10 Best Home Paper Shredder

In the early days, when people wanted to destroy confidential or sensitive paper, which may contain sensitive information, they used to burn it or throw it in trash cans. But throwing sensitive documents, which may be scooped by thieves, later on, is not an option. So, for making things easy, discarding a document, which is of no use but may contain essential information, shredders were invented which shreds the papers in one go. 

These shredders are handy and can be kept at any corner of your house or office. These shredders come along the office stationeries as they are as important as any other stationery item. Destroying papers with scissors or merely tearing them apart does not help in eliminating the information written on them, as thieves are smart enough to regain it.

Paper shredders completely shred paper in so many parts, which cannot be collected and repaired again.

Best Home Shredder Review

While working in an office or working from home, there are a lot of papers, which may contain important and sensitive information, and they could be used by thieves or someone who’s looking for such information. So, these home shredders work efficiently and are needed mostly in offices to shred the papers perfectly so that they are of no one’s use after that. Be it bills, letters, property papers, credit cards, or any confidential paper. 

We have listed down some of the best home shredders for you to choose the one, which sets perfectly as per your need.

1. Amazon Basics Home Office Shredder


  • User friendly.
  • LED status indicator (power on, alignment, overheat, overload).
  • 12 sheets capacity.
  • Provide thermal protection.


  • No small window in the basket underneath.

The Amazon Basic is a four-mode control switch, a high-quality shredder, which cuts down the paper or even credit cards into small confetti-like pieces. It has an auto switch off and on, reverse function, anti-jam auto-reverse technology, and LED light status indicator. Its runtime is seven-minutes on and 30-minutes off; it offers thermal protection too, like when the machine overworks or becomes hot after some time, it automatically turns itself off and then switches itself on once it is cooled down.

It cannot only shred papers but can also eat up CDs, DVDs, and credit cards like hard materials too. Its bin is spacious too. It can empty an almost 4.8-gallon bin and can shred at least 20 sheets or more at a time. It can allow 7 to 8 inches of a wide paper to enter inside the shredder and shred into small pieces of 40mm.

2. Fellowes Powershred W11C Shredder


  • Contain 4.75-gallon bin with lift-off head.
  • Patent safety lock for added protection.
  • Shreds staples and hard materials too like credit cards or CDs, DVDs.
  • Can shred to 5/32 x 1-3/8 inches.


  • It May not have anti-jam reverse technology.
  • Pretty expensive than other shredders.

In order to secure your privacy, you should discard your important documents safely, and this Fellowes Powershred holds all the excellent quality of shredding paper into cross-cut sections as it is a high maintenance paper shredder, which shreds all the documents and the sensitive information written on it efficiently.

It contains a unique feature of a patent safety lock to keep it safe from pets and children in your house. It disables the function of shredding and provides ultimate protection. Other than this, it has an auto-off when it becomes hot or due to overload. It has a run time of 5 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Therefore, it is an excellent paper shredder with a safety lock being its unique feature and destroys your important information in seconds. 

3. Bonsaii heavy duty office paper shredder


  • Advanced cooling technology.
  • Works for 30 minutes straight.
  • Jam protection system.
  • Impressive design and style.


  • Blade oil does not come along with it.

Bonsaii heavy duty paper shredder is an ideal shredder for your home or office to be kept beside your work desk. It is a heavy-duty paper shredder with a patent cooling system and unique reverse back technology. It has the capability to work for more than 30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes only. It automatically turns itself on after the cooling down process.

This shredder can take 14 sheets at a time and can shred almost 3500 sheets at one go. It is an excellent paper shredding machine, which is easy to handle, has unique features along with an LED light indicator and a jam blocker. It shreds your documents efficiently into small cross-cut sections destroying all the important information written on it.

4. Fellowes power shred 79Ci home shredder


  • 100% beautiful jam-free technology.
  • Safe sense technology to avoid injuries.
  • High-quality performance.
  • Ultra reverse technology that prevents any hassles.
  • 14 papers per pass capacity.


