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The trend of installing an LED strip lights is becoming highly popular these days as it adds a modern and vibrant look to your lifestyle. These strips utilize less power and energy because of their eco-friendly materials. However, buying a LED strip that can match your essential needs such as outdoors, bedrooms, dining rooms, or living can be a bit confusing.

There are multiple brands available with different features and specs, and not every led strip light will fulfill your requirement or enrich your mood. You need to think about various points before opting for any model. Therefore, to help you find the best piece, we are mentioning ten lightning system that is perfect in terms of performance and affordability.

Top 10 Highly Rated Led Strip Lights by 10 Consumers

From brightness to showing several colors, these LED strip lights will never let you regret your selection. We hope after going through them, you will make a firm and stable decision about which system best fits your preferences.

1. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights



  • It allows the user to have a lot of customizable specs – various features.
  • You can easily pair it with any of the connected gadgets or devices.
  • Fast and easy set-up.


  • There are complaints about the lag time between the response of lights and changing any setting on the application.

If you want to have an LED strip lights for your kitchen, TV, home, or parties, then this Govee Smart strip lights will be an ideal choice for each purpose. In simple words, the all-in-one smart LED light comes with an extended 16.4-foot strip, adhesive tape (3m), fixing clips (five), power adapter, and Wi-Fi controller. Isn’t it a fantastic package at such an affordable price?

Moreover, the LED strip lights incorporate highly bright LED (5050) bulbs. These LED beads are reliable and last for a more extended period. The user does not need to change it after a few times of usage. Also, these lights can sync to the Wi-Fi. Therefore, the user can control them via his phone or voice (using Google Home or Alexa). Turn the lights off or on whenever you want with the help of the Govee application.

Do you want to hear something more interesting? These lights can even change color. You can set a timer for turning on any color at any time. It consists of one built-in mic that helps to sync the LED strip to various music types. Along with you, the lights will dance as well on the pop or beat.

2. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip



  • It allows maximum compatibility with various devices and problem-free connections – compatible application.
  • Reliable, high-quality, and long-lasting.
  • The light strip works with an extensive range of networks (ecosystems).


  • It needs a hub to work.
  • The product is an expensive option as compared to other light strips.

The easy-to-install, reliable, and worth buying white and color light strip operate with the user-friendly Philips Hue Application. So, if you want to have an excellent smart LED strip, go for this product. The size of the LED light is 80-inch. It works with the range of Philips Hue smart lighting.

Moreover, the user can even purchase the 40” Philips extension for this light strip if the 80” size is not enough to fill his requirements. Thus, stretching is also possible for this product. However, people who are unwilling to use the whole 80-inches strip can even cut it for better fitting. The user can control these LED lights via the Philip Hue application.

The app also allows the integration with HomeKit, Alexa, or Google Home. Regarding the well-designed application, the user can use it without difficulty and even integrate the settings with his desired smart home unit. It supports advanced automation, which means if the Wi-Fi stops, the lightning system will still remember your timer and light routines.

3. MINGER LED Strip Lights



  • Warranty for 12-months, IR remote (44-key), affordable, suitable for decorating homes.
  • High-quality, easy to set, and cut the Led strip.
  • The strip lights do not lead to any hassle while functioning.


  • There are no explained instructions to program its DIY keys.
  • It does not offer smartphone integration.

What else do you need when you have the latest RGB LED light strip model in front of you? Firstly, the kit is the best item to decorate indoor-kitchen, bedroom, living, and dining. The strip light comes with controls for dimming the brightness. There are two lengths available for the lightning system; 16.4ft and 32.8ft. The price will depend upon the size you will choose.

Whether it be any size you select, the package will include connectors, adhesive tape, a remote controller (44-key), and a power adapter that encourages the smooth functioning and operation of the system. Furthermore, the 16.4’ strip incorporates 150 SMD (5050) LEDs, and the 32.8’ has 300 SMD (5050) LEDs. The IR controller serves the function of an interface between the power adapter and LED strips.

This controller will monitor the functions and actions appropriately. The lighting system contains adhesive tape that can withstand low, medium, and high surfaces, such as walls, wood, metal, plastic, and glass. You can set six DIY colors and twenty regular colors via the 44-key IR remote.

