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Eating popcorns in the cinemas is surely an enjoyable time for everyone. It turns to be more fantastic and outclass when the popcorns turn to be flavorsome and healthier. Getting hot and fluffy popcorns at home turns to be a blessing for everyone, wishing to have a cinema experience at home. Enjoy your favorite movie with the popcorns still no need to count in the calories, will be surely a fun-filled binge eating and a healthy snack at the same time.

The article will let you know about the best popcorn poppers in town. Moreover, the buying guide and FAQs will let you quench your thirst for knowledge of popcorns poppers.

Review of 10 Unique Popcorn Popper

Markets are full of many popcorn poppers, but you will look for the best and unique popcorn popper. The list below shows the ten best popcorn poppers. Choose the best one according to your needs, tastes, and budget.

1. Cuisinart CTG-00-MPM- Best Overall



  • Easy on and off makes usage and operation simple.
  • Warranty of 3 years.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Cord storage.
  • 10 popcorn cups in the 3 minutes.


  • Buzzing sounds after usage of 2 weeks.

Do you know the secret behind its success? This model of Cuisinart serves as the best popcorn popper, you have ever come across. Did you ever imagine making popcorn within 3 minutes? It pops up the popcorns in the least possible time that one can ever think of. It is obvious that you will find the collapsible bowl to be sturdy enough, which will let you serve the popcorns in it because of holding its shape.

Moreover, you can easily touch the machine with the small handles present when it is being hot. Not least, you can notice the even popping of the kernels. Also, the lid has the proper and good ventilation.  

However, not to worry much about its cleaning. It is dishwasher safe, so clean it when you want to clean within no time.

There will be no need for oil. Thus, you will end up with good quality and healthy popcorns. In one go, it can make up to 10 cups of popcorns within 3 minutes.

You will get crunchy and fresh popcorns. However, if you want to have some buttery popcorns, add on melted butter in the multi-purpose tray at the popping chute’s top, to add on, during the popping of the popcorns. Furthermore, the on/ off switch will make its operation far way easy.

2. West Bend 82505 Popcorn Popper Machine- Top electric popcorn popper



  • Easy storage due to the convenient lid (nesting).
  • Large capacity.
  • Easy clean up of nonstick plate.
  • Become a proper serving bowl with a double cover.
  • No need for other appliances.
  • Excellent flavor.
  • Minimal wastage.


  • Nonstick coating wears out quickly.
  • Easy accumulation of grease.
  • Bit bulky

You can easily get 6 quarts of popcorns within 4 minutes. Numerous features compel the users to appreciate as a runner up. Firstly, it came into the limelight due to its cover. It will be a wonderful cause to stop the mayhem of popcorns burst in the kitchen. It can serve up as a serving bowl too with the fresh popcorn.

Enjoy the fresh popcorn without the hassle of cleaning. Stirring rid is among its top features that you may count in for this popcorn popper to be the runner up popcorn popper. Almost all of the kernels pop up leaving behind minimal wastage.

Have a look at its bullet speed of making 18 cups of popcorn within five minutes. You must have got this feature to make it resemble Presto. Moreover, the list does not end here. Its base and handles have high heat resistance. The nonstick surface of this popcorn popper will make your cleaning spree much easy than you thought. Just wipe it off with a sponge after you get tired from a movie.

3. Presto 04821 Orville Redenbacher’s Hot Air Popper



  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to store.
  • Highly durable.
  • Fast working.
  • Many colors.


  • Average quality.
  • Fans make sounds.

The Presto Poplite is a must to have popcorn pepper. It turns out to be a perfect bestseller. No match in its class yet remains a best-seller among all the kinds of popcorn poppers.

Surely, it has many reasons to inculcate the love for itself in the buyers’ hearts. The Presto Air popper has very quick work. It makes nearly 18 cups of fresh popcorns within 2.5 minutes.

When you are popping your kernels, at the same moment, melt your butter as you got butter warmer (removable) in its chute. It also acts as a measuring cup to let you pop out a perfect and adequate quantity of popcorn kernels, all the time.

Are you worried about the ingredients and the materials in which your food cooks? You must feel relax because only the chute cover and housing got the plastic material, rest the inside, cooking material is the stainless steel.

You get numerous color options for yourself. Choose the color according to your taste. With all the features it offers, it turns out to be the best choice, according to your budget too.




  • Sturdy.
  • Built-in a butter warmer.
  • Oil-free popcorn.
  • 16 cups of popcorns.
  • Perfect for the countertop.


  • Noisy during operations.
  • Longer time for popping kernels.
  • No on and off switch.

