10 Best Hedge Trimmer For 2022

Hedge Trimmer

Gardens play an essential role in houses. Thus, people who spend their leisure time mostly in the garden try to maintain it by buying different tools to clean and cut plants like a hedge trimmer. Yes, you heard right. 

If you need to cut and trim the bushes and the plants in your garden or yard, then a hedge trimmer is just the right tool made for this condition. These offer large and strong cutting edges that can easily trim large bushes pretty easily. Since these hedge trimmers are so easily available, they are quite favorable, and the various opinions out there make choosing one of them a bit difficult. The hedge trimmer plays an integral part in decorating and cleaning gardens.

10 Best Hedge Trimmer for 2022 Review

Preferring to buy a trimmer is the simple part. Understanding what to look for and picking the right design can be difficult. It’s essential to make sure that you’re buying the best trimmer for your requirements. 

For this purpose, we have we’ve gathered a list of hedge trimmer reviews to assist you in finding the best design for your requirements that are the following:

  1. Best versatile Trimmer: CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer
  2. Most durable: Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22”
  3. Best noise reduction and elimination: Green works G40HT61K2 40v, 61cm steel
  4. Best saver of electricity: WORX WG261 20V Power Share dual-action Hedge Trimmer
  5. Best for smart start: Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7
  6. Best in terms of design: CACOOP 20v 22-inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  7. Best on the budget: DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  8. Best for trimming: The BLACK & DECKER Bare 36V Lithium-Ion 24” Hedge Trimmer
  9. Best for a Quick job: Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer
  10. Best overall: The BLACK+DECKER LHT321FF

1. CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer

CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer


  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Very light in weight
  • Works best for mixed hedges
  • Has a dual-action blade that allows you to cut thick branches easily


  • It May have a short battery life
  • Have no child lock

The craftsman electric hedge trimmer is the perfect combination of power and portability. It has a  motor of 3. 8 Amp 22-in.  that allows the user to tackle a hard trimming challenge. With the Power Saw innovation style, the user can trim branches up to 1.5 inches thick. The Craftsman’s main priority is the user’s easiness and convenience. With the full bale handle, you can have maximum maneuverability.

The design and front handle provides full user support and maneuverability so that you can use it for a longer period without any hassle. This way, you can use it for an extended period without being tired.

2. Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22.” Hedge Trimmer

Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22.” Hedge Trimmer


  • Very easy to store
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Reasonable work rate on thinner branches
  • Have a battery belt that provides long battery life


  • May not be able to handle thick branches

Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer (tool only) anti-vibration form comes with five cushions within the motor to decrease vibration. With this tool, you never have to worry about charging because it has an indicator that notifies the user by stopping the motor when it’s time to recharge it.

 It is long, yet it has less weight. It is made by keeping in mind the convenience of the user; that’s why a soft rubberized grip is present for maximum user comfort and full grip. Therefore you can have a good while performing your job. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, this tool’s keys are arranged so efficiently that everyone can use them without any trouble.

3. Green works G40HT61K2 40v. Hedge Trimmer

Green works G40HT61K2 40v. Hedge Trimmer


  • It is not noisy at all, so you can work peacefully and enjoy your cutting sessions
  • Has a battery indicator that notifies you at the time of recharge
  • Works perfect for thinner plants
  • Suitable for everyone to use 


  • May have a short battery life
  • Pretty a lot of vibration

The Green works G40HT61 is a hedge trimmer that combines a cheap battery life with a consistent appearance. It can manage branches up to one centimeter thick externally without any difficulties, making it proper for many different hedges. If the components are more than three-dimensional,  the trimmer has to work a lot tougher and manages to stick. 

The research shows that the G40HT61 can handle branches up to 2.7 centimeters dense. This hedge trimmer comes with a 2 Ah battery and a 50 minutes battery life. But once we start running with it, that time is divided. So in terms of cost, its battery life is excellent but no more than that. For a giant hedge, we suggest a 4 Ah battery. It can continue for about an hour, and in that time, it can cut a 90-meter long border made up of parts about one centimeter thick.

4. WORX WG261 20V Power Hedge Trimmer

WORX WG261 20V Power Hedge Trimmer


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Have a good and long battery life
  • Powerful enough to cut through thick branches
  • Well-built and easy to handle


  • May have a sensitive grip

Overall, this is a very easy hedge trimmer. It finely cuts all the branches, and when it’s time to recharge, it notifies the user by turning on the indicator light.  The D-Grip Front Handle allows your full grip and easy maneuverability so that you don’t get fatigued while trimming your bushes. 

