10 Best Women Electric Razor

Best Women Electric Razor

To remove hair, women have been using multiple ways over the centuries. Plucking, shaving, waxing, creams, lasers, epilator, and electric razors allow women to remove hair. Some ways are painful, and some leave the skin irritated and allergic. That is why many say that electric razors are the best choice for them. They provide a smooth finish, a painless process, and flexibility. Be it your arms, legs, armpits, back, or bikini areas, electric razors will remove the thickest and tiniest of hair. To make selection easier, these are the top ten electric razors out there. 

10 Best Women Electric Razor Review

One or other way around, you need a women’s electric razor that is all in one. Here is a quick review of what products you will find in this guide. We have also mentioned our top five recommended electric razors for your ease.

  1. Panasonic Electric Shaver – Best overall
  2. Brori Electric Razor for Women – Best reliable electric razor
  3. Finishing touch Lumia Painless hair remover – Best easy-to-use electric razor
  4. Finishing Touch Store Flawless Hair Remover – Best flawless finish electric razor
  5. Tencoz 2-in-1 electric razor – Best multi-purpose hero electric razor
  6. Braun Epilator
  7. Remington WSF4810US Smooth and Silky on the Go Shaver
  8. The Remington WDF5030A Smooth and Silky Electric Shaver
  9. CLIO Designs PalmPerfect Electric Shaver
  10. The Miserwe Women’s Electric Razor

1. Panasonic Electric Shaver



  • Blades are hypoallergenic and stainless, which does not irritate sensitive skin.
  • Each charge gives about ten long shaves.
  • 100 percent washable ad cleans in seconds.
  • Flexible pivoting heads for tricky areas.


  • Not suitable for a Brazilian-bare finish.
  • Some designs are not waterproof.

Panasonic is a renowned brand known to make grade A electronics. One of their products is this Electric Shaver for women. This electric shaver is the best-suited one for all women out there. Girls are curvy and delicate and need precise and safe tools for removing hair from the body. Anything harsh can damage the skin and scar the precious body. This Panasonic shaver ensures that you have a great experience every time you shave. This compact, stylish, and cordless shaver has many great features.

The Panasonic Electric Shaver has sharp shaving blades. The ultra-sharp and ultra-thin foils follow the body’s contour for a quick, close and comfortable shave. It has three flexible pivoting heads that glide on the skin. They trace all the contours of the legs, arms, under-arms, and bikini areas. This shaver is waterproof and is convenient for wet and dry circumstances. There is a built-in pop-up trimmer that glides on your legs, arms, and bikini areas.

2. Brori Electric Razor for Women



  • Super-fast charging.
  • It is a low noise and safe machine.
  • Led lights to view small hair.
  • 100% whole body washable.
  • Detachable shaving head.


  • Results are sometimes patchy.
  • It can take a long time to get a proper smooth result.
  • The lightweight material can break when dropped.

The majority of the women with sensitive skin and in-gown hair problems want a safe and precise electric shaver. The green color makes the Brori electric razor looks attractive, and the sleek design makes it ideal for traveling with it. It’s compact and cordless as well. Each charge assures weeks of no charging and brilliant shaves.

The high-quality performance and low noise make for a comfortable shave each time. There are three blades in this razor, which are very sharp and precise. Use it for your arms, legs, back, sensitive areas such as underarms and bikini areas with ease. The brand promises no residue will be left when shaving with this razor. Use it in a bath or while showering, or maybe dry; it gives a smooth finish to you either way. A great feature is that it has a built-in illumination for viewing the tiniest of hair.

3. Finishing touch Lumia Painless hair remover



  • Built-in light to see tiny hair.
  • Painless and easy hair removal.
  • Micro-oscillating blades, which do not pull or cut the skin.
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages.


  • Maybe noisy for some.
  • Do not cut thick hair.
  • No hair removal from the roots.

This one is a bit different from your average electric razors. Its design is not one you find quickly. Its unique and very stylish, which allows you to use it anywhere at any time without any insecurities. With a silver finishing and slim body, it removes hair from the most sensitive and delicate areas. The micro-oscillating blades allow for a process in which there is no pulling or cutting of the skin.

Each painless hair remover from Finishing touch Lumia comes with 1 AAA battery and a cleaning brush. This makes a trail based use very comfortable and easy. Some might confuse it with an epilator, but it is not an epilator. It is a brilliant and painless hair remover. The head is a pivoting one, which reaches are the hard places of the body.

