Top 10 Best Sewing Machines to Buy Today

With the advancements in technology, the sewing machine’s features have increased many folds. Companies are giving high-quality build at reasonable prices. Some people look at something in the machine and some people others. Everyone wants that their task must be done more efficiently yet more quickly. We have made a list of 10 accentuated machines for you.

That has all the features that you want at reasonable prices that you might do your work quickly and easily. The baby lock provides you with high-quality build sewing machines at affordable rates. The machine is equipped with several features to ease the task of the customer.

10 Best Sewing Machines Reviews Consumer Reports

There is variety in sewing machines based on price, quality, and features. The baby lock provides entry-level and expert level machines.

  1. Best Selling: Accord Sewing Machine
  2. Best Budget: Aventura Sewing Machine
  3. Best Runner-Up: Aerial Sewing Machine
  4. Best Overall: Altair Sewing Machine
  5. Best for Professionals: Jazz 2 Sewing Machine
  6. Best for Beginners: Crescendo Sewing Machine
  7. Best Push Button: Brilliant Sewing Machine
  8. Best Fabric Sensor: Soprano Sewing Machine
  9. Best Advanced Sewing Machine: Solaris 2 Sewing Machine
  10. Best Easy to Use Sewing Machine: Jubilant Sewing Machine

1. Accord Sewing Machine


  • Contains a USB type A feature.
  • Has a reset option.
  • Has a spacious workspace.
  • Lightweight presser foot.


  • A bit difficult to use for beginners.

Accord is an elegant and versatile sewing machine that offers many features. You can use this machine to create embroidery for your clothes. It takes your sewing skills to another level. Accord does not put pressure on your wallet and is a budget-friendly machine for many beginners. 

Accord has a spacious 5×7 workplace that is enough to create creative embroidery and designs on your fabric or cloth. The machine comes with built-in 250 stitches that are enough to create various designs on your clothes. Also, the touch screen feature makes it easier to use for beginners who don’t know the sewing machines’ mechanics. When the bobbin becomes full, the winder automatically stops.

Other features included in this versatile machine are the capability of using a USB flash drive, an extra feature of a thread cutter, touch screen capability equipped with an LCD, a variety of embroidery designs (141), and a quick reset button.

2. Aventura Sewing Machines


  • Has a high number of stitches.
  • Contains font size technology.
  • Touch screen equipped with LCD.
  • A large number of embroidery designs.


  • Short area of the workspace.

Aventura 2 unlocks more paths towards creating unique designs and embroidery. This elegant and high-quality build machine is powered by IQ Technology that offers to make your designs like never before. You can put these designs on USB, and then the machine imprints them on your clothes. 

This sewing machine has many incredible features that can help you with editing and creativity. The machine offers 181 designs that are built-in by the company to add ease and more opportunity for its customers.

Aventura 2 has newly introduced font features. The machine comes with 13 built-in fonts and a touch screen to offer ease of usage. The font feature enables you to change the font on your cloth or fabric to add more creativity to your work.

The machine is less noisy as compared to other company’s machines. Aventura 2 offers a spacious 6.3×10.4 area of the workspace. Not only this, but Aventura 2 also offers 301 stitches, making it an incredible choice.

3. Aerial Sewing Machine


  • Offers colored LCD.
  • New auto needle technology.
  • Is less noisy as compared to others.
  • New designs and features added.


  • Complex technology for beginners.

Aerial is an accentuated version of its predecessor Accord. Aerial comes with a larger size and more features than Accord. Aerial is a perfect sewing machine for beginners who are new to sewing. Its newly introduced “IT TECHNOLOGY” makes embroidery and sewing much easier and faster. Aerial comes with a large 8×12 inch field for embroidery that can create a beautiful design in more fabric areas.

The LCD screen comes with a colored system that makes the machine more beautiful and desirable. The baby lock has introduced new automatic threader technology that threads on the fabric as soon as you press the button.

The design is printed without any mistakes. Aerial comes with a decent number of embroideries designs that open ways to creativity. Its other features include 757 stitches and a 262 increased number of designs in embroidery.

4. Altair Sewing Machine


  • Large workspace for embroidery.
  • Advanced beam technology to avoid injuries.
  • Newly introduced IQ wireless technology.
  • A high number of stitches and embroidery.


  • Is very noisy.

Altair is an advanced sewing machine equipped with the modern technology of image printing to your cloth. The newly introduced technology of wireless printing is a step forward to advancement in this field. IQ technology can be used through your device. The IT technology uses wireless signals to imprint the design or the image on your screen.

