Best Workout Shorts for Men

A nice pair of gym shorts should be easy to find, but there are several elements to take into consideration. While some men prefer a tighter-fitting pair that includes a built-in liner, other men prefer a more loose-fitting pair of shorts. A good pair of workout shorts for men should have a comfortable fit and high-tech moisture-wicking material. There is no one universal gym short for everyone of course; gym shorts are available in a wide range of lengths and styles.

Running shoes that look fantastic while you’re doing chores around the house and while you’re running errands are an added plus. Aside from that, it’s essentially a matter of personal taste. From personal trainers to everyday gym-goers, we spoke with a variety of men about their favourite gym shorts.

Most of the gym shorts on our list have built-in liners, which the majority of people prefer because they feel they provide better support and comfort throughout a workout. As a result, some of the lined shoes on the list are also available in unlined variants, and we highlighted this whenever possible (and vice versa).

Things to consider while purchasing workout shorts

It all depends on what kind of workout you’re doing and what kind of fitness style you want. Take note of the following information.

  • The length of your gym shorts depends on the type of workout you’re doing. In order to avoid having too much material, runners normally prefer a thickness of five inches or less. Nine-inch shorts are an excellent option for lifters who want to protect their legs from the bench or barbell. If you’re going to do it all, seven-inch training shorts are a solid middle ground.
  • Workout shorts with moisture-wicking properties are preferred, but there are many different materials to choose from. Four-way stretch material can be found in some shorts, meaning they can be stretched in both directions and still maintain their original shape.
  • When it comes to finding the best exercise shorts, pockets are a must-have for those of us who carry our smartphones when working out or running. Zippered pockets keep items from falling out when wandering about before and after a workout. Keeping your smartphone safe and secure while performing high-impact exercises or running is possible with the right pair of lined workout shorts.
  • It’s up to you whether or not you want a tight-fitting pair of training shorts or a looser-fitting pair. However, it is crucial to keep this in mind when shopping.
  • To stay motivated, it’s important to maintain a decent sense of personal style when working out. When buying training gear, keep in mind your own sense of fashion and how you want it to look (tip: you can never go wrong with basic black).

List of Best Gym / Workout Shorts for Men

Everlane ReNew Air Shorts

Menswear classics like t-shirts, masks, and jeans can all be found at Everlane, which provides a wide variety of high-quality products to choose from. That includes the brand’s sports shorts. These ReNew Air shorts are the perfect addition to your athletic collection; they’re beautiful enough to go on a coffee run yet functional enough for the gym.

In addition to being machine-washable and easy to care for, these garments are recycled polyester and elastane, which are both breathable and comfy. They’re great for any workout because of their four-way stretch and the fact that they wick away sweat to keep you dry. The drawstring-tied shorts have a seven-inch inseam for a snug fit no matter where you wear them, making them ideal for lengthy runs.

Olivers All Over Short

Unless you know better, you’d never guess Olivers Apparel is as technical as they are while looking at their athleisure. It’s a modern brand that recognises the importance of striking the right balance between fashion and function.

All Over Short is a great illustration of this balance, as it combines an 88% nylon/12% spandex structure with a sleek casual wear design to produce an exceptional gym short that also elevates your clothing collection. If you’re going to be working out hard and then going to the bar soon after, you’ll need a fabric that’s both water-resistant and four-way stretchable.

Outdoor Voices High Stride Shorts

Outdoor Voices’ exercise shorts are a wonderful all-around pair, regardless of whether you’re a runner or a lifter. They have a seven-inch inseam and sit just above the knee, making them ideal for racing up and down the stairs or performing lunges while wearing them.

From hunter green to basalt and eclipse/marlin blue (above), OV’s eco-friendly bags are available in three beautiful colours. You will love these shorts because they have a built-in pocket for your phone, which keeps it safe and prevents it from breaking. They’re also easy to clean in the washing machine and dryer.

Rhone Mako Short

One of the world’s most sought-after sportswear brands, Rhone is known for its high-performance clothing that are made with the help of cutting-edge technology. “The only active short you’ll ever need,” claims this brand of their Mako Short, and it delivers on that bold claim with a truly outstanding short.

In addition to being quick-drying, they’re made of Rhone High Intensity Training Fabric that is coated with a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment to keep you even more dry. Also included are a jersey-lined interior, two zip pockets, and a boxer brief liner with GOLDFUSIONTM anti-odor technology, all of which contribute to the shorts’ superior level of comfort and convenience.

