10 Best Home Security Camera System

Best Home Security Camera System

Security camera systems consist of a group of cameras connected on a network giving coverage of specific areas of the home or office, hotel, parking areas, shops, malls, warehouses, etc.

Depending upon the area needing coverage, the number of cameras is increased or decreased. All cameras are connected to a single network controlled by the users.

All the cameras’ areas covered are viewed by the controller person giving him the authority to detect and control the motion throughout the building. This surveillance is useful to avoid security issues but also makes the supervision and monitoring easy and manageable being at a single place.

10 Best Home Complete Surveillance Security Cameras Systems Review

Security cameras detect any type of motion in their respective areas. It gives users an alert and starts making its video that may be stored on a cloud or some other dedicated server. So many cameras are made available by different companies with their respective features, that it’s become challenging to choose the best appropriate camera according to the need and budget. A review of many different top cameras is given to make the selection easier for the end-user.

  1. Best Overall Security Camera: Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Home Security Camera System
  2. Best High-Tech Security Camera: Google Nest Cam Outdoor Camera for Home Security
  3. Best Indoor Security Pick: ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System
  4. Best for Outdoor budget: XVIM 8CH 1080P Home Outdoor Security
  5. Best Valued: ANNKE 8CH H.265+ 5MP Lite Surveillance Camera System 
  6. Best for Home Security Camera: ZOSI 1080p Home Security Camera System
  7. Best for both Indoor and Outdoor pick: Swann Home Security Camera System
  8. Best Pocket friendly: ANRAN 5MP Wireless Home Security Camera System
  9. Best Runner Up: Swann Home Security Camera System
  10. Best Audio facility Security Camera: Casacam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System

1. Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Home Security Camera System



  • Easy installation setup.
  • Remote cellular access.
  • Voice instruction using Alexa to show the front view.
  • Weather-resistant cameras.


  • Footage and access stops when the internet connection gets disturbed.

This outdoor camera system is shipped with a pack of 2 cameras, power cords, and a user guide. Internet and display connection are wireless.

For displaying purposes, multiple devices, e.g., PC, tablet, or cellular phone, can be used. Remote cellular access is available. That is, you can view the camera anytime, anywhere. These cameras are weather-resistant and can work at a temperature of -10℃ to 50℃.

These can, however, be used inside too. The night vision is excellent and vision can be both black and white and even colored in the dim light.

This system has a free storage cloud plan of 30 days. Using cloud footage is stored for a later view. These video clips are shareable to others via the internet so that all house members can be informed of the latest activity going.

2. Google Nest Cam Outdoor Camera for Home Security



  • Intercom feature builds in along with living video streaming.
  • Plugs in power release the battery recharge worries.
  • Easy remote view.
  • The night view is even stronger.


  • Working gets disturbed when the internet is disabled.

It consists of a single camera with plug-in power. Uses internet connections for viewing camera footage and easily accessible in remote areas.

This camera has an additional feature of a microphone and speakers. This can be used as a video doorbell, i.e., whenever a visitor comes and rings the doorbell. Talk to him through camera speakers. This feature gives the camera an over weightage to others.

Along with CCTV footage, it provides the facility of an intercom. It is weatherproof, and the night view is stronger, even in the dark.The camera gives 30 days of trial storage free. Later on, a cloud subscription is required to enjoy the full functioning features of the Nest Cam.]

3. ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System



  • Wider coverage area.
  • Any event coverage can be scheduled.
  • A direct power source is not dependent on the battery.
  • Offers High storage capacity.


  • No sound receiving.

This security system consists of four cameras, with a DVR and 1 TB hard drive. The power source is not battery dependent; rather, direct power is usable.

Four cameras give the facility border area coverage. Also, aluminum materials are used in manufacturing to avoid rusting.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Night coverage is Up to 80ft in complete darkness and 130ft coverage in dim light. Remote access is also available. DVR, along with a 1TB hard drive, makes the storage cloud independent. Huge storage along multiple options is also provided.]

4. XVIM 8CH 1080P Home Outdoor Security



  • 1-year warranty.
  • More reliable due to the wired system.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • High-quality camera, with best night view.


  • Separate hard disk needs to be purchased.

This surveillance security camera system comes with four cameras attached to a single DVR. This camera system is wired, meaning camera power and DVR connection both are cord-based.

The high quality of live streaming, along with the best night view, makes it practical in every condition. Any motion detected would be informed via emails. Internet connection is available for remote access to the camera video streaming everywhere.

