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If you are a newbie to the world of greenhouse kits, you must be unsure; from where to start the research. There is no limitation to the reasons for having a greenhouse. You can purchase a greenhouse to grow vegetables, add flowers, or beautify your garden.

Greenhouse kits come in various costs, styles, and purchasing one to upgrade your garden can be a time-consuming and arduous task. Bear with us because we will show you what and how you should select the best greenhouse kit. All you need to know is the reason for which you are going to buy a greenhouse kit.


Top 10 Best GreenHouse Kits by 10 Consumers

Following are the ten best greenhouse kits one can get through the market. These greenhouse kits provide immense performance and outstanding results.

1. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse


The Good

  • The bottom is sturdy and well-constructed.
  • This greenhouse kit includes one powder coated frame (tubular steel) – enhance durability.
  • Portable and lightweight greenhouse.

The Bad

  • It does not include any bottom floor.

The length x width x height measurements of the greenhouse kit are 27 x 18 x 63 inches. This greenhouse kit only weighs 9.6 pounds and is a lightweight structured design. Moreover, the small footprint is capable of accommodating almost four shelves of 18”. As a result, you will get more than enough space for gardening.

If you have a small backyard or home, this mini greenhouse is an ideal choice as it will occupy a small portion of the compound. What’s the catch? You might be thinking about what is so impressive in this model. This mini greenhouse offers similar features that you can get from larger models. However, you should install a bottom floor to avoid creating a mess on the deck. No! No! Installing the floor is not at all a challenging job.

Now, coming towards the door. It supports a roll-up zippered style door that allows for easy access. Furthermore, the company sells a house covering separately, which means you won’t need to change the entire house in case of the cover damage. It promotes and boosts the early start of the seed.

2. Ohuhu Large Walk-In Plant Greenhouse


The Good

  • Affordable, high-quality, maximum stability, easy-to-move (portable).
  • It is a perfect choice for young plants, flowers, herbs, elongate the growing season, and seedlings.
  • The model incorporates detachable parts and a durable mesh cover (green PE).

The Bad

  • It is not suitable for highly windy areas.
  • The shelves cannot hold large pots and plants.

The 55.5 x 56.3 x 76.8-inch Ohuhu Walk-In Greenhouse includes twelve wire shelves. It also features a 3-tiered spacious internal area, which, in turn, provides a lot of space for herbs, veggie plants, and flower seedlings. Don’t you think it is the best option to help in increasing the growing period for plants?

This greenhouse follows an innovative and ideal structural design. The greenhouse includes rust-resistant, durable, and heavy-duty tube frames. Secondly, the unit arrives with ropes and pegs. The beautiful green-colored PE cover (mesh) further enhances and blends in the garden. It protects the plants from severe weather conditions and allows warm sunlight to enter during the early summer/spring seasons.

You can easily roll-up the front door to open or close. It delivers the best possible air circulation in the house. Moreover, the two Velcro roll-up windows offer a quick observation and additional ventilation. Due to the detachment parts, the setting procedure does not lead to any problem.

3. Quictent 2 Mesh Doors 20 Stakes Heavy Duty Portable Greenhouse


The Good

  • A never-ending replacement for stakes, bases, and connectors.
  • The heavy-duty steel (powder coated) maximizes durability and sturdiness.
  • Protection for ultra-violet light.
  • The model consists of an adequate and efficient air circulation system.

The Bad

  • You can face leakage issues if the plastic of the house dries out.

First of all, the greenhouse consists of two entrances. Astonishing, isn’t it? The purpose of these entrances is to help in the efficient flow of air inside the greenhouse. It even contributes an essential role in prolonging the lifetime of the house. To reinforce and protect the cover, the manufacturers shield it with two PE layers.

These layers protect the cover from UV light. UV light can be harmful to the crops as well. As the greenhouse cover is considerably transparent and waterproof, a lot of light enters the greenhouse. It improves the growth of the plants. Along with the double zipped doors, it contains eight side windows (roll-up) that help to provide better ventilation.

It aerates the house in a much better way during sunny days. This greenhouse does not use any nuts or screws to secure the frame. Instead, the corners connect with the help of the three-cornered or four-cornered joints. Due to the multiple stakes, bases, and powder-coated steel frames, the stability increases. Therefore, it resists various climates.

4. Mini Pop up Greenhouse


The Good

  • Quick and easy installation and dismantling procedure.
  • Small compact design, reasonably-priced, pop-up (portable), top-quality, and zipper window.
  • Comes with a packing bag.