Ten Thousand Foundation 7” Shorts

Ten Thousand was founded with the express objective of developing the ideal pair of training shorts. The Foundation short was as near as the brand could get. The shorts don’t look anything spectacular, but a few crucial tweaks make them our go-to exercise shorts.

With a polyester-spandex blend, the shorts are durable enough to handle any kind of workout, whether it’s lifting weights, hiking, or playing ball games. With a high-quality liner, you’ll be able to keep all of your personal belongings safe and comfy as you work out. As a last note, the Foundation shorts include a great pocket layout with a zipped pocket that secures items like your phone, as well as two hip pockets that are easily accessible.

Alo Yoga Unity 2-in-1 Short

Wearing Alo Yoga’s gear on the catwalk would be a no-brainer. In its early phases, the yoga-focused company sold exclusively to women, but its collection of men’s clothing is as fine as any premium brand.

With a lightweight woven shell and a poly-spandex jersey compression under layer, Alo has proven its design prowess with its 2-in-1 shorts. Security and versatility are provided by front and back zippered pockets, as well as a stretchy lined strip between the legs.

Satisfy Running Space-o Distance Shorts

Parisian label Satisfy Running reimagines running essentials via a sleek, high-tech lens. Shorts are designed for long-distance running, but their adaptability and unique construction make them ideal for almost any athletic endeavour. They include a six-pocket system with two separate key pouches to keep your stuff from moving about.

To top it all off, the system’s waistband features a sweat-proof phone pocket to prevent chafing. In addition, their construction is the real genius of these shorts. Mesh fabric that is breathable and stretchy, durable and anti-odour, and bonded seams to minimise rubbing are used in the construction of these pants. A perfect pair of exercise shorts may not exist, but these are the closest you can get.

Vuori Banks Short

It’s the ones that don’t appear like training shorts that we love the most. When it comes to performance, the Banks Short by Apparel Company Vuori in Encinitas, California, looks and feels like a casual pair of shorts you’d wear out for coffee with friends.

Recycled polyester shorts have a fabric look and feel instead of the smooth shininess you see in many exercise shorts because of the recycled polyester shell. The contrasting waistband and scalloped leg openings give this short a unique look.

The Banks only get better at the gym. Wearers benefit from a wide range of motion thanks to the elastane’s high stretch. During power cleans, the shorts were unaffected by pilling or abrasion from repeated impact and bar contact.

Reigning Champ Mesh Shorts

After beginning as a streetwear label, Vancouver’s Reigning Champ has evolved into a chic athleisure label known for its understated yet attractive designs. A Polartec Power Dry liner helps wick away moisture from the skin, while the brand’s mesh shorts demonstrate Reigning Champ’s focus on the essentials when it comes to design.

The antibacterial coating on the mesh shorts provides an additional layer of odour prevention, keeping these shorts fresher for longer. Reigning Champ added two large pockets for more storage to these sleek shorts to complete the look.

Fourlaps Bolt Shorts

Fourlaps creates gear that’s as good for lounging about the house as it is for sweating it out in the gym, and they do it all in lightning-fast style. Simple styling, a moisture-wicking inner liner, and an elastic waistband make the Fourlaps Bolt Shorts an excellent example of this method.

Which one is Best Gym Shorts?

Unnoticeable underwear is a hallmark of a great pair of working-out shorts. These shorts keep out of your way and allow you to focus on your workout without having to worry about them.

If you’re looking for an excellent pair of shorts, search for shorts with a lot of stretch. Your shorts should be constructed of a material that wicks away moisture and dries fast so that you can perform at your best. When you work out, you don’t want your shorts soaking up perspiration and weighing you down.

After you’ve covered the essentials, start looking for extras that will enhance your experience. While running, look for shorts with smooth (or non-existent) seams to reduce irritation and zipped pockets to keep your valuables safe. When doing burpees, drawstrings keep your shorts from falling off.

Best Material for Gym Shorts

  • Sport shorts, in general, should be made of synthetic material. Polyester, for example, is lighter, wicks sweat away from your body, and dries faster than other materials.
  • The elastic material in a decent pair of shorts is also important. Allows you a wide range of motion during your workouts because to the shorts’ stretch.
  • Wool and cotton shorts are also available if you prefer natural fibres. Check to make sure the material is made of elastic material before you buy it. Your workout shorts will be able to expand to their fullest extent thanks to this.