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Humans are generally fragile and weak, and we become even more so as we continue to age. Our knees become weak, and hands lose grip strength, stamina depletes astronomically faster.

We need more rest and comfort to live out the rest of our days in peace, but it might not always be because we have become old. For all these intents and purposes, the lift chair has become an asset.

The lift chairs are providing the rest the people need. Picking the right one is dependent on what the buyer prioritizes. So, here we have cataloged the top ten lift chairs.

10 Best Lift Chairs Reviews By 10 Consumers

  1. CANMOV power lift recliner chair – Best overall
  2. Tangkula massage recliner chair –  Best advanced technology
  3. Irene House Power Lift Chair – Best powerhouse
  4. BONZY Power recliner chair – Best comfort option
  5. Domesis Reno Leather Power Lift Chair – Best budget saver
  6. Signature Design by Ashley Power Lift Recliner
  7. Froomer Power Lift Recliner Chair
  8. Divano Roma Furniture Classic Plush Bonded Leather Power Lift Recliner
  9. Merax Electric Recliner Chair
  10. Christopher Knight Home Emersyn Tufted Microfiber Power Recliner

1. CANMOV power lift recliner chair



  • Comfortability in the design.
  • Easy to use for the elderly.
  • Smooth reclining motion.
  • 10 minutes of easy installation.
  • Large soft pillow at the back.


  • Inconvenient assembly process.

This is an ideal spot for the elderly and people who have been through surgery. It has a smooth motor that allows seamless transitions between the different reclining positions and allows the machine to feel more premium and well built. It also induces a feeling of luxury. It has very fluffy padding on the back and the seat. This adds to the already very comfortable experience that this chair provides.

Another desirable feature is the chair is made of an anti-slip fabric that makes you feel safe. The seat comes with a remote with two buttons for easy distinguishability between forwarding and backward reclining. This feature makes the chair easy to use. This is important for people who may not want to be bothered with many buttons and have a convenient experience.

2. Tangkula massage recliner chair



  • Comfortable seats, foam, and backrests.
  • Has an ergonomic design.
  • Four focus massaging areas with eight vibration motors.
  • May help improve blood circulation and boost metabolism.


  • Durability issues.
  • Weak massage function.

This electronic lift chair is suitable for the elderly, people with back and leg problems, and people who underwent surgery. Even people who wish to use it to relax will find that it is very apt. It has three different lounging modes, allowing you to live, recline, and sit on it. It comes with a massage function, with five modes and eight vibrating motors allowing the user to remain relaxed even during extended periods on the chair.

It is constructed with high-density foam and PU leather, giving it a plusher feel compared to the competition. Softness is something that may be too important to some people, but this chair gets it right.

3. Irene House Power Lift Chair



  • Breathable upholstery.
  • Durable construction.
  • Easy to clean surface.
  • Has side pockets to keep accessories.


  • The footrest does not lift high enough.
  • Customer service is inconsistent.

This chair is built sturdily and with great comfort in mind. It is lined with high-quality linen fabric to provide maximum breathability to the person sitting on it. Compared to leather constructions and other materials, this chair allows people to sit for extended periods without the chair’s complaint getting too hot; the heat transfer is very optimal.

It is also made to have a removable headrest and armrests for ease of cleaning. The footrest also extends forward, making you feel as comfortable as possible. It is made of a wood frame and can sustain a load of up to 300lbs. This recliner is powered by a German Brand Okin motor, which is both silent and smooth.

4. BONZY Power recliner chair



  • Offers a compact design.
  • Easy to clean and soft fabric on the seat.
  • Best for medical handicaps.
  • Side pockets help store necessary things.
  • Supports up to 300lbs.


  • Slow reclination transition.
  • Has a noisy operation.

This chair has a large seat size that allows for a great sitting experience, but despite that, it has a slim profile and easily adjusts into any small space or living room. The way the chair is constructed, the upholstery can easily be removed for cleaning. It is a suitable resting spot for nursing women, physically challenged, and the elderly.

The ergonomic construction allows the person seated to stand up without having to exert much force into the knees or back. It allows people to continue with them for the rest of the day without the added stress on the back and knees.

5. Domesis Reno Leather Power Lift Chair



  • Has easy assembly.
  • Durable parts and construction.
  • Plush foam and seat.
  • Offers a compact design.


  • Tips over even due to slight leaning.
  • Inconsistent quality.

