10 Best Swing Sets of all Time

Swinging is an enjoyable thing among both the kids and adults. No matter how old you are, having a swinging experience makes you carefree and fresh. And for kids, this is the best thing to play with. 

Sometimes the swings that come with playsets may wear out, and you may need to replace them. Or sometimes you cannot go to the park because of which your kids’ swinging routine is hindered. For that, it is always best that you get a pair of swings for your backyard or the playhouse.

But now the question is: what is the best swing set to go with? No worries about that; we have put together this guide so you can get the best swing set for your kids with ease.

10 Best Swing Sets Review

Now have a quick look at the top ten picks so you can get an idea of what you will read later:

  • Best Overall: Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Pack Swings Seat Set
  • Runner-Up: Squirrel Products 2 Pack Swing Seat Set
  • Best Popular Swing Set on Amazon: Sunny glade 2PCS Swing Seats Set
  • Best in Accessories: ZNCMRR 2 Pack Swings Seats Set
  • Best in Suspension Material: Eastern Jungle Gym 2 Swing Seats Set
  • Best for Every Age: Squirrel Products Combo Swing Seat Set
  • Best Budget: Caromy Heavy Duty Swing Seat Set 
  • Best for Weight: REDCAMP Swing Seat Set 
  • Best in Color Variety: PACEARTH Swings Seats Set
  • Best High-Quality Chains: CCTRO 2 Pack Swings Seats Set

1. Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Pack Swings Seat Set

 Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Pack Swings Seat Set


  • Comes with the snap hooks
  • 66 inches long chains
  • Zinc-plated chains with a plastic coating for durability
  • two swings in one set
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Swing hangers that can benefit the swinging 


  • Chains rust quickly

The number one on our list and the best overall is the Jungle Kingdom 2 pack sing set. This is a perfect setting for a good swing experience and is ideal for both the kids and adults. This swing set weighs about 9.8 pounds, and the seats of the swing set are green in color.

The seats of the swing set comprise high-quality plastic, and that is not only comfortable but also are sturdy and tough enough to support any kind of weight. The seats are 27” ×5.5” copolymer plastic.

Moreover, this set comes with two chains that are 66 inches long and are zinc plated. To give it more durability, the chains are coated with plastic to provide a good grip and safety from corrosion.

2.Squirrel Products 2 Pack Swing Seat Set

2. Runner-Up Squirrel Products 2 Pack Swing Seat Set


  • Compatible for both outdoors or indoors
  • Durable and sturdy seat for kids
  • Can also hold the weight of the adults
  • Can support up to 250 pounds
  • Two 26.6 inches seats
  • Thermoplastic coated chains for suspension


  • Not a safe pack for the larger sized individuals

The second best on our list is the Squirrel Products 2 pack swing set that is alike in the feature as the number one. So if you cannot get that one, you can always go for this one. This set is designed specially according to the requirements of the kids. 

It comes in 3 colors so no problem if you dislike the main green one you can always go for the other ones. The set of the swing set comprises plastic. The seat is 26.5 inches wide while 5.5 inches deep. Small but tough enough to support about 250lbs of weight.

This set also comes with chains that comprise metal. These 66 inches long chains coated with plastic to give longevity. At the same time, to not hurt your kid’s tiny fingers. So no worries of any entanglement of hairs or pinching of the fingers. 

3. Sunny glade 2PCS Swing Seats Set

 Sunny glade 2PCS Swing Seats Set


  • Durable and longer-lasting seats
  • Crack-resistant chains
  • Can support up to 250 pounds
  • The plastic coating on the chains for safety
  • Comfortable and soft seats 
  • Extra snap hooks for future use


  • Carabiner is not of excellent quality

Here on number 3, we have Amazon’s favorite choice, the Sunny Glade 2pc swing set for the kids. Another best swing set for the kids. This one is alike in the feature as the runner-up of our list, but this one comes in its traditional green color. 

Made up of high-quality EVA plastic material, the swing set seats are sturdy yet comfortable for your kids. No hardness, soft for your small kids to have a good playtime. The width of the seats is like the traditional swings that is 26.5 inches, and the deepness of a seat is 5.5 inches.

Both seats have the capability of supporting 250 pounds of weight, so both you and your kid have a fun time. 

Now let’s talk about the suspensions. Just like the other swing set, this one also comes with 66 inches of metal zinc-coated chains that are adjustable. The 30 inches length of the chains is covered with thermoplastic to provide a better grip along with safety. 

4. ZNCMRR 2 Pack Swings Seats Set

 ZNCMRR 2 Pack Swings Seats Set


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Comes with the strap hanging for better suspension
  • Two heavy-duty plastic seats
  • An extra set of snap hooks for chains
  • Seats are firm yet comfortable
  • Durable and longer-lasting chains and seats


  • Clip Is not of outstanding quality

If you are looking for some extra accessories to ensure safety, then you can go with there is a site that is the ZNCMRR pack of the swing set. This pack comes with some extra accessories to ensure the safety of your children.