Footage storage is internet independent on the hard drive using DVR. This gives the security system more reliance on the internet absent time. Footage will be viewable anytime, anywhere.]

5. ANNKE 8CH H.265+ 5MP Lite Surveillance Camera System



  • Reliable due to wired network.
  • Remote access is made easy.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Motion detection zones can be customized to not to give false alarms.


  • Not easily portable due to long wiring.

Four cameras, DVR and ITB hard drive for storage included in the package of this home security camera system. The whole system is wired. DVR has a total of 8 ports that its system can easily be enlarged depending upon the need.

Night and day vision both are crystal clear due to the best quality cameras. Customize motion detection zones to avoid false alarms. Install free apps on your mobile or tab and enjoy remote access.

For storage, a 1TB hard drive is given. Using DVR footage is stored for later use and view. This removes the worries of cloud subscriptions. Hard disks can either be changed when full or can be rewritten over the oldest videos.

6. ZOSI 1080p Home Security Camera System



  • Stable due to wired technology.
  • Video made selection avoids extra details to prevent unnecessary usage of a hard drive.
  • Remote access available via the internet makes it easy to control.
  • Offers motion detection, full live streaming, and scheduled video footage too.


  • Extra expense of purchasing Hard Drive separately.

ZOSI brings four security cameras along with a DVR but does not include a hard drive. This camera system is wired for both network and power. It is best for outdoor use but can also be used inside. The system promises the best quality video.

It is weatherproof and provides a clear night vision. At the same time, the internet is required only for remote access to the camera’s output view. This system offers advanced features of motion detection area selection to provide optimal privacy and extra alert emails and phone notifications.

This system also provides options to select among motion detection, full live streaming, or scheduled video footage. Any analog hard drive can be attached to this system, and USB storage is also possible.

7. Swann Home Security Camera System



  • The complete system doesn’t need any additional hard drive.
  • Weather-resistant cameras.
  • Ensures security with high-resolution cameras 24/7.
  • 12 months warranty.


  • Expensive due to the cost of wiring.

This bigger surveillance system is wired. It consists of 8 cameras connected with DVR, and a 1TB hard drive comes along. It is weather resistant with high-resolution night mode to ensure security availability even at the darker night times.

An additional feature of this camera is heat and motion sensing that is warm objects, for example, cars, cats, men, all are notified immediately within the camera’s view so that any unwanted activity could be controlled as soon as possible. 1TB Hard Drive is provided for storing videos to offer video evidence whenever needed. An additional backup on the cloud is also available.

8. ANRAN 5MP Wireless Home Security Camera System



  • Easy to use.
  • Images are of excellent quality.
  • Videos do not buffer at all.
  • Cameras can be controlled through WI-FI that is from mobile.


  • Maybe not suitable for long distant areas because of wireless technology.

This home security camera system consists of four cameras of 5 mega pixel and a 13″ NVR monitor. The system needs power cables, whereas the network connections are wireless.

Good quality night view made available with 75ft night vision. Night vision is based on the infrared mode that automatically turns on when it’s getting dark. So that not even a single minute was left uncaptured.

Cameras are smooth and provide videos without interruptions. Downloading an app on the NVR makes remote access possible via the internet; you would be able to view camera activities no matter where you are. In case of any motion detection, a push message is sent to your mobile.

The best feature is the plug and play. Connections between cameras and NVR are built-in—no need for time or expertise to establish any connection on your own except the power cables.

9. Swann Home Security Camera System



  • Provides heat detection.
  • Reliability and security meet to an excellent level.
  • Video quality is crystal clear.
  • For night view, the infrared mode is present to ensure security even at night.


  • Complex to handle massive wiring.
  • At times false push up messages may occur.

This bigger security camera system has eight bullet cameras, 16-channel 4K UHD DVR, and a 2TB hard disk. A good option for indoor and outdoor surveillance of large area homes or offices or hotels, etc. This system is completely wired to ensure higher standards of stability and reliability at a larger level.

Video quality is the best since it can even show tags on clothes, tattoos, and other minute details of the objects in its vision. When night falls, infrared mode gets on automatically to ensure 150ft view in total darkness and 200ft view in ambient darkness. That is for sure extraordinary. Download appropriate apps for your mobile connection with the cameras and enjoy remote access to your home.

A 2TB hard disk outsteps the worries of storage. Furthermore, snapshots can be stored on your dropbox for backups.

10. Casacam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System



  • Compact small system suitable for smaller level.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Storage available on SD cards.
  • Provides intercom facility too.


  • Data storage is not enough.
  • No backups available.

