Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Best lighted makeup mirror

Mirrors are essential to most these days. You rarely pass a day without looking in the mirror at least once. Mirrors have a history connected to them. There are many antiques in the form of mirrors.

Mirrors may not seem significant, but in reality, they are. Not many exist that do not own a mirror and use it in their daily routines, whether unconsciously or purposefully.

Lighted makeup mirrors are mirrors with usually LED lights attached to the sides. It allows people to apply their makeup to their best ability with the perfect lighting and magnified image provided. They are essential for most salons and makeup enthusiasts.

10 Best Lighted Makeup Review

Though there are many kinds of mirrors like two-way mirrors, distorted mirrors, vanity mirrors, and much more lie in the category. What will be analyzed here today are the top ten lighted makeup mirrors found on Amazon. These are all top sellers and consumer favorites. Hopefully, these will give you a better insight into what type of lighted makeup mirror you should buy.

1. Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror



  • Has three magnification options.
  • Has controllable intensity lighting system.
  • Dual power supply.
  • Easy to carry.
  • 21 LED lights for better illumination.


  • Cord is short.
  • Many do not prefer white lights for their makeup.

This is top on this list and most lists of lighted makeup mirrors. And there are plenty of reasons why that is so. The Deweisn makeup mirror is a three panel lighted makeup vanity mirror that is portable and very reliable. There are twenty-one LED lights that can be dimmed or brightened by choice. It allows for the perfect light setting that will make sure that you apply your makeup with precision so that no mishaps can occur.

Along with the LED lights, the mirror also shows the magnification of the image. You can view yourself one time, two times, and three times magnified. The mirror has three panels, each with a different magnification setting. It provides a wide-angle viewing so that your makeup application is flawless. The controls for the lights is an innovative touch system easy to use.

2. Waneway Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror



  • Has magnifying power of 10 times.
  • Can be rotated 90 degrees up and down and 360 degrees sideways.
  • Sensor button to control the brightness.
  • No use of cheap quality plastic.


  • Color of light may not be pleasing.
  • Screws provided may not fit.

The Waneway lighted makeup mirror is a three colors mode makeup mirror that provides the best results for viewing the face while doing makeup. This makeup mirror is lighted by 80 Led lights that can be altered to your liking. You can dim or brighten the lights as you wish to. You can detach it to have perfection in your eyeliner and facial hair removal. Perfect for any situation, be it a dimly lit room or a brightly lit one. The mirror aids in every place.

The mirror comes in a metallic frame and is 360 degrees rotatable. With a dual power system of a USB charging cable and four AA batteries, it is portable and easy to handle. The touch sensor for turning the lights on and off allows the dimness to be adjusted. It makes it a smarter mirror than the traditional ones.

3. The Cutygirl store: Magnifying mirror with lights



  • Takes a mere 3 seconds to install.
  • Installation instructions are easy to understand.
  • Can also stand up on its own without needing to be mounted.
  • LED bulbs are 40% brighter and consume 60% less energy.


  • Not double-sided.
  • Suction may need to be re-mounted.
  • Small size may not be suitable for everyone.

This one is a crowd favorite for being very flexible and satisfactory. The Cutygirl lighted mirror has many useful attributes to it. It has ten times magnification, bright lights on the edge, the 6000k color temperature that gives sunlight lighting, and suction cups that allow the mirror to be easily mounted.

It is recommended that you use the mirror with a distance of 2-3 inches more or less. It allows you to be specific with your makeup, such as the eyes, brows, and lips. It gives clear and detailed imagery of every crevice and pore on your face. One of the best parts is the 360-degree rotatable gooseneck that can be mounted on to any clean glass surface. It requires 4 AAA batteries to operate the lights and is very travel friendly.

4. KEDSUM travel makeup mirror 



  • Lights can work up to 20,000 hours.
  • Can be charged with any laptop, wall charger, or power bank.
  • Eco-friendly and ten times magnification.
  • Very durable and does not break easily.


  • May need frequent charging.
  • May experience difficulty while opening it.

The large mirrors are usually excellent and all but, they do restrict movement. If you are traveling, you cannot very practically take a large mirror with you. The location or traveling commodities might not allow you to do so. Luckily KEDSUM travels makeup mirror help you out for such situations. With a compact mirror design, it allows for two magnification mirrors, one time and the other ten times. On both mirrors, there are LED lights attached.

