10 Best Wood Chipper Shredders Under 500$


People with lawns, yards, and gardens in their homes must know the significance of a wood chipper. Whether it be for a professional purpose or to maintain your lawn condition, this gardening tool will play a vital role in keeping the place neat. These wood chippers can handle an array of jobs.

However, buying the best one for yourself is not that easy as you are thinking. You will come across various brands with different models and unique features. Each product claims to be the most suitable and helpful tool. But, the case is entirely different. Not every unit is worth it. Thus, to prevent you from such confusions and misleading, we will be talking about ten garden chippers running successfully in the market.

Top 10 Best Wood Chippers Shredders under $500 by 10 Consumers

After doing a lot of research, we are here with ten models that not only promise to deliver the best outcome but also prove their efficiency.

1. Sun Joe CJ602E-GRY 15 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder



  • Great value to money – affordable.
  • Lightweight and durable – easy to move.
  • It uses electricity as its power source.


  • The wood chipper cannot tackle or deal with thicker plant materials or branches.

Firstly, this wood chipper is quite affordable, which means it is a pocket-friendly product containing many impressive features. To make your wood shredding more exciting and engaging, the company has provided this tool in three different and striking colors. You can get the Sun Joe wood chipper in red, green, and grey colors.

Secondly, the wood chipper uses a 15Amp potent motor. This motor is strong enough to allow revolutions of almost 4300RPM. If you want to shred the branches into smaller pieces, then this wood shredder model is the perfect tool that will help you. In simple words, it can break down the existing debris to 1/17th size of its previous measurement.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the electric shredder can safely accommodate any material with a thickness or diameter of not more than 1.5 inches. However, you need to make sure that a power outlet is present nearby to operate this machine, as it requires electricity to run. Moreover, the produced chips and mulch will be perfect for treating (tending) in the garden.

2. WORX WG430 13 Amp Foldable Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher



  • This foldable leaf mulcher offers a mulch ratio of 11:1.
  • Easy installation, sturdy, durable, and portable.
  • It can dispose of almost 53gallons of leaves within a minute.


  • The leaf mulcher will produce a lot of dirt or dust.
  • Light and short trimming string.

It consists of a 13-ampere electric motor. This motor is capable of mulching 53gallons of leaves per minute, which, in turn, significantly reduces the time required to mulch this much amount. Astonished, isn’t it? Apart from its speed, the mulching unit includes a blade-less, Flex-A Line (state-of-the-art) mulching system.

This innovative technology effectively minimizes the mulch ratio of the leaves to 11:1. You don’t need to think about the difficulty which people usually face is throwing the garbage. In other words, the leaf mulch directly goes inside the bag (discharge bag). You can easily remove and throw the bag away to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. However, you need to attach the shopper by yourself; the machine does not include it.

Although the machine weighs a bit more, the company still has made sure to provide maximum portability. It does not cause any fatigue, helping the user to move with it between different places. Furthermore, the robust leaf mulcher lasts for a longer time. The compact, easy installation and simple usage nature of the unit offers a disassembling option as well.

3. Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher



  • Easy to operate, safe, versatile, powerful motor.
  • It offers three functions in one unit – an affordable product.
  • Clear installation instructions.


  • You will have to empty the discharge bag frequently (low-quality discharge bag).
  • The debris might come towards the user – requires safety goggles

The first most significant thing to discuss this wood chipper is its mulching power that can decrease the mulch to a 15:1 rate. All of the credit goes to its 4-stroke engine. This potent motor is capable of completing plenty of work within a short phase. Therefore, no need to waste your weekend on such tasks.

However, if you still wish to accomplish this job on weekends, then you can go ahead, as the comfortable structure would not panic you at all. In simple words, the wood chipper’s user-friendly design converts the whole, working more manageable and straightforward. It ensures the user gets incredible versatility while using the mulcher.

It is tremendously easy to use. Furthermore, detailed and well-explained instructions offer more convenience. As a result, the installation and disassembling part will require less time. You can even store the machine in any corner because of its compact architect. The unit is an entirely safe product as it protects the user from accidents and cuts.

4. WEN 41121 15-Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder



  • Attached debris collection bag.
  • Portable, sturdy, durable.
  • The internal safety system prevents automatic startups while the hopper is open.


  • It takes a small number of foliage, twigs, and lawn clippings at a time.

