10 Best Garden Rototiller Reviews


You are blessed if your garden has soft and mineral-rich soil that does not need much hard work. Because you do not want to break your back while tilling your garden, Tilling rocky and hard soil could hand and back-breaking work, especially if you are trying to do it with the help of a shovel.

Such types of soils are best tilled with these powerful garden Rototillers that we often see in the market. Different Rototillers are available in the market for different needs of the customers, and you do not want to get wrong for you. As tilling with the wrong tillers could be quite a hassle. 

And that’s why to simplify your task we have put together the best recommendations along with the details of the features so you can decide which is the best rototiller for you.

Our Top Rototillers

Here is a quick summary of our top picks in case you cannot read the entire article. These alone can give you an idea of what you should buy and what may suit you.

  1. Best of All: Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch Electric Garden Rototiller
  2. Runner-Up: Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch Corded Electric Rototiller
  3. Efficient in Work: TACKLIFE Classic 16-INCH Garden Rototiller
  4. Battery Powered: Greenworks 10-Inch Cordless Garden Rototiller
  5. Best in Power: Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini Garden Rototiller
  6. Best Mini Rototiller: Mantis 3550 Electric Garden Rototiller
  7. Best Cordless: Sun Joe 24V-TLR-LTE Cordless Garden Rototiller 
  8. Good for Value: Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70105S 11-Inch Corded Rototiller
  9. Light In Weight: Earthwise TC70090 -Inch Corded Electric Rototiller
  10. Best in Budget: WEN TC0714 7-Amp 14.2-Inch Electric Rototiller

1. Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch Electric Garden Rototiller

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch Electric Garden Rototiller


  • Versatile and Adjustable
  • 14 AMP motor for powerful performance
  • Six angled tins
  • Storage is effortless


  • Requires more proximity to the source
  • May jump during work because of light weightiness

The number one candidate on our list of the best tiller is for the garden is the Sun Joe TJ604E. This garden tiller is the best choice and best overall as it has all the features that a tiller might have. With best reviews and an Amazon Choice badge, this one stands on the top of our list.

This is a powerful electric garden tiller that has a motor of 11.5 Amp. This one can cultivate around 16 inches deep. No matter what type of soils, this will work on all types. As if we talk about the blades, then this one has the six steel angled tins that are not only tough but also durable.

Maintenance and maneuvering are no hard job as its handles for convenient storage. And transport is easy due to the three perfectly positioned wheels.

2. Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch Corded Electric Rototiller

Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch Corded Electric Rototiller


  • 6 Adjustable and durable tins
  • Working depth of 8 inches
  • Powerful 14 Amp motor engine
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable


  • May does not work deep enough at some places
  • Corded so should be close to a power source

Wanted the Sun Joe one, but couldn’t get it? No worries, we have an alternative to that, which is the Earthwise TC70016. Equipped with premium features that are like the Sun Joe ones, this one is going to be the perfect alternate. 

It comes with six adjustable tines that have the capability of digging up to 8 inches, whereas it can till to the width of about 11 to 16 inches. If we talk about the motor engine, then the 13.5 Amp motor engine providing it the power to dig the hell out. 

This corded tiller is electric is easy to operate, and storage is no hard job. You power it up, use it then easily store it in your garage or the storeroom. 

3. TACKLIFE Classic 16-INCH Garden Rototiller

TACKLIFE Classic 16-INCH Garden Rototiller


  • High-speed blades 
  • 12 Amp motor engine
  • Six high-quality steel blades
  • Wheeled for easy transport
  • Safety button for additional safety


  • Breaks the earth at some places
  • Slow in work

Versatile, efficient, and powerful are the three words that describe the TACKLIFE tiller perfectly. Because of its high-speed performance, tough and hard blades, this one is perfect for different grounds. No matter it is a vegetable garden, orchard garden, or any type of soil, this works efficiently with many grounds.

Now, if w talk about the tilling, then this one tills around 16 inches in depth and 8 inches deep. With its 400Rpm high speed, 12 Amp powerful motor, and six high-quality manganese steel blades, tilling any ground is an effortless job for this one.

Storing is also very easy; you can fold it after use and put it anywhere. Equipped with the transport wheels moving, this one is easy, making your task simple and straightforward.

4. Greenworks 10-Inch Cordless Garden Rototiller

Greenworks 10-Inch Cordless Garden Rototiller


  • Battery Powered
  • 10-inches tiling of the ground
  • Height is adjustable
  • 4 Steel blades 


  • Not good for bigger tasks

If you are sick of the corded ones and dislike to continuously look for the power source, want something easy to carry and power up. Then going for the Greenworks cordless garden rototiller is a perfect choice for you. This is a battery-powered tiller that works on the 40V Li-Ion battery system. 

