10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Consumer Reports & Reviews

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning the pool is essential, but it is not an easy task. However, with advancements in technology, life has become much easier, and now pool cleaning is comparatively easy if you have a Robotic Pool Cleaner. The aim of using the robotic pool cleaner is to entirely clean the pool no matter how big or small it is.

Robotic pool cleaners ensure that it limits algae growth in the pool. These have sensors and vacuum technology through which they clean pools. The user can select a cleaning schedule, and this automatic setting of operations enables robotic pool cleaners to clean your pool even in your absence.

10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Consumer Reports

  1. Best overall: Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  2. Best for walls and floor cleaning: DOLPHIN Saturn Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  3. Best for In-Ground Swimming Pools: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
  4. Best user-friendly option: Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner
  5. Best for Vortex Vacuum Technology: Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic
  6. Best for ultrafine filtration: Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic
  7. Best for Custom Shaped Pools: DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner
  8. Best Pool Investment: Hayward RC9955CUB TigerShark
  9. Best User Compliance: Blue Wave NE3285F Aquafirst Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner
  10. Best for Above-ground pools: Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner



  • Operates quickly, covering all surfaces of the pool.
  • Leaves no debris cleans with precision.
  • Smart cleaning path, scanning of pool yields optimal cleaning path.
  • User-friendly, automatic operations make your life easy.
  • Suitable for pools with 30-33 feet depth, either its Above-ground or in-ground pool.


  • Slightly short power card.
  • No smartphone connectivity for quick cleaning.

Dolphin Nautilus CC is the best overall robotic pool cleaner. It is durable, lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to move. It cleans the pool with its CleverClean technology and starts operation by scanning your pool, then begins removing debris.

You can set a schedule of your choice. It is best for cleaning above-ground pools as well as In-ground pools of depth 33 feet. It has a cable length of 50feet and weighs 13.8 pounds. The Dolphin Nautilus CC cleans all types of surfaces and pool walls, is easy to handle, sucks debris at a suction rate of 4000GPH.

2. DOLPHIN Saturn Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Saturn Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • User-friendly; any family member can operate it.
  • Provides fine filtration by collecting dust and sand particles.
  • Single front high-speed scrubbers enable brushing of walls and floor.
  • Effectively cleaning mechanism.
  • Filter is easily cleaned even after a week.


  • Difficulty in getting it out of water.
  • Filters require cleaning for optimal results.

If you want to clean your Above-ground and In-ground pool with the least chemicals, you can buy a Dolphin Saturn Automatic Robotic Pool cleaner and let it do all the cleaning. It can clean the walls and surface of your pool within 2 hours without utilizing additional pumps and hogs for energy.

The Dolphin Saturn comes in three settings that enable the user to automatically clean the pool every day, every other day, or every 3rd day. It is long-lasting, durable, user-friendly, and removes all debris finely, leaving behind sparkling clean pools. A single click basket acts as a filter and is quite large in size to hold maximum debris in one cycle.

3. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus



  • Large filtration system – suitable for large In-ground pools.
  • Smart Cleaning functionality – clean with optimal results.
  • Tangle-free swivel cable enhances performance even in your absence.
  • Dual scrubbers for scrubbing the floor.
  • Climbs wall easily


  • No connection to smartphone unable to monitor schedule performance via smartphone.

If you have a large In-ground swimming pool with a depth of 50 feet, then Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is ideal for you. For cleaning large in-ground pools, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has dual scrubbing brushes and a large filtration system of Twin cartridges to clean your pool, removing all pollen grains, twigs, dirt, and other debris in only 2 hours.

It removes debris with a vacuum suction rate of 4500 GPH and weighs 19 pounds with a cable length of 60 feet. It works in chlorine water, saltwater.

It is usable on all floor types and has a tangle-free swivel cable that makes it user-friendly. No additional energy equipment is required, and with a touch of a button, you can have a crystal-clear pool. You can operate it on three settings that enable cleaning daily, every other day, or every third day.

4. Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner



  • CleverClean mechanism for optimal cleaning.
  • Front and back scrubbers for scrubbing and removing debris.
  • User friendly, easy to clean, and operate.
  • Lightweight.


  • Smartphone capabilities none.
  • Filters need cleaning after every weekly schedule.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-handle, and effective robotic pool cleaner with an extra-large filter basket, you can choose Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner. The Dolphin Triton PS is suitable for In-ground pools of depth 50 feet and completely cleans such pools within 2 hours.

It is also available in three settings for cleaning your pool according to your choice. You can choose an operation for cleaning your pool daily, every other day, or every third day. It has a suction rate of 4000 GPH, a cable of length 60 feet, and weighs 16.5 pounds.

