10 Best Vinyl Flooring

Best Vinyl Flooring

When we build a house, one of the most important things we make sure is to take care of is good and attractive flooring. Flooring makes the interior of your home look elegant and stylish. People spend as much they can on a high-quality floor, and most of them prefer vinyl flooring.

Vinyl floorings are most wanted flooring nowadays as people now rip off their carpets and prefer installing vinyl flooring as they give your house a lovely wood look. They are much better than hardwoods, and their material is also light, durable, and is long-lasting. There are many types of vinyl flooring available in different colors and textures to make your house look stylish and give it a modern and luxurious look.

10 Best Vinyl Flooring Review by 10 Consumers

Some of the best vinyl flooring options have been listed down for you so that you can choose wisely, which will look suitable for your house.

  1. Best Overall: Shaw Classico Antico vinyl flooring 
  2. Best Textured Wooden Floor: Achim home furnishing nexus vinyl tile
  3. Best Quality Vinyl: RoseRosa vinyl flooring
  4. Best Moderate Vinyl Quality with Marble Texture: Nexus vinyl tile, marble granite
  5. Best Eco-Friendly: Nexus charcoal grey wood vinyl flooring
  6. Best Wood Resemblance Vinyl: Floorpops floor tiles
  7. Best Runner-Up: Modin rigid vinyl plank flooring
  8. Best Anti-Scratch and Anti-Stain Vinyl Flooring: SELKIRK vinyl plank flooring
  9. Best Value on Budget: DotFloor vinyl flooring plank
  10. Best Classic Visual Vinyl Flooring: Achim home furnishing nexus vinyl tiles, classic oak diamond textured tile

1. Shaw Classico Antico vinyl flooring



  • Wood imitation.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Gives you a luxurious look to your rooms.
  • 100% waterproof cleaner; thus, water does not destroy the texture.


  • Very expensive as compared to other brands.

Shaw industries deal with the best quality of vinyl flooring. They are one of the well-known brands for vinyl flooring and offer you the flooring of unique and real designs.

They offer you the best vinyl material. Most of these are made up of PVC and not regular plastic. Standard plastics are not eco-friendly and made up of harmful substances.

This Classico Antico vinyl flooring is made up of high-quality vinyl, which gives an aesthetic appeal to your house. It is a rust-colored tile, which has a wire brush oak visual and is easy to install too. Its quality is guaranteed and long-lasting.

2. Achim home furnishing nexus vinyl tile



  • High quality, durable flooring.
  • Gives a glossy look.
  • Stick and peel the installation.
  • No adhesives needed.


  • Not a waterproof tile.
  • Mops are not suitable for cleaning these tiles.

Achim vinyl tiles give your house a whole brand new look as they have a wrinkled-finish texture. It has an oak wood design on it, which looks like real wood. They don’t take much of your time and energy during installation. No adhesives are needed for sticking it.

You can easily peel and stick it on the floor, and it makes your drawing room, bedroom, and living room look beautiful and stylish. You can apply it on your old vinyl floor too. People usually use it to give a new look to the floors.

3. Roserosa vinyl flooring



  • Durable vinyl flooring.
  • Eco-friendly material is made up of harmless substances.
  • Grey colored wood-textured flooring.
  • Easy to clean.


  • For bathrooms, additional adhesives are required.

If you are planning to refurnish your apartment, house, restaurant, or school and are looking for better quality vinyl flooring, which has a woody color and Stoney or marble texture, then Roserosa vinyl flooring can be your perfect choice.

It restores your flooring and provides a much better-looking floor to your place. It is a self-adhesive plank. It should be installed carefully according to instructions written on the package so that it doesn’t peel off after some time and create problems for you; otherwise, it is durable and reliable.

4. Nexus vinyl tile



  • Marble granite texture.
  • Offers DIY installation.
  • Is a cost-effective solution.
  • No adhesives require.
  • Has 20 other designs too.


  • Not a waterproof vinyl tile.
  • Does Not stick easily, requires additional glue too.

This nexus tile has a glossy, marble textured granite appearance, which can be installed in any room of your house, including the bathroom. It is a stick and peels vinyl tile that has a DIY installation. The material is durable and lasts for a long time.