This WEN wood shredder is available in a striking orange color, which usually attracts people and urges them to complete the chipping task. Moreover, the machine does not weigh more than 23-pounds. The dimensions of the affordable electric unit are 21 x 16.50 x 36 inches. It is a portable product that allows the user to use it without any additional effort or force.

Another attention-grabbing feature of the effective wood chipper is its 15-amp powerful motor. The speed of this motor is a treat for the people. It can perform more than 130 cuts per second or 8000 cuts per minute. The maximum diameter this machine can cut is 1.5”. This limit of cutting diameter is more than for different sizes of twigs, sticks, and branches.

It even has a 17:1 reduction ratio. Apart from the speed and reduction ratio, the chipper unit includes two 7” cutting blades. It consists of one pull handle and two 6” wheels as well that help to move the machine with maximum ease. You will see one push stick that works as a support stand for keeping it on the floor (ground). The shredder features a switch for overload protection that stops the working if clogged.

5. SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher



  • It includes a sensor for low oil levels.
  • The unit can serve three functions; chipping, shredding, and mulching – 3-in-1.
  • Versatile, 3600 RPM, durable, auto-feeding machine.


  • The loud machine might disturb your neighbors.
  • The quality of the discharge bag could be better – it develops holes with time.

The unit features a four-stroke engine powered by gas, which is capable of offering numerous amount of functions. This gas-powered motor helps in making the product a multi-functional machine. In simple words, the three-in-one SuperHandy tool is one of the most versatile gardening machinery. It not only claims to offer various specs but also proves it by providing a reduction ratio.

The wood chipper can break the mulch by a reduction ratio of 15:1. Regarding the usage method, this shredding, mulching, and chipping machine is not at all a complex or challenging engineering. You can complete a group of tasks with confidence. There is no need to spend a bunch of money on purchasing separate units.

Furthermore, the inclusion of an auto-feeding system makes this wood chipper a user-friendly product. It eliminates the need for continuous monitoring. Also, the low oil sensor makes sure to make the whole operation safe and harmless. The detector indicates the point when the oil is less than the safe limits. Thus, refill and start work again.

6. YARDBEAST 3514 429cc 14hp Wood Chipper



  • It contains a complete fabrication of steel – durable, sturdy, and resilient.
  • The wood chipper consists of a heavy 52pound rotor and a Kohler 429cc ch440 engine.
  • Two transfer belts (high power), 14hp, and a two-year warranty.


  • The vibrations can lose the parts.

The dimensions of this commercial wood chipper are 44 x 29 x 54 inches. This chipping machine is a worth buying product as it incorporates all of the preferable qualities. People using this unit love the unique and high-end functionalities it offers. Thus, if you want to get an all-in-one chipping system, go for this model.

This YARDBEAST model aims to deliver 14hp power, which, in turn, helps the user to finish his entire workload more efficiently. Moving ahead, the warranty tag applicable for two-years also provides a reliable and tension-free feeling. The company will always be there for its customers in case of any problem.

Moreover, the 52lb heavy rotor tends to enhance the system’s output (improved performance). It consists of a steel fabricated body. So, you cannot doubt the reliability, sturdiness, and robustness of the system. This engine (429cc Kohler) provides high power and completes the work faster than other commercial models.

7. Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder



  • Provides a 21:1 reduction ratio.
  • The unit consists of a built-in locking knob (safety measure) with the hopper – prevents automatic start.
  • This Sun Joe system requires minimal maintenance.
  • Easy assembling of parts.


  • It does not work well with branches and big twigs.

The Sun Joe brand is highly famous in the gardening field for producing innovative and high-end outdoor tools that help to maintain the garden condition. This CJ603E wood chipper aims to turn branches, brush, leaves, and twigs into nutrient-rich mulches. First and foremost, the compact frame will not trouble you in storing the unit while not being used.

Second, it comprises of 7” wheels that allow to easily transport the wood chipper from one place to another location. The safety hopper and one locking knob ensure to keep the motor stopped if the user has opened the system. It incorporates a 15-AMP electric motor that effectively chips and shred the branches. The maximum diameter it can bear is 1.73 inches.

The company makes sure to use the most premium grade and durable materials for composing the silent wood chipper/shredder. It will virtually need almost zero maintenance requirements. You can quickly assemble the unit without any expert help. Most importantly, the machine does not produce any loud or irritating noise.