It cleans floors, walls, and waterline, all with its single click extra-large basket filter. It has front high-speed scrubbers with standard back scrubbers.

5. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner



  • Excellent performance with Vortex Vacuum Technology.
  • Smart navigation for optimal cleaning path.
  • Long power cord.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean


  • Not good for cleaning steps.
  • Filters need cleaning after every operation.

If you are looking for a robotic pool cleaner that removes large debris while maintaining maximum suction, the Polaris F9550 robotic in-ground pool cleaner is best for you as it has Vortex Vacuum Technology that allows efficient cleaning at a faster rate removing all the debris.

The four wheel drive robotic cleaner outfitted with Aqua-Trax tires cleans all surfaces, including floor, walls, and scrubs tile line with a solid blade scrubbing brush. The large wheels ensure that the cleaner does not hang up on any twigs or stones at the pool’s bottom. Polaris F9550 Sport features a zero-turn capability to maneuver around drains and light fixtures with ease.

6. Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic



  • Ultrafine filters remove small particles that are up to 2 microns in size.
  • User friendly.
  • Clean walls and all types of surfaces.


  • Does not clean waterline.
  • Filtration bag is removable but requires a certain procedure.

You want an ultrafine filtrating robotic pool cleaner; then, you can choose Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner, which is one of its kind. It enables users to clean their Above-ground pools and in-ground pools of all sizes and shapes. It has ultra-fine filtration bags that ensure cleaning your pool, removing debris of the smallest size (2 microns nominal).

The cleaning cycle needs four hours to complete cleaning your pool with fewer chemicals and optimum results. Safe for all surfaces, including vinyl liner pools.  It can climb walls at 90 degrees, and this enables it to clean all walls and surfaces. The remote control system and sensors enable efficient cleaning.

7. DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner



  • Ideal for custom-shaped pools as it has advanced technology enabling 3-axis of rotation.
  • Dual high-capacity filters provide effective cleaning.
  • 3-axis gyroscope that monitors angular velocity for maximum performance.
  • Connection with smartphones enhances the remote experience


  • After three years of assurance, the user will have to pay for any-repairing.

For a custom-shaped pool with features like benches and stools, the Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner is best as it has features like advanced navigation and scanning software. It can be connected to smartphones, and you can monitor its scheduled performance by Bluetooth.

It can be scheduled to clean all surfaces and walls daily, twice per week, and thrice per week. The massive filters remove dirt, pollen, sand particles, and larger debris in a 2.5-hour cleaning cycle. It can be used on any pool floor material on pools up to 50 feet in size for ultrafine cleaning. It has three motors, a suction rate of 4500 GPH, and does not require additional energy sources.

8. Hayward RC9955CUB Tiger Shark



  • Quick cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Easy to clean and user-friendly.
  • Value for money.
  • Does not stick on the drain, enables the removal of debris effectively.


  • It can get stuck on deep-down drains.

Hayward RC995CUB Tiger Shark has a wireless handheld remote that enables the steering of the cleaner into hard-to-reach areas. It does not require additional energy sources or extra hoses, hookups, or pumps. It has a unique cartridge filtration system that works excellently and is easy to clean, and maintenance is easy.

Hayward RC9955CUB Tiger Shark is user-friendly, can clean your pool within 90 minutes as well as 3 hours. It covers pool floors, walls, and waterline in just 3 hours. In 90 minutes, quick cleaning is done, but thorough cleaning requires three hours.  Its maintenance cost is low and lasts longer.

9. Blue Wave NE3285F Aqua-first Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner



  • User-friendly, easy operation and cleaning of filters.
  • It has a replacement bag attached to it.
  • Effective cleaning of all types of floors.


  • Cannot clean walls of the swimming pool.
  • Removes large particles effectively, but not micro-particles.

Blue Wave NE3285F Aqua-first Super Rover Robotic Pool is used for cleaning in-ground and above-ground pools. It can clean all types of surfaces and can clean every inch of the pool. Super Rover cleans vinyl surfaces, gunite, and fiberglass pools as well.

It removes bacteria, algae, debris with its own filtration system operated by a DC motor of 48 volts. The blue wave NE3285F Aqua-first Super Rover Robotic Pool does not climb walls but only cleans the floor effectively with limited chemicals. It is easy to operate and has 40 feet of floating kink-free cord with an EZ swivel. The machine needs to be assembled. But it is the most ergo-economical robotic pool cleaner for your home swimming pool.

10. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Easy to use.
  • Designed for above-ground pools specifically.
  • Has fine filter basket to remove dust.


  • Filters require sufficient cleaning for maintenance.
  • Place in a clean and dry place after every use.