Another incredible technology of the Altair is that it can take photos of your designs from the fabric and transfer it to the computer. Altair has a decent ten-inch LCD screen to view creative fonts and designs.  The 494 embroidery designs are included in the machine by the company. Color visualizer is another feature that allows you to have a look at various colors ranging from light to dark. The beam inside the Altair sewing machine tells you accurately where the needle will land.

Its other features include an embroidery field of 9.5X14, an increase in the number of stitches –771 built-in stitches, beam in needles for imprinting, and increased 11.25 workspace area for comfortable working.

5. Jazz 2 Sewing Machine


  • Has large workspace.
  • Pressor foot technology.
  • Offers an increased number of stitches per minute.
  • Advanced Technology to control needle.


  • Less number of stitches and embroidery design.

Jazz 2 is a powerful advanced sewing machine introduced with tons of features for expert use. Jazz 2 offers tons of new features at an affordable price. Any sewing expert who, if he or she sees, will desire to have it because of its features and technology over its predecessors. Jazz 2 has a spacious 12-inch workspace that allows you to edit a larger fabric at one time. Jazz 2 provides you with enough room to work smoothly and comfortably.

The advanced programmable feature allows us to control the needle without touching it automatically. The size of the lever is larger than the previous levers for better concentration and ease of work. The machine is capable of stitching 1000 stitches in a minute that makes it a powerful machine. By default, the machine comes with 28 stitches. The winder is stopped automatically as the bobbin gets full. It gets replaced on its own after you place it inside to replace it, making your task easier.

6. Crescendo Sewing Machine


  • A high number of stitches and embroidery designs.
  • Larger workspace for easy work.
  • Has a colored LCD.
  • Guide beam for accuracy.


  • Noisy and complicated for new users.

Crescendo is an accentuated form of baby lock sewing machines that offers you sensor technology. That will ease your task and speed up your work by many times. It is a smart and efficient sewing machine that is easy to use for beginners. Crescendo contains a sensor pen that proves to be an efficient tool in sewing. It can be used to place start or stop points on the fabric. The extensible table can be used to increase your workspace for better usage.

The dual feed system has a highly accurate needle system that imprints the design on your fabric precisely and accurately. It comes with a large number of stitches. The button features allow you to move your needle up or down without even touching the needle.

The colored LCD can show up to 230,000 colors on display. The  11-inch large workspace will enable you to work effortlessly and more comfortably, allowing you to use a large area of the fabric at a time. Buttons on the machine can easily cut threads or make joints of threads.

Crescendo includes many features, including stitches-573 built-in, newly introduced dual system, guide beam that is useful for beginners, and accurate needle threader technology.

7. Brilliant Sewing Machine


  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Advanced needle threader avoids times wastage.
  • Create and save designs in the memory.


  • Have fewer features as compared to the others.

As the name suggests, the sewing machine performs the same in its tasks. Brilliant is highly recommended for beginners as it is not too complicated and very easy and simple to use. It comes with a good number of stitches and buttonholes. The knee lift technology helps you erase your error just by lifting your knee.

The machine includes several push buttons for easy and simple usage. What’s more interesting; you can create your pattern with the programmable stitch feature. Brilliant comes with a unique and interesting library of stitches.

It has 191 stitches with ten buttonholes. The advanced threader allows us to print the design effortlessly and precisely. The bobbin present inside the machine gets stopped by the winder as soon as it gets full. Since the machine will do it by itself, forget about doing it manually. You can also create your patterns and recreate them afterward. The buttons on the machine can be used to cut the thread.

Its other features include reset and power button, programmable features for the machine’s buttons, and push features.

8. Soprano Sewing Machine


  • Very simple and elegant design.
  • Does not creates noise.
  • Storage capacity to keep needles and other stuff.
  • Fabric sensor and pivot technology gives a clean and finished outcome.


  • Comes with few features as compared to others.

If you are looking for a stress-free sewing experience, the Soprano is the machine you are looking for. The Soprano is a simple and efficient machine that has proved to be an excellent start for beginners in sewing. It offers an adequate number of stitches for the ease of the customer. Soprano can be your choice if you want to go cheap with a decent number of features. Soprano has 300 stitches for creating different types of designs. 

The fast and elegant bobbin makes your work faster and easier. The stitches you have made can be saved in the machine to re-create them in the future. The machine has a storage capacity where you can store your needles and fabrics easily. The fabric sensor detects the amount of pressure required to apply to the material. The advanced technology of pivoting can allow you to turn and follow the curves of stitching easily.

9. Solaris-2 Sewing Machine


  • Advanced printing technology.
  • A high number of stitches.
  • Unique and several designs.
  • Advanced buttonhole keeps cloth firm on the surface.


