Best Handgun Cleaning Kits of 2022

Cleaning the handgun regularly after every shooting day is a must for every gun owner. It ensures that the gun always remains ready to shoot and never gets stuck. Moreover, cleaning your handgun isn’t as complex as you might think. However, you need a set of tools and supplies to ensure maximum burnt carbon and gunpowder are cleared from the pistol. Therefore, this article provides the top 5 best Handgun Cleaning Kits of 2022 so that you never waste your time and money.

Top 5 Best Handgun Cleaning Kits

Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Pistol Cleaning KitQuick gun cleaning tools easy to carry protective case
Bear Armz Tactical Universal Handgun Cleaning KitSuitable for pistols and revolversProfessional grade brass rods
GLORY FIRE Gun Cleaning KitBrass jags8 bronze brushes200 Cleaning patches
Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum RodSuitable for 9mm pistol plastic storage boxes and brushes included
GLORY FIRE Universal Gun Cleaning KitUniversal gun cleaning travel size case all-in-one tools

1. Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit

Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit


  • Portable cleaning kit
  • Quick cleaning tools
  • Field-friendly
  • Easy to organize
  • Durable and easy to store case

Smith & Wesson is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality guns and accessories. All their products ensure maximum performance, and their guns are as good as self-cleansing. So, it won’t be wrong to have high expectations from their cleaning kits. For instance, the M&P compact pistol cleaning kit is a small and portable kit that you can take anywhere you go. So, if you or your friends often experience gun malfunction on the field, this is the best kit to help you out.

The M&P cleaning kit is compatible with most handguns. You can clean .22 .38 .40 10mm 9mm .357 and .45 Caliber Handguns with this cleaning kit. All the brushes and jags are made from high-quality material that ensures that none of them break inside your pistol. Moreover, the whole kit is stored in a portable case that you can carry around to the field. The quick cleaning tools offer help in case your gun jams while shooting. Moreover, you also get a T-handle in the kit along with all other essential tools so that you never run out of equipment.

Pro tip:

A single M&P cleaning kit is more than enough for you and your friend’s guns in the shooting range. However, it doesn’t include any cleaning oils, patches, and solvents. So, you have to purchase those supplies regularly to ensure that you are always good to go.


  • Portable size
  • Easy to store and carry
  • High-quality brushes
  • Durable material
  • Compatible with most handguns


  • It doesn’t include lubricating oil, cleaning solvent, and cleaning patches.

2. Bear Armz Tactical Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Bear Armz Tactical Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit


  • Military-grade kit
  • Durable material
  • Suitable for pistols and revolvers
  • Nylon and brass jags
  • Affordable price

Both military and civilian professionals use bear Armz guns and accessories. Their products ensure maximum performance while only costing a fraction of the money. The universal Handgun Cleaning Kits comes with several high-quality tools that last more than any other product. Moreover, the kit is available at an affordable price so that you can spend more on your guns and ammunition.

Beam Armz provides an all-in-one tactical cleaning kit for all your handguns. It can be used with .22.357/9mm.38.40.45 Caliber handguns as well as revolvers and pistols. So, no matter which handguns you own, you will never run out of tools to clean them. Similarly, you can choose between nylon and brass jags and brushes. Both these materials are highly durable and chemically inert. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about broken bits inside the gun after cleaning.

Pro Tip:

This Handgun Cleaning Kits suitable for most handguns and revolvers. Moreover, the kit also includes a pack of 50 cleaning patches and an empty bottle for oil. However, you may still need to carry a separate bottle for the gun oil.


  • Double-sided nylon brushes
  • Compatible with pistols and revolvers
  • Bronze rod
  • 50 cleaning patches
  • All-in-one cleaning kit


  • The kit only includes one empty bottle for oil or solvent.

3. GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit


  • Zipper carrying case
  • Two empty bottles
  • Fits inside a backpack
  • Bronze brushes
  • Cleaning patches included

Gloryfire is a brand for everyone. Their products are ever-lasting as the manufacturer provides replacement parts for each component. Moreover, some kits even include built-in extras to save you from the hassle of replacement over a couple of years. In this regard, the GLORYFIRE gun kit is a universal set of tools that can be used on all types of handguns and pistols. It is a well-organized kit that is both easy to use and long-lasting, thus a budget-friendly choice in the long run.