4. Nexlux LED Strip Lights



  • This LED strip light is compatible with Wi-Fi and controlled by the app.
  • Rubberized, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting construction.
  • Easy installation, waterproof, works with Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • The white-mode of the LED strip lights is a bit bluish.
  • The brightness needs some improvement.

The high-performing LED lights are one of the favorite decorative pieces for several people. Across almost all metrics, it stood as the number one lighting system. The point that grasps or attention is its rubber-encapsulated, robust, and sturdy construction. Another impressive feature is the Wi-Fi-enabled app of the device.

Moreover, the lighting system consists of a rubber coating on its connections. These LEDs tend to offer more durability, reliability, and stability. You can use the remote or app to change the fading rate, adjust the blinking frequency, or set the colors as per your need and wish. This strip will never lead to any trouble related to the usage or installation.

The system can work with IFTTT, Echo, Google Assistant, and Alexa. You can switch it on or off and even adjust the settings with the help of the app. It consists of a timer function that helps to wake you up with your pre-set color. You can use it to decorate your porch, upstairs, desk, living rooms, and kitchen as well.

5. Sxlofty LED Strip Lights, 32.8ft RGB



  • Safe to use, low-heat, waterproof, and touchable.
  • Mini LED IC-controlled lights.
  • One of the most affordable RGB LED strip lights.
  • Easy to cut and set-up.


  • There is no information available about the warranty.
  • You cannot connect it with smartphones.

Now, you can have the visual LED lightning experience at your home by using the Sxlofty strip. The lighting system is available at a low cost, along with seven scenery modes. These scene settings include candlelight, morning, romantic, blinking, dating, sunset, and dating. Thus, you can enjoy seven different and soothing feelings within a single object.

We assure you that you will love the lightning item and purchase it without thinking for a second. The wide applications and smart options will attract you automatically. These lamp beads belong to the IC controlled items and come with several color selections. You can even regulate the LED brightness. This strip consists of three hundred brightness SMD (2835) LEDs.

The adhesive tape at the backside of the strip allows easy installation. It dissipates less heat than other light strip models. Moreover, the LEDs are safe to touch, which means the children won’t hurt their hands. The unique and innovative mini-controller provides a more concealed and convenient strip connection.

6. LIFX Z LED Strip Starter Kit



  • User-friendly and easy app.
  • It can function with a wide array of smart home systems.
  • Customizable zones.


  • The price of this lighting system is an issue for many people – expensive.

This kit is among the top-rated smart LED light strip that can offer multiple colors. First of all, the LED strip not only functions with a vast group of various digital assistants, but the starter kit also provides customizable bright lighting zones. In a few words, the LED system can allow the user to set and show several colors at a time.

The light strip is a perfect choice for people who wants to have different segments with different yet striking colors simultaneously. Furthermore, it consists of eight distinct zones to which the user can assign the colors. Like several other LIFX lighting products, this system is also compatible with the LIFX application.

The well-composed and easy-to-understand app supports many smartphones and types of smart homes (ecosystems). It allows the user to control the LED with Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Some Smart home units like IFTTT, Nest, and SmartThings are also compatible with the app. The wattage required for the lighting system is 17watts.

7. Tenmiro 65.6ft LED Strip Lights



  • Highly-strong adhesive, various DIY colors, and multiple scenes.
  • The 44-key IR remote control allows controlling the system from a distance.
  • Energy-saving, flexible, easy to cut, safe to use, reliable.
  • Offers more than 50,000hours lifespan.


  • It does not integrate with smartphones.
  • Not water-resistant.

If anyone wants to immerse himself in a cozy, warm ambiance, try out the Tenmiro strip lights. It is an ideal product to install in the cabinet, living rooms, bedrooms, TV backlighting, holidays, parties, family events, or kitchen. The extra-long length (65.6 ft) is a cherry on the top for this lighting system. You can adjust the LED brightness as well.

It provides eight lightning modes and different colors, which can be set by an easy-to-use remote control that consists of 44-keys. The user can cut every three LEDs along with customizing the strip length and cutting marks. It is easy to link up and cut the LED lights.

These lights are non-waterproof, IP20, and energy-efficient product that comes with unlimited lively colors. Due to the strong adhesive back, you can stick and attach this strip anywhere you want to have illumination. The various scenes, modes, and DIY features help produce lighting to boost your mood within a few minutes.

