10 Best Pool Vacuums Reviews

Best Pool Vacuums

Summers are best for doing parties at swimming pools, but you can only do these leisure activities if your pool is clean. Maintaining a pool can be quite a difficult task, but you have to keep your pool clean no matter what. The green algae and infected mosquito breeds can prove harmful to your health and can also damage the pool liner. 

Hire a pool cleaning service to do this job, but unfortunately, they can cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you vacuum your pool regularly, it can save you from spending a lot of money on pool cleaners.

Top 10 Best Pool Vacuums by 10 Consumers

We know it is a whole lot of a difficult task to choose a product from a large variety of options; that’s why here we have listed the top ten best pool vacuums to save some of your time. So why not lets cut to the chase and have a look at our top picks:

  1. Best Overall: Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
  2. Best Runner-up: Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner
  3. Best Budget: FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head
  4. Best for Cleaning Leaves: Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum
  5. Best Flexible Brushes: POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner
  6. Best Pump-free and No Electric Vacuum: PoolSupplyTown Pool Spa Jet Vacuum Cleaner 
  7. Best Touch Button: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  8. Best Solar Powered: XtremepowerUS 90120 System Purifier Pool Solar Ionizer
  9. Best Portable: Intex 28620EP Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum
  10. Best Corner Cleaning: U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum Head

1. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner


  • The kit comes pre-assembled and is super easy to install.
  • Vacuums, sweeps, and scrubs the entire pool.
  • Is super fast and saves tons of your time.
  • Big enough filter bag for debris collection.


  • May not be suitable for above ground pools.

The Polaris vac sweep 360 side pool cleaner with its three wheels and advanced technology cleans away all the debris from your pool. From corners to floor, this vacuum pool cleaner swab out all the dirt, giving you a clean and hygienic pool. It also includes an in-line backup valve that unbound it automatically if it ever gets stuck.

One of the best qualities of this vacuum cleaner is that its filter bag does not let the dirt particles reach the filter pump.

2. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner



  • Sturdy and well built.
  • Has variable speed pump for efficient operation.
  • Has wall climbing ability.
  • Has tightfitting for low flow capability.


  • The hose may become heavy when it is full of water.
  • You may need an extra hose because it is small for large pools.

The Zodiac MX6 In-Ground suction side pool cleaner is a perfect example of innovation and functionality. Its ability to conserve energy makes it stand in the market. Just like a dryer machine pull out water from the clothes, the cyclonic suction of this pool cleaner removes the dirt particles from the water. 

With this cleaner, you don’t have to go through the trouble of joining different hoses because its swivel hoses are easy and quick to set up with colored pictures within the direction. The Zodiac MX6 is best for low power pumps because of its low flow design.

3. FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head



  • The vacuum head rolls fast to suck up all the dirt.
  • Flexible enough to reach all the corners.
  • Urethane rollers to make vacuuming easy and efficient.
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting.


  • Ball bearings may fell out.
  • Chrome coating may peel off.

As the name says, the Fibropool professional, flexible vacuum head is flexible enough to reach and clean every corner of the pool. It includes urethane wheels with metal ball bearings that roll smoothly all over the pool surface.

The six integrated weights of this pool vacuum head ensure deep cleaning by keeping it underwater throughout the process of cleaning. It has a tough 1.5-inch hose that covers a large area, so you won’t need to buy any other hose for this vacuum head.

The chrome-plated handle of this pool vacuum cleaner enables the user to have a firm hold on the vacuum head and easily move it on the pool’s surface.

4. Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum



  • Big filter bag to pick up all the debris.
  • Has cyclonic vibrations to suck all the leaves.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Has a reusable filter bag.


  • May not work on above ground pools.

Do you need a pool vacuum cleaner that can remove all the leaves from your swimming pool? The Poolmaster 28300 pool leaf vacuum is the solution to your problem because this vacuum cleaner has well designed eight jets to push all the leaves into the filter bag.

As this cleaner is made up of ABS plastic, it has complete resistance against corrosion and rusting. An exceptional feature of this pool cleaner is that it is super adjustable and can be attached to any hose.

5. POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet


  • Flexible enough to reach the corners.
  • Perfect for above ground pools and spas.
  • Has brush to scrub the edges.
  • Has a compact size and can be quickly put back together when not needed.


  • Pole may be flimsy.

The pool whale underwater cleaner is a well built and portable pool vacuum cleaner. It is easy to assemble and connects to a garden hose. This vacuum cleaner moves freely throughout the pool with its super flexible brushes. These brushes catch even the smallest particles of dirt and debris.

Although it is smaller in size than other pool cleaners, it has a powerful suction ability, which draws all the dirt and leaves into the nylon filter bag. At such a low price, it is the best pool cleaner so far.

6. PoolSupplyTown Pool Spa Jet Vacuum Cleaner



  • Tight and large vacuum bag to collect debris for a long time.
  • Require no batteries or any power supply.
  • Works with in-ground and above ground pools.
  • Has an adapter, which allows you to hook it up to your regular vacuum pole.


  • Package may lack proper instructions.

The Pool Supply Town Vacuum Cleaner is super handy and easy to assemble. This pool vacuum cleaner does not require a pump or any electric source. The venturi action of this amazing pool cleaner pulls all the dirt, debris, and leaves into the filter bag, giving a cleans shiny look to your pool.

It is ideal for in-ground pools as well as above ground pools. One of the cool features of this pool cleaner is that it saves you from the hassle of finding a perfect hose for the vacuum head because it can easily get attached to a standard garden hose

7. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner



  • Doesn’t require any additional equipment.
  • Has tangle-free cables to allow it to move freely and smoothly.
  • Perfectly removes dirt from each and every corner.
  • Durable and reliable.


  • May not be able to collect large debris.

The Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic pool cleaner is a perfect blend of technology and innovation. Just push the button and wait for this amazing pool cleaned will do the rest of the work. In no time, it makes the water crystal clear by going up the walls, around the corners, and down into the deep end.

It is an independent cleaner and doesn’t need any pump or suction cleaner to do the cleaning. Instead of wheels, it uses a set of tracks for a firm grip while cleaning. Moreover, it also has a reusable mesh bag from which dirt and debris can be easily removed. So sit back, relax, and let the Dolphin Nautilus do the cleaning without bothering you.

8. XtremepowerUS 90120 System Purifier Pool Solar Ionizer



  • Reduce chlorine up to 80%.
  • Provides great water clarity by removing algae.
  • Comes with test strips to test for copper in the water.
  • Works with above ground and in-ground pools.


  • May create stains in the pool.

Isn’t it tiring to spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars on chlorine and still not able to get rid of stubborn algae from the surface and walls of your pool? The XtremepowerUS Algae purifier pool solar ionizer is the perfect solution to your problem.

This smart vacuum pool cleaner restricts the growth of germs and microorganisms, making the water sparkling and clean. Since it is a solar ionizer, it takes energy from the sun and does not require any electrical source for operation. So, it is highly eco-friendly and saves a lot of energy and money.

Another great quality of this pool vacuum is that it reduces the demand for chlorine in water; thus, it is suitable for small pools, inground pools, above ground pools, and shaded pools.

9. Intex 28620EP Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum



  • Work for above ground pools of 18′ diameter.
  • Includes a USB charger for easy charging.
  • Easy to maneuver around the pool.
  • Has good suction for sucking dirt and debris from the bottom.


  • May not remove algae.
  • May take some time to charge.

The Intex 28620EP Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum is a sturdy and durable pool vacuum. This vacuum pool cleaner, with its powerful suction, has the potential to remove all the dirt and debris from your pool.

The best part about owning an Intex vacuum cleaner is that it has two replaceable brush heads that can be changed quickly and easily. A shutoff mechanism controls the ON/OFF actions when the vacuum is not submerged in water. A 94in the lightweight telescopic shaft and a Shaft adapter are included in the package.

One main thing that you need to keep in mind about this cleaner is that it needs to be completely submerged in water for proper functioning.

10. U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum Head



  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Has multiple brushes to do efficient cleaning.
  • Weighted enough for good surface contact.
  • Has powerful suction for sucking up all the dirt.


  • Brushes may be a little bit soft.
  • May takes a while to suck the dirt.