With this trimmer, you can cut twigs and branches easily and flatly because the Dual-Action Hardened Steel Blades lets you do your work efficiently and effectively. With a 22” reach, you’ll get long, smooth tops, and the 3/4” diameter of each blade allows you to catches sticks to the sides. It comes with a charger and 20V Max Lithium Power Share battery which you can use to power it. Therefore you easily cut bushes, branches, and twigs for long hours without being worried about the battery.

5. Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7 Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7 Hedge Trimmer


  • Have excellent and efficient performance
  • Have effective vibration reduction so you will enjoy your trimming sessions
  • Have good scabbard
  • Provides strong grip and hold


  • You can’t rotate this hedge handle

The Husqvarna 122HD60 is a large and low noise hedge trimmer, so it means you can peacefully enjoy your cutting sessions. The device offers low fluctuations, which means it’s content to work with even for longer sittings. Unfortunately, the hedge trimmer doesn’t have a rubberized grip, but we love this tool because it has such a sound anti-vibration system. 

However, you will detect that it has a very compact bar, so this limits where you can use it. Nor can you adjust the bar’s angle, which makes it less ergonomically adapted to operate. But all of the switches of it are well-located both for right and left-handed users, which is real. Its holder has pre-punched slots, so you can attach the hedge trimmer up on a wall.

6. COOP 20v 22-inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

COOP 20v 22-inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • Weather-resistant construction so it can withstand all harsh conditions
  • Handy and portable
  • Has a dual-action cutter that allows you to easily cut thick branches without being stuck
  • Have a well built and long-lasting battery life


  • May not be good for heavy trimming

As the name says, cordless, so the battery-operated hedge trimmer doesn’t require pulling a long wire through your yard, so technically, it will save your time. From vertical cuts to horizontal cuts to oblique cuts, the cordless hedge trimmer can perform all operations easily and efficiently.  Making cuts is not an easy task, but with this trimmer, you can do whatever you want to do.

This trimmer is made by keeping in mind the safety of the user; therefore, a dual security lock is included to ensure the user’s full protection and to avoid chances of any injury. One of the features that we appreciate about this product is that before leaving the factory, the workers ensure that the batteries are working by using them. Thus, giving you peace of mind that the hedge trimmer will work perfectly with a saved battery life that won’t breakdown while working.

7. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • Have a long battery life
  • Hooked tooth blades for fast and clean cuts
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to handle and maneuver 


  • The battery and charger are not included in the package

If you want a  ¾ of an inch deep and sharp cut, then the 22” Hedge Trimmer might be the perfect fit for you. With a powerful motor and laser-cut technology, this tool is ideal for making clean and fast cuts. The presence of interference clutches protects the trimmer from being stuck while cutting. The trimmer allows you to cut through thick and broad things without any hassle.

Its small and lightweight design gives you full grip and support while using. The compact and cordless style saves you from the hassle of wires.

8. The BLACK & DECKER Bare 36V Hedge Trimmer

The BLACK & DECKER Bare 36V Hedge Trimmer


  • Has a  very long battery life
  • It has high safety levels, so there are no chances of injury to you or your child
  • Well built and sturdy
  • Powerful and portable


  • It is quite heavy to carry

The Black & Decker is a relatively healthy hedge trimmer that fits most hedge varieties in a typical private garden.  Nevertheless, if you try to get on anything thicker, you might face problems if you aren’t concerned. Unfortunately, the hedge trimmer is very rear-heavy despite the comparatively light battery included with the device.

It gives a safety characteristic because it’s more complicated for a child to start it, and it’s also quickly produced so that you can use it regardless of whether you’re right or left-handed. The front handguard is very large compared to other models. It’s made from hard black plastic and unfortunately blocks the view of the bar slightly.

9. Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer


  • Reliable and lightweight
  • Provides comfortable and full hand grip
  • Has dual-action blades for fast and perfect cuts
  • Sturdy and long battery life


  • The string may not stay out.

Toro 51490 is a perfect example of power and comfortableness. If you want to complete a project in less time, then this tool might be the perfect fit for you. With a 4amp motor, the Toro 51490 can do every task within no time. It is designed in a way to prevent hand and arm stiffness. Because of its compact size and lightweight, you can easily have full grip and control over the trimmer.