  • Highly complex and not easy to use.

Solaris 2 is a powerful sewing machine that comes with tons of features to create unique designs for you. To enhance the ability to create, Solaris 2 includes technologies to print images and designs directly to your cloth or fabric. Solaris 2 is a complex machine with a much larger workspace than others. Solaris 2 contains a huge number of stitches and buttonholes for more beauty in your designs. 

Solaris 2 has visionary IQ tech that contains 40+ designs for your fabric. The camera detecting buttonhole prevents slippage when sewing. The machine has built-in fonts and designs to create more precise drawings on your fabric. The positioning app helps to send various designs from the computer to the machine and vice versa. Solaris 2 can print designs precisely at a very high speed. It has a colored LCD for proper and best usage.

The other features you should know are it’s 10.6X 16, workspace for easy tasks, 895 built-in stitches, and sewing endpoint.

10. Jubilant Sewing Machine


  • Free sewing technology for ease.
  • Perfect buttonholes with a buttonhole foot.
  • Drop feed to add a personal touch to quilts.
  • The auto needle allows easy threading.


  • Has the low number of stitches and buttonholes.

Jubilant is another advanced machine for new people. It is a high-quality device for people new in this field. Also, it comes with a low number of buttonholes and designs and an advanced needle threader for beginners that allows them to stitch accurately without any chance to miss. 

Free arm sewing makes it easy for the beginners to reach hard reaching areas like arms or shoulders. The information can be displayed on the LCD screen. The 80 stitches come by default with addition to eight buttonholes. You can easily move the lever and adjust it according to what you need. The buttonhole feature allows us to create unique buttons every time.

Jubilant other features include an automatic needle feature, screen equipped with led, and free-motion feature for drop feed.]

Buyer’s Guide- Things to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine

Before you buy a sewing machine, you should keep certain things in mind. Checking these things will help you in the future to avoid any sort of problem.

  • Build Quality

Check whether the machine you are getting is made from strong material. It should not be weak or of low quality. The machine you chose should be able to handle rough usage without needing to get repaired.

  • Warranty

There is variety in sewing machines based on price, quality, and features. The baby lock provides entry-level and expert level machines. Check out the warranty period and what it covers. Ask if you can have your sewing machine serviced locally or may need to ship it. Speak to other sewers and learn the experience they had with that machine.

  • Cloth Material

When buying the sewing machines, you first have to keep in mind the fabric you use while sewing. If you are using heavy clothing like denim and others, you have to buy machines that can work on material like that. 

  • Stitches

When you are using a baby lock sewing machine, apart from the regular stitching and simple methods of creating things, you must know how to set up a stitching pattern. Some sewing machines offer a wide range of sewing stitches types, and some offer only a few. You should remember that the straight stitch is 0-5mm, and the zigzag stitch must be adjustable. All the other stitches are made from these two simple stitches.

  • Instructions Manual

You must keep in mind that all the baby lock sewing machines have a variety of features that are distinct from each of the models. This is why the user should read the instructions manual in detail so that he must know what to use and when to use it. Thus, you can have a full grasp of the functions it has to offer, and you can use them whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewing Machines

When we are buying any sort of product, many questions are revolving in our minds. We have created a list of questions commonly asked by many people.

How can I register for Baby Lock machines?

Follow three simple steps to get your hands on any Baby Lock Machine. 
1. You have to login into your Baby-lock account.
2. Navigate to the dashboard, then register for a new machine.
3. Apply after putting valid information.

From where can I get the Baby lock manual of my product?

You can get the baby lock manual of your product by simply contacting your retailer.

How do I make my machine run smoothly after storing it for a long time?

After you take out your machine from the stored place, clean the dust over the machine. First, you have to remove all the parts carefully without damaging anything. Clean the ring and bobbin. Don’t use a wet cloth. After wiping them off with a dry cloth, take the thread out from your machine. Run the machine for two minutes without any thread. It will result in excess oil. You can use the machine after this.

Is it hard to use Sewing machines?

Some sewing machines are hard to use, but there are other sewing machines, which are specifically designed for beginners. There are many tutorials on different websites on how to use one.


Sewing machines are useful and are a source of income for many people. After going to the market, you can find hundreds of sewing machines ranging in different prices. Baby lock offers a wide variety of sewing machines with tons of features at different. Brilliant is also an affordable sewing machine that can be used by people who are new to sewing. Brilliant is a very simple and easy-to-use machine that can make decorative and creative designs with minimal effort. It comes with several buttonholes and stitches to give you a wonderful experience.

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