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Best Washing Machines - 10 Consumers

Nowadays, washing machines are among the most used in household appliances. And the manufacturers of these washing machines continue to innovate every day to meet the demands of customers in constant evolution. With advanced washing machines, air bubble washing, steam cleaning, or the Inverter machine, it can be challenging to choose the ideal washing machine model.

Also, there are many brands of washing machines on the market. Best Comparison you will find in this article the eight best washing machines in 2021 and the criteria on which it is important to review before selecting your washing machine.

How to select the best washing machine?

We have analyzed some basic features that let you choose the ideal washing machine. These selection criteria separate excellent washing machines from those of poor quality.

  • Cleaning performance

The best washing machines try to eliminate all the smells and stains of each garment. No machine is perfect in the strict sense, but some are of much better quality than others. The majority of people wash their clothes in the normal cycle, a setting that works very well in most modern machines. However, in some cases, you must wash heavier, dirtier, or more delicate clothes. You must, therefore, be able to set the spin speed, the wash water temperature, and other motion parameters. A soaking capacity or even prewash can facilitate the removal of stubborn dirt.

  • The reliability of the brand and its customer service

Technical failure may occur with your washing machine. Some brands are more reliable than others in managing defects. Customer feedback is an effective way to find out if a brand has common usage issues, and if its customer service is appropriate.

  • Less wash times

Some models of washing machines have an accelerated wash cycle that makes washing twice as fast, without losing performance. They combine the spin and rinse cycles, saving you a lot of time. Thus, in 30 minutes, top loaders can wash a massive load of clothes. The majority of machines of any model have a quick wash cycle that can clean in less than 20 min, with slightly dirty clothes.

  • The delicate handling of the fabric

Even the best washing machine handles clothes, but some machines clean fabrics more gently than others. Top-loaded machines may cause more damage than front-loading models.

  • The least important criteria

Some features are less important and are similar from one model to another.

  • Additional cycles and options

There are modifications of wash cycles for white clothes, jeans, towels. These are not options that improve washing performance, but they can be useful.

  • The capacity of the machine

Extensive models do not optimize laundry because they require large loads of water and require a lot of energy. Also, the laundry becomes cleaner with a touch of softness and classifying to wash similar fabrics together. So you save time with a washing machine of the right capacity.

Other criteria such as the low noise level, the slight vibrations, the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the washing machine, the price of the machine, the cost of repairs if necessary, the spin speed (expressed in revolutions per minute) must be taken into account, even if they are of less importance.

Top Washing Machines Consumer Reports

  1. Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine
  5. CANDY GVS168D3 A+++
  7. LG WM3997HWA

1- Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine



  • Ultra-light and easy to carry.
  • The design makes storage super convenient.
  • 110w spinning power for unique cleaning.
  • Powerful engine in Giantex includes 300w washing powder.
  • Each wash cycle lasts only 15 minutes while spin-dry cycles take 5.


  • Attachments are flimsy.

Color: Gray, Cabinet Material: PP Plastic, Metal Motor: Aluminum, Inner tub: stainless steel, Dimension: 19.7″x19.8″x33.6″(L x W x H), Net weight: 51Lbs, Form factor: top-loading, Rated voltage and frequency: 110V/60Hz, Rated wash/spin capacity: 10Lbs, Length of inlet pipe: 39.4″, Length of drain pipe: 78.8″

If you are looking for a compact washing machine, consider the Giantex portable washing machine that is one of the best-selling in Portable Clothes Washing Machines. It provides excellent relief when you cannot bear all the laundry. It is providing a full 300W wash power and 110W spinning power. This machine will meet all your laundry needs.

  • Light Weight, Slim, and Powerful Engine:

The wash timer takes 15 minutes for each load, and the spinner takes about 5 minutes. In terms of capacity, the washing capacity of this unit is 11 lb, and the dryer is 6.6 lb. This means that you will spin at least twice per wash load. Despite its compact size, lightweight and slim design, it has a powerful engine. The filter net, which is installed next to the top-loading twin tub washing machine, collects all dirt during washing.

  • Variety of Functions:

There are 10 programs on the control panel, 8 water level selection, and LED display. All functions and operations are listed, including water level/spin, schedule/delay, timer, and child lock. The Giantex washing machine is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. However, the internal filter can hold 12 pounds of clothing at a time and can wash a lot of clothes for you.

