10 Best Tankless Water Heaters Consumer Reports

Best Tankless Water Heaters

You and your family will enjoy many benefits once you install the best tankless water heater. You won’t have the fear that your water is going to explode. There is no ongoing maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about replacing after usage.

Gas is usually cheaper than electricity and available in your home. So a gas tankless water heater is more affordable to operate.

You will save more when you install a gas fuel tankless water heater. Gas water heaters are the original versions of water heaters that required either natural or propane gas already available. But they have lower energy efficiency, so a lot of heat can be lost through the vent.

Things to Know Before Buying Tankless Water Heaters

Things to Know Before Buying Tankless Water Heaters

On every single day, an on-demand hot water supply is something that we all rely on. The tankless water heater Is the solution to this problem. The best gas tankless water heater will supply not only hot water but also essential for another household. There are many things to consider when choosing the best tankless water heater that will work for you. You have to look at energy and thermal efficiencies to determine how much savings you can get from safety features, temperature, and control settings for gas and water pressure.

If you are probably thinking about installing a new tankless water heater in your home or job site, you should walk through all the information you need to know about making that decision. Let’s get straight into it.

Satisfactory Installation and Maintenance

A tankless water heater should be installed by a skilled person trained to handle the plumbing, gas, electrical, and venting aspects of a tankless water heater. For installation, the place to decide for installing your water heater should be clean, modern, and flexible enough.

Proper installation and maintenance of tankless water heaters can optimize the energy and makes it more efficient. Electric or gas components should be inspected properly.

Dimension and Size

Most people do not bother the size of the unit but what matters is the usage of household and water usage time. Ideally, a tank size of 23 to 36-gallon tank is enough for fewer people in the house, while a tank size of 36 to 46 gallons is the best to suit more than five people at home.

Whenever you need to have a tankless water heater, you must understand the flow rate and temperature rise of your system. The outcome of those factors will certainly assist you in identifying the ideal dimension unit for your residential property.

Fuel Type and Flow Rate

 The first-ever thing you will need to decide is your tankless water heater’s fuel type, either it will be natural gas or propane. Any tankless water heater’s flow rate depends upon how much water will be heated and flows through the heat exchanger. Flow Rate determines the overall GPM demand and finds the temperature rise to meet general hot water needs.


While deciding to get a tankless water heater, you must consider the size and need for hot water. Decide whether you are looking for a heater that will heat your bathroom water, or do you want to have a supply wholly. It is essential to know about the point of use and demands.

10 Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews By 10 Consumers

Keeping the significance of time in mind, we have performed our research on different tankless water heaters for other people. This is why we will provide you with the reviews for the best tankless water heaters currently available.

  1. Best Recommended Overall: Rinnai V65IN
  2. Best Exterior Mount: Rinnai 65eP
  3. Best Rust_Proof: Hottoby
  4. Best for Multiple Protection: Camplus
  5. Best for Outdoor Purpose: Rheem RTG-84XLN-1
  6. Best Safe Electronic Ignition System: Eccotemp FVI12-LP
  7. Best CSA certified: Eccotemp 45HI-NG
  8. Best Corrosion Resistant: Camplux CA528
  9. Best ThermalCric Recirculating Technology: Rinnai RU130en
  10. Best for Multiple Point of Use: Marey GA10LP

1. Rinnai V65IN Tankless Water Heater



  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Available for Natural gas and propane.
  • Control-R 2.0 mobile app feature.
  • Temperature control feature.
  • Uses> 40% energy.


  • No recirculation technology.

Rinnai V65IN provides endless hot water for your entire home. Using natural gas or propane is only applicable for indoor installation. Having a flow rate of up to 6.5 GPM also controls our 2.0 mobile app feature that allows you to schedule its timing throughout the day.

Rinnai tankless water heater uses the ThermaCric360 technology that recirculates the hot water throughout your pipes to provide you with hot water as fast as you run out of hot water and leave you in the cold.

This tankless water heater comes in a compact nontraditional design that will save up to 16 square feet of space. It uses approximately 40% less energy than the conventional water tanks because it will heat the water whenever needed. Induced with smart technological advancements, including Wi-Fi monitoring, you can easily monitor this tankless water heater’s efficiency.

2. Rinnai 65eP Tankless Water Heater



  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Available for Natural gas and propane.
  • Control-R 2.0 mobile app feature.
  • Temperature control feature.
  • Residential warranty.


  • Outdoor installation only.

Rinnai 65eP is the exterior mount tankless water heater that is the Perfect Combination of high efficiency and comfort. It is ideal for small to medium houses because it is compact and easy to install a reliable tankless water heater. 