8. Daybetter LED Strip Lights 16.4ft

Daybetter LED Strip Lights 16.4ft


  • The company will replace the strip if the bulbs stop functioning.
  • Includes power supply and remote control.
  • Different and impressive colors (44 shades), 16 multicolored choices (primary).
  • It contains double adhesive tape for proper sticking.


  • You might face issues with the brightness of the LED strip lights.

Whenever anyone decides to purchase a LED strip light, he first considers the lifespan of the product. In simple words, what we are trying to say here is that you won’t get a LED strip that can run for such a long time. Astonished, isn’t it? With low power and a long lifetime, this Daybetter Led strip is one of the most demanded decorative pieces.
Whether it be your kitchen, garage, bedroom, the home entertainment room, this strip light will, for sure, beautify the place. Whatever work you are doing will automatically engage your interest. It consists of a 44keys remote control that helps you to set colors, effects, and light patterns of your choice.

Besides these colors and patterns, you can even use the remote to set the effect changing time (automatic, quick, or slow). Lastly, the lights feature the IP20-rating. Moreover, the set contains a power supply of 12volts and an IR box controller. Thus, make your life colorful, relaxing, and exciting with the help of these LED strip lights.




  • It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 3-month replacement.
  • Simple installation, IR remote controller, and plug & play type strip light.
  • It consists of four dimmable and 16-color modes.


  • The LED strip will only work using the 5V USB port.
  • Poor-quality adhesive.

The LED light will, for sure, prove to be an impressive addition to your TV decoration. This lighting system will create an environment similar to the theatre at your home. It means you can enjoy your movie and popcorns at home without spending an amount on cinema tickets. The strip light tends to deliver stunning visuals and light settings perfect for your mood.

Secondly, the affordable lightning unit works as a TV backlight. The available length for this string is 6.56 feet. You will need to have a 5V DC USB port to operate the entire system. Don’t worry about the USB connecting cable, as it is present within the box. The included remote control can work from a 19.6ft – 26.2ft distance.

Thirdly, and most importantly, installing the whole LED strip lighting is simple. The plug-and-play type light device does not lead to any problematic wiring issue. According to the manufacturers, it is an 85-per cent power-efficient system. The ratings of the device are 40,000 hours of working. You can use it for TVs that measure between 40” to 60”.

10. L8 Star 16.4 Feet LED Strip Lights



  • The memory function automatically switches on and off the lights as per the lightning settings.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Various scenes are available.


  • People with iPhones have limited music sync options as compared to android users – only from iTunes.

First and foremost, these colorful and bright lights will allow the user to set up the lightning according to his way and desire. Furthermore, the strip light set also includes one remote control, 16.4’ LED strip, a DC/AC adapter, 150 LED bulbs (RGB), and a receiver for the remote control. It will even provide you with a well-explained user manual.

That’s not all about the strip lights. This L8 Star pack consists of remote control with 24-keys. Thus, you will get several ways to customize and personalize the lightning settings. It helps to adjust the brightness from 1%-100%. You can even set more than twenty light patterns. In simple words, the system lets you relish various motion shows, such as strobes, flashing, etc.

From romance to relaxation, the user can select different light modes from fifteen pre-settings. It will brighten and dim the LED lights according to the ways set by the user. Like many other models, the strip lights can sync to the music. It will respond to the playing beat and make your parties more enjoyable.

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider When Buying an LED STRIP LIGHTS

This section of the article will explain some of the essential factors to consider while buying a LED strip light. You should try to remember these features, which will help you get the most reliable and long-lasting lighting system for your home. Let’s start with each factor one by one.

  • Length and number of LEDs

There are several strip models available in the market that varies according to the length and quantity of LEDs present in them. In simple words, you will come across different LED lights that have a string-length from 5m to 10m or more. Similarly, the number of LEDs can range from 150-300. Therefore, select the size and amount of LEDs as per your desires.

  • Power requirement

It is necessary to consider the power supply needed to operate the LED strip light. Try to opt for a device that uses the energy-saving technique. In other words, even if you are inducing more power to this system, it should consume less energy.

  • Smart app compatibility

LED lights used a power supply previously. It can mesmerize your experience and visuals. But nowadays, with the upgrade in technologies, these strip lights are also advancing. Most of the lightning system connects with smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It allows you to control the unit from any distance.

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