Whether It is for a jungle gym set or you want something to fill up your backyard, you can never go wrong with this one. Made up of high-quality EVA Plastic, this swing set comes with two seats that are 26 inches wide while 5.5 inches deep so that your kid can sit comfortably.

Because of the high-quality material, the seats are suitable and firm but soft enough to not create any hindrance in your kid’s playtime. It has the capability of supporting up to 250 pounds, so no matter what weight your kid is, this can easily support him or her.

Moreover, the chains are like the traditional swings that comprise metal and zinc plated with a plastic coating for safety.

5. Eastern Jungle Gym 2 Swing Seats Set

5. Best in Suspension Material Eastern Jungle Gym 2 Swing Seats Set


  • Adjustable and high-quality chains
  • High-quality copolymer for chains
  • Commercial quality plastic seats
  • Best for both kids and adults
  • Comfortable and soft seats
  • A single-seat set is also available


  • Quality-wise not an excellent product

If you need a swing that is the best for the suspension, then you can always go for the Eastern Jungle swing set. This one is more famous for the swing suspension chains that it comes with.

Traditional green, this Swing Sets comes with a green belt seat that is 26inche sling and is inches wide. These seats were crafted using commercial quality material, keeping in mind the delicate figures of the kids.

Now let’s talk about the chains. Just like the seats, chains are also of high-quality copolymer plastic. The chains are long and adjustable, with the zinc-coated along with the yellow thermoplastic coating to increase the chains’ lifetime.

This Swing Sets specifically designed just for the resident use only, so the best product for your home backyards.

6. Squirrel Products Combo Swing Seat Set

6. Best for Every Age Squirrel Products Combo Swing Seat Set


  • 2-in-1 set for both smaller and bigger kids
  • Both seats come with an extra snap hook set
  • Easy installation 
  • Easy assembling, no technical knowledge needed
  • Compatible with any type of jungle set
  • The high-quality material used for construction


  • Chains of this one are a bit short

If you are looking for something suitable for both teenagers and toddlers, then going for the Squirrel combo pack would be the best choice. This one is like a 2-in-1 type of pack and a best swing set for toddlers in which you get both options. It comes in 3 different colors are Red, traditional green color, and blue color. 

This Swing Sets comes with one heavy duty swing and a high back bucket swing for your toddler. Both are made up of high-quality plastic and crafted in such a way that your kid would not have any difficulty while sitting on them. So, this ensures hours of play with no hindrance. 

This one is the perfect choice for any of the kids aging three and up. While the seats are made with perfection, the chains are no less. This set contains high-quality, heavy-duty chains. The chains are 66 inches long whole of 30 inches of them wrapped with plastic to provide safety to the delicate fingers of kids.

7. Caromy Heavy Duty Swing Seat Set 

Caromy Heavy Duty Swing Seat Set 


  • Heavy-duty material of seats
  • Soft and safe material of the seeds
  • Non-slip design 20 of the safety of your kids
  • Compatible with both outdoor and indoor 
  • Non-slippery chains
  • Easy installation 


  • Length adjusting is not possible

If you are looking for something that has all the features but a little less in the budget, then you can go for this heavy-duty swing set.  This phone has all the features like the best ones but with a little less in the budget. This heavy-duty Swing Sets comes in different packs. It is up to you can either get a double pack, or you can also get a single one.

 You can find this swing set in three colors: yellow, blue, and green.  The seats of this swing set are made of high-quality plastic material that can support 250 pounds of weight. It is best for both kids and adults. 

 The seats of these Swing Sets are crafted so that they are not slippery, and your child can safely swing as much as he wants. 

 Metal chains that are 60 inches long suspend the seats and comprise a strong metal material. The material is durable, whereas the chains are coated with yellow plastic to ensure your safety and longevity of the chains.

8. REDCAMP Swing Seat Set 

8. Best for Weight REDCAMP Swing Seat Set 


  • Adjustable and flexible ropes
  • Soft and firm seats 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Can support 330lbs of weight
  • Compatible with any indoor and outdoor playset
  • Premium quality material used in construction


  • Grip of the rope is not good

Some people dislike the chains in the swings; that is why this set could be really helpful for you. This set uses ropes for the suspension that are flexible and tough. This set is available in 2 colors blue and green. 

Seats of the swing set comprise premium material that is yet EVA plastic. The seats are soft yet strong enough to support any kind of weight. The seats are U-shaped, which makes sitting easy, and the seats crafted in such a way that they are non-slippery. SO that whenever you or your kid swings on it, there is no chance of slipping from the seat.