This chair employs the durability of laminated hardwood and a steel frame for its construction. Thus, the chair can easily hold up to 300lbs of weight.

It is also effortless to construct, and the chair takes no more than ten minutes to assemble. It is lined with leather-like upholstery, and the back, legs, and seat area are stuffed with a high-density foam that ensures the person seated is relaxed. It is also appreciably breathable and durable.

This chair is designed to fit in tight spaces, which is achieved by tucking the armrests inside the frame quickly. This option allows the user to position it quickly without thinking about managing space within the room, especially in smaller living spaces.

6. Signature Design by Ashley Power Lift Recliner



  • Has a stylistic design.
  • Adjustability in the backrest.
  • Advanced four motor design to cater to relaxation.
  • Weight capacity is higher compared to the competition.


  • Hard seat foam for a few.
  • Some find lumbar support as poor.

This stylistic option combines with functionality. It is made to look and feel like a luxury. The upholstery is made of poly fiber but retains plush leather’s look without the durability and care disadvantages. It is constructed for high durability and can hold up to 500lbs, which is higher than what most of the competition gives out warranties.

It is also very adjustable with four motors allowing lumbar, back, head, and footrest support; it caters to every need, and it looks good doing it. With just a single button it can adjust to the required position within minutes.

7. Froomer Power Lift Recliner Chair



  • Metal Frame construction for quality.
  • Resilient cushion foam on all sides.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Helps stand up without exerting pressure on knees.


  • Lacks many features compared to the competition.
  • The footrest does not go all the way up.

This chair features an antiskid upholstery providing people The motor equipped recliner can lift you when you want to get up from your chair, by pressing a button on the remote control, it reclines smoothly and quietly and enables you to stand up easily without putting force on your back or knees. It features reclining to different angles by electric control, and you can lie down in a comfortable position and take a rest, or TV watching, all while extending the footrest that allows you to stretch your body.

This chair is also straightforward to assemble, which it should as having to manipulate a heavy object such as this would defeat the purpose of having comfort and convenience.

8. Divano Roma Furniture Classic Plush Bonded Leather Power Lift Recliner



  • Smooth reclining backrest.
  • Breathable leather upholstery.
  • Silent german motor operation.
  • Helps stand up without any difficulty.


  • System is made up of plastic.

This is the gold standard of recliners. Basic but effective. All the right things in the right place. The plush lift chair allows effortless movement on and off it. The recliner is operated by a German-made motor that is both smooth and silent. Durable and easy to use, this chair offers an easy choice to those who do not wish to overindulge in a pool of features.

It is designed to provide as much comfort as the user requires. Even the upholstery is chosen to make the seating experience blissful. It has optimal heat transferring qualities but is still durable, and it aims to satisfy and go beyond.

9. Merax Electric Recliner Chair



  • Strongback support.
  • Durable construction and parts.
  • Easy to clean with the removable parts.
  • Made up of PU leather and hardwood ensuring long life.


  • Not ideal for short people (too tall and high).

This chair is a hardwood construction that is lined with high-density foam and PU leather upholstery. The foam in the back cushion is padded to be thicker for more support. It is designed with ergonomics in mind. The elderly will enjoy their TV watching, reading, and sleeping on this chair. It is adjustable enough to allow various reclination positions.

The base is made of steel to provide stability. People who underwent surgery have found this to be an excellent option and found it to be durable. Durability is mostly an essential concern because older people would not replace and send the product as heavy as this back. This is an important feature.

10. Christopher Knight Home Emersyn Tufted Microfiber Power Recliner



  • Hidden extra storage in the armrests.
  • Durable fabric upholstery.
  • USB port for power.
  • Strong and durable plastic legs.


  • Firmer foam for some individuals.
  • Motor issues and durability.

This chair is made with the elderly and disabled in mind. In the manufacturer’s words, “it’s a dependable relaxation solution.” The combination of the fine upholstery, the cushioned feel, the design, and ergonomic style, and the attention to detail make it a haven away from inconvenience.

Its construction is durable, and it uses explicitly “super strength” plastic legs as they are not very brittle and can endure high force and pressure. It also comes with a built-in USB port for easy access to power while on the chair for your mobile devices. It has some sidearm storage for your belongings to be stored in.