The battery power up the motor system that effectively tills up to a vast amount of ground. This one has 4 8 inches rotating tins that are not only high quality but also are powerful enough to loosen up the ground. It provides about 8 inches deep digging with 10 inches of tilling off the ground. 

Height is adjustable, and you can easily adjust its height to your requirements. Moving and transporting is also an effortless job. The battery is sold specialty, so no problem in continuously looking for power sources.

5. Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini Garden Rototiller

Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini Garden Rototiller


  • Powerful cultivators viper engine
  • Versatile performance
  • Reliable and durable
  • Comes with five years limited warranty


  • Bounces too much

Looking for a powerful and versatile garden tiller, then Earthquake 31635 is the solution for you. Convenient and powerful, this one will give you the best tilling and cultivating experience. 

Talking about the versatility, this one can do multiple tasks like weeding, aeration, and mixing at one time. You get t2o types of options with this one A wheeled one or the non-wheeled one. If you want an easy to transport and to move rototiller, then the wheels one is good, but if you are fine without a wheel, then go for the non-wheeled done.

Control is simple as overhand control reduces any chances of bouncing and jumping, allowing you to do the task at hand quickly. A powerful engine is the cultivator’s viper engine that is the powerful engine for the tilling. 

Lastly, this one comes with a five years limited warranty, so if repairing is needed, then you can contact the seller.

6. Mantis 3550 Electric Garden Rototiller

Mantis 3550 Electric Garden Rototiller


  • Powerful engine for high performance
  • Wheeled garden tiller for easy transport
  • High speed for tiling and low for cultivating
  • Durable steel tines


  • Need to hold on tightly because of bounciness

Mantis 3550 is a corded garden rototiller that is the solution for customers that are looking for something portable and easy to use. This one is a mini ground rototiller that is a wheeled one and is perfect for the small garden owners. 

This small machine can give you unimaginable power to till the ground and is versatile because not only can till but also cultivate, removes weeds, and renovate the beds. An electric tiller that does not produce any noise and does the task at hand with no problem.

The engine is powerful with a 120 volt and 9 Amp motor engine that allows the high-speed tilling and cultivating. Lightweight and effortless to use with no need for gas and oil, so no pollution and fumes. 

7. Sun Joe 24V-TLR-LTE Cordless Garden Rototiller 

Sun Joe 24V-TLR-LTE Cordless Garden Rototiller 


  • Mini and battery-powered
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 6 inches deep digging 
  • Ergonomically designed auxiliary handles


  • Does not go deep enough in the dirt
  • Only good for soft soil

Another Sun Joe product on our list, but a cordless one as we have to consider our dear friends who dislike corded ones. This one is not only mini but also is a battery-powered garden rototiller that is powered with the help of the 24-volt rechargeable lithium battery.

This one is a little less powerful but provides a good garden tilling experience with the 30 minutes of run time. Moreover, this one has durable tilling blades that also do the cultivate task that digs about 6 inches deep path o one pass. 

Gripping and controlling this one is easy at handles are ergonomically designed so that your hands do not get strained while doing the tilling task at hand.

8. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70105S 11-Inch Corded Rototiller

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70105S 11-Inch Corded Rototiller


  • Two options for any type of garden
  • Versatile tiller and cultivator
  • Rear-wheel for effortless transport
  • Soft grip handles


  • Not much Powerful

The Scotts Outdoor power tools are that product that provides you the valuable features at a good price. We can say in some terms it is budget-friendly, but we have a more budget-friendly product n this list. So you can compare both.

This one comes with two options: one is a mini option with the 11-inch blades and 10.5 Amp motor. In contrast, the second option is the larger one that is the 16 inches blades and 13.5 Amp electric motor tiller. It can easily loosen to the ground with the mixing of the soil and removing the weed. The four adjustable tins comprise alloy steel, which is durable and tough to dig into any type of soil. 

Starting it up is easy; no prior technical knowledge is needed; just start it up and start the digging. 

Attached wheels for easy transport and maneuvering. So whether you have a small front ground or a large backyard, you can never go wrong with the Scott Outdoors.

9. Earthwise TC70090 -Inch Corded Electric Rototiller

Earthwise TC70090 -Inch Corded Electric Rototiller


  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable
  • Electric 9 Amp motor engine
  • Lever switch for simple operation
  • Eco-friendly to prevent air pollution
  • Best alternative to a gas one


  • Way too jumpy because of less weight

Earthwise TC70090 is the machine for those who dislike very heavy machine sand want something light but at the same time powerful. This is the one for them. This is another corded electric product that has a powerful 9 Amp electric motor that is high-speed and does your work quickly without taking much time. 