It turns to be another amazing popcorn popper. You can enjoy its beautiful, bright red color. Within mere a fraction of few minutes, it makes up almost 16 cups of popcorns. Guess what? All popping is without the addition of any other items or oil.

The plastic chute, along with it comes up with a built-in butter warmer or measuring cup. However, it is not BPA free, so melt the butter on your own choice. Moreover, it can be a bit convenient and quick to melt some butter at the same moment in a microwave.

The air popper is a proper solid that does not move here and there around the countertop, like other same poppers too. The feature of no heating and warping in the plastic chute turns it to be sturdy.

5. Presto PopLite Hot Air Popcorn Popper



  • One year warranty.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low calorie.
  • A measuring cup is present.
  • The quick popping of the kernels.
  • Affordable.


  • Noisy during operations.
  • Not BPA free.
  • A lot of unpopped kernels.

The Presto PopLite Hot Air Popcorn Popper churns out a great number of popcorns within 2-3 minutes. According to the manufacturer, it produces almost 18 cups of kernels. The freshly-produced popcorns were yummy and had a good flavor.

You will be glad to know that you will find no burnt kernel during the popping. This aspect of no burning earned it a position in the top and best popcorn popper of 2020.

Just like every popcorn popper, you can churn out batches of popcorns without adding any other ingredient or oil. It turns out to be an appealing factor for fitness freaks. Give a treat to yourself without the fear of exceeding your calorie intake. It just has 30 calories in one cup of popcorns.

However, if you are more into flavorsome popcorns and no fitness issues, you can opt for adding some butter into the popping kernels. Just add that butter in the top part of this popcorn popper. It also works as a measuring cup. The butter will drip down on the corn kernels after melting.

It indicates more cleaning but not to worry much. Its cleaning is not a big task.

6. Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker



  • BPA free.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 10 cups popcorn within 3 minutes.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Butter warning tray.
  • Removable tray.
  • Cord storage.


  • No warranty.
  • No on and off switch.
  • Burn the popcorn’s.

Are you searching for a popcorn machine to churn up popcorns within 3 minutes? Then, Cuisinart CPM-100 Easy Pop Hot Air Popcorn maker is an ideal option. It is a perfect option for healthy popcorns because you need not add to oil. Within three minutes, it can yield up to 10 cups of popcorns.

After popping, the popcorns will remain crunchy and fresh. In the popping chute’s top, you can add up butter. In the multi-purpose cup (removable), it will melt. You can pour the melted butter on your popping popcorns.

Cleaning is easy enough as you can put the popping chute in the dishwasher. Furthermore, the on and off switch of this popcorn popper, makes its operation simple. You will have no difficulty while operating it. It can prove to be dramatically helpful when you get your guests around. You can easily serve up a batch of popcorns within 3 minutes.

7. Presto 04868 Orville Redenbacher’s Fountain Hot Air Popcorn Popper



  • Crispy popcorn’s because of covered vents.
  • 20 cups of popcorn’s in nearly 3.5 minutes.
  • Compact storage due to the base nest.
  • The capacity of 5 quarts.
  • Can clean effortlessly.


  • No warranty.
  • No on and off switch.
  • Burn the popcorn’s.

If you fancy for a trustworthy brand, then surely, Presto is a perfect choice. Though Presto brought numerous products in the market, still there is no match of the Presto 04868. It is worth it to buy such popcorn popper for yourself.

Are you thinking about its name? Why it got this name, “ Fountain air popper?” It is merely because of the popcorns, which pop up and flow to collect in the covers in form of a fountain.

It has a capacity of 5 quarts which can let you make 10-20 cups of popcorns in one go. Once done with the popping, you can easily use its cover like the serving bowl. As you can pop out your kernels without oil, it remains a healthy choice for health freaks. Moreover, you can clean it by just wiping it off with a damp cloth piece.

8. Great Northern Popcorn Original Stainless Steel Stove Top



  • Moisture escapes from the vents.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low calorie.
  • Manual stirrer.
  • Great investment.


  • Stirrer does not work effortlessly.
  • Not suitable for induction stove tops.

It is quite risky to make popcorns in your ordinary stovetop pan. Firstly, you might burn a lot of corn kernels, which will stick in the bottom of your pan. Secondly, there is a big risk in handling hot popcorns.

Thus, a stovetop popcorn popper is a prodigious investment. Moreover, the manual stirrer is an additional point for you to love this popcorn popper. You can easily operate it by turning its wooden handle.

You can easily clean this popcorn popper with a damp cloth or paper towel after enjoying lots of popcorns and your favorite movie. Also, the vent in the lids lets the moisture escape. Ultimately, you will enjoy the fresh and crunchy popcorns.