The Bad

  • Harsh environments can rip off plastic easily.
  • People face problems while packing the house back inside its storage bag.

The Pop-up Greenhouse is suitable for an indoor tent (grow tent), patio, and tiny gardens. It will, for sure, promote the growth of your herbs, prize cacti, and flowers. If you are willing to keep the plants safe and warm from harsh weather, hungry pests, and frost winds, then this greenhouse is the optimum choice for you.

You can keep and use it anywhere because of the ultra-portable design. The Mini Pop up Greenhouse promises to maintain and promote high levels of humidity. This promotion results in a superior and premium growing environment, which shields the plants during severely cold weather. The ultra-portable, lightweight, compact greenhouse weighs 2.5lbs.

This greenhouse requires a few seconds of installation because of its easy and quick procedure. The greenhouse kit is highly durable, flexible, and resilient. The PVC cover includes four steel stakes with the mission of securing the position of the greenhouse on windy days. You can even fold and keep the greenhouse in the packing bag to minimize the storage space.

5. Outsunny Portable Mini Greenhouse


The Good

  • The heavy-duty and durable frame helps to resist chipping and rusting.
  • Easy-to-set, easy-to-disassemble, and lightweight.
  • Its transparent canopy provides a complete view of the pots and plants.
  • Improved air circulation due to the 3-opening structure – faster heat dissipation.

The Bad

  • People with limited backyards would need more space because of the horizontal design.
  • You will need to squat and bend a lot while carrying the plants – short height.
  • The open floor causes excess moisture to enter during rainy seasons.

The 10.4-pound portable greenhouse measures 108 x 36 x 36 inches. This system delivers a protected environment and atmosphere for plants and herbs that need extraordinary care. It is one of the most-wanted kits by people living in colder areas.

Gardening enthusiasts who want to purchase an affordable, lightweight, and convenient option can look for this kit. It incorporates three flaps. The roll-up flaps improve the flow of air in the greenhouse. A transparent canopy will also help you to keep an eye on the plants.

These flaps provide heat vent features that aim to control the humidity and heat developing inside your greenhouse. The Outsunny greenhouse kit contains a powder-coated steel frame. It prevents corrosion, chipping, peeling, and rusting. Lastly, the PVC cover on the kit frame allows sunlight for the plants’ nourishment.

6. Palram HG5508 Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse


The Good

  • Premium, attractive, and innovative design.
  • The kit comes with ten polypropylene plant hangers.
  • Supports the installation of shade cloth.
  • The roof vent offers airflow and moderate temperate – maximizes growth.

The Bad

  • Delicate structure and poor customer service.
  • The greenhouse kit can be a bit problematic on windy days.

This Palram Hybrid Greenhouse kit offers the best features and user-friendly design. The 6-feet wide frame uses durable aluminum, which tries to fulfill each of the growing requirements in smaller areas. You cannot ignore the well-balanced twin-wall covering of polycarbonate.

The thick 4-mm polycarbonate twin wall is highly robust and virtually unbreakable. This polycarbonate roof has a mission to block at least 99.9% of Ultra-Violet rays. It eliminates the chances of plants burning as this roof diffuses the sunlight. Besides the greenhouse roof, its crystal clear side panels provide 90% of the light to transmit inside the greenhouse.

Third, the rust-resistant aluminum frame offers an elegant and inspiring overall look. Along with the heavy-duty base (galvanized steel), the kit frame creates structural support for the system. You will get almost 48.sq.ft growth area within the kit. It features one magnetic gate catch and one lockable door handle.

7. CO-Z Lean to Greenhouse Walk-in


The Good

  • The packaging of this model comprises one three-tier panting rack.
  • Zipper doors and walk-in structure (height) on each side.
  • The frame of the steel tubular is free from corrosion and rust reaction.
  • Contains tie downs and ropes for more stability.

The Bad

  • You will need a wall to anchor/fit the kit.
  • The assembly instructions could be much better and well-explained.

If you are searching for a greenhouse kit that supports the walk-in design and is not that huge, then you have reached the right section. In simple words, the mini portable greenhouse kit is a reliable and simple choice for people who wants to use the space against the porch or wall. It will surely help to produce a prolific and more creative garden.

This style incorporates a 3.3 x 6.6-foot measurement. Moreover, it will occupy seven feet in height at the wall. Now, you can say goodbye to rust-related issues as this kit uses rust-protective steel tubing for the frame. Also, the PE m2 cover is water-resistant. It will protect the greenhouse during heavy rainfall.

