10 Best Fluoride Water Filters

Best Fluoride Water Filters

Ensuring that our drinking water is secure from toxic components is one of our top preferences for our little ones’ well-being and protection. This is why you must get the most beneficial fluoride water filter that can assist you in achieving your aims for neat and healthy water. But then, it still must be difficult because you have dived into lots of choices. Don’t bother, as guidance is here!

Here we’ve  highlighted the best picks on the market so that you can get a safe filtration method that can efficiently decrease fluoride. If you are ready, let’s start and examine these things in the following.

10 Best Fluoride Water Filters Reviews Consumer Reports

Compared to other elements and other pollutants located in tap water, fluoride is not as harmful. Though, this does not imply that it doesn’t pretend severe and detrimental results. Have a look at our top picks.

  1. Best for use: Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers
  2. Most durable: AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter
  3. Best overall product: Water Softener Shower Head
  4. Premium choice: HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter
  5. Best saver of time:  Wonder WD-FRM-8K-DC
  6. Best budget for customers: Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2
  7. Best lightweight pick: Big Berkey BK4X2
  8. Best great value: Santevia Gravity Water System
  9. Best highest performance: APEC Water Systems ROES-50
  10. Most reliable: Aquasana OptimH2O

1. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers



  • Reliable and offers free pitcher construction.
  • Easy to use and refill.
  • Filter duty life is longer than other kinds.
  • Comes with a digital indicator that notifies you that you need to refill it.


  • Water filtration time may slow down after some time.

The Epic Pure is an outstanding option for homeowners who want a good water filter pitcher to eliminate fluoride and other water dirt. It is also excellent for those who only need to secure safe water for everyone in the family.

We conducted a careful evaluation of the Epic Pure home regularity and found many benefits over other systems. First, the filtration mechanism reduces more dirt in water than most water pitchers’ orders. The brand’s 200 nanometer-wide holes prevent the entry of contaminants into drinking water. The combination case above the filter system ensures better-tasting and safer water.

Second, the cleaning membrane has a longer duty life than most of the water filter pitchers. Many third-party companies have also attested to the state and appearance of Epic Pure’s filters. It is excellent news for anyone who needs to feel secure about his or her buying.

2. AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter



  • Adds Vitamin C into the water.
  • Beneficial for softening hard water.
  • Simple to install and replace.
  • Provides your healthy skin by reducing the risk of many skin problems.


  • Leaks may occur sometimes.

A water filtration method should not only ensure clear and odor-free drinking water. It should also give the water in your bathroom cleaner and healthier to apply. And if you admire what water filters eliminate fluoride and other water pollutants in the shower, AquaHomeGroup has the solution. The brand’s 15-Stage Shower Filter gives ‘softer’ water through a storm to provide you with many benefits.

We cherish the AquaHome home system as the mixture of Vitamin C into the shower water. Not various plans come with this characteristic. And while Vitamin C is not according to your digestive system, it does give your skin and hair many benefits.

We decided to use the AquaHome for our shower cover. After many baths, we saw a significant improvement in the shape of our skin. It also had a lovely glow. Our hair seemed softer, too. We also had a lesser extent of dandruff.

3. Water Softener Shower Head



  • Filters fluoride, decay, and different impurities.
  • Gives strong jets of water.
  • Softens hard mist water.
  • Provides you a healthy and soft skin.


  • Ring of the showerhead may be flimsy.

The reaction Water Softener is a good water filter that carries out fluoride, chlorine, and other elements that can be hard on the hair and skin. It is what budget-conscious folks would choose to handle in their showers.

We like PureAction’s idea. It is ideal for substituting the showerhead in your bathroom. What is more striking about the form of the PureAction home shower cap? You can place the spray from three different perspectives. You learn to appreciate a relaxing massage-like action or a more refreshing rain-like spray. Though you set the showerhead’s nozzle, you can trust that the shower event will be more pleasant. Its layout offers the PureAction ideal for households with low water pressure.

4. HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter



  • Guarantees odor-free, great-tasting, and reliable drinking water.
  • Secure and good-quality water purifier installation.
  • The water outlet provides a smooth flow of water.
  • Made of high quality and sturdy material.


  • May not last long.