  • Power switch may need repairing on and off.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty, high-quality, 100% jam-free shredder for your daily use then Fellowes power shred is the one you should definitely go with. Its average shred speed is 4.3 mpm and has an ultra-quiet shredding performance, and it can shred paper with staples, credit cards, shopping bags, etc.

It offers you a 100% jam proof system and an ultra-reverse technology too. It eliminates the chances that paper may get stuck in between because it is a heavy-duty shredder that does not let the paper jam in it. It stops working when it senses hands on the blade and provides ultimate protection to the user.

It is not a heavy machine and doesn’t even take up much space. It is movable and can be kept beside your work desk.

5. Aurora AU800SD paper shredder


  • Shreds CDs, DVDs, and credit cards easily.
  • Handy and user friendly.
  • No power consumption saves energy.
  • Forward and reverse jamming technology.


  • Opening for the paper might be a little bit narrow.
  • The motor might stop working after some time of inserting paper.

Most of the paper shredders are a bit large and cannot be kept on the table as they are heavy, so they have to be held on the ground. And it takes a lot of a person’s energy to kneel and shred the papers through the shredder. Aurora paper shredder is a handy shredder of small size, which can be kept on the table, and you can easily shred the documents through it.

Despite its small size, it works efficiently and can shred hard materials too, like CDs, DVDs, credit cards, or debit cards. It has an auto-start and stop technology and provides full thermal protection and overheat protection too. It doesn’t overwork as it shuts itself automatically after sometime and then turns itself on after it’s cooled down. The shredder also contains a manual jamming button too.

6. Sentry safe home office paper shredder


  • Offers maximum run time.
  • Provides thermal protection.
  • Allows paper entry of 8.7-inch width.
  • Contain a 3.8-gallon bin.
  • Comes along with a firebox or container.


  • No transparent window to see through the waste bin.
  • A little bit expensive.

This shredder efficiently shreds the paper keeping vital information from falling into the wrong hands. It is an ideal deskside shredder, which shreds the paper into small confetti-like pieces measuring 0.2 by 1.9 inches and meets the security level of P-3 standards.

It offers a run time of 2 minutes off and 30 minutes on as it provides ultra-thermal protection technology and does not let it overwork or overheat. It can take up to 6sheets at a time and not only shred papers but also credit cards and other documents made up of hard materials.

This shredder has a three-mode control switch for auto, off, and reverse functions. This shredder provides you with an ultra-shredding service and also a one year warranty.

7. Royal sovereign cross-cut shredder


  • High capacity shredding device.
  • Portable and user friendly.
  • Provides high-quality performance.
  • Runs continuously for 60 minutes.


  • May make some noise while shredding.

To discard your document, which may contain sensitive information, buy a royal sovereign cross cut home shredder as it efficiently shreds any kind of document or credit cards into small particles, which cannot be regained. They can take up to 120 sheets at a time, which is the maximum amount as compared to any other shredder. It doesn’t even jam in between as it has an ultra anti-jamming performance.

It destroys your personal information by achieving the p-4 standard and protects it from falling into the wrong hands. It is a portable shredder having wheels to move it from one place to another. It has an auto on and off switch and provides complete thermal protection.

8. Aurora AU1415XA paper shredder


  • 14 sheets capacity at a time.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Protection for jamming.
  • A 5-gallon pull-out bin with a transparent window.


  • No warranty card present.
  • Bad switch design.

Aurora paper shredder is a 14 sheet cross-cut shredder, which can destroy not only papers but CDS, DVDs, credit cards, staples, and paper pins containing paper easily. This paper shredder is efficient in shredding your personal information written on anything. One of the greatest things about it is that it offers noiseless operations and does not disturb your environment.

 It has an LED indicator, which indicates when there is paper jamming due to overloading or overwork and then reverts it back with its auto-reverse back technology. It has a ten minutes continuous run time and shreds papers into small cross-cut sections achieving the security level of P-4 standard.

9. EZ basics paper shredder


  • Stylish appeal and small size.
  • Achieves security level of p-4 standard.
  • Contain a pull-out wastebasket.
  • Low noise design.
  • No lubricant needed.