4. Finishing Touch Store Flawless Hair Remover



  • Has LED lights to see every detail.
  • On full charge works for one full hour.
  • Palm-sized to give maximum comfort.
  • Safe for all skin types.


  • Only for the legs and ankles.
  • It is delicate and can break easily.
  • Can leave a stubble behind.

Another Finishing Touch product takes the limelight with this flawless leg and body hair remover. This battery-operated machine instantly and painlessly removes all hair.

This way, you don’t have to shave with sharp razors, get waxed, painfully tweeze, or unwanted laser hair. This machine is made with a revolutionary technology that has 18K gold plated heads. These heads reach every contour of the body effortlessly.

This machine is the perfect size that fits into your palm and is ideal for shaving the legs, ankles, and knees. These are all areas that are prone to get cut. The Finishing Touch flawlessly makes sure it keeps these places safe. The product has built-in LED lights that allow you to see every detail.

5. Tencoz 2-in-1 electric razor



  • Hypoallergenic blades made for all skin types.
  • is waterproof – no rusting.
  • Can work in dry and wet conditions.
  • 100% washable.


  • Can leave the skin patchy and dry.
  • May does not work well for thick hair.
  • It May not provide a close shave.

This product is so well-liked that it goes out of stock immediately after its launch. This 2-in-1 electric razor gives you two options. You get two replaceable heads. One shaves the body while the other helps you take care of more sensitive areas such as the face. So now you’ll be able to get a shaved and smooth body with a customized hair-free face as well. Your arms, legs, armpits, and bikini area will all be smooth and fresh now.

The stainless blades on this device are made for people with sensitive skin types. You won’t feel stings or pulls when using the Tencoz 2-in-1 hair remover. The instructions also give you directions on how to get the smoothest result. The machine is small, and the design is sleek, so it’s perfect for carrying in your bag and use it.

6. Braun Epilator



  • It gives four weeks of no hair.
  • Painless and gentle.
  • Great for beginners and amateurs.


  • It is a corded device.
  • It can be dangerous if near water and can shock you.
  • Can rip your skin off if not careful.

The Braun Epilator is not a razor but an epilator. Rather than shaving the hair, this product pulls the hair out of the root. This way, hair does not grow back for a long time, and you are left with a wondrously silky body. You get a hair-free period of about four weeks. This saves up on the waste of disposable razors and the very expensive electric shavers that need to be replaced every once.

The Braun Epilator is incredibly gentle and easy for beginners. It claims to provide 100% gentle hair removal in just one stroke. With its smart-light technology, it illuminates every crevice so that you do not miss a spot. With proper use, this corded machine of a well-known brand will all you will ever need.

7. Remington WSF4810US Smooth and Silky on the Go Shaver



  • Battery operated, so no cords are there.
  • Small and compact providing ease of traveling.
  • Angled shaving head perfect for contours of the body.


  • May rip out the skin.
  • May leave behind stubbles.
  • Can stop working after rough use and being dropped.

The OG brand is what a lot of people adore and love even after years of use. The small compact body and pink highlights make an attractive and appealing finish. As the name implies, it provides a smooth and silky finish. The best part is that you can use it in a short time and on the go, so it does not disrupt your schedule.

This Remington Smooth and Silky has three blades. The foils are hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin types. The device is travel friendly and a compact size that is easily put in your bag. Whether you use it dry or wet, it gives excellent results either way. It helps you remove hair in the bikini area and touch-up on the face as well.

8. The Remington WDF5030A Smooth and Silky Electric Shaver



  • It has a lift logic foils that shaves hair of all length.
  • Trimmer is dual-sided.
  • The device is cordless and rechargeable.


  • Cannot buy replacement foils for this device.
  • Can leave behind a stubble.

This blade is on this list for having the smooth glide technology. This shaver is a stainless steel one with hypoallergenic blades that are brilliant for all skin types. It has a new open blade cutting system that allows for hair and shaving gels to pass through the foils and reach the blades easily. Now your skin will be smooth as a baby’s.

The shaver has a four-blade head that trims and removes all hair. The optimal angle makes for a close to the skin shave. This hair remover is a fast and comfortable one with its sleek and angled design. Each charge allows for a whole 30 minutes of stress-free shaving.

9. CLIO Designs PalmPerfect Electric Shaver



  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • Works on wet and dry skin.
  • The shave is close skinned and comfortable.


  • It may be painful for some.
  • Batteries are not included.

