10 Best Solar Powered Security Cameras Consumer Reports

Best Solar Powered Security Cameras

When the topic comes to the security of your homes, offices, construction sites, farms, and other valuable properties, there is no better option than a security camera. Unfortunately, these cameras do not work in places where there is no supply of electricity or remote areas such as farms and sheds.

But do not worry because solar powered security cameras have come to your rescue, as these cameras do not require any electricity to work. Therefore here we have rounded up the best solar powered security cameras to solve your security issues.

So stay with us till the end and read our picks of the best solar-powered wireless security cameras that will help you protect yourself and your valuables from any kind of robbery.

10 Best Solar Powered Security Cameras Reviews by 10 Consumers

Are you running out of time? Don’t worry, as here are the ten solar-powered security cameras that will help you to keep an eye on your valuable properties. Have a glance at them:

  1. Best Overall: All-new Ring Stick up Cam Solar HD security camera
  2. Best Runner-up: SOLIOM S600, 2.4 G Wi-Fi security camera
  3. Best Budget, Runner up: Zumimall Solar Powered Surveillance Camera
  4. Best LED: YESKAMO 1080P HD Video Solar Powered IP Cameras for Home Security
  5. Best Ecologically: Ctronics Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Wi-Fi Solar Powered
  6. Best for Quick Installation: SOLIOM S90 Wireless Security Camera Outdoor Solar Battery Powered
  7. Best Built-in Floodlights: MAXSA 44642 Solar Powered Motion Activate Wireless Video Security Camera
  8. Best Budget: UNITOPSCI Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera
  9. Best LED, Runner-up:Koogeek Solar Security Camera
  10. Best Battery Timing: AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

1. All-new Ring Stick up Cam Solar HD security camera

All-new Ring Stick up Cam Solar HD security camera

The All-new Ring Stick up camera is the smartest solution for security issues. It is a perfect blend of creativity and technology. This outdoor solar security camera records at 1080p HD resolution with its 130-degree lens, and it also includes two-way audio, high tech motion detection, and night vision.

A cool feature of this device is that it is highly user friendly and works efficiently with Alexa so that you can easily keep an eye on your home. Users can get the Live view 24/7 on their smartphone and customize the security alerts. Hence whenever there is an outsider is on your property, you will get a notification. A monthly subscription fee for a “Ring Protect Plan” is required to access additional features.

  • Contains starlight night vision for low light conditions.
  • Fully charged even on cloudy days.
  • High definition video quality for clear images.
  • Fast motion sensors for detecting the smallest motions.
  • May have a rough audio quality.

2. SOLIOM S600, 2.4 G Wi-Fi security camera

SOLIOM S600, 2.4 G Wi-Fi security camera

 The Soliom S600 is a super high-tech security camera with the ability to rotate 320 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, providing a much clear and broader view to the user. Its 1080p HD resolution and six high-quality LEDs for colored and clear night vision even in the darkest hour of the night make it stands in the market.

This solar wireless security camera has a fast and sensitive motion sensor to detect even the smallest movements. One of the best things about this outdoor security camera is, it comes with two storage options: a 64 gigabytes micro SD card and cloud storage with RTMPS streaming-encryption.

  • User friendly and easy to navigate App.
  • Long-lasting battery life with just one day of full sun.
  • Excellent and colored night vision for a clear view.
  • Pictures are finely detailed and of high quality.
  • May get a pinkish tinge in the Live stream while charging the device.
  • May have over-sensitive motion sensors.

3. Zumimall Solar Powered Surveillance Camera

Zumimall Solar Powered Surveillance Camera

The Zumimall Solar powered surveillance camera provides 120 degrees full HD broad and wide, view even at night.  This affordable wireless outdoor camera comes with a solar-powered and rechargeable battery of about 10400mAh which, can remain charged for many days or weeks. It has an improved and updated motion sensor that only detects human motions and neglects false alarms caused by pets, insects, or trees blown by air.

This smart wireless solar security camera is perfect for the safety of your loved ones because it includes two-way audio, multiple account sharing, and the option to share Live streaming video to your family members. One cool feature that users can enjoy about this device is that it automatically uploads videos to an SD card or cloud.

  • Has a solar charger for a 100% battery.
  • Has an active IR illumination for smooth images in total darkness.
  • Has HD audio quality that works well even in windy conditions.
  • Well designed and easy to use App.
  • May have delayed motion detection.

4. YESKAMO 1080P HD Video Solar Powered IP Cameras for Home Security

YESKAMO 1080P HD Video Solar Powered IP Cameras for Home Security

When it comes to extra security and convenience, the Yeskamo solar powered security camera delivers it. This high-tech wireless and solar-powered security camera come with 4Pcs of lithium batteries with a capacity of 10400mAh which, can remain charged for months with just one day of full sun.

