Best Soda Maker

Best Soda Maker

Choosing the best Soda maker is equally daunting and challenging when you got so many choices around you. The Pandemic of 2019 reminded the world about the importance of health once again. A soda maker is a better option to opt for when you wish for good health. It is better to enjoy your fizzy drinks in a healthier way than the prepared cans sold everywhere. After all, health is the real wealth. Thus, select the soda maker wisely because it is a matter of your health.

Review of 10 Unique Soda Maker

Below is a list of top-rated soda makers. Have a look and choose the best one according to your needs, taste, and budget.

1. SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker



  • Eye-catching and sturdy designs.
  • Effervescence has consistent levels.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy loading through snap-lock.
  • CO2 cartridge of full size.
  • Outstanding one-touch controls.


  • No drip tray.
  • Operates with electricity.
  • Bottles hard to clean.
  • Large footprint.

This soda maker has a strong admiration for its sleek and attractive designs. Overall, you may count it as the best soda maker. It offers three levels for providing carbonation to your drinks by just clicking a touch button. All you have to do is, select from the low, medium, and high levels to select the level of bubbles for your water. Moreover, you cannot ignore its high level of easiness for its users.

Every family member can enjoy their separate fizz drinks by purchasing extra bottles from the manufacturers. It also provides the opportunity to make and try multiple flavors of your choice. The metal trim featured in the included bottle gives it an impression of more upscale. Also, it can hold fizzy water of up to one liter.

Remember that your warranty of this soda maker gets void if you use anything except water to carbonate. You can easily enjoy different flavors by adding homemade flavor drops and flavored syrup after the carbonation.

2. Spärkel Beverage System



  • No Cylinders of CO2 for replacement.
  • Automatic.
  • Add up bubbles in every liquid, even fresh juices, and beers.
  • Comes in various colors.
  • Five various levels of carbonation.


  • Water chambers have to fill up and empty them.
  • Longer time for carbonation.

The Sparkle Beverage System marks itself as the most innovative soda maker in the markets. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect choice to avoid the hassle of filling the canisters of carbon dioxide again and again or keeping the additional ones to avoid getting exhausted from the carbon dioxide supplies or contacting the authorized retailers for replacement and recycling.

You will love to buy it over a water model because it just not carbonate water only and cocktails, juices, and teas. It does carbonation to the drinks through different methods. Even feel free to add herbs and fresh fruits of your choice because it is easy to extract their flavors through the pressure of CO2.

Unlike ordinary and standard CO2 cylinders, Sparkle offers powdered carbonators with the individual packets. These are known as A+B packs. Packet ”A” has citric acid, and packet ”B” has baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. You can enjoy a fizzy drink in your bottle with a sufficient amount for generating CO2. The leftover carbonator remains in one chamber, and the glass has no leftover tap water or powder.

All you need to choose from five different levels of carbonation. It carbonates with light and light melody for your ears. It has 25.4 oz. bottle and ten carbonators. You can also get extra carbonators in multiples of 30 and different colors.

3. Drink mate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water and Soda Maker Drink



  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Highly portable.
  • No need for power and batteries.
  • Compact design.
  • Perfect for all drinks.


  • Tricky release of the fizz infuser.
  • Hard to find the refill cartridges.

Within a fraction of few seconds, Spritzer produces zingy and sparkling water. It is far way easier to use than you ever thought of. However, its enhanced control, and wide range of utility, let it stand ahead in the crowd. 

It has a different built-in comparison to other soda makers. This soda maker comes in the form of a seltzer gun. It is a portable infuser with fast and slow tabs for pressure release. Thus, it is a perfect way to save yourself from facing any mess due to over-carbonated drinks. It offers greater control because of its trigger instead of a button.

Drink mate has the official offer of carbonating your drinks besides water only. It let it stand aloof as the only credible soda makers brand. Unlike other brands, it does not betray the trust of the customers. It offers equally better and fine carbonated drinks.

Lastly, it is a compact and small stand-up model, which you can easily carry in your trips, barbeques, Airbnb gateways, and dinner parties. Undoubtedly, you can count it as a versatile option because of easy compatible use with the full-sized and miniature gas bottles and canisters both.




  • Cordless design.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • Various finish options.
  • Minimal footprints.
  • Stylish and sleek design.