  • Digital Timer:

Under the delay function, the digital timer before washing shows your preset time, but during the washing process, the digital timer shows the remaining washing time.

You can select the appropriate water level by pressing and holding the water level/rotation button. If you need to add water during the flushing process, press the water level/rotate button and then cancel the press to stop adding water.

  • Specifications
Cabinet MaterialPP Plastic;
Metal MotorAluminum
Inner tubstainless steel
Dimension19.7″x19.8″x33.6″(L x W x H)
Net weight51Lbs
Form factortop-loading
8 water level23L,26L, 29L,33L, 36L, 39L, 42L, 46L
Rated voltage and frequency110V/60Hz
Rated wash/spin capacity10Lbs
Length of inlet pipe39.4″
Length of drain pipe78.8″




  • It can connect directly to your tap.
  • Capacity is 1.6 cubic feet of pounds.
  • The LED display shows the laundry cycle.
  • Rugged construction prevents scratches and dents.
  • 110 volts and 310 watts of energy efficiency.


  • Some reports on machine leaks and other minor defects.


  • Top load washing machine.
  • Suitable for apartments and homes.
  • Connect the washing machine directly to the tap using the supplied quick connect adapter kit and hose.
  • Automatically cycle wash, rinse, and rotate functions.
  • Space-saving design makes your laundry simple and simple. 
  • The beer size is 1.34cu. The capacity of the feet can accommodate up to 10 pounds.
  • Fabric, durable design, lightweight and portable, can be carried around, regular 3-pin 110 voltage, can be inserted anywhere.
  • 11 pounds of washing capacity.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Excellent control panel with clear LED display.
  • Durable stainless steel barrel.

The 11-pound Panda is another amazing washing machine that will change the way you wash your laundry. This space-saving design works excellent when used in dorms, caravans, flats, or holiday homes. The easy-to-use control panel and transparent top allow you to see the clothes inside, making it completely functional and user-friendly.

Easily Clean 11-Pound Garments:

The machine is powered by a standard 110-volt outlet and can be connected directly to the tap. That makes it usable in every area. Once installed, this machine has a capacity of 1.6 cubic meters, which can quickly and easily clean 11-pound garments.

Durable Provide upto 10 different Wash Settings

This portable top-loading washing machine offers ten different washing programs that can be set at the touch of a button. Eight water level settings to keep your garments as clean as possible. The robust and stable machine accommodates up to 10 lbs. The stainless steel barrel, it is durable and resistant to rusting and crumbling.

Compatible With Standard Taps:

It can be carried on the condition that it has a 110V power supply. This unit is one input compatible with standard Taps. Your package includes a quick adapter and inlet hose, making your job easier. Also, this unit contains a stainless steel drum that is resistant to sawdust and corrosion.


ColorLight Grey
Color of lidPurple
Volume Capacity1. 34 Cu. ft. / 10lbs
Wash Program10
Water Level8
Tub MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions20 * 19 * 34 inch
Length of Inlet hose39 inches
Length of drain hose55 inches
Weight51 lbs.
Warranty1 Year manufacturer




  • Cabinet Material: PP Plastic , Inner Tub Material , stainless steel
  • Metal Motor: Aluminum
  • Rated voltage/frequency: 110V, 60Hz
  • Rated wash/spin capacity: 8 lbs. (3.5kg)
  • Inlet pressure: 0.03MPa-0.85Mpa
  • Rated wash input power: 240W
  • Rated spin input power: 210W
  • Dimensions:n16.9″x16.9″x29.5(LXWXH)
  • Product weight: 37.4lbs
  • Package include: 1 x full automatic washing machine


  • Easy to Operate.
  • Mini portable washing machine, the space required for this washing machine is small.
  • The maximum load capacity of 8 pounds to meet your laundry needs.
  • Fully automatic washing machine, you only need to choose a washing program.
  • Level 3 water level: L / 16L M / 23L H / 30L.
  • Five programs to choose from: wash-rinse-spin,soak-wash-rinse -spin, wash, wash-rinse, rinse-spin, spin.
  • It saves water and electricity.
  • Built-in drain pump, automatic drainage.
  • A transparent cover lets you see the condition of the water.

Giantex has always produced the best home electronics, and this time they have brought amazingly powerful machines at very affordable prices. This is a programmable, fully automatic washing machine that is a significant upgrade compared to the old washing machine. Depending on the amount of clothing or clothing you are washing.