This cute and affordable product is a must-have for all ladies. It comes in different colors, patterns, and designs that make small girls and beginners love and get comfortable with the product. The size is so small and compact that it makes it fit in your palm easily.

The CLIO Palmperfect Electric shave is cordless and battery operated. The device is such that it can be used in wet and dry conditions alike. The battery, though not included in the pack, is long-lasting. Overall, the device is effortless to use and has an attractive compact design.

10. The Miserwe Women’s Electric Razor



  • The device is waterproof.
  • It has a built-in lithium battery.
  • The handle is designed as a slip-free handle.


  • Charging is not that reliable.

This multi-purpose electric shaver is the last one on this list and is one of the best. This fast-charging device charges up to full in only two hours and then provides a whole 75 minutes of shaving time. This shaver meets all your hair removing needs. A great feature is its unique child lock, which locks in 5 seconds and unlocks in 3. This way, it will be safe if the device lands in the hands of a child.

The shaver adopts a stainless steel blade that shaves close to the skin but makes sure it is comfortable. The product is cordless and has a built-in lithium battery. It is waterproof and can be used on all arms, legs, face, and bikini areas. The waterproof feature allows you to use it in the shower and also clean it in running water.

Buyer’s Guide – What You Need to Know about a Best Women Electric Razor

A buyer’s guide is vital for consumers to make sure their product is right and not a scam. There are a few things to look for when buying an electric razor. This buyer’s guide will help you select the best women’s electric razor quickly.

  • Policies

When buying an electric razor, keep a lookout for a few things so that your purchase does not go in vain. Check the warranty and replacement policy of the product you are buying so that you can get it exchanged or returned in case of any mishaps.

  • Charging

Women electric razor comes in three forms: main powered, rechargeable, and removable batteries. Rechargeable electric razors are portable and convenient to use. However, one should keep an eye on the battery to see how frequently it needs charging. Electric razors using batteries work best for only occasional uses.

  • Wet or Dry Shaving

When talking about dry shaving vs. wet shaving, the former wins the race. Dry shaving is fast and gives super clean results. There are some electric razors, which can also give amazing wet results with foam or gel. Try getting one that can be used in both scenarios.

  • Way of Cleaning

While using an electric razor, it is extremely important to keep in mind its cleanliness. Unhygienic conditions can flare up skin infections. Therefore, go for electric razors that are easy to clean for everyday use. Foil razors comparatively are easy to clean. Make sure you do not damage its foil. The advanced models come with their built-in disinfecting and cleaning systems.

  • Reviews

Be sure to check out the reviews of verified purchases on the brand site and on the retailer site as well. Check the worst reviews and the best reviews and then compare them with the product description. A good brand will ensure that the two matches.

Frequently Asked Questions about Women Electric Razor

There are some questions in the mind of every electric razor owner and potential buyer. These questions help you with the daily use of your razor. Also, when buying, what to look for, is answered here.

Are electric razors hard to clean?

Most electric razors are very easy to clean. They provide no hassle during the process and have detachable heads that can be removed and cleaned separately. Gently tap and brushing off the hair works fine, but you can remove the head and wash it for clogged hair and debris for a deep clean. Some razors are self-cleaning and have an intelligent cleaning processor. So no, electric razors are not hard to clean.

What features should I look for when buying an electric razor?

Check for a few mandatory features like hypoallergenic blades that are meant for sensitive skin. That will reduce redness, irritation, and allergies. Please make sure there are detachable blades that will allow you to use them and then wash the device easily. Another thing you should look for is that your device is waterproof. Unless it’s a corded product, cordless devices can be used on wet skin and in showers and baths. Built-in trimmers are a must-have as well when buying an electric razor. This makes sure that the longest and smallest of hair are removed with efficiency.

How often should I replace my razor blades?

This very much depends on the design, manufacturer, and model you use. The instructions and manuals will usually specify after how long should replace the blades. For hygiene and safety purposes, you should replace your blades after every 10-12 months. You may be required to change the blades more often if you have thick or coarse hair.


It is essential to buy a product that is worth your money. Being vigilant and careful while buying will always prove beneficial for you. Make sure you follow the instruction on the packaging for the best results.

It is concluded that the Panasonic Electric Razor is the best electric razor for women as it gives the most perfect and smooth result. It would be best to keep it as your number one choice as several positive customer reviews also support it. It is better to have a glance at the other nine products too, as maybe some other razor may support your needs better.

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