Moreover, the ropes it comes with for suspension are also made up of high-quality PE materials. Not only these ropes are flexible and long but also adjustable. You can easily adjust the length from standard 57 inches to 87 inches. 

9. PACEARTH Swings Seats Set

9. Best in Color Variety PACEARTH Swings Seats Set


  • vailable in a variety of colors
  • Unique combination available
  • The longest chains for suspension
  • Extra locking buckles for convenience
  • U-shaped comfortable seats
  • Antirust comfortable chains
  • Hanging straps for installation with trees


  • Not a good one to attach with the trees

If you like colorful and bright things, then the PACEARTH is the swing set for you. This swing set comes in a variety of colors for both boys and girls to choose from. Available in different colors, this one is going to give your playset a look of its own.

The seats comprise high-quality plastic to give you a good comfortable sitting experience, whereas the seats are not only durable but also corrosion and crack free. These are u-shaped with a 26inches in length and 5.5 inches in width. 

No need for any tree or another suspension strap as both the seats come with one. The chains of this set are longer than compared to another set that is 68.9 inches. Along with being coated with thermoplastic to prevent any corrosion and rusting, it is also environmentally friendly. So, no problem in touching the chains. 

10. CCTRO 2 Pack Swings Seats Set

10. Best High-Quality Chains CCTRO 2 Pack Swings Seats Set


  • Available in two colors
  • Strong and soft seats
  • High-quality chains
  • Chains coated with plastic for safety
  • Best for both kids and adults


  • No cons reported

Last but not least, we have the CCTRO 2 packs swing set, a very simple yet very enjoyable swing set. This swing set comes in two colors that are blue and yellow. The seats are U-shaped and made up of high-quality plastic material. The seats are 26 inches long and 5 inches wide that can easily fit any size kid and adult. 

The chains for the suspension are 66 inches long, and 30 inches of these chains are coated with plastic material. It is a perfect replacement for any type of swing, whether outdoor or indoors. It can be suspended from anywhere, whether it is a metal pole or tree. 

It comes with two sets of snap hooks that can be used for the installation process. This one is recommended for residential use only.

Buying Guide

Now, as we have listed the best Swing Sets that you can buy for the entertainment of your children, it is time that you know about some buying factors


This is an important thing to consider as the seats of the swing sets come in different materials. Most of the sets come in plastic, but some are also made up of wood or some other material. Ensure that the material in the swing seat used is of high quality and safe for your children.


Suspension material is also important, as it is going to support the total weight of your kid. Always buy the hard quality and sturdy suspension ropes or chains; safety is the priority.

A lot of swing sets come with either ropes or plastic-coated metal chains. Ropes are a good option as they are sturdy and bets for suspension. But nowadays, the thermoplastic coated metal chains are also quite in use. 


 Now comes the size, as when buying the swing, you should also consider the size of both your kid and the swing. The age is always specified on the swing sets. Different Swing Sets come for different ages. Some are specifically for toddlers, and some are for both the teenager and the adults.

Number of Sets

If you have a bigger household with a lot of kids, then just a set would not be done. You might get into some kid’s war. That’s why If you have many kids, then going for a number of sets is good.

You can always go for the same brand, or you can go for different brands trying out some different things.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swing Sets

Here are some of the questions customers usually ask before buying swing sets.

Which type of suspension materials is the best one?

Swings come with two types of suspension materials. One is ropes and the other in chains. Both are good in their way you can get what you prefer.

What are the best swing set brands to get a set from?

quirrel products, Jungle Gym, sunny glade, Redcamp, and a lot more brands are good for buying swings. You can go for the squirrel products combo pack to get the best quality toddler’s swing. Caromy Heavy-duty swing set is the best one for anybody who wants something budget-friendly.

What to do if the swing set is large for space?

There is no need to worry about this as swing set can be adjusted to your small area. Swing beams are a go-to option if you are short on space. Ladders and slides can be run in different directions as per your needs.

Is it important for the yard to be leveled?

Yes, to avoid any injuries or harm, it is best to set the swing set on a nearly flat area. This way, the swing would easily accommodate. Try at least keeping a six feet distance from every obstacle.


Swings are an excellent alternative as a plaything for your kids. Especially when you can’t go to the park, the Swing Sets that we mentioned above are all kids friendly and can be suspended from anywhere in the house or even your backyard.

We mentioned the best of all that is the jungle gym one because they are perfect in every way. But along with the best one, we also gave you the option that can suit you, so also check for them.

Your kids will surely love it, even if you give them this as a gift. So, amp your kid’s joy and give them the best playtime. Take your time to go ahead, read all the specs, and then choose the best Swing Sets for yourself.

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