  • Pricey.
  • No CO2 is available.
  • Tedious loading of the cartridge.

Your high-end kitchen surely needs a nice and stylish countertop appliance to get your best soda drinks. This carbonator is premium quality and the best splurge soda maker by the Swedish makers. It has a stainless steel housing with a copper finishing to highlight its elegant looks. You do not need to worry much if you don’t wish to have copper color; match it in your kitchen theme with its other colors like stainless steel, black chrome, white, brass, and matte black.

Moreover, it is easy to use too. Just press down the only lever and enjoy the carbonated drinks. It is a good help when you want to save yourself from the mess due to the over-carbonation.

5. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker



  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Many colors.
  • Works without electricity.


  • Fewer fizz levels.
  • Only carbonates water.

There is a reason behind its success. Many buyers find it highly preferable when they wish for a budget-friendly soda maker. Just like Fizzi One Touch, it needs no electricity for working. So, you got the option of flexibility to use it wherever you wish to.

Moreover, keep in mind that the carbonation process is not automatic, and you cannot choose the fizz levels. Instead, this model got a single button for its users to add carbonation manually from the CO2 cylinder of 60 liters. Keep on adding the carbonation till your water has the desired bubble levels.

However, the users have to learn how many times they have to press the button to add CO2 to your water and get its desired taste. Once you know how many presses are preferable to meet your needs, you can enjoy its simple usage because it got elementary operations. This model is present in many colors like icy blue, white, navy, and black. Remember to add fresh fruit drops or syrups after carbonating as it carbonates water only else your warranty will get void.

6. Nuvantee Soda Siphon – Ultimate sparkling Soda Maker



  • Beautiful design.
  • Best carbonated drinks.
  • Step by step instructions book.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Affordable.


  • No CO2 charger.
  • Works with 8gm cartridge only.
  • A single cartridge makes only one liter.

If you love to have your version of fizzy water, Soda Siphon is a reliable and handy choice to add to your list. But the question instantly pops into the mind, why should you opt for this soda maker over others? Why can’t I simply buy a soda from any store?

There is a reason behind your selection. You can buy it from the stores, but it can be your healthy choice if you make it yourself. The seltzer water purchased from the stores can be an expensive option in terms of money and health. It might contain many additives that can impose adverse impacts on your health. Moreover, store-bought seltzer water can be wasted when you don’t consume the whole volume. However, you can make your desired volume with this soda maker. Also, it will create minimal footprints when there are fewer plastic bottles.

Undoubtedly, you can count it in as the best offer of a remarkable seltzer maker. It has the siphon-style, which is the best you can get at this price. It uses a highly efficient mechanism to serve its users. Simply pushing a button, the users enjoy seamlessly regular tap water as a high end carbonated version. Due to its design and silver finish, this soda maker’s cleaning becomes an easy and straightforward task.

7. iSi Stainless Steel Soda Siphon



  • Easy to use.
  • Portable and handheld.
  • Sleek designs.
  • Classic colors.
  • Single charger carbonates up to 800 ml.


  • Flimsy material.
  • It can carbonate only cold water.

This iSi Soda looks compact at first glance, but soon you will realize that it has many complicated steps. You need to cool down the unit to give extra carbonation and fizz to your drink. Yet your cleaning experience of this unit will be simple and easy because you can only use water for carbonation.

However, the other side of the story highlights that you cannot use any other drink to carbonate else to waste your warranty. Furthermore, it got convenient portability for your trips and journeys. Secondly, you can mark it in your must to buy soda maker because of its strong carbonation, which further improves if you chill out its unit in the freezer before carbonation.

You cannot resist the temptation of a sleek, vintage, impressive minimalistic appearance. Also, the company offers a warranty of 2 years with its product.

8. FIZZpod Soda Maker



  • Available in three colors.
  • One year warranty.
  • CO2 cylinders charge with 60 liters of gas.
  • Air charging feature.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.


  • The internal pin is made up of flimsy material.

DRinkpod brought FIZZpod Soda Maker for its users to enjoy the carbonated drinks full of nutrition and flavors. It was a way towards a healthy lifestyle. This choice turns to be further preferable when it gives its users the freedom to enjoy carbonated drinks in your home comfort or take your bottle along wherever you go.