Convenient and Safe to Wash:

This compact Giantex machine is very comfortable and safe to wash delicate clothes. Made of high-quality plastic and aluminium motors, that can not rust. Fully automatic and suitable for small areas.

Economical To Buy:

Of course, this can save you money, and it can be very beneficial in areas with water problems. You can control everything from the control panel at the top. Finally, it also looks at all the necessary information on the digital display.

Portable machine and has a Great Unit:

If you don’t want to wash, you can reduce the burden on your hands by letting the Giantex portable washing machine take up a small amount of space in the store. The machine will give you a plan to complete the cleaning on time and focus on other things.

Effective Washing Upto 8 Pounds of Clothing:

There are five programs to choose from, and you can use the wash button to choose what you want and control everything. You can load up to 8 pounds of clothing and cycle as many times as needed. Built-in Aluminium pumps and drains allow you to drain dirty water from your dorm or home. The operation is effortless, and no plumber is required during the installation.


Cabinet MaterialPP Plastic , Inner Tub Material , stainless steel
Metal MotorAluminum
Rated voltage/frequency110V, 60Hz
Rated wash/spin capacity8 lbs. (3.5kg)
Inlet pressure0.03MPa-0.85Mpa
Rated wash input power240W
Rated spin input power210W
Product weight37.4lbs
Package include1 x full automatic washing machine




  • Overall Dimensions: 23”(L) x 13.5”(W) x 26”(H)
  • Washer: 12”(L) x 13”(W) x 14”(H)
  • Spinner: 7”(Dia) x 9”(Dep)
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4
  • Automatic: Semi-Automatic
  • Dimension: 24.8″L×15″ D×28.5″ H
  • wash/spin capacity: 11lbs/6.6lbs
  • Inlet Hose :Included
  • Drain Hose: Included
  • Net weight : 33 lbs


  • The portable washing machine is equipped with a powerful motor with a power of 1300 RPM and a maximum frequency of 60 Hz.
  • It has a rotating control for the washing timer and a water-saving design.
  • Ideal for small quantities of clothing.
  • The washing machine control timer runs for up to 15 minutes, while the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes per load.
  • The plastic body ensures that the machine will never rust.
  • Small size and low power consumption save a lot of energy.

The washing machine is designed in a double barrel and can wash and dry the right amount of clothing, but does not take up the space occupied by traditional washing machines. The unit has a washtub that holds up to 8 pounds of clothing and a rotating bucket that holds up to 5 pounds of clothing.

Built-in Gravity Drain:

This machine has a 1,300 RPM motor that allows the unit to clean clothes quickly and efficiently. It also has a control timer that runs for 15 minutes and has a spin cycle time of up to 5 minutes per rotation. The washing machine has a built-in gravity drain, a water inlet hose, and a solid bottom that remains stable during the washing process.

Easily Placeable due to Space-Saving Design:

The lightweight and space-saving design is easy to move and carry anywhere and can be easily installed in a bathroom or closet, perfect for dorms, apartments, apartments, housing, RVs, camping, or any area where space is limited.

Durable Plastic and Economical:

This compact mini two-cylinder washing machine is perfect for those who need to perform multiple tasks, save space, and don’t want to go to an expensive laundromat. Made from the durable plastic ideal for camping trips, dormitories, college life, apartments, or any space where space is limited.


Overall Dimensions23”(L) x 13.5”(W) x 26”(H)
Washer12”(L) x 13”(W) x 14”(H)
Spinner7”(Dia) x 9”(Dep)
Waterproof RatingIPX4
Dimension24.8″L×15″ D×28.5″ H
wash/spin capacity11lbs/6.6lbs
Inlet HoseIncluded
Drain HoseIncluded
Net weight33 lbs

5. CANDY GVS168D3 A+++



  • Saves money on energy and utility bills.
  • 8 kg drums which are ideal for medium-sized families.
  • Automatically adjusts settings to take care of clothing.
  • Deep cleaning with special drum movements and rotation speeds.
  • Control Washing with the Android smartphone app.


  • Some people have trouble with the bearings.


  • Candy washer provides excellent cleaning for every outfit.
  • With its 8 kg drum, it is ideal for powering medium-sized home laundry.
  • When the KG detector weighs each load and automatically adjusts the settings.
  • With a 3D dynamic cleaning system, you will always get the best cleaning results.
  • Combine unique drum design and increased water pressure to wash clothes thoroughly.
  • It also features smart touch control that lets you access new cycles and monitor your laundry with your Android smartphone, making laundry day easy.