It looks like marble as it has a marble granite texture on the top. You don’t need to buy expensive marble tile now as these vinyl tiles give a whole marble look to the floors.

It does not have any wax finish, can be cleaned with any cleaner easily, and looks very stylish too. They are made up of a moderate quality vinyl, which is eco-friendly. Not to forget, if you have children or pets in your house, then it is reliable for you to choose it for your house flooring.

5. Nexus charcoal grey wood vinyl flooring



  • Charcoal grey color.
  • No wax finish.
  • Installation is easy and is DIY.
  • The texture resembles real wood.


  • The adhesive needs assistance as it is slightly weak.
  • Material is fragile and flimsy.

If you don’t like wood-colored flooring, then nexus charcoal grey colored vinyl flooring can be your choice. It is best for your drawing rooms as it gives it a luxurious look because of its aesthetic appeal.

It has a classic visual appearance that completely changes the look of the place where you install it. It complements your interior beautifully. Not only it looks good, but the quality is appreciable too. It is durable and doesn’t get affected by water or any other thing.

You can easily peel and stick it on your floor. It is a high-quality vinyl with a guaranteed eco-friendly nature and is perfect for installing it in your house or offices to give it a furnished look.

6. Floorpops floor tiles



  • Offers rust color.
  • Gives a smooth texture.
  • Planks are water-resistant.
  • Easy to wash with either water or cleaner.
  • Offers DIY installation.


  • Cannot be installed on the stairs, only for floors.

These floor tiles are wood imitated with a style of rust. It highly resembles the actual wood, and its texture is also smooth and non-slippery and gives your bedroom, living room, or kitchen a stylish look. It stands for its unique design and easy DIY installation.

You do not have to bear dull tiles anymore, as these tiles stick perfectly on the floor and give your house a new look with a better quality of vinyl. It is also easy to wash, as it is water-resistant and does not swell up when coming in contact with water. You can use a fibred mop too for cleaning it.

7. Modin rigid vinyl plank flooring



  • The ceramic coating protects from heat.
  • Perfect for households having children and pets.
  • Is water-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Quite expensive comparatively.

This vinyl plank flooring is perfect for commercial places and luxurious houses where it maintains the magnificent look of your area. It is a premium quality rigid vinyl flooring with high durability.

It has a thick wear layer which is pre-attached and made up of high-quality PVC. the material is scratch-resistant and anti-microbial, safe for children who crawl and pets. 100% PVC sometimes becomes unstable at high temperatures; that is why it is mixed with limestones too, which doesn’t get affected by weather, and it remains attached to the floor for a long time as it is a rigid stoned flooring plank.

8. SELKIRK vinyl plank flooring

SELKIRK vinyl plank flooring


  • Scratch and stains resistant, can be cleaned with water.
  • Installation is not complicated; can be installed using flooring tools.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Temperature affects it a lot, not suitable for outdoors.
  • Not suitable for stairs too, no option of trimming.

Selkirk vinyl flooring is available in a variety of colors, which gives your house an attractive appeal. They have an enhanced wear layer, which protects them from scratches and also prevents microbial growth on the floor. It is a go-to option if you also have pets in your house, as it does not let the marks of claws destroy it.

It is safe to mop with water and cleaner as it is 100% waterproof. You can install it over any existing floor or any kind of floors like concrete, ceramics, or tiles. They are textured tiles that are not slippery at all and look magnificent in your living room, drawing room, or bedroom.

9. Dotfloor vinyl flooring plank



  • Perfect for households.
  • The thick wear layer and rigid core keep it stable on the ground.
  • Wood texture gives real wood feels.


  • Not available in other colors.

It is a thick rigid core grey color vinyl flooring plank with a wood-like texture. It resembles wood a lot and is best by all means. As it has a thick underlayer, which is pre-attached.

 Its enhanced wear makes it durable and perfect for residential places. It doesn’t start to peel within a few months of buying and is long-lasting. It is waterproof, which means it can be cleaned and mopped easily. It has an anti-scratch and anti strain properties too and is suitable for those who own a pet in their houses.

