented. The technology of plant-based power green is kind to the environment, and the biodegradable ultra-fighting formula against the grease remains gentle to your hands. Get your sink full of dishes done and sparkling with few drops due to the highly concentrated formula. It is free from cruelty, phthalates, and parabens. Moreover, the pack of six bottles will last for a longer time.

8. Ajax Ultra Triple Action Liquid Dish Soap



  • Phosphate-free.
  • Comes in a pack of four bottles.
  • USDA certified as organic.
  • The scent of natural lime.
  • Dishes become sparkling clean.


  • Bit thinner.

Ajax is one of the leading and renowned brands in the cleaning sector. Many generations enjoyed the privilege of cleaning with the help of Ajax. The company comes with an extensive range of cleaning products, Ajax. These products are well known for their effectiveness and quick action.

Are you still pondering that is the product of any good? The dish soap, Ajax Ultra Triple Action guarantees of removing the grease completely. You can even use it as an alternate to the bleach. Besides making the dish clean and sparkling, it removes the food residue as well as the grease.

As it has got certification from USDA organic, you can use this dish soap confidently. Your hands can remain soft because of being phosphate-free and chemicals free. Surely, it turns to be appealing because of the infusion of the natural lime smell.

9. Dawn Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap



  • You can use it, as the hand soap.
  • The volume is 50 fl. oz. of the bottle.
  • It has antibacterial characteristics.
  • Available in a pack of 2 bottles.
  • Degreasing action boast up.


  • Overpowering scent.

It is highly inconvenient to buy a diversified range of cleaning items. So, are you in search of versatile dish soap? Moreover, when your space in the house is limited you might want to look for a versatile option to reduce the clutter of your house.

Dawn Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap has antibacterial characteristics. It indicates its safe usage as hand soap. Several people realize this powerful formula appropriate for meeting the other cleaning requirements.

This dish soap has a liquid volume of 50 fl. Oz bottles. Also, the pouring nozzles make the usage easy. Surely, it will let you save your dish soap for a longer time and avoid spillage. That’s not all! This product is available in a pack too. You will get two bottles in one pack.

Unlike the original formula, this dish soap has an orange scent. However, you have a variety of other smells to check-in.

10. Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap



  • Few drops are enough to clean.
  • Highly effective for grease.
  • Gentle for hands.
  • Readily available in the markets.
  • All ingredients are plant-based.


  • Bit pricey.

When numerous dish soap of the best quality from Dawn is available in the markets, it is hard for the consumers to select and buy one. However, Dawn Platinum stands ahead in the crowd.

This dish soap comes up with a pretty pleasant smell. Moreover, it will remain gentle on your hands and make you confident in your choice. Not to worry much about its availability. You can find it anywhere and readily in your nearby stores.

Unlike other versions of Dawn, Dawn Platinum got 4 times more power to wash the dishes. You might find this bit less concentrated, but you will be surely amazed by the wonders of this dish soap. It can easily clean off the stains and grease accumulated on the dishes and pots for 48 hours. No food residue can stay over with Dawn Platinum.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to consider before buying DISH SOAP

There are numerous things you have to consider buying the best, and effective dish soap. Surely, the following factors may help you to choose the best dish soap from several options at your end:

  • Soft water and hard water

The type of water, whether it is hard water or soft water, will let you determine the dish soap, for your kitchen. You can easily spot on soft water when suds will form quickly on adding a few drops of dish soap. However, if the water is hard, fewer studs will form because of the detergents being busy dissolving the minerals.

  • Skin Sensitivity

Anti-grease and surfactants agents are present in all the dish soaps. People with sensitive skin or have a lot of dishwashing tasks or do not wear gloves, may have the likely possibility to develop itching, rashes, irritation, and dryness. So look on for dish soaps that are free from sulfate, fragrances, dyes, and chemical.

  • Eco-Friendliness

You must watch on the waste stream you will contribute to the groundwater in terms of the substances draining off your drainage. Eco-friendly labeled products will contain no chemicals or less, which will be less or not harmful to nature, animals, and plants life. Your soap choice must be available in bottles of recycled materials. Instead of buying many which are hard to dispose of, it is better to buy one large container for decanting it.

  • Budget

Be wise! Cheaper dish soap is not necessarily a less expensive option because the discounted or cheap versions may be copied of expensive ones or being less concentrated formula, will result in more usage. Maybe you might find them to be harsher for the environment and your hands due to the harsh detergents in them.

Final Verdict

To sum up, in a nutshell, the above-discussed list got all the top-notch dish soaps in the market. All you need is to select wisely according to your needs and budgets. It must set inside your kitchen and prove to be an ideal choice for you as well as the environment. Dawn Platinum and Seventh Generation are perfect choices. But again you need to choose what your kitchen demands!


Do you think Green dish detergents work better?

Undoubtedly, these products are highly recommendable for the environment, but the addition of chemicals to the environment, without effectiveness for the tasks will be good for nothing. It is hard to look for chemical-free dish soaps but yes the lesser are the chemicals, the better it is.
So choose fewer chemicals avoiding the unnecessary ones.
Look for the ingredients that are nature-based, non-toxic and biodegradable. Also, the bottles should be made of recycled material. Try to avoid chemicals like chlorine, triclosan, phosphates, and sodium lauryl sulphate. Fragrance-free product is safer for the environment

Is 1,4-dioxane in the dish soap harmful for the user?

There is a debate going on against the 1,4 dioxane and so its inclusion in the dish soap. According to many scientists, it is carcinogenic and has an evident link between this chemical and cancer.
Yet the argument continues that the person is carcinogenic, due to more exposure to this chemical and breathing it for a longer time like the production factories and no protective gears are used by the workers. Despite its presence in the dish soap, it is debatable because of its quantity in the dish soap.

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