The compact mirror is made of high-grade ABS plastic and has an elegant appearance. The lights are adjustable and are white-colored. They stimulate natural light so that you can get a clear view and idea of how your makeup looks in natural settings.

5. Hollywood Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror



  • Has a big mirror to give a full upper body view.
  • Available in three-light colors giving a great lighting choice.
  • Modern sleek diamond-cut design.
  • Smart touch control for quick functioning.
  • Memory function to record last brightness.


  • No USB cable provided.
  • Lights may need frequent replacement

Moving towards the more traditional styles, this large vanity mirror is the OG of all makeup mirrors. Rather than a face view, it gives a full upper body view. This mirror is lit up by 14 brilliant LED bulbs. It provides consumers a bright light and a sunlight effect. With the setting of warm lit, daylight, and cold lighted three tones, users can see everything clearly for professional application of makeup. The adjustable light dimness is for you to get comfortable with your desired setting.

For ease of use, there are three buttons for functionality. The middle one is for turning the lights on and off. The first button is for changing the light colors and, the second one is for adjusting the dimness. This mirror has a detachable base and is hung on the wall using two nails. It uses a USB cable to charge.

6. The SunPlusTradeStore LED magnifying lighted mirror

The SunPlusTradeStore LED magnifying lighted mirror


  • Attachable on all glass surfaces.
  • Only battery operated and no wire hassle.
  • Has a mirror with great LED light quality.
  • Flexible gooseneck and seven times magnification.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Suction may be weak.

Not a lot can be said about this mirror except that it is a handy and useful mirror. With LED lights surrounding all the sides, it provides an in-depth view of a face. This type of makeup mirror is helpful when dealing with detailed and dainty processes like applying makeup, pore extraction, and hair removal.

Diagonally, this mirror is 7-inches. Despite its shape, it gives no distortion and provides a magnification of 7 times. It is the perfect magnification, which is not zoomed too much nor too far. There is a very flexible, 9.8-inches gooseneck attached to it. It is adjustable to any position you like. The SunPlusTradeStore mirror is a portable one with no need for cables and wires.

7. The HANSONG vanity makeup mirror



  • USB cable charging – no need for battery replacement.
  • Has the ability to store power.
  • Has a wireless Bluetooth speaker to stream music.


  • Quality of material may not be up to the mark.
  • Attaching the magnifying mirror covers lights.
  • Not a versatile size.

An innovative and sleek design, the Hansong soft lighted makeup mirror is a contrast from the brightly and harshly lighted ones. The mirror is very high definition to provide an excellent and clear image. Every detail is seen and, the soft lights are not a hindrance to it. They aid in the makeup process.

The smart lights are adjustable by pressing the touch button for a small duration. In several seconds, you can dim or brighten the lights. Other than the normal mirror, there is a small mirror, which can be attached to the surface of the big mirror, and is ten times magnification. It allows ease of application for detailed processes. The mirror is attached to a swivel stand that has a smooth movement. It can rotate to 180 degrees so that every angle is your angle.

8. The Ceenwes Upgrade Version Makeup Mirror



  • 36 PCS LED bulbs – safe for eyes.
  • Cordless, portable, and sleek design.
  • Base recess can hold cosmetics and jewelry.
  • Allows viewing on different magnification powers.
  • Dual power supply.


  • May have internal wiring issues.
  • May be difficult to de-base when once attached to the surface.

Upgraded and ready to take on your daily makeup routines, the Ceenwes lighted makeup mirror is a cosmetic mirror with 36 LED lights. These lights provide ultra brightness, which is very suitable for many users. The bright lights are dimmed with a simple touch. This mirror is unique from all others, has four magnification options, ranging from one time, two times, three times, and ten times magnification. The 10, 3, and 2 times magnification mirrors are on the left-side panel of the trifold mirror.

Use a portable charger or 4 AAA batteries. You have a choice for the mode of power. This mirror is portable, looks fashionable, and is sleek. The mirror is folded like a book. It looks appropriate and also protects the mirror from scratches and dirt.

9. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror



  • Three paneled and foldable.
  • Five times magnification to capture minor details.
  • Versatile size for makeup lovers.
  • Four different lightening settings.