That’s not all! You have the option of either making your popcorns divine buttery or just enjoying its healthier version with the low-calorie popcorns. Go ahead and think over! What do you want?

9. DASH DAPP150V2AQ04 Hot Air Popcorn Popper



  • Easy and quick use.
  • Non-electric parts can be wash in the dishwasher.
  • Ideal for gatherings and parties
  • A measuring cup is also useful as a tray for melting butter.
  • Compact size.


  • Small plastic chute.
  • Noise during the working of poppers.

The market recognizes this popcorn popper as the one with the best capacity of 16 cups. Popcorns popped within a few minutes. Also, you do not need to worry much about the large gatherings and parties when you got Dash Dapp as your popcorn popper.

You might be pondering over its size because of the spacious capacity. But it is not the case. It is compact, which is suitable to fit in your dorm room, small kitchen, and apartment. Just operate it quickly and easily with the start button (one-touch). Surely, you will love the stylish and trendy design of this popcorn popper.

Although the product has the ideal capacity, the size of it is compact enough to firs your small kitchen, dorm room, and apartment. The trendy and stylish design of the product will make you fully satisfied.

All the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe to reduce your stress of cleaning tasks.

10. Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper 



  • Made in the USA.
  • Make popcorns without oil.
  • The dishwasher and microwave are safe.
  • A healthy substitute to popcorns bags.
  • 12 cups of popcorns.


  • Non-conductive bowl shape.
  • No handles for handling while hot.
  • Large size.

If you wish to eat healthy and fluffy popcorns, this popcorn popper is a must to buy. Just add in a scoop of kernels, cover with a lid, and pop in the microwave. No need for adding oil as it is an air popper.

The extremely ugly yet fast, microwavable popcorn popper of Nordic will let you serve the popcorn as it turns to be the serving bowl too.

Good news for the users that it is microwave and dishwasher safe. So cleaning this popcorn popper is also not a tough job.

Moreover, buyers cannot ignore its sturdiness in this cost. It can serve popcorns for years and marks its durability in the lives of buyers.

It just not pop out the batch of popcorns quickly but also protect the hands from burning.

Things to Consider Before Buying Popcorn Popper

There are several factors to consider when you wish to buy a popcorn popper. Undoubtedly, your popcorn popper is a huge investment. You will not spend money on any appliance which will break or become faulty within a short time. There are many other factors which, are listed below that may account for the buying of your popcorn popper.

  • Durability

You will wish to invest in a popcorn popper, which will last for a longer time and with outstanding functionality. Investing a hefty amount for popcorn popper will be fruitful for the popcorn popper which provides the same performance for a longer time.

  • Quality

You cannot just solely focus on the durability of the popcorn poppers. Buying good quality with effective, and quality functions will be a smart choice. It will be unworthy to buy a durable as well as long-lasting popcorn popper, yet it keeps on burning your popcorns.

  • Type

You might come across several popcorn poppers to purchase. The ideal type of popcorn popper will be the one that will match your needs. The commercial popcorn poppers are specifically designed, as expensive and large versions. These popcorn poppers are readily available at the cinemas.

For home use, electric popcorn poppers are convenient choices. They have different functions, which are varying highly according to the prices. Stovetop popcorn poppers have similarity with the ordinary pots, beside the stirring mechanisms and feature gears that do not let the popcorns sticks to the base while cooking. Get your classic popcorns conveniently without the need for electricity.

Vintage popcorn makers can work on whether stovetop or electricity. Their vintage designs are colorful and resemble the old theatres’ popcorn makers.

Professional popcorn makers have similar to commercial popcorn poppers as being expensive. However, their smaller sizes make them convenient and ideal for home use.

  • Material

The material of the popcorn poppers will affect the cooking time of the popcorn poppers as well as their price, and weight. Stainless steel is suitable if you wish for a lightweight model with better heat distribution. However, glass popcorn poppers will give good looks to your kitchen, and you can see the kernels popping into popcorns.

  • Kettle Size

If you wish to cater a large gathering or a party, the big kettle is must to make popcorns in sufficient quantity.  

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, opt to buy a popcorn popper from the list above. Consider the best one according to your taste, needs, and budget. However, Cuisinart CTG-00-MPM is the best overall among the listed popcorn poppers. It can pop up a lot of popcorns within 3 minutes.

FAQs About Popcorn Popper

How long it takes for the air popper machines?

It will hardly take 2-3 minutes.

Does the air popper need oil?

As the popcorn kernels pop because of hot air, no need for adding oil.

Which oil, you must add in the popcorn?

Coconut oil is the best to add to the popcorns. Still, canola, soy, peanut, and sunflower oil are also good options.

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