Users will get a real-time notification if a stranger breaks into their home addition to that, this security camera has smart motion detectors that help cut down false alarms caused by animals or vehicles passing by and only detects things with optimum temperature 37°C/98.6°F.

One of the best features of this solar-powered security camera is that it supports 4X digital zoom allowing you to magnify images and recognize people. Yeskamo security cameras care about user’s privacy; that’s why they have two storage options; one is SD card, the other is cloud storage with HTTPS certified encryption so that your data remains safe and private.

  • Has noise cancellation microphone for avoiding choppy audio.
  • Have infrared LEDs up to the visible range of 65fts.
  • Is waterproof therefore works well in the rainy season.
  • Has a swivel base so, it can be mount at any angle.
  • May have delayed motion detection.

5. Ctronics Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Wi-Fi Solar Powered

Ctronics Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Wi-Fi Solar Powered

For a camera that saves a lot of energy and is ecological, the Ctronics wireless outdoor security camera is the best choice as it comes with a 6000mAh rechargeable battery with a solar panel. This wireless solar camera can provide smooth and visible images with 1080p HDR resolution allowing the user to detect even the tiniest details such as facial features and license plate numbers.

This solar security camera is a blend of technology and advancement and has a highly advanced and flawless PIR motion detector and allows the user to monitor yard entrance, home, garage, etc.

  • Has efficient intercom function for HD voice from both sides.
  • Has a good motion and body detection features.
  • Easy product installation.
  • May have blurry or choppy videos at night.
  • Sometimes the camera may go to sleep mode.

6. SOLIOM S90 Wireless Security Camera Outdoor Solar Battery Powered

SOLIOM S90 Wireless Security Camera Outdoor Solar Battery Powered

The Soliom S90 wireless security camera uses integrated technology and records daytime videos at1080p HD, and at night it can record up to a range of 32 feet to let you see clearly in the dark. This smart solar-powered camera is waterproof and can withstand any weather conditions.

The software contains advanced technology and can manually record videos and pictures. Other than that, it has PIR motion sensors up to a distance of 16 feet, which sends alerts to the user immediately if a stranger is seen to enter their property. This camera records a 10 seconds video clip and uploads it to the memory card or to cloud storage, which can be used as evidence in case of a crime or theft.

  • Requires less than 15 minutes to install.
  • Fantastic and clear video quality.
  • Has wide solar plates for a long-lasting battery.
  • Clear and smooth night vision.
  • Short video recording time.
  • Sometimes may have false detections.

7. MAXSA 44642 Solar Powered Motion Activate Wireless Video Security Camera

MAXSA 44642 Solar Powered Motion Activate Wireless Video Security Camera

The Maxsa 44642 solar powered security camera is a remarkable assortment of wireless security cameras and motion floodlights to help you keep an eye on all the activities on and around your property.

With a resolution of 640p and a 6500-7000k range of daylight colors, this wireless solar camera provides good quality videos and images. Users can keep track of all the activities as it has highly sensitive motion sensors that record all nearby motions. This camera comes with a 16 GB SD card, which can be upgraded according to the needs and wants of the user up to 64 GB memory card.

  • User-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Has plenty of storage up to 64 GB.
  • Built-in floodlight to provide illumination at night.
  • May have low battery timing.
  • May have oversensitive motion sensors.

8. UNITOPSCI Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

UNITOPSCI Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

When it comes to the most affordable and the most suitable security camera for the outdoors, Unitopsci is the solution. This wireless solar-powered camera with its super-wide lens records up to a range of 10 meters to 15 meters and sends alerts if there is any kind of theft or vandalism happening on your property.

One of the coolest features of this wireless solar camera is that besides motion detectors, it also possesses sound sensors; therefore, it immediately sends a notification to your smartphone if someone breaks into your house and captures and stores all the actions on your property.

This smart security camera includes two-way talk as well as live video streaming so that in case you are far, you can have an eye on the activities happening on your property.

  • Flawless solar charging for long time usage.
  • Inexpensive cloud program to store and secure your data.
  • Waterproof and dustproof hence works in all weather conditions.
  • Has a noise cancellation feature for reducing unwanted sounds.
  • May face issue in pairing to Wi-Fi.
  • May have blurry night vision.