  • Lights may get dimmer with time.

The Jerdon makeup mirror is lighted by 21 LED lights. These lights have three colors that can be adjusted and dimmed as one wants. With three magnifications, 11 adjustable angles, and a very high definition mirror, this user-friendly and a crowd favorite. This cosmetic makeup mirror is in an attractive color lack and looks very dashing on any countertop.

Portable and rotatable to 90 degrees, the foldable design saves up dressing space. The mirror supports USB cables and 4 AA batteries. It makes it the consumer’s choice according to their preference. The mirroring functionality is great and is an ideal gift for anyone.

10. Conair Store Reflection Vanity Makeup Mirror



  • Travel friendly as comes in medium size.
  • Rotatable to 360 degrees.
  • Has ten times magnification power.


  • Lights may need frequent replacement.
  • May not have very bright lights as per the requirement.

This double-sided mirror is the last on this list and another great user-friendly product with high ratings. The LED lights on this mirror surround the circumference and provide adequate light that illuminates the face of the user. The double-sided mirror rotates 360 degrees and has two magnifications, each on one side.

Small and easily portable, this mirror is 7.5 inches and can stand on any smooth surface. It is always ready to be used and, the height allows people standing or sitting to be comfortable with it. The sleek design is a plus and, the company provides customer service.

Buyers Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

This buyer guide will help you choose a product worthy of you. Deciding the perfect option for you is important because it will make or break your makeup routines. The best light system, size, and portability depend on your needs and preference.

  • Size

Where exactly do you want to place your mirror? Check the space and availability. Check your preferences to buy the mirror that is the perfect size for you. It will be a waste of money and time if you buy a mirror too big or small that is against your preference.

  • Refund Policy

All electrical appliances are risky investments. These lighted mirrors can often be faulty and can easily short circuit. Make sure that your retailer provides you with a return policy that will allow you to get a refund or a new item.

  • Right Light

The main purpose of a lighted makeup mirror is to set perfect coverage and do not put on extra makeup. Dim light usually causes you to use products that are lighter in shade than your skin tone. The best-lighted makeup mirror gives natural light and glows by its adjustable lightening options to allow the user to have an idea of their final look outside. It is best to go for mirrors that use LEDs as they are brighter and need lesser replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and investing in a lighted makeup mirror can be a risky business if you do not know what you are looking for exactly. Often you ask yourself questions that retailers do not answer. The following are questions that are answered for consumers.

s magnification important in a makeup mirror?

Yes, magnification aids in detailed and delicate processes. Having an average mirror is fine, but without moving, you can have a close-up view that gives details. With this additional feature, you do not need to strain your eyes to make quick touch-ups. So yes, magnification is an important consideration to be made while buying a lighted makeup mirror.

What size mirror should I buy?

It depends totally on you. If you want a permanent attachment, then buy a large vanity mirror that hangs up on the wall. It will give a whole upper body view along with good lighting. But if you one of those people who travel with their makeup mirrors, then buy a small portable one. One with an adequate lighting system will help you in the dimmest of situations. A compact style lighted mirror is the best option for when traveling.

How much versatile should your lighted makeup mirror be?

Since the lighted makeup mirrors are available in a variety of designs and features, it totally depends on you how versatile you want it to be. It is important to keep the price factor in mind while checking the versatility. Go for the features you need.
Makeup mirrors that can tilt and swirl are always a good option. However, if you are tight on budget, wall-mounted mirrors are not a bad option if it has adjustable arms. Countertop Lighted makeup mirrors are also best if it has a hinged stand.

Are portable lighted makeup mirrors a good choice?

Indeed cordless products bring a lot of relaxation and ease. Products with rechargeable batteries are best for those who prefer particularly portable products either because of constant traveling or because of their ease. Ones who want to invest in large-sized mirrors with greater illumination tends to go for corded lighted makeup mirrors.


It won’t be wrong to say that makeup mirrors have become a need for most makeup-loving individuals. Lighted makeup mirrors are important for your extensive makeup and skincare routines. The Deweisn makeup mirror is by far the best-lighted makeup vanity mirror on the market. User friendly and portable; it will surely not disappoint you. However, keeping your requirements in the mind, other products are also totally worth considering. We wish you a happy lighted makeup mirror buying journey!

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