The candy washing machine has a drum capacity of 8 kg. The A +++ energy efficiency rating energy-saving machine. Its maximum rotational speed is 1600 rpm. Also, there are 15 washing programs to choose from, which will help with washing your clothes.

Do not produce any noise:

The rotation is perfect, just the clothes that have just been washed out with a little moist from the machine. The machine is much quieter than any other machine we have.

Monitor Washing by Connecting to Your Smart Phone:

It has a series of primary pre-programming cycles that you can select and press go. You can also choose to personalize these options to change the temperature and rotation period. You can also choose to connect your washing machine to your smartphone. You can use the phone for new cycles and monitor the washing status on your smartphone, which changes the way you control washing.

3D Dynamic Cleaning System:

It has a 3D dynamic cleaning system, which ensures optimum cleaning results at all times. The KG detector can weigh each load and automatically adjust the settings, so only the best time, energy, and water is used.

Excellent Cleaning for Every Outfit:

This Candy washing machine provides excellent cleaning for every outfit. Thanks to its 8 kg drum, it is ideal for powering medium-sized home laundry. KG Detector weighs each load and automatically adjusts the settings, so it is also friendly to utility bills, so only the best time, energy, and water are used.


Item Weight70 Kg
Product Dimensions54 x 60 x 85 cm
Standard Capacity Cycle8 Kilograms
Energy EfficiencyA+++
Capacity8 Kilograms
Annual Energy Consumption196 kilowatt hours
Maximum Rotational Speed1600 rpm
Annual Energy Consumption196 kilowatt hours
Installation TypeFreestanding
Access LocationFront Load
Door OrientationLeft




  • 14 wash cycles.
  • Steam cleaning.
  • TurboWash technology.
  • TrueBalance anti-vibration system.
  • 29 Inch 5.7 cu. Ft. Top Load Washer with 14 Wash Cycles.
  • Smart Diagnosis and ENERGY STAR Qualification: Graphite Steel.


  • There were machines with more cleaning options.


  • TurboWash Technology saves up to 30 minutes per load without affecting cleaning performance.
  • Remove Over 95% of common household allergens.
  • Heat water to 158°F to remove the hardest stains and bacteria.
  • LG TrueBalance anti-vibration system is designed to reduce the noise and vibration of the washing machine.
  • Among the most energy-efficient devices.
  • The application can record and analyze the special sounds from the intelligent diagnostic unit and provide troubleshooting steps immediately.

The LG WT7200CV combines energy efficiency, price, warranty and functionality. Many of the competitors we see in the same price range have few of these attributes, but this washing machine combines all of these attributes.

The World’s Largest Residential Washing Machines:

With LG’s large capacity washing machine, you can even clean the maximum amount of washing in half the time! With a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet, it is one of the world’s largest residential washing machines, so you can install everything from bedding to bath towels without sweating. 

Enhanced TurboWash Technology:

With LG’s enhanced TurboWash technology, you can save up to 30 minutes on larger loads without the need for shortcut cleaning. The washing machine has a convenient wash cycle load, such as steam cleaning technology for strong stains, which speeds up the washing of small quantities of laundry. With the TrueBalance anti-vibration system and LoDecibel silent operation, the unit provides powerful cleaning in quiet conditions.

Largest Available Washing Machine:

With the largest available washing machine, you can now wash extra large bedspreads and full bedding in one load. With 5.7 cubic feet of extra capacity, you will have more cleaning space. Powerful, true steam permeability compared to conventional washing machines to eliminate dirt, odors, and wrinkles and lower water consumption.


Number of Cycles14
CyclesCotton/Normal, Bulky/Bedding, Perm. Press/Casual, Speed Wash, Heavy Duty, BrightWhites, Power Cleanse, WaterProof, Towels, Allergiene, Download, Sanitary, Delicates, Tub Clean
Number of Options15
Number of Temperatures5
Wash/RinsesExtra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold, Tap Cold (All Cold rinses)
Spin Speeds5; Extra High (1,050 max.), High, Medium, Low, No Spin
Water LevelsAutomatically adjusts to the size of the load
Number of Soil Levels3

7. LG WM3997HWA



  • High capacity.
  • Can handle the heavy burden.
  • Steam cycle deep cleaning.
  • Drying and washing options for every need.
  • You can wash all night without any noise.
  • Smart Diagnosis and ENERGY STAR Qualification: Graphite Steel.
  • Special circulation of allergens.