This water heater will deliver up to 6.6 gallons per minute of hot water that is the perfect GPN for small houses. Its temperature control feature ranges from 98 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It could be challenging to install and a little heavy to lift, but overall, the water heater is very efficient and runs hot in under a minute. It has a very accurate and comfortable to set temperature setting. Just select the temperature and turn it on.

It has a Control-R 2.0 mobile app feature timer that will allow you to schedule throughout the day and remotely put the system into vacation mode.

3. Hottoby Tankless Water Heater



  • Rust-proof stainless steel.
  • Advance energy-saving technology.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Immersion Tin surface.
  • Multiple air inlets.


  • No exhaust pipe included.

Hottoby is the natural gas tankless water heater that uses 16 kilowatts of power and generates the 8 liters per minute hot water. This water heater comes in a unique design with advanced energy-saving and combustion technology to decrease gas consumption and burning.

It has a wall-mounted design with holes, and at the same time, it has multiple Air inlets on its back. LED control temperature displays allow you to adjust the water temperature easily. When the water temperature rises from 75 degrees for the heater to remain in the freezer for 20 minutes, it will automatically power off.

There is an adjustable control feature to adjust the water temperature according to the summer or winter season. Gas regulation control allows you to adjust the gas pressure, while water regulation control allows water to come out. The water heats quickly, so it worked perfectly for the outdoor shower

4. Camplus Tankless Water Heater



  • LED touchscreen control display.
  • Multiple protections ensures safety.
  • Child lock technology.
  • Automatic temperature control.
  • High thermal efficiency.


  • Indoor use only.

Camplus is the 25.4 inches demand tankless water heater with a water capacity ranging from 0.8 to 4.8 GPM. It’s sleek, yet compact design copes with the trendy and modern designs with an LED touchscreen controls with celsius digital and display.

This high efficiency 3.18 GPM natural gas tankless water heater can deliver up to 3.18 gallons per minute and do instant hot water for a comfortable shower. Convenient in use and easy for installation, it uses the standard by 2 inches NPT water fittings perfect for indoor use.

Fully automatic temperature control and child lock technology do it an ideal service even for the children. Multiple protection features ensure safety, including dry combustion, anti-freezing protection, overheating protection.

The complicated tankless propane water heater operates at natural gas pressure at 0.4PSI with a max power of 82,000 BTU/hour. It is undoubtedly an ideal energy-efficient appliance.

5. Rheem RTG-84XLN-1 Tankless Water Heater



  • Ultra-Low NOx burner for safety.
  • Recirculation pump included.
  • High-temperature control.
  • Digital remote control feature.
  • EcoNet enabled mobile app feature.


  • Outdoor purpose only.

Rheem RTG-84XLN-1 comes in an exclusive water-saving technology that will conserve up to 1100 gallons per year. This tankless water heater is a mid-efficiency outdoor natural gas tankless water heater explicitly designed for continuous hot water.

Having the minimum flow rate of 0.26 GPM and the minimum activation flow rate of 0.40 GPM ensures that the water is received still hot. For safety purposes, it is featured with an Ultra-Low NOx burner. Furthermore, it includes the digital remote control and 10 feet of thermostat wire.

It has an exclusive hot start programming that minimizes the cold water in verify estate, and the recirculation pump is also available within the kit. Its Exclusive garden overheats film rap prevents the unit from reaching dangerous temperatures, and has built-in notification settings.

6. Eccotemp FVI12-LP Tankless Water Heater


  • Digital temperature display.
  • High-Temperature control.
  • Safe electronic ignition system.


  • Manual temperature control.

Eccotemp FVI12-LP is the whole home indoor gas provider tankless water heater that activates only when in use. An incredibly efficient Eco temp tankless water heater uses an intense propane flame to heat the water at the movement and passes through the heat exchanger.

Digital temperature displays make everything easy to read digitally on a compact water heater. It has a safe electronic ignition system that plugs into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet and uses the standard by 2 inches N water fittings that makes it easy to install.

Moreover, it is a manual water heater that requires the water temperature adjustment to be made using the knobs of water flow and gas pressure. Eccotemp is the best fit for cables for small homes with a minimum flow rate of 0.65 GPM

7. Eccotemp 45HI-NG Tankless Water Heater



  • CSA certified.
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve.
  • Gas shut off valve.
  • High-temperature control feature.
  • Five years of warranty.


  • Require 4″ venting.

Eccotemp 45HI-NG is a natural gas tankless water heater that is rated at 6.8 GPM. This water heater comes with the temperature and pressure relief valve equipped with 3/4 inches NPT fittings. For the installation purpose, it requires 4 inches eventing for the indoor models.