This one is an ideal electric tiller for the small or medium-sized garden, so if you have a large one, then you can choose other products from the list. Moreover, this one has four tine blades that are sturdy and tough for any type of ground tilling. These blades can dig up to 8 inches and tills up to 12 inches. 

Maintenance and operation are also very easy; you just need to switch in the cord and start your work. Also, a wheeled, so you do not have a problem with storage and transport. This one is an eco-friendly one as it is the best alternative to the gas ones and because of which no gas so no fumes and air pollution.

10. WEN TC0714 7-Amp 14.2-Inch Electric Rototiller

WEN TC0714 7-Amp 14.2-Inch Electric Rototiller


  • Tills up to 380 rotations per minute
  • Steel tines for 8 inches deep digging
  • Removable wheels for transport 
  • Soft grip handles to avoid any strain on your hands
  • Come with an extension cord to make your task easy


  • Way too light in weight
  • May not work properly on hard ground

Last but not least, we have a budget-friendly option for those who are always on a tight budget and cannot buy something more expensive. This one is not only good in the budget but also is a valuable product in terms of money. This one has a 7Amp motor that tills the ground at a rate of 380 rotations per minute. 

16 inches 4 blades that till up to 8.7 inches deep and 14.2 inches in width. Ergonomically designed soft grip handles that make the task doing easy and do not tire up your hands. Also, this one comes with a feature of overload protection. This feature stops the motor whenever it comes in contact with some rock or hard object. This saves the machine from any damage. 

It also comes with two wheels that are 8 inches and removable so you can easily transport it and store it. If you want, you can also buy a heavy-duty extension cord, so you do not need to worry about being away from the power source. 

Buying Guide – Things To Know Before Buying Rototillers

Now you got to know about some of the best tillers for the gardens; it’s time to get the answer to a few questions before buying. So that when you buy a tiller, you get the best product:

Type of Tillers

Tillers are of different types for different lawns. Like if you want something for your front, then you should go for the Front-tine tillers. But if you have a backyard, then you would need to go for the rear-time tillers. So get the tiller according to the garden you have.

Size of the Tillers

 The size of the tiller also matters as it can help you get the task done in less amount f time. Wider grounds often need a bigger size tiller as going for a min one can be time-consuming. But here is the thing that the large tillers are a little difficult to maneuver and use. So first determine what suits you the best and then go on a shopping spree.

Power Source of the Tillers

Rototillers use different power sources. Some work with gas; some are electric, whereas some are battery-powered. Everyone has their charms and specifications. The electric ones are corded, so they are not portable, but the battery-powered ones are portable, so it is easy to carry them anywhere. What type will suit you depend upon what type of task you are going to perform.

Your Budget

Budget real matter in your shopping spree, as you have to be careful not to get something that creates a big dent in your bank account. The cost of the tillers mostly depends upon the size and the specs you are going for.

FAQ’s about Rototillers

What tiller should a budget-friendly person buy?

If you are someone on a budget, then you can go with the Scotts outdoors, and the WEN mentioned in this list. Both are good for the value of the money.

Does buying the tiller depends upon the soil?

Yes, it depends upon the soil as if you have soft and mineral-rich soil, then you can easily get away with buying a less powerful one. But if you have a little bit of hard soil, then going with the powerful ones a better option. Fortunately, all the above-mentioned products are powerful and can work with any type of soil.

When should I till my garden?

You should till your garden in autumn, at the end of the gardening season, or in the spring before the gardening season starts. Whether you till in spring or at, you must wait until the soil is dry enough, but not too dry. 

Should I get a front-tine tiller or rear-tine tiller?

Choosing between a front-tine tiller or rear-tine tiller depends upon your demands. Front-tine tillers are better for small gardens less than 5000 sq. ft. Front-tine tillers are lighter and easier to handle. Rear-tine tillers are better for larger areas more than 5000 sq. ft. in the area because they usually till a wider path than a front-tine tiller.

Why does my engine die shortly after I start?

You need to check the fuel level because low fuel in the gas tank may cause the engine to die early. The blocked vent on the cap of the gas tank may also cause the engine to die; you need to lose the cap so air can flow into the tank but don’t remove the gas completely.  A clogged carburetor may also cause the engine to die. Rebuild or replace the carburetor if it is clogged or gummed up.


Everyone likes a neat and freshly tilled lawn, but it could be an arduous task to do when you are trying to do it by hand. Tilling is very laborious work, and doing it manually is not only time-consuming but also almost impossible. 

And that’s why we have put this guide together to give you the solution for tilling your gardens. All the above is some of the best Rototillers that work the best. You can easily go for the best one, as it has the features that everyone wants. But some like to go budget-friendly, and some may want some other feature. We have included all, so go ahead, take your time reading and find the best rototiller for yourself.

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