  • A full cycle takes a long time.


  • The enhanced TurboWash reduces cleaning time by up to 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent cleaning with six separate washing steps to make the clothes soft, also maximizing cleaning performance.
  • 1-year parts and labor, ten years motor limited warranty, toner cartridge lifetime warranty.
  • At 4.2 cubic feet, the washer/dryer combination provides maximum capacity.
  • 14 wash cycles are provided to handle a variety of soil level garments, including general options such as standard, delicate, color, and permanent strain.
  • The steam option enhances detergency while removing odors, wrinkles, and many common allergens such as dust mites and pet dander.
  • The dryer is also very quiet and is ideal for drying overnight while sleeping.

It combines TurboWash technology with high-pressure nozzles, which makes it ultra-large 4.3. It comes equipped with the TrueBalance anti-vibration system, which minimizes the noisy movement of the Washtub, together with TurboWash technology that saves 20 minutes on larger loads.

Storage in Regular Closets:

It is taller than most machines, but its length and width are still suitable for storage in regular closets. The LG WM3997HWA is quite large and expensive, but for a home, adding cleaning cloth functionality, facilities, and power may be worthwhile.

Different Wash Programs

It provides a complete list of different cycles, customizable drying programs and other features that allow the machine to wash quietly at night.

Optimum Performance:

Large loads can accomplish the same cleaning action in less time. The enhanced TurboWash reduces cleaning time by up to 30 minutes. Clean the washer drum regularly to keep it fresh. This cycle initiates water jets and heating up to 149°F to safely sterilize the washing machine tub for optimum performance.


Spin Speed1300 rpm (max)
Exterior Featureschrome door rim, dark blue tinted glass door, front control design
Washer Capacity4.3 cu. ft.
Drum MaterialNeveRust stainless steel
Wash Programs:Cotton/Normal, Perm. Press, Bulky/Large, Hand Wash/Wool, Delicates, Speed Wash, Sanitary, Tub Clean, Heavy Duty, Allergiene™, Bright Whites™, Drain+Spin, Towels, Small Load.
Dry Programs:Sensor Dry: Low Temp Dry, Damp Dry, Normal Dry, More Dry; Manual Times Dry: 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins.
Drum Featuresdrum light
Programs Qty14
Warranty:1 Year Warranty




  • Electronic interface and control response.
  • The water level can be adjusted automatically to increase efficiency.
  • Bi-directional rotation to keep the cloth from wrinkling.
  • The dryer can rotate at a speed of 1,200 RPM.
  • Comes with sturdy shock absorbers and springs.


  • Tends to vibrate during operation.


  • Automatic dispenser drawer.
  • Automatic water/energy control.
  • Safety door lock.
  • Express wash.
  • More rinse cycles.
  • Defoaming system.
  • Automatic balance system.
  • Impulse spin technology.

Cooler than Others:

It is one of the most advanced and best functioning combinations. This model also looks more like a domestic washer/dryer, but it is a little cooler than other machines in the market.

Compact Front-Loading Machine:

First, it is a compact front-loading machine. It also looks and works with smart controls like home washer and dryer, so you won’t have to re-learn a markup language.

Washing Machine and Dryer Function in One Opening:

Next, there is a washing machine and dryer function in one opening. So you don’t have to worry about switching loads after washing your clothes. Water is automatically drained, and clothes begin to dry.

Automatic Water drain from your clothes:

Not only does the excess water drain from your clothes, but use the heat and fall to dry your clothes, so all you need to do is do the worst part, at least in my mother’s opinion, fold the clothes. The drying function requires ventilating the hot air outside, which could be a problem in some homes. You need to make a hole in the wall or have it near a window or door.


ColorArctic white
Assembled Product Weight147.93 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)22.60 x 23.50 x 33.10 Inches
Spin Speed (Max):1200 RPM
Wash Programs:Super, Heavy, Regular, Express, Cotton, Wool, Wool Dry, Silk, Delicates, Synthetics.
Dry Programs:Rinse, Spin, Drain
Tray Dispenser:PreWash Detergent (With Bleach Bin removed), Detergent for the Wash Cycle (Powder or Liquid), Fabric Softener, Bleach (With Bleach Bin in place).
Materials:Drum: Stainless Steel, Cabinet: Painted Steel, Control Panel: Plastic, Top Plate: LPM Board, Door Rim: Chrome
Ratings Electrical Requirements:Standard voltage electricity (UL Listed /120V, 60Hz, 11Amps)
Warranty:1 year parts and labor


Before making a washing machine comparison to know which to choose, it is important to know some information to decide on the machine that suits you best.