  • Size may not be suitable for everyone.

If you need a paper shredder that does not make any noise and keeps your indoor environment quiet, also has a stylish design, and works efficiently too, then EZ basic shredder is the one. It is a minimum sized high-quality shredder, which does not require any lubricant and shreds your confidential documents in tiny pieces. Along with achieving a security level of p-4 standard, it also consists of a pull-out wastebasket.

It can take five sheets at a time. It crosscuts the paper into small pieces. It provides protection against heat and overloading and has auto on and off with reverse back technology, which is manual.

10. Boxis paper shredder


  • Contain an auto-feeding tray.
  • Portable Office/home shredder.
  • Auto-forward and -reverse function.
  • Can shred 140 sheets at a time.


  • Small bin.
  • May need frequent maintenance.

The Boxis paper shredder is an auto shredder, which is 10 times more efficient than any other manual shredding in its functions. It can take 140 sheets at a time and shred them into small micro-cut pieces destroying the information completely achieving the security level of standard p-4 (din level). Its run time is 20 minutes and 60 minutes off. It has a proper wastebasket along with it too for gathering waste.

It has an auto-forward and -reverse system with an auto-feeding tray for customers’ convenience. It is designed in such a way that you can use it at home or your office both as it is portable. It shreds your important documents efficiently, destroying every piece of information into micro-cut sections that you are unable to read.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Know Before Buying Home Shredder

A perfect home shredder is something that is durable and has all the excellent qualities, which make our work easy, whether you are working in the office or at home. Because paper shredder is important for your safety and also saves your time to an extent. Therefore, while buying a perfect home shredder, few things but be kept in mind, which are discussed below:

  • Cutting style

While buying a paper shredder, our priority is whether it completely destroys our personal information or not. And that depends upon its cutting style. There are three types of cutting techniques, which shredders hold, some are strip-cut shredders, some are cross-cut shredders, and most of them are micro-cut shredders. And the most suitable one which you should prefer is a cross-cut shredder or micro-cut shredder as it destroys your document into minute pieces.

  • Shredding security

Every shredder offers a different kind of security level. The lowest security level to shred a paper is P-1, and the maximum security level is P-4. Suppose you want a shredder for your office or home-based work; in that case, you should always go for the shredder that offers a P-4 security level as it destroys all your vital information.

  • Key features

There are some key features, which a perfect home shredder must-have, and a buyer should always check those features while buying a shredder. Those key features include auto-feed function, sheet capacity, waste bin capacity, cut types, and most importantly, its run time. It would be best if you always look for a shredder that offers thermal protection technology and jam-free technology too.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions About Home Shredder

One of the difficult tasks is to select the right product for your home. While doing so, you may have a lot of questions in your mind. So, to help you with it, here are some of the most frequent queries of the customers while buying a home shredder.

Are there different categories of a paper shredder?

Paper shredders are of many types and have different categories based upon where they are used. There are five kinds of shredders which are home, office, industrial, high security, and departmental. They all differ in their functions and features.

Can all shredders handle paper clips and staples?

Paper shredders of good quality will always handle the staples and paper clips, and they will not disturb its performance. But most of the shredders cannot take paper clips usually as they get stuck in between, so before buying a shredder, you should read the manual and exact specifications for staples and paper clips.

What does the security level in shredders mean?

Paper shredders are arranged by a specific security level. The security level a paper shredder gets relies upon the destroyed molecule size. The safer a shredder, the higher the security level. For general home and office use, a security level three or four is adequate. Security levels five and six are for top mystery/high security destroying.


Any document, which may contain sensitive information should not be discarded in a bin as it is, as it has a risk of falling into the wrong hands, and that can be dangerous. Therefore, a perfect home shredder is necessary, which is excellent in its function, is user-friendly, does not take enough space, and is efficient by all means, just like the Aurora AU1415XA paper shredder. It saves you time and makes your life easy. It is a simple paper-eating machine, which makes sure that you discard your documents, credit cards, DVDs, CDs, or anything safely and securely.CategoriesReviews

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