U.S pool supply triangular pool vacuum head is a triangular-shaped high-quality pool vacuum cleaner. This well-made vacuum pool cleaner has a transparent body, which makes it easy for you to check whether the bottom is clear or not.

Due to its triangular shape, this pool cleaner has the capability to clean dirt and debris embedded in the corners. It has multiple brushes, and all the brushes are angled so perfectly that it regulates the flow to the suction rather than pushing it up and away.

It is an easy to maneuver pool and spa vacuum head with a flexible body and EZ clip handles, making it easy for you to join and unjoin it to a pole. With this pool cleaner, you will be free from the headache of untangling different chords because it has a swivel hose.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Vacuum

Buying a product requires a lot of effort and research. From the product’s quality to its design, you have to check each and everything. Hence, a comprehensive buying guide can help save some of your time. Here we have given an ultimate buying guide for a pool vacuum that can help you make the best decision.

  • Length of the hose

When buying a pool vacuum, always go for the cleaner that is long enough to reach the end of your swimming pool. The distance between the skimmer and the furthest corners of the pool determines the length of the hose. Like if the depth of your pool is 5 feet and the skimmer is anchored at a distance of 20 feet from the furthest corner of the pool, you will need a 25-foot long vacuum hose.

  • Wall climbing ability

Not all cleaners have the ability to get up on the walls of your pool to clean it. However, the cleanliness of the walls and edges is as important as that of the floor; therefore, when doing a post-purchase search for buying a pool vacuum, don’t forget to check whether it has wall climbing ability or not.

  • Amount of debris it can hold

Don’t forget to consider while buying pool cleaner is to check how much debris it can hold. Some pool cleaners are not able to collect large debris, although others are not able to hold a large amount of debris. Hence it is important to get information about the amount of debris the pool cleaner can handle.

  • Suction Power

The powerful suction is required to remove all the debris, dirt, algae, fungus, and leaves from the surface and corners of the pool. Some of the vacuums have great suction power that they have the capability to suck even the smallest particles, while others are only good at sucking large debris such as leaves algae. So make sure to buy a pool vacuum that is according to the requirements of your pool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pool Vacuum

While doing post-purchase research, a lot of questions regarding the product and its operation may arise in your mind. Therefore for your ease, here are some of the common questions asked by almost all the customers. 

How long should I vacuum the pool?

You should vacuum the pool until all the dirt particles have been cleared out, and the water becomes perfectly clean.

How often should I vacuum my pool?

You should vacuum your pool once a week. However, whenever you notice a large amount of debris in your pool, you should immediately vacuum it because it will keep your pool well maintained.

What are the types of pool cleaners?

There are three types of pool cleaners, each having its own benefits. They are as follows:
1. Suction pool cleaners
2. Robotic pool cleaners
3. Pressure pool cleaners

What are the benefits of using a vacuum pool cleaner?

A vacuum pool cleaner is a most convenient and most efficient way to keep your pool hygienic and free from any contaminated particles. With these pool cleaners, you can maintain the pool by yourself and don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on any cleaning service.

Do any accessories come with these pool cleaners?

Some of the pool cleaners include accessories like mesh bags, adapters, poles, USB chargers, etc.

What are the steps to vacuum your pool?

You should follow the below-listed steps to vacuum your pool.
1. Attach the vacuum head to the pole.
2. Join hose with the vacuum head.
3. Select your filter valve setting.
Now you are good to go, clean your pool, and enjoy cool, delicious drinks by the pool together with your family and friends.


An efficient pool cleaner is integral for a pool owner. Vacuuming a pool requires a little effort, but the results are worth the effort. Your pool will remain hygienic, and you’ll get to save a lot of money and time. It is a one-time investment, and you will be free from the hassle of hiring expensive pool cleaning services for years. By now, you must have grasp the idea about how to select a pool vacuum and which is the best pool vacuum for your swimming pool.

Although all the pool vacuums listed by us are the best, we would recommend you go for “Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner” for in-ground pools and “POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum” for above ground pools because they are the best of the best. They both have all the features that must be present in a pool cleaner. They do a great job by cleaning all surfaces in your pool – including the edges, corners, and walls.

Some Other Pool Cleaners You Might Find Interesting.

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