It is a cost-effective water purifier that eliminates fluoride, chloramine, and other rigid composites. It has a premium-looking plan and a strong representation to assure safe water accurate from the tap.

An obvious benefit of the HOMY is its stainless steel water purifier installation. Most of the goods on the market come with BPA-free plastic production. This filtration method should complement the modern kitchen or bathroom, where stainless steel is the leading figure element.

When it comes to the filter, HOMY does an excellent job of reducing undesired particles from water. The best thing is that HOMY utilizes superior carbon filtration technology. Such a method can guarantee a more significant reduction of dirt in clean water. There is no undesired taste that can change the goodness of your cocktails, juices, and other drink solutions.

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5. Wonder WD-FRM-8K-DC



  • Does not want a plumber to fit.
  • 2-year filter setting life.
  • Serves fine with municipally-treated water.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Diminishes, not removes fluoride.

Wonder is well-known for creating safe water filtration methods. They also have refrigerator water filters that eliminate fluoride. Though, the brand’s WD-FRM-8K-DC model is the perfect solution if you want to remove the fluoride coming from your public water supply. The method reduces fluoride to more tolerable levels. It also diminishes the presence of other undesired elements in municipal water.

What many families will get appealing about the Wonder filtration method is its facility of the fitting. As long as you have 3/8-inch water valves, the water filtration system should match with ease. The Direct Connect lines make fitting a breeze.

6. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2



  • Appears with 3-stage water filtration.
  • Guarantees better tasting and more reliable water.
  • Space-saving, dense form.
  • Compact design for on-the-go versatility.


  • Some points may leak.

Some folks favor a whole house fluoride filter to ensure safer water for everyone, but of use. Though these methods can be costly, they can not afford a portable unit’s help. That is why many homes choose the Home Master TMURF2 Jr F2 to reduce fluoride levels.

The close view of the Jr F2 system is what brings most homeowners to this method. You only require a few minutes to fix it in your current faucet. As you turn on the tap, water flows within a hose and into the filtering tool of the Jr F2. You can then use clean drinking water accurately from the combined water spout of the Jr F2.

We see the plan to be original. There is no complicated set-up or fitting.  If you are uncertain about water security in your hotel, you can begin the Jr F2 along and fix it directly in the hotel room’s faucet. The same is true when moving to other areas.

7. Big Berkey BK4X2



  • Contains at least two free filtration mechanisms that provide you healthy and pure water.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Robust and water-safe stainless steel installation.


  • Sometimes the filters may block.

Not everyone wants the hassle of attaching a water filtration method to their current water line. One stock that can reduce fluoride levels in your drinking water without needing some severe water bonds is the Big Berkey BK4X2 from Berkey.

The Big Berkey is a countertop method that arises with two free mechanisms. One clarifies your drinking water and reduces the number of substances that can alter the smell, taste, and water feature. The second method is more precise to the loss of fluoride in water. Berkey says that its operation can decrease fluoride levels by as much as 95 percent.

8. Santevia Gravity Water System



  • Can filter specific microorganisms.
  • Can increase the pH of the water.
  • Dissolves minerals like calcium and magnesium to make it healthy and tasteful.
  • Doesn’t need maintenance every now and then.


  • It is heavyweight.

People take Santevia as a brand when it appears to countertop water methods. One of the company’s most advanced results is the Countertop Gravity Water System. It is a countertop water filter that eliminates fluoride and other undesired minerals. At the same time, it also serves to alkalinize drinking water.

The ceramic pre-filter membrane of Santevia also has smaller pores than other methods. It is excellent for filtering specific microorganisms that would differently pass by the filter of other systems. Of course, it does not require the Santevia to eliminate infections as these microorganisms are often less than 300 nanometers in width.

9. APEC Water Systems ROES-50



  • Long-lasting and sturdy.
  • Filters run with well water and tap water.
  • Arises with reliable and robust elements.
  • Leak-free figure.


  • The fitting can be difficult for some people.

The APEC Reverse Osmosis method is the most reliable water filtration system that excludes fluoride. Not only does it diminish fluoride and other minerals a lot more efficiently than other systems, but the Top Tier is also a real workhorse for the new family.

