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Best Gutter Guards

Having a gutter guard is one of the simplest and effective ways to protect yourself from common gutter problems. It is because cleaning a gutter is a regular chore that needs to be done to avoid the problem of water getting into your house. Not to forget, nothing is interesting in climbing onto the roof and put your life in danger. So, to eliminate this task, the best advice we could give you is to install a gutter guard.

Installing the best gutter guard can yield many benefits. A gutter guard is like a partner in the fall season. This gutter guard will trap the leaves, branches, and all the dirt and keep your gutter running. Therefore, reducing the need for regular cleaning. Moreover, the dirt collected on the edges of these gutter guards is automatically blown away by the wind. So, enjoy your autumn without disturbing your daily routine.

Top 8 Best Gutter Guards by 10 Consumers

  1. Raptor Gutter guard
  2. FlexxPoint Gutter guard
  3. Ultra Flo Gutter guard
  4. EZ Gutter Guard
  5. Wedge Downspout gutter guard
  6. Leaf Tek Gutter Guard
  7. Gutter ProForm guard
  8. Gutter Brush

Some countless models and companies manufacture the best gutter guards. Don’t you think it is a bit difficult to get through each product and look for the best one? So, to save you from all this hectic process, we have gathered and enlisted some of the top choices on the market. You can get through them and select the required product.

You can surely believe in our research as it is done after getting through a lot of customers’ reviews and ratings. What is more, we have included a buyers guide and frequently asked question section to further assist you in your problems. Here is the round-up of the best gutter guards.

1. Raptor Gutter guard



  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Superfine micro-mesh.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Superfine micro-mesh.
  • Easy to clean.
  • ConsCan acquire rust after a long time of use.
  • Cannot easily modify.

The Raptor guard is one of the best and top choices of the customers on the market. It equips a micro-mesh-type material that only allows water to pass through. However, it restrains all types of dirt and debris that can clog up and damage your gutters and, eventually, your house.

Moreover, it is made up of the best material that can protect your gutter from pine needles, which are the biggest culprits behind gutter problems. It is because the micro strainer mesh is so fine that it does not allow anything except for water to pass through it. Even the smallest debris is not allowed to pass on.

Lastly, it is made up of stainless steel, which does not only makes it lighter in weight but also provides enough strength and sturdiness. This strength enables the guard to withstand extreme climate conditions.

2. FlexxPoint Gutter guard



  • Comes in four-foot sections.
  • Hard material.
  • Light-weighted.
  • High durability due to good quality material.


  • The cleaning process of this guard is a little bit harder.
  • Can be blocked if a higher amount of dirt collects.

This amazing gutter guard features a three-point design that slows the flow of water over its surface. It means that it does not require any fasteners to install. Moreover, if you use this gutter guard, the water flowing over it will have sufficient time to move on to the gutter. Additionally, unlike the other gutter guards, this feature is a rare one that can be seen in it.

Similarly, it is equipped with a profile that allows airflow underneath any leaves or debris that is crowded on the surface. With this important feature, it will be protected by insects. Moreover, the package also includes steel fasteners to mount directly to the gutter lip and fascia board.

3. Ultra Flo Gutter guard

Ultra Flo Gutter guard


  • Easy to install due to the inclusion of the snap locks.
  • Affordable price.
  • Extremely durable.


  • Very likely to rust over time.
  • Hardness is not that good.

It is a gutter guard that is protected by Ultra Flo. It is like a jail that keeps all types of dirt and debris locked away from passing through it. Additionally, Ultra Flo is a subsidiary brand of the U.A Aluminium Inc corporation, and this brand is one of the major providers of aluminum products and has been functional for decades.

We have kept this product in the third palace due to its durability and the strength provided by it. Moreover, its leaf protection is one of the top contenders we have on the list. If we talk about its structure, then it has an aluminum body.

4. EZ Gutter Guard



  • Light in weight.
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty.
  • Easy to install.


  • Required occasional maintenance.
  • Some little debris can pass through it due to large holes.

Some of the gutter guards can give your house a shabby look, which is unlikely to be used. In this regard, the EZ gutter guard is the best choice. It will provide a modern look as well to your house.

If we come towards its functioning, then it is also appreciable. This gutter guard has all the positive traits along with an appealing look. Its design is perfect for residential purposes with 5 inches gutters. It composes of aluminum, which provides strength and flexibility to last longer. And most importantly, it has a coating of paint that can protect the guard from rusting over a long period of time.

5. The Wedge Downspout gutter guard



  • Cost-efficient.
  • Easy setup and installation.
  • Comes up with a pack of four.
  • Smart design.


  • Made of plastic which is not durable as others.
  • Cannot trap small debris or dirt.

We have here one of the most innovative products on the list. This gutter guard features a wedge shape that aids in the flow of water. As you can guess from the name, these usually fit to place on the downspouts in the gutters. So, more precisely, this gutter guard is designed in such a way that it assists the water flow down the gutter into the downspout. Moreover, it also filters and leaves behind the foilage and all types of dirt.