This tankless power heater is certified by CSA for a safe and enjoyable installation experience. The gas-powered Eccotemp tankless water heater uses 110 volts and weights 20 7.3 lbs. This exceptional natural gas tankless water heater comes with five years of manufacturer warranty on parts and ten years of contract on the heat exchanger.

8. Camplux CA528 Tankless Water Heater



  • High-temperature control feature.
  • CSA certified.
  • Phosphorus deoxidized copper heat exchanger.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High-thermal efficiency.


  • Indoor use only.

This tankless water heater is a residential model that features the imported PCB with precise temperature control. The on-demand water heater allows you to adjust the temperature control that will never blow Hot and Cold intern but can produce a quick and less hot shower for ears.

Being certified from CSA, it features the advanced safety features that balance the outdoor combustion design to ensure fresh indoor air. Camplux CA528 features the PCB frequency conversion intelligent control that allows you to control the temperature and adjust the hot water flow.

This intelligent tankless water heater will automatically activate the water pressure between 7 to 150 PSI with a maximum power output of 150000 BTU per hour. It is powered by 120v AC voltage with a safe electronic ignition System, including an anti-freezing protection flame failure device and dry combustion protection.

Featuring the fully automatic temperature control can save energy and high thermal efficiency up to 92%. Template tankless water heaters focus on phosphorus deoxidized copper heat exchanger with high temperature and corrosion resistance technology to ensure safety. Indeed, it is the best residential tankless gas water heater that will meet your hot water needs.

9. Rinnai RU130en Tankless Water Heater



  • Built-in Wi-Fi technology.
  • Available in natural gas and propane.
  • Uses >40% energy.
  • ThermalCric recirculating technology.


  • No isolation valve included.

This tankless water heater is equipped with Rinnai Circ-Logic-Pair using an external pump that will generate the hot water in no time wires casual or on-demand recirculation

 Rinnai is fitted with smart technological advancements, including Wi-Fi monitoring, that will allow you to monitor a tankless water heater’s efficiency and make you aware of the issues before you experience a break. It features the replicable components to replace the part easily instead of being a whole new system.

Having a compact design it will save up to 16 square feet of space. Using ThermalCric360 technology, this tankless water heater will recirculate hot water and provide you with hot water on demand. Having an enhanced combustion design, this tankless water heater delivers the most out of it. 

10. Marey GA10LP Tankless Water Heater



  • High-temperature control.
  • Multiple points of use.
  • Uses natural gas or propane.


  • Cell batteries not included.

Marey GA10LP tankless water heater provides hot water on demand and saves up to 60% of electricity. It comes up with a compact design that saves space and is easy to install almost everywhere but needs only a 2-D battery cell for ignition.

A Marey GA10LP tankless water heater is the perfect alternative for those who do not prefer the electric water heaters or suffer the most power outages. This tankless water heater provides up to 2.7 gallons per minute and is perfect for 115 degrees Fahrenheit output water temperature.

It will supply the hot water for up to three points of use for various residential hot photo applications. It has the incredible option to switch between summer and winter according to the weather condition. This on-demand water heater has an adjustable flow rate setting from low to high. It will allow you to control the water temperature with no water loss.

FAQ’s about Best Tankless Water Heater

What is the suitable size of tankless water heaters?

Most people do not bother the size of the unit but what matters is the usage of household and water usage time. Ideally, a tank size of 23 to 36-gallon tank is enough for fewer people in the house, while a tank size of 36 to 46 gallons is the best to suit more than five people at home.

Is a tankless water heater worth it?

Tankless water heaters work more efficiently without the use of storage tanks. They can avoid the standby heat loss associated with storage.

Can you run out of hot water with a tankless water heater?

The on-demand tankless water heater will provide hot water as per your need. It will keep doing this as long as there is a demand for hot water. Therefore, it will never run out of hot water.

Does a tankless water heater need maintenance frequently?

The tankless water heater does not require much maintenance but should be adequately serviced. To clean your tankless water heater, you can flush the mineral deposits at least once or twice a year for optimum performance and efficiency.

Can I install a tankless water heater myself?

You can install your tankless water heater by yourself, but it is not a job for an inexperienced person. Professionals are encouraged to fix your water heater as they are highly trained and understand the electrical demands.


For always having hot water when you need it without worrying, Rinnai V65IN is the overall winner of the whole review. It takes the big burst of BTUs for a tankless water heater to turn freezing water into hot water. Moreover, Rinnai V65IN tankless water heater with built-in digital connectivity enabled you to adjust temperature and schedule the hot water usage. Unlike others, it won’t spill gallons of water, and because of the sealed air supply and vents, it cannot leak into the house.

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