Fizzpod lets you make various and different healthy drinks loaded with natural drops and syrups for flavor. It is the right choice because there are numerous occasions when people want to drink for enjoyment without the consumption of potentially harmful content. This soda maker lets the user remain hydrated yet in a healthy style due to adding ingredients according to their needs and choices.

It has the coolest feature of air charging. Moreover, the CO2 cylinders of it use 60 liters of gas. The efficient design saves up to 40% more CO2 than other soda makers. You can easily purchase the CO2 cylinders from any nearby place because of the standard size. Lastly, it got the patent technology of the infuser.

9. SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine 



  • Easy to use.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Two water bottles come along.
  • No need for electricity or a battery.
  • Glass Water bottles.


  • Bigger unit.
  • Expensive.
  • No fizz control settings.

Undoubtedly, serving your sparkling water in glass bottles is fascinating. It does not just come with one bottle but with two bottles, and it has a volume of 22 ounces. Aqua Fizz carbonates the drink with a CO2 cylinder of a standard size of 60 liters.

You can carry it anywhere because it does not work with batteries or electricity. The carbonation of the drinks is dependant on a single button. You have to decide how many times you have to press to get your desired level of carbonation.

10. Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig



  • Versatile.
  • Quick cool Kold technology.
  • Make good quality cocktails.
  • Easy setup.
  • Comes with 2 CO2 cartridges and a postage-paid bag for recycling.


  • Requires 25 to 30 minutes to chill down.
  • Have to replace CO2 cartridge after 8-10 drinks.

The name suggests itself that this machine is a complete home bar. Moreover, it can make a whole drink from a single pod. Besides just carbonated water, you can make a variety of carbonated specialty and classic cocktails. You may find it a bit pricey if you look for the carbonation of water only. It turns to be the perfect choice when you wish to carbonate other drinks too.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying Soda Maker

Have a look at the comprehensive buying guide to select the best soda maker:

  • Versatility

Before investing in any soda makers, decide why you wish to buy a soda maker for yourself. Many soda makers just carbonate the water and leave the option of adding desired flavorings afterward for your favorite flavor. Simultaneously, many selected models come up for carbonation of any liquid ranging from iced tea, mocktails to fresh juices.

You can even turn your flat wine into a bubbly version. All you need a soda maker to do this job for you.

  • Countertop and Handheld

It is quite clear that the kitchen countertop is a valuable space for everyone. So, countertop soda makers take equal space of a coffee maker. You must opt for a handheld model if you got limited space. Handheld models are preferable for any outdoor activities where you miss or wish to have your soda maker.

  • CO2

Buying a soda maker for yourself is not a one-time investment only. You have to keep on purchasing CO2 cartridges because they require soda makers for carbonation in other liquids and water. Remember, you can get these CO2 either from cartridges or replaceable tanks, which are available separately or in bundles.

All you can do is choose a CO2 of a large size if you wish to use your soda maker regularly. However, if you plan to use it occasionally, you can opt for small cartridges, which can be a budget-friendly option.

Final Verdict

To sum up, in few words, there are many soda makers around you. The best one to match your needs and budget can be your must to have a soda maker. However, SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker is the best overall. You will surely love your selection if you opt for this soda maker. However, there are many others on the list with different features and specialties. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Soda Maker

Is sparkling water a cause of fatness?

No evidence supports the relation between gassy and carbonation. Yet, the zero calorie soda drinks or the artificial sweeteners in the soda water may make you a bit gassy. However, drinking directly from the bottle or through the straw can further add up the gases along with your beverage. It can give you a bloated feeling, eventually leading to a sense of gassy.

Does sparkling water affect the kidneys adversely?

The main idea of carbonation is to make water more enticing for proper hydration. According to the studies, children drinking carbonated water feel more hydrated and satiated with much water intake. Furthermore, the additional sweetness also gives the feeling of satiation. The research further supported that users of carbonated drinks have less possibility of rehydrating themselves after exercise. It will adversely affect the kidneys by hindering the flushing of potential toxins from the body because of a lack of hydration.
Also, it may affect your diabetes badly, which will again put an impact on the kidneys.

Ispsarkling water better for kids?

Yes, kids can drink sparkling water because they tend to remain more hydrated this way.

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