This gutter guard is highly effective in its function. Furthermore, they can be fitted in almost any type or size of the downspout.

6. Leaf Tek Gutter Guard



  • Comes in four foot sections.
  • Reduce the build-up of shingle particles with ⅛ inches diameter drain holes.
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Prone to rusting.
  • Requires maintenance.

Leaf Tek gutter guard features a raised vented ridge design that allows for air to pass through to reduce the incidence of wet leaves staying in place. Due to this, it also becomes easy to clean as well as the chance of appearing insects also reduces.

The perfect design Leaf gutter guard smooths the flow of dirty water and removes and filters all the dirt. It features 404 holes per square foot, due to which excess dirt is filtered. Moreover, built with aluminum, it provides enough strength and stability to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Additionally, it is available for 5 inches and 6 inches gutters.

7. Gutter ProForm guard

Gutter ProForm guard


  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Easy to modify.
  • Extremely easy to install.


  • Fairly expensive.
  • No germicidal coating.

Gutter Proform is another brand that people use as a gutter guard. The most interesting fact about this gutter guard is that it does not need any installation like others. It is composed of polyurethane, which is a simple form but much sturdier and porous, just like steel wool.

The installation of this gutter guard is quite simple. All you need to do is only insert it in the gutter. Moreover, this type of gutter guard is going to be helpful, especially for those who are from the working class. It means those who can neither afford a technician nor have the time to do it themselves.

The functioning of this guard is outstanding. It can filter all types of dirt and debris. Even the small particles can not pass through it. So, in this way, you will get a fully smoothed passing of water through your gutter without facing any problem. With these features, you can have an idea about how much it is going to be efficient.

8. Gutter Brush


The Good

  • Comes in a three-foot section means it does not require fasteners.
  • Prevents the build-up of snow and ice.
  • Ultraviolet protected polypropylene bristles.

The Bad

  • Requires manual cleaning.
  • No outlet for leaves or dirt to escape from.

It is one of the most inexpensive gutter guards. This gutter guard features an easy installation without requiring any tools. It is designed in such a way that it consists of bristles that helps in reducing debris blockage. Additionally, the gutter brush design is also known as the bottle brush design.

The quills present on it allows the water to pass through it but not any dirt. It keeps all the leaves, as well as the debris, away contained by the maze and prevents your gutter from accumulating. And the most interesting thing about this gutter guard is that it does not require that much maintenance. It is because all the lightweight dirt is blown away by the wind. From here, you can see that it also supports airflow through it.

These types of guards are the easiest ones to install. All they have is a body made up of fiber and bristle, which is like a filter for dirt. Moreover, these yards have a universal size. It means that it can fit in every gutter easily. All you have to do is to place the guard in the gutter, and that is it.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying Gutter Guards

One can face several problems while buying one of the best gutter guards. So, for your convenience, we have added a precise buying guide for you. The following are some of the most important considerations.

  • Filtering Ability

The most obvious thing about using a gutter guard is that it reduces the amount of debris that needs thorough cleaning for proper use. It should filter the excess amounts of dirt to make the smooth flow of water. So, this consideration should be on top of your priority list.

  • Installation

The next important thing is the way of installing. You should prefer a gutter guard that can install quickly and easily. It is because hiring a handyman for this purpose can cost you extra money.

  • Air Flow

Water and airflow are one of the most important things that one will have to consider while buying a gutter guard. It is because, without water and airflow, your gutter may become a home for mosquitoes, insects, and other insects. So, be careful about it.

  • Reading Policies

Before buying a gutter guide, make sure to read the manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty policy. To secure your investment, go for one that offers a money-back guarantee.

FAQs – Here is What You Should Know About Gutter Guards

Which type of gutter guard is easy to install?

There are many types, out of which the brush type of gutter guard is the easiest one to install. All you need to do is to place it in the gutter.

Can we install a gutter guard on the already existing gutter?

Yes, you can do so. A gutter guard can easily install over the already existing gutters. But for this, you will need professional guidance for proper installation.

Do I have to clean my gutter guards?

A gutter guard is available for your convenience. But the cleaning needs to be done several times, especially in the fall season, to deal with unprotected gutters.


Gutter guards are the best-known solution for protecting your gutters from clogging. It is because the jamming of leaves and dirt in your gutter can create many problems for you. And as we mentioned above, there are different types and shapes which you can use as per need.

All in all, we have provided you a list of the best gutter guards which are considered worthy on the market, considering their potency to reduce the workload. We have added every minor detail to cover all the possible specs for you.

The best gutter guard on our list is the Raptor Gutter Guard. It is the top-picked product of all time because of its remarkable features.

Hopefully, this research will help you in your Gutter Guard buying journey!

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