10. Achim home furnishing nexus vinyl tiles, classic oak diamond textured tile



  • Real wood appearance.
  • Classical oak diamond texture.
  • Perfect sized tiles.
  • Offers DIY installation.


  • Not suitable for outdoors.
  • Not a waterproof tile.

If you want to give a classic and antique look to your house, then these nexus vinyl tiles are best for it. Its texture is an oak diamond parquet and resembles wood. Even though it is available in a variety of colors, the wood color gives more of an aesthetic appeal.

It has no wax finish but looks glossy and not slippery at all. Its installation is easy because of its DIY peel and sticks property. It makes your room look brand new as it is very stunning and a high quality sticking vinyl tile. They are available in tiles and not planks, which is a bonus point for those who live in flats or small houses.

Buyer’s Guide – Things You Need to Know About Before Buying Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are in trend these days, and most people prefer to have vinyl floorings because of their easy installations and durability. PVC is always a durable material as it protects from a lot of harmful substances, which most of the flooring material has. They are dangerous for animals and us too. Other than its material and durability, there are many woody textures and colors available in it, and it offers a lot of varieties to people.

Following are some of the main properties or facts which you should not forget while buying a perfect vinyl flooring plank for your house:

  • Material

According to its material and durability, there are three types of vinyl plank flooring which is offered to the buyer. One is a luxurious vinyl plank, The other one is a rigid core vinyl plank, and last but not least, the third one is waterproof vinyl plank flooring.

Each of these types differs in material as one gives a luxurious look and has four layers attached, making it the most durable flooring plank. The second one is best for a place where there is heavy foot trafficWaterproof vinyl plank flooring is similar to the first one but has a 100% waterproof layer too, which is its best quality.

  • Installation

The rigid planks need tools for installation and cutting of vinyl planks while some of them are peel and stick ones. Both of them are easy methods but peel and stick ones do not need extra service, and you can do it by yourself. On the other hand, rigid ones are more durable as they stick on the floor and can not be removed easily. They are installed using laminating tools and adhesives.

  • Wood finish

The vinyl flooring may be of different colors, but the texture is somewhat the same as that is of wood. The best vinyl plank flooring is the one, which has a clear wood finish and does not look rough when installed in any room of your house. They should give the feels of natural wood and looks appealing too.

  • Warranty and price

Before buying a perfect vinyl flooring for your place, you should choose one that sets according to your budget. Most of the luxurious vinyl planks are expensive, and the others are budget-friendly, but it depends upon your need and the brand you choose. 

You should always buy warranty based flooring so that it can be easy for you to replace or remove it. Where many offer a lifetime warranty, some of them have a 15 to 20 years warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Flooring

It is completely normal to be confused when buying a  new product, and when it comes to decorating or furnishing your home, you want to be crystal clear about the product you are buying. Here are the most frequently asked questions customers inquire when buying vinyl flooring.

Can we install vinyl floors on existing floors?

Yes! Vinyl floors can be installed over the existing floors; be it concrete, ceramic, or even vinyl floor, you can install another vinyl flooring over it easily. But you should make sure that before installing the place is dust-free and water free so that it sticks properly.

Why is luxury flooring highly recommended?

As luxury flooring has all the four essential layers and the luxurious woody texture too, which lacks in the others, it is highly recommended. The waterproof vinyl flooring has four layers also, but it doesn’t give a magnificent woody appeal like a luxurious one.

Why should vinyl be chosen for a flooring option?

Vinyl flooring is very common nowadays as they have many benefits as compared to floorings. They are easy to install and clean. It has a beautiful texture and a variety of colors, and it has a lot of options to offer so that your place looks gorgeous and attractive with nice flooring.


All the interior designers have now rejected the concept of hardwood because of its outdated designs and material, and now they suggest vinyl flooring planks to the house owners. They look beautiful, have different textures, look like natural wood, and are very easy to install too.

Vinyl flooring does not take much workforce, and this is why people like to have it in their house. They are durable and can be replaced or removed easily. Therefore, vinyl flooring can be the best flooring option for your home or offices, and besides its few drawbacks, it offers more advantages because of its versatility and durability.

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