  • The amount of laundry you have to wash

The number of clothes to be washed will determine the loading capacity appropriate to your usual needs. Thus, you will not have to choose a machine with a large capacity of loading if you live alone (except if you want to make savings and wash your clothes less frequently, but in greater quantity). In case you choose a washing machine capacity that does not suit your needs, you will quickly face one or more problems:

  • The fabrics will be badly washed if the machine is too full.
  • You will do more washes to compensate for the small capacity of your machine.
  • If the machine is too big, it will often turn half empty.
  • You will spend too much money in all situations. However, if you are hesitating between 2 washing machine capacities, it is better to choose the larger one because.
  • The large capacities of modern washing machines do not involve more expense of water or electricity;
  • The large capacity machines allow the washing of larger fabrics such as curtains or tablecloths.
  • You will do less laundry often.

To choose, we recommend that you adapt the capacity of your load to your actual needs. If you live alone, a load of up to 5 kg is more than enough. For couples, 6 kg of loading through the window would be ideal. For families with children, increase the load according to the number of children and the frequency of laundry. The more you are, the greater the loading capacity must be.

Where do you place the washing machine?

In addition to the loading capacity, the opening of your future washing machine and the location in which it will be installed must be taken into account.
If you have selected a freestanding pose, it is advisable to choose a top washing machine. In this way, you can place the washing machine in a confined space that does not require much space to position itself. The width of the top machines is generally smaller than that of window washing machines. Also, you can use it while standing, which we do not recommend if you have joint pain. These machines also have smaller loading capacities.

  • Window washing machines

On the other hand, window washing machines require more space, 60 cm wide in standard size and in-depth, because the opening of the front of the window must be taken into account. It should also be considered that you need to keep room for yourself to put the laundry inside the drum. However, you can put the laundry basket above the machine. Still, it will be necessary to bend the knees to remove or put laundry. These machines generally have larger capacities for loading, thus establishing their main asset. Note also that some allow leaving a dryer above the washing machine, while others are compact, saving space. Depending on the space you have in your house, you can choose the most appropriate model.

  • The spin speed

The spin speed is one of the critical elements that distinguish washing machines from each other. To remember, the faster the spin speed, the faster the drying of clothes will be, and also, the greater the speed of rotation. Similarly, with greater speed, the laundry will be more tightly pressed against the wall, and it will be less damaged.

In this way, the drying time of the clothes will be less. The current rotation trend is 1,200 rpm, although it varies quite a bit between different brands and ranges. However, with a rotation speed of 1000 rpm, you will be able to spin correctly.

  • Automatic speed adjustment

It should also be noted that some washing machines change their speed of rotation automatically thanks to a spin speed that varies according to the chosen program. Thus, depending on the type of garment-washed the speed changes, allowing the protection of the most fragile textiles. It is also possible to detect the spin performance of a machine thanks to its energy efficiency class. This note is visible on the energy sheet, and the performance varies from A to G, from the most efficient machine to the worst performer.

  • Save money

Saving money by washing your clothes is an important criterion. The energy class is expressed from A to G or from A +++ to D. A +++, which is the most economical class, means 30% saving compared to class A. take all necessary information concerning the energy class of the machine. A machine that makes you spend too much money on water and energy is an unprofitable investment.

  • The sound of the washing machine

Depending on where you put your washing machine, and especially if you want to wash at night, the sound of washing and spin can more or less disturb you. You must consider this criterion in advance if it is important to you. This information can be written on the energy label, even if it is not required. Be aware that sound effects are expressed in decibels (dB), and even a small difference of 3 dB in 2 values could cause a doubly louder noise. So even these deviations could be annoying during use. Take into account the noise value in dB of spin, which is the highest volume level during a complete wash cycle.

  • Drying

It is possible to accompany your washing machine with a tumble dryer. You can choose a model that is superimposed directly on the machine that can be very practical to save space.
Remember that you can also select a washing machine that also incorporates the dryer function directly, also called a washing machine dryer. This will allow you to continue washing, rinsing, spinning, and drying all in one. Be aware. However, that dryer drains water from clothes, which can be a bit more expensive. Feel free to choose a tumble dryer suitable for your washing machine if you need it.

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