Casacam offers this product with two cameras, power adapters, SD cards, and a touch screen monitor. Along with these two cameras, two others can be attached if needed.

AC power is required, whereas network connections between cameras and screen monitors are wireless. Two-way audio, which is an intercom facility along with a video, makes the product a real gift for the users.

Communication with home visitors is possible even if you are not at home. A night vision of 100 ft. is available. If the internet gets disabled, only the remote access feature disappears because the camera and touch screen monitor are attached to a local WIFI network.]

Buyer’s Guide –  What to look for when buying a home security camera system?

Since a large variety of cameras are available in the market nowadays. Some systems are for domestic house use while others may be even larger of the warehouse-size or railway station scope, etc. Choosing the appropriate camera depends upon many important features and factors, which can be

Defining requirements clearly

First of all, the place where the camera will be fixed should be defined as whether it is indoor or outdoor or at the entrance gate or the parking area of the house or the lawn, etc., indoor and outdoor cameras have their specification to be considered.

For example, the camera is waterproof and weatherproof if it is to be fixed outside of the home under the covered area or the uncovered area. Another deciding feature is the quality of the night view. While considering all these factors, a list of outdoor or indoor specs should be prepared.

  • Installation and power sources

Consider the outdoor and indoor cameras’ power source whether wired power cable or rechargeable battery would be appropriate. Wired power sources are more reliable, whereas they are expensive, and wiring can be messy. Battery-powered cameras are more portable and installable at any place whenever wanted. They give more coverage of usage but increase the recharging problem. That is, selecting the battery that needs charging yearly, monthly, or so.

  • Network and application

Network connection would be WIFI or Ethernet cable or any other cable oriented. Application to view the camera’s output is on a specific device or PC or remote cellular connection capability made available or not. Wireless completely outsteps the problem and cost of cables, whereas wired increases the reliability factor. Simple output device connections can be cheaper as compared to remote access.

  • Video Type and Quality

Another feature to decide upon is video type. You either want a live stream complete video or only motion-detected videos. That is, the video would only be made as long as the motion is detected. This type of camera gets on and off concerning the requirement.

Another most important feature is the resolution and quality of the video. HD High definition video is more useful and reliable but more expensive since the Bandwidth cost gets added in. on the other hand, lower the resolution lowers the bandwidth that in turn lowers the cost. But the video wants to be that clear.

  • Storage

Storage can be a hard disk given along with the cameras to store footage on. It might be free space on a remote cloud server, or space can only be purchased monthly or yearly. Some companies give initial free storage for some time, and then cloud subscriptions are required for further storage. These storages differ from camera to camera.

  • The focal length of the camera’s lens

The higher the focal length, the longer distance would be covered by the camera’s view and vice versa. Of course, the higher focal length helps more details recorded hence become more useful. This feature’s selection depends upon the expected usage of the camera.

FAQ – Home Security Camera Systems

People when buying such an important tool as in terms of their security tends to get cofused a lot. Obviously who wants to invest a heft amount and get robbed at the end. To further clear your confusions, here is a small section to further guide you in your journey.

What will happen when the footage drive is full?

The oldest videos will be started overwritten in case of a single hard drive available. You will need to replace it or get the space on the cloud server drives if your camera supports this feature.

After how much time the battery power-oriented cameras are recharged?

It depends upon the battery’s quality and the time for which the area under observation has an active motion to record. It may be two months for some batteries; for others, it may be two weeks.

Disabled internet turns off which features of the camera?

Most wireless systems have an independent wifi network. Internet absence can cause only two features to be disabled, i.e. remote access feature and cloud backup feature.

What are the best outdoor home security camera system consumer reports?
Here are the best 10 home security camera systems of 2021

1. Zmodo Outdoor Security Home Camera
2. Google Nest Cam Outdoor Home Camera Security
3. ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System
4. XVIM 8CH 1080P Home Outdoor Security
5. ANNKE 8CH H.265 Home Security Camera System
6. ZOSI 1080p Home Security Camera System
7. Swann Home Security Camera System
8. ANRAN 5MP Wireless Home Security Camera System
9. Swann Home Security Camera System
10. Casacam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System


You can find a large variety of home security cameras available in the market. Some systems are for small usage levels, whereas others are large. Many factors are important, e.g., wired or wireless technology, type of power, battery oriented or AC, camera quality, night view, two-way audio system, storage type, remote access, etc.

All these factors are vital to defining accurately to get the most appropriate quality product for you. Furthermore, budget is the main factor to decide the feasibility of the product for anyone at any time.

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