This universal Handgun Cleaning Kits is compatible with .22.357/9mm.40.45 Caliber guns and pistols. You get 4 separate brass brushes with double-sided nylon fibers, one for each caliber. Furthermore, the package also includes four replacement brushes in case you break any of them. The kit also includes high-quality brass jags tips that last for several years. However, you can always order replacement parts from the manufacturer in case of damage.

Pro Tip:

The universal Handgun Cleaning Kits is perfect for hunting adventures. The kit includes up to 200 cleaning patches and two separate bottles for oil and solvent. However, it is best to check your supplies and brushes before taking the kit with you.


  • Universally compatible with all handguns
  • Four replacement brushes
  • Durable material
  • Engraved labels on the equipment
  • 200 cleaning patches included


  • Slightly overpriced.

4. Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod

Hoppe's No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod


  • A complete handgun kit
  • Includes consumables
  • Plastic storage box
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for .38, .357 and 9mm pistols

Hoppe’s is the largest manufacturer of gun cleaning equipment and consumables in the world. All their products are used by shooting range professionals and hunters due to their reliability and low price. However, most gun kits don’t include consumables like oil, patches, and solvent. As a result, you need to purchase them separately, which only adds to the total cost of gun maintenance. On the contrary, Hoppe’s No.9 is an all-in-one cleaning kit for handguns that comes at a lower price than most products on this list.

Hoppe’s No.9 is a complete Handgun Cleaning Kits specially designed for the 9mm Caliber pistols. However, you can purchase the same kit for different calibers at almost the same price. The kit includes an aluminum rod, T-handle, and brushes for the relative caliber. Moreover, the case also includes cleaning patches, 2 Oz cleaning solvent, and a 2.25 Oz bottle of gun oil. In short, it is a complete set of tools that doesn’t have a recurring cost. Furthermore, you can purchase replacement parts if any of them gets damaged while cleaning.

Pro Tip:

Hoppe’s cleaning kit is optimized for certain caliber guns and chemicals. Therefore, it would be best only to use it to clean the specified guns and always use the recommended solvents.


  • mplete cleaning kit
  • Includes consumables
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight plastic case
  • Includes gun bore cleaner


  • It is only intended for .38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistols.

5. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

 GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


  • Universal gun cleaning kit
  • High-quality material
  • Suitable for guns, rifles, pistols, and handguns
  • Includes cleaning patches
  • All-in-one brass rods

GLORYFIRE takes the glory from all the cleaning kits on this list and every other list. It is a huge cleaning kit that comes with equipment and tools that suit every caliber gun in the world. Having just one of these kits is enough for you, even if you own a shooting range. Moreover, the kit is perfect for gun maintenance after a long hunting/shooting session. In short, the GLORYFIRE Universal kit is the perfect way to stun your friends.

This Universal gun kit comes with equipment that is suitable for most calibers like .17 / 4.39mm / 5mm / .357 / .38 / .380 ACP / 9mm ; .40 / 10mm / .416 / .20 / .204 ; .22 / .221 /.223 /.280 / 7mm ; .30 / 7.62mm / 7.63mm / .307 / 7.82mm / .308; .35 / .356 / .224 / 5.7mm / .225 ; .270 / 6.8mm, and many others. So, it is impossible that you don’t have the equipment to clean any gun in the world.

Similarly, the whole kit is made from high-quality and durable brass material. As a result, the rods and brushes in this cleaning kit are 3 times stronger than any other plastic kit. Similarly, you also get two empty bottles for oil and cleaning solvent and a set of 50 cleaning patches. In short, if you are looking for a complete cleaning kit for your armory, I highly recommend that you get the GLORYFIRE Universal kit.

Pro Tip:

The Handgun Cleaning Kits contains every tool that you will need for your guns. The brushes and rods are strong enough to clean a whole armory if you have the workforce. However, it is best to avoid cleaning barrels longer than 26” with the kit.


  • Universal gun cleaning kit
  • Versatile set of tools
  • Brass rods for all calibers
  • Spear-pointed brass jags
  • Special cleaning patches
  • Bronze-wire brushes


  • Relatively expensive than others.