Buyer’s Guide – Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Lift Chair

Lift chairs can immediately become the refuge center for sore and tired bodies in the room, or they can turn into decoration. So, when choosing one, you should get the best one possible. After all, it is something that benefits its users. Most of all, the senior community will appreciate it because it aids them to stand up and sit down as it is lifted in its normal position. They are not as strong anymore and require all the support they can get. And it is a great place to rest in general.

If these mediums of comfort were to be described in one sentence, they help people with any physical challenges and allow them to avoid getting tired unnecessarily.

Here are the things one should keep in mind when buying one.

Know what types of reclining/lift chairs are there and what is your requirement

The average price for a lift chair, regardless of type, is $1,094.67. The median price is $995.

A lift chair’s primary function is to recline, and there are a few modes and varieties in the amount of reclination these chairs offer. (They also exist as electrically powered and manually operated).

  • Two Position
The average price for a 2-position lift chair is $769. The median is $754.

This is as basic as it gets. Two positions of reclination. A 45-degree angle recline and the upright position. One may use the above-mentioned setting for reading and other activities where the head does not have to be moved while things like watching the tv can be done in the upright position.

  • Three-position
The average price for a 3 position lift chair is $1,063.57. The median is $976.

This is a step up in terms of the adjustability offered in these chairs. You may be able to lean backward at a usual 45-degree angle, all the way back and upright. This great for the elderly who do not wish to move about a great amount and may even prefer to sleep on the apparatus. They can set themselves down on a plush surface that can transform into a substitute for a bed. This is a viable option because these chairs almost always have a footrest that allows the user to extend their legs further.

  • Infinite position
The average price for an infinite position lift chair is $1,300.64. The median is $1,467.

These are usually the more premium ones and are electrically operated via a motor (and a remote). They require a more complex frame design and are great for everyone. If you are willing to go the extra mile for features, then this is what you should go for. The backrest can be adjusted to virtually any angle between upright and a complete 180. This option offers the ultimate adjustability and can cater to everyone’s preferences by tweaking it bit by bit to the perfect angle.

  • The extra feature availability check

Other things also exist as extra features. This includes having a massage function and having other more optional features as charging ports and some even have a heating system. Style is an important part too, and these range from medieval to contemporary to modern. But this is a preference.

  • Check if the one you are thinking to buy fits your needs

Preferences aside, in terms of ergonomics, you should look at a few things. What is the size of the potential user? Are they tall? If yes, they will require a taller or possibly wider chair. How much do they weigh? Most guarantee being able to handle 300lbs of weight, but some can go even higher.

If they are heavy, it is best to get something made of steel and or hardwood. In the end, it is always a better idea to go for power lift chairs (electrically operated) as they add more the convenience that one tries to achieve by buying a lift chair. You can then also go for massaging seats, heated seats, or other comforting inducing features but be sure to get the basics right.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lift chairs

People usually have a lot of questions when buying these chairs as they may seem the same as a regular sofa chair, but because of the intricate designs and systems within it, it is essential to distinguish between them.

Who is a lift recliner good for?

Lift chairs are ideal for those who have difficulty getting in and out of chairs due to old age, have arthritis, been through a surgery, or have limited mobility.

What is a chaise recliner?

Chaise chairs mean the recliner has a seat pad that extends from the bottom of the chair to the footrest. This provides comfort and supports the legs when reclined because there is no gap from seat to leg rest pad.

What Fabric should one choose?

Picking fabric is a vital aspect to consider. It is best to go with a microfiber fabric that has more outstanding breathability. It is also essential to keep in mind that the fabric you choose should be easy to clean. The best fabric, however, is the one that is most comfortable for you.

Does a lift recliner take up more space than a regular recliner?

Not necessarily, there are many types of recliners available today, and they exist in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Are there any added features for lift chairs?

More and more lift chairs now come with cup holders, heating, and massaging. For someone who has aches and pains, these features could prove very helpful.

Is there a warranty on lift chairs?

 Like most things, these also come with a warranty, but they are different from others. For example, they might have a different warranty period for the motor and a different period for the fabric and the frame as each component is of different construction and requires different materials.


Lift chairs are now becoming an amenity more than a luxury for the elderly. Their availability and their ease of use, with the introduction of electrically powered variants, has increased. They are present in most living rooms and are a necessity for the people who need them. Hopefully, with this guide, your Lift/recliner chair purchasing becomes a more straightforward endeavor.

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