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is designed specifically for Above-ground swimming pools. Still, it does not climb walls and only cleans the pool floor with dual scrubbing brushes within 90-minutes. It provides you a quick clean pool by completing its cleaning cycle in 90 minutes and trapping all sized particles.

It can operate with a remote controller and make a pool of depth 30 feet free of algae. Its operation schedule is easy to set by the user, the filtration system is adequate and consists of a single filter basket. The cable of Dolphin E10 is 40 feet in length. The company recommends keeping Dolphin E10 in a dry place after use and wash its filter after use to remove excess chemicals.

Buyers Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying A Robotic Pool Cleaner

A pool cleaner refers to a device designed to assist the swimming pool operator in removing debris and sediments (visible particulars such as dirt, dust, rust, and sand) from poolsides, the bottom, and the pool water’s surface. In this era of advanced science, technology, innovation, and inventions, human beings have gone a step forward to the robotic pool cleaners. Nowadays, swimming pool cleaners have the characteristics of robots. These are also called automatic pool cleaners.

Following are some of the features to look for in a good quality robotic pool cleaner.

  • Smart Functionality

When we have dozens of robotic pool cleaners in the market, it will be difficult to select the preferred one for our swimming pool if we have insufficient knowledge.

The smart functionality system makes the robotic pool cleaner a unique and exclusive one. Due to this feature, you can link your robotic pool cleaner with a remote control or smartphone. This will allow you to control every aspect of the cleaning schedule.

The smart functionality of robotic pool cleaners contains high-quality sensors that scan your pool, calculate the best cleaning path for the pool to clean it in the shortest period of time. The sensors also guide the cleaner to detect the remaining portion of the pool required to clean. The sensors also turn on and off particular brushes for effective cleaning. The sensors let the machine know if it is on the bottom of the pool or climbing walls.

  • Comparison Between Wheels And Tracks

The robotic pool cleaners are available with wheels as well as with tracks in the market. Tracks are the better option. Tracks do not allow the debris and sediment to remain between the wheel and wheel arch. The robotic pool cleaner having the tracks can easily move out of tight corners without getting stuck.

For the longevity and durability of your robotic pool cleaner, keep it out of the pool after the cleaning session’s close and store it in the pool shed or out of the direct sunlight. Direct sunlight damages the tracks extremely and intensely. Wear and tear of tracks are high, but tracks and all other spare parts are available in the market easily.

  • Scrubbing All Surfaces With A Waterline Sequence

It would be best to have a robotic pool cleaner that does not leave any gaps in the swimming pool. The robotic pool cleaner with tracks has functionality that cleans the bottom, sides, and all the surfaces of your swimming pool. It also cleans algae that grow on the walls of your pool. In the presence of robotic pool cleaners with tracks, you need to clean the walls of your swimming pool by yourself, as in the case of robotic pool cleaners with wheels.

  • Filter Box And Cleaning

The filter box is like the heart of your robotic pool cleaner. Clean the filter after every swimming pool cleaning session. An automatic pool cleaner is a vacuum cleaner type designed to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools with minimal human effort. When a robotic pool cleaner sucks water from the pool, all the debris and sediment left in the filter and clean water goes again into the pool. In this process, high pressure has to be sustained by the filter. So you should check the filter after every cleaning session of the pool. It is easily available in the market. Please replace the filter timely for the perfect performance of your automatic pool cleaner.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Can you leave robotic pool cleaners in a pool for months?

You can leave a robotic pool cleaner in the pool but not for months. The duration for which the robotic pool cleaner remains functional in water depends upon its quality. However, keeping any robotic pool cleaner continuously in the pool will reduce its durability. Robotic pool cleaners also need cleaning after every use to improve their working efficiency.

How often can you use your robotic pool cleaner?

You can use your robotic pool cleaner daily, twice a week, or thrice a week. It depends on the pool’s size and pre-set schedule for working pool cleaner, which is your choice.

What to do to maintain the robotic pool cleaner?

For maintaining your robotic pool cleaner so that it functions perfectly, you need to understand its operation, read its manual, clean the filters and side brushes after every use, and remove it from the pool after use to prevent robotic malfunctioning.


All the robotic pool cleaners mentioned in our list are good and satisfy the customers. But Dolphin Nautilus CC automatic robotic pool cleaner is best as it can be used to clean all types of surfaces of pools. It can clean with its Clever-Clean technology and is best for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. It does not require any additional battery or energy source and effectively cleans your pool within 2 hours only.

Others in the list are all good; some are excellent for in-ground pools, some are ideal for above-ground pools. All in the list are user-friendly; once you understand how they work, cleaning with these robotic pool cleaners becomes much easier.

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