It comes with a dual-action cutting system that decreases vibration and allows you to make fast and clean cuts. From fast and neat cuts to excellent and orderly trimmed cuts, the Toro 51490 can perform all the operations smartly and efficiently. The hedge trimmer covers eight by eight 36 inches and offers a two-year warranty.

10. BLACK+DECKER LHT321FF Hedge Trimmer



  • Had dual-action blades to lessen vibration
  • Ensures user’s safety
  • Powerful enough to make sharp and fast cuts
  • Durable and Sturdy


  • The standard battery may not last long

The BLACK+DECKER LHT321FF 20V is ideal for thick hedges and bushes. It is an active cordless trimmer with a power cut, trimming up to 3,000 sq. ft. in one round. The handles are designed in such a way as to provide full grip and support. With this trimmer, you can accomplish any task in very little time.

With a 20V battery, this hedge trimmer is powerful enough to make deep and sharp cuts. The handles were designed by keeping in mind that the user doesn’t get tired while trimming or cutting heavy and thick branches. It is highly simple to operate; you just have to push a button and leave the rest of the work on the Black Decker LHT321FF hedge trimmer.

Buyer Guide – Things To Know Before Buying Hedge Trimmer 

When you have many plants and bushes in your home, you know how much time and energy will consume to cut and shape this greenery type. For temporary jobs, pruning shears or plant clippers will typically work. Though you have a lot of shaping and trimming to do, hedge deceivers are a useful tool to have in your workshop. To assist you in picking the right hedge trimmer for your needs, reviewing the short information of the kind of models we stock below:

Double-Sided Hedge Trimmer

Double-sided figures are more fit for smaller hedges, residential characteristics. The cutting performance is from side to side for knowing the range of its research for it.

Single-Sided Hedge Trimmer

Single-sided trimmers are mainly produced for reliable divisions of the hedge. With points on one side of the cutting stick, the edge can be extended by you without the device becoming too bulky. A longer blade lets you clip more open areas in a single course. 

Experts favor them, and they manage to be somewhat longer and lighter than double-sided designs, for more coverage and more support when used for higher.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Long Reach Hedge trimmers, also are known as Pole Hedge trimmers, are perfect for cutting and trimming tall hedges carefully and efficiently. The cutting bar can be angled, making it more comfortable to give low and high walls and therefore allowing you to work more swiftly. Check out our range of long-reach hedge trimmers.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

Battery-powered hedge trimmers are perfect if you want the benefit of electric power without the trouble of a ligament! Our guide includes some powerful battery-operated trimmers which make low noise and quickly charge with excellent run times.

FAQ’s About Hedge Trimmer

Every gardener understands that proper mowing is an essential part of everyday farming. Failure to do so will make your yard disorderly, violent, and ugly in look. It’s strange, then, that many people do not realize that hedge resources are equally valuable. So they ask different questions that are following:

What is the Fuel-Oil mix ratio?

The fuel-oil mixture ratio is 40:1. You can take this ratio by mixing 3.2 oz. of two-cycle air-reduced engine oil with one gallon of conventional gas. Over some time, the oil will depart from gas. To accurately ensure oil and gas mixture, we suggest fully thrilling your oil and gas mixture before refueling your unit.

What grade of gas should be used?

Our units run on 87 octanes, conventional unleaded gasoline. You can use gasoline, which is mixed with a maximum of 10% alcohol. Never adopt E85 or diesel fuels. Learn to use fresh gasoline and mix it with the approved 2-cycle oil.

Can I leave the fuel stored in my unit?

No, fuel should not be in the unit. It is necessary to prevent gum precipitates from working in the fuel system. If the company is to be saved for longer than 30 days – drain the fuel tank, re-tighten the gas cap, start the system and let it run until it stops.

How long is the warranty?

All gas-powered lawn and garden things (trimmers, edgers, blowers, and hedge trimmers) offer a 2-year warranty, and 40V battery goods carry a 4-year warranty upon the company’s defects when used for household purposes.


There are about as many hedge trimmer companies as there are hedge trimmers prepared to purchase on the market. Not all companies are producing equal. Understanding where a hedge trimmer comes from can finally help resolve whether a company will stand behind its product. Sometimes this is just as valuable as the machinery itself.

Some famous manufacturers are Black & Decker, Craftsman, and Dewalt. Therefore the “CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer,” “DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer,” and “ The BLACK+DECKER LHT321FF” are the best of the bests. They are highly efficient and will allow you to enjoy your cutting sessions peacefully.

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