The zipper door present on each side allows better air circulation on sunny days. The upcoming sunlight won’t wilt the plants because of improved photosynthesis. In other words, the cover will deliver a healthier initiative. The ground stakes and tie-downs ensure more stability.

8. Educational Insights GreenThumb Greenhouse with Vinyl Cover


The Good

  • The transparent cover (plastic) helps to observe the growth and conditions of the plants.
  • It consists of a sung, easy-to-fit, sheltered, and warm cover fit.

The Bad

  • The greenhouse kit frame can catch rusting.
  • It provides a limited amount of space.
  • The seams require reinforcement of zip ties.

Not everyone can afford or store a large greenhouse in their gardens or porch. We are going to talk about an affordable yet efficient mini greenhouse in this portion. It requires a minimum area because of its mini size. You can keep it on your porch, lawn, and small yards.

The 14.4 ounces greenhouse kit impresses people with its multi-colored body. Furthermore, the steel body of the greenhouse measures 33 x 17 x 1 inch. If you want to extend the growing season, then you should think about the education insight greenhouse.

It will keep and provide a beautiful and attractive floral display to your porch. A fully transparent and visually more inspiring plastic cover is much better than a large-sized greenhouse (mesh options). You can even use this mini greenhouse as a decorative piece for the lawn. This GreenThumb greenhouse even protects the plants from pets and pests.

9. MELLCOM 26’ x 10’ x 6.6’ Greenhouse


The Good

  • A lot of available space comes within the greenhouse kit.
  • The galvanized steel and sturdy frame does not cause rust – rust-resistant.
  • Easy-to-assemble and high-end built-in materials.
  • Dual-zipper back and front doors and vented sides – better air circulation.

The Bad

  • It does not contain any racks to grow plants.
  • The greenhouse kit takes a large footprint.

From being affordable to large-sized, this greenhouse kit is the best available option for everyone. In a few words, if you have a lot of space, then do think about this greenhouse model. It will provide every single feature that you are looking for in a greenhouse. The packaging contains everything needed to install this 24 x 10 x 7-foot model within no time.

In terms of durability, efficiency, and performance, this MELLCOM greenhouse is one of the leading products. The galvanized heavy-duty frame resists the formation of rust in the body. Furthermore, the mesh cover (reinforced polyethylene) tends to diffuse and retain moisture and heat.

It blocks the harmful UVB and UVA rays that can be dangerous for plant growth. You can open the roll-up double-zippered front door along with the twelve side windows to allow the entrance of more air inside the greenhouse.

10. Homewell Walk-in Greenhouse


The Good

  • The zipped roll-up entrance door allows easy entry.
  • The walk-in design provides ventilation and growing space for large plants.
  • Sturdy, portable, and highly-efficient greenhouse.
  • The plastic cover prevents heat dissipation.

The Bad

  • The shelves need some improvements.
  • Issues with the breakdown of zipping.

This mini greenhouse measures 56” wide by 29” deep by 77” high. It comes with a zipper design door entrance. The dimensions of the door are 64” and 30” wide. Furthermore, it will offer six wired shelves and three tiers that help grow the small flowers and plants, start seedlings, display flora, and extend growing seasons.

The powder-coated tubular steel frame provides a lot of support to the seedling trays and potted plants. Its stacked design helps in accommodating plenty of plants at one location. The greenhouse includes a clear plastic removable cover. Thus, it will retain and preserve solar energy.

It even shelters the seedlings and plants from unsuitable and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the user can enjoy healthy, fresh vegetables and fresh during the entire year. Whether it be any shelf, each of them will support a 75lbs maximum weight capacity.

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider When Buying a Greenhouse Kit

You have read about the best greenhouse kit options available on the market. But do you know what features you must consider before deciding about buying any model? If not, then this buying guide will discuss the requirements. Go ahead and make a firm decision!

  • Size of the garden

The yard size matters a lot in selecting a greenhouse kit for yourself. Firstly, a large-sized greenhouse for your small-sized yard is highly inappropriate. It will ruin the entire look of your yard. For a small garden, you can look for a walk-in 4 x 4-foot greenhouse kit. Thus, do measure the garden size.

  • Climate

After measuring the size, your next consideration should be the climate of your area. Not every greenhouse kit works similarly during all four seasons. These environmental conditions contribute a significant role in the performance of the greenhouse kit.

  • Type, material, and ventilation

These three features are as essential as climate and yard size. If you want to grow veggies and plants, then you should select a large greenhouse. However, for growing flowers only, you can go for a small-sized greenhouse as well. Do consider the material and ventilation as low material quality can lead to leakage related issues. Improper ventilation won’t support plant growth.

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