8. Earthwise LM71313 Amp 13-Inch Corded Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder



  • Eco-friendly, portable, and three-in-one functions.
  • It comes with a discharge bag – easy to throw the waste.
  • The sliding control lever has three different mulcher settings.


  • It does not include safety goggles for eye protection.
  • The loud motor can create problems for nearby people.

The Mulcher tends to deliver a high mulching reduction ratio, which marks it a potent unit. The power comes from a powerful 13-amp motor. Moreover, the mulch subsequently reduces to a 16:1 rate. But wait, let me tell you something more. The system provides a 55 GPM mulching capacity.

Now, moving towards the portability factor, the manufacturers ensure that they do not encounter any difficulty while driving or using the leaf mulcher. In other words, the wheels included with the unit makes it an efficient and portable shredder. You can quickly move it in your entire lawn and even on the tighter spots.

The tripartite capabilities (chipping, shredding, and mulching) deserves your appreciation. The sliding lever further eases the transition, which means the user can continue his work without interruption. The debris will directly go inside the discharge bag. Thus, you don’t need to clean it later on.

9. EFCUT C30 Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher



  • The unit can shred many branches within a short period.
  • Easy to replace blades, one-year warranty (machine construction), 10” all-terrain wheels.
  • Strong handles for a firm grip.


  • It is not an ideal choice for frond wood waste and succulent (moist) plant material.

If you want to have an affordable and easy usage wood chipper, then this EFCUT model might be the right choice for you. In simple words, it is a multipurpose or multi-functional unit that can shred, chips, and mulch the leaves or wood. The 212cc engine operates with gas as its fuel. This engine provides enough amount of power to handle debris that has a diameter of not more than 3-inches.

The 88.2lbs mini wood chipper has a compact and lightweight design that allows the user to store it in the warehouse. The portability factor increases with the addition of large 10inches tires. Due to these all-terrain tires, the user can manoeuvre the mulcher wherever he wants.

A feature that impresses people is the inclusion of check windows. There are two checking windows at the back and front for convenient operation. The window present at the front enables to replace the dull blades quickly. However, the back-side window shows the debris blockage, which requires clearance. Overall, the 15:1 reduction ratio guarantees to produce adequate mulch output from branches and twigs.

10. Snow Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder



  • It does not need any maintenance – it saves money.
  • This machine contains a locking knob as a safety hopper.
  • Instant start, portable, smooth functioning.
  • Minimizes the waste in your yard.


  • You will have to wear safety goggles while using the wood shredder.
  • The motor is a bit loud and noisy.

Several reasons are positioning the CJ601E model on the top units in the market. Along with its various quality functions, the powerful driving motor leads this product in the high-rated charts. First of all, it includes a 14amp engine that provides sufficient operating power to cope with plenty of tasks.

Moreover, this machine can perform both shredding and chipping of thick branches. In other words, it can tackle wood branches that are as wide as 1.5ft. All credit goes to the 4300RPM motor. The presence of this motor makes sure to consume less time and complete the task at a faster rate. Also, the inclusion of 6” wheels increases the portability factor.

It means you won’t come across any difficulty while operating the electric machine. Furthermore, a locking knob present within the wood chipper ensures that the unit does not start by mistake (accidentally). Thus, it is safe to use the shredder. Lastly, the low maintenance feature is a cherry on the top for this model. It runs for a long time without producing any issue. 

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider When Buying a Wood Chipper

Until now, you must have an idea about the wood chipper and shredder that will work best for your garden. But do you know about the necessary features to look in the model before finally buying it? If no, then we will unpack the essential characteristics of a garden chipper to help you in making the right selection.

  • The capacity of the machine

Try to select a model with perfect machine capacity as it will be responsible for dealing with the yard work regularly. In simple words, if you want to do chipping and shredding of smaller twigs and branches, then an electric machine is preferred. However, for large properties or homes, you should go for gas-powered units. 

  • Durability

The tool you are going to purchase must be durable enough to tackle wear and tear happening due to daily use. You should have a look at the material quality used to construct the machinery. It is not an easy task to invest in these gardening tools after several days or months. Therefore, the materials should last for a longer time to prevent you from future problems. 

  • Easy to use

These wood chippers, shredders, and mulcher are available in several sizes. Each of them has different functions. But the point here is whether the unit supports a user-friendly design or not. Try to make this factor your primary objective while looking for a wood chipper. A complicated machine will only create trouble.

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