It concentrates more on the action of water particles by helping their progress. It leaves behind many of the undesirable particles in water. The bulk of goods on the market concentrate further on preventing dismissed particles in water over the filter layer. The Top Tier focuses more on the flow of water particles.

We also value APEC’s overall approach. The extent of its regulation is provisory on the water force. The company recognizes the results of water pressure on the production of the filter. They do not say that their order will be good for two years. APEC says that their filter’s lifespan will depend on the pressure of water flowing through the system.

The company is also prudent to support the varying results one can get in dismissed solids and the water level.

10. Aquasana OptimH2O



  • May filter specific microorganisms.
  • The method is easy to fit.
  • Simple replacement of filters.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • May not be as efficient as other.

Reverse osmosis methods are fast becoming the go-to network for modern households. One such way is the OptimH2O from Aquasana. Not only does this under-sink fluoride water filter give good standing drinking water. It also alkalinizes your drink for more vital health benefits.

Like most reverse osmosis systems, the OptimH2O comes with several elements. We were shocked to see how simple it is to fix the system. The OptimH2O does not want specialist knowledge to both install and keep the order.

Of distinct value is the filtration technologies installed in the OptimH2O. We obtained two technologies that increase the skills of Aquasana’s opposite osmosis method. 

One is the first Claryum technology that concentrates on the restriction of the particulate move across the membrane.  It raises the water’s pH and gives alkali-related health advantages.

The holes of the filter are also small, that they limit the way of specific microorganisms. Fungi, bacteria, and some diseases will never cross by the filter membrane of the OptimH2O. It moreover enhances the health advantages that the system gives.

Buying Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying a Fluoride Water Filter

As it must be difficult to narrow down your selection, this section will note down all the details you want to view when buying your fluoride water filter.

  • Water Test

Of course, before you purchase your method, you should first review your water supply point. You can do this by examining your social public service or government. You can also work to search this data online, as these are standard documents. There is also the choice of testing it doing a home test kit.

  • Type of Water Filter

The fluoride water filter you buy should depend on your requirements and your household’s area.

If you have a huge household, then the other robust systems like reverse osmosis and the distillation systems are suitable. With this, you can filter large quantities of water to go. Apart from that, they can also filter out a lot of elements, contaminants, and pollutants.

Though, they might be costly to use and support. It is also pretty bulky, so make sure you put it in a field that won’t annoy you.

  • Filter’s Lifespan

This factor relates to how many gallons of water your filter can use before it requires to be followed. Usually, many users manage to buy those with long lifespans as it will involve low long-term costs. The problem lies when you can’t replace it on time, as there is a cross-contamination risk. These allow you to get the right mixture of efficiency and affordability.

  • Installation Process

Of course, all of us need a hassle-free fitting method. The more robust systems like reverse osmosis and distillation methods tend to have trickier ways. So, you might require expert help. Though, if you seem hard enough, some courses are relatively easy to install on your own.

On the other hand, compact types do not need any fitting. Once you see them, you can apply them directly.

Best Fluoride Water Filters (FAQ)

Do you still have questions related to these? Try looking at these most common questions asked by people.

What are the most advanced fluoride water filter brands?

A few of the most granted fluoride water filter brands add Aquagear, Epic Pure, AquaHomeGroup, and reaction, and the rest highlighted in today’s discussions.

How to eliminate fluoride from water?

You can eliminate the fluoride from the water you’re drinking and doing by using one of the fluoride water filters highlighted in today’s buying design. They are from popular brands that can give their requirements on their goods.

How to care & reliable?

The best method to care for and clean a fluoride water filter is related to the product’s guidebook. It will show the precise steps demonstrated by the company on how to wash and keep the filter. It should lead you on how to do it correctly to guarantee the survival of your filter.

What is the guarantee?

There is no same guarantee open for water filters that can eliminate fluoride. The only method to get out is to read the terms page of the goods you want to purchase. You can match the warranties granted by the manufacturer for added peace of mind in your buying.


Indeed it is one of the hectic tasks to choose the best fluoride water filter with the top tools. We hope the reviews we have discussed earlier have helped you to come to a decision and to choose the most proper fluoride water filter for your requirements today. In our point of view “Water Softener Shower Head” is the best overall due to the presence of all the essential features and qualities. Do not forget to have a look at our other recommendations too.

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