What to look for in a handgun cleaning kit? Buying Guide

A Handgun Cleaning Kits is there to ensure that you never run out of tools and equipment when cleaning a gun. However, sometimes a cleaning kit isn’t complete enough to support different gun models. Therefore, here are a few factors to consider when purchasing your handgun cleaning kit:


Gun compatibility is the most important factor to consider when choosing a cleaning kit. Some kits are product-specific, while others are universal or support multiple gun models. In this regard, it is important that you know the caliber of your gun. Most handguns are small, so you need a cleaning kit that is compatible with .22, .38, or 9mm/10mm handguns. Moreover, if you own a revolver, you need a kit specifically with the tools to clean revolvers.


Cleaning rods are used to push the cleaning patches and solvent inside the barrel. The rod’s length determines whether or not it is compatible with your handgun. Similarly, the rod’s material is also crucial as high-quality material is more durable and doesn’t break inside the barrel. In this regard, an aluminum or bronze cleaning rod is suitable for guns. Whereas rods made with low-quality plastic are most like to break inside the barrel.


Just like cleaning rods, the cleaning brushes also play an important role in Handgun Cleaning Kits. The brush is inserted inside the gun’s barrel to push out any carbon residue and debris from inside the gun. However, the length and width of the brush make it compatible with a specific gun model. Therefore, ensure that the cleaning kit includes brushes compatible with your gun’s caliber.


The cleaning solvent is yet another important element of any cleaning kit. You can’t use any ordinary cleaning solvent as it can damage the gun’s interior. Therefore, some manufacturers provide a branded cleaning solvent in the kit. However, it is a consumable part, so you need to replace it whenever the kit runs out of solvent. Similarly, some kits include an empty solvent bottle. You can fill the bottle with the recommended solvent of your gun.

Lubricating oil

Lubrication is very important when cleaning a gun. It ensures that the gun’s trigger and the pin are soft and comfortable. Moreover, lubrication prevents corrosion on the gun and keeps it as shiny as new all the time. Therefore, make sure that the cleaning kit comes with a branded lubricating oil or at least has an empty bottle for the oil. Otherwise, you would need to carry an extra pouch along with the cleaning kit all the time.

Cleaning patches

Cleaning patches help in pushing out the debris from inside the gun. Moreover, they are also used for applying the cleaning solvent inside the gun’s barrel. Most cleaning kits include a pack of 50-200 cleaning patches inside the case. However, if the kit doesn’t include the patches, it would be best to purchase them separately. Otherwise, it is impossible to clean any gun effectively.


What is included in a handgun cleaning kit?

Usually, a Handgun Cleaning Kits includes a cleaning rod, cleaning brushes, patches, solvent, lubricating oil, T-handle, and jags. However, some kits can include parts for different gun models so that you can use them for more than one caliber of the gun.

How much is a handgun cleaning kit?

The price of any cleaning kit depends on the brand and the number of items that it includes. Generally, a gun cleaning kit can cost between $15 to $30. Moreover, you need to replace the cleaning solvent, patches, and lubrication oil whenever your kit runs out of them.

How often should I clean my gun?

The gun cleaning routine depends on your usage and the type of ammunition that you use. Smaller ammo produces the least residue, while large and more powerful ammo leaves behind a trail of burnt carbon. Therefore, it is best to clean a gun after every shooting range day. Moreover, an unused gun should be cleaned once every month to keep it in a workable condition.

Do I need to clean a brand new, unused gun?

No, you don’t need to clean a brand new gun. Cleaning your gun is important to remove the residue, carbon, and rust from the gun’s interior and exterior, as new guns don’t have any of these problems. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to clean a brand new, unused gun.

Does one cleaning kit work with all guns?

No, gun cleaning kits are specially designed for a specific range of calibers. The size of the rod and brushes is different according to the barrel length. However, some universal cleaning kits include parts for cleaning different guns. In any case, you will need more than one cleaning kit if you have different types of guns.


Cleaning your handgun is very important to keep it in optimum condition. It ensures that the different parts of the gun, like the barrel, trigger, and pin, are soft and comfortable to use. Moreover, a clean gun is least likely to get jammed when shooting. Therefore, this article provided a list of the top 5 best handgun cleaning kits that you can purchase in 2022.

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