9. Koogeek Solar Security Camera

Koogeek Solar Security Camera

The Koogeek solar security camera has a solar panel and a 10400mAh battery that keeps it charged for days or even weeks. In case any strange things happen on your property, this smart solar security camera readily senses it, sends you an alert on your smartphone, as well as, records a video of about 8s that can later be used as a piece of evidence.

Koogeek never compromises on your and your family’s security; therefore, it provides the user with clear and high-quality images and videos with 1080p HD resolution during the daytime. Infrared LEDs provide excellent night vision up to a range of 60 feet. Its two-way audio and 24/7 Live stream will help you monitor your home anywhere at any time.

  • Works well in extreme weather conditions such as -25°C to 60°C.
  • Has infrared LEDs to provide clean and clear vision in dark.
  • Cheap cloud storage up to 128GB.
  • Strong connectivity with phone and Wi-Fi.
  • The playback video may not be clear.
  • Short recording time.

10. AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

The Akaso wireless outdoor security camera has a non-stop power supply, and once its battery gets fully charged, it can last up to 5 months. This solar-powered outdoor security camera with its 1080p HD resolution and 33ft night vision ensure to guard you and your family day and night by providing clear and fine details.

This wireless security camera includes two-way audio and works well with Alexa, Google Assistant for voice controls. Users can get two-way storage in this device; one is an SD card, and the other is cloud storage of IOS or android. Besides these features, this wireless solar-powered security camera possesses Human detection technology that only detects humans and neglects motions caused by animals or vehicles.

  • Long-lasting battery due to great solar panels.
  • Night vision works on point thus provides fine details.
  • Perfect motion detection for human detection.
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant for better voice controls.
  • May have a glitch playback audio.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying a Solar Powered Camera

As you should never compromise on your and your family’s security, so before purchasing a solar-powered camera, you should consider some factors that must be present in the camera. Here we have listed some of the factors that you should consider before buying a solar solar-powered:

  • Size of solar panel

A solar panel is required to charge a solar-powered security camera, so it should be large enough to power the camera efficiently. Hence before buying a solar camera, always look at whether the solar panel size is big enough to generate maximum power for the proper working of the solar security camera.

  • Advanced PIR detector

Your solar security camera should have an advanced PIR detector technology so that it instantly sends you an alert or notification when it detects some robbery or vandalism happening at your place. Therefore, make sure that the security camera has the latest PIR detector.

  • Infrared night vision

As most of the crimes and thefts occur at night; therefore, when buying a solar-powered security camera, always go for the camera that has infrared night vision and can provide you clear and HD images even at the darkest hour of the night.

  • Full HD resolution

When you look for a solar-powered outdoor security camera to protect your family and home, you need to make sure that the camera provides clear and high-quality images; that’s why you should always choose an outdoor security camera whose resolution is 1080p HD.

  • Different weather conditions

Solar-powered security cameras are mounted outside the house and face different weather conditions- hence, they should be resistant to different weather situations. So, before buying an outdoor camera, make sure that it is waterproof and dustproof and can work well in extreme weather conditions.

We recommend you to look for IP ratings for water and dust. If it is IPX-0, it means the camera has zero protection against water and dust. If it is IPX-7 or IPX-8, it means that the camera has resistance towards the water. Furthermore, for protection against dust, the camera must be IPX-6.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Powered Security Cameras

Along with considering the factors before buying solar powered security cameras, it is extremely important to have a glance at the frequently asked questions by the customers to have a much clearer idea about the product you are buying.

Do solar powered security cameras work on cloudy days?

Yes, solar-powered security cameras work on cloudy days because when the sunlight is not available, these cameras get power from rechargeable batteries.

Where are the recorded videos saved?

Most solar-powered security cameras come with two storage options; one is an SD card, and the other is cloud storage. It depends on you where you want to save your recorded videos.

Are solar cameras water-resistant?

Yes, almost all solar cameras are water-resistant and can work under different weather conditions.  We recommend you to check the IP rating of the camera before buying it.

Do solar powered security cameras need direct sunlight for efficient working?

The solar-powered security camera can be installed in the shade but, its solar panel should be in direct sunlight because the more direct the light, the more efficient the camera will work.

What is IR, and why is it important?

IR is a night vision camera that illuminates images and videos in the dark. Your solar-powered security camera must possess excellent night vision so that you can get clear videos to monitor your house at night.


Safety of family and property is every person’s priority, so one should never compromise on that, hence always invest in that security system or product that ensures complete safety of your valuables and loved ones. We hope that our list for Best solar powered security cameras will help you select the right product. All the options that we have provided here are the best. Still, we would recommend you to go for the “All-new Ring Stick up Cam Solar HD security camera” as it possesses all the features that should be present in a solar-powered security camera.

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