Top 10 Best Over The Range Microwaves

We all know that microwaves are a regularly used electronic item in kitchens, cafeterias, cafés, lunchrooms, and homes.  In this era, where time implies cash and life is on the fast track, everybody needs things to be quick. With the presence of a microwave, we can do quick cooking just with the press of a button. The food can be set up from the fridge to the microwave and onto the eating table in a matter of minutes only.

Things We Considered Before Reviewing Over Range Microwaves

If you are going to buy an over range microwave, and you wish that it should help you in the kitchen in the best possible way and don’t know which one is best, you need to keep in mind certain things. Here is a quick overview of what you should look for while buying a microwave.

Use of the Microwave

Your first consideration must be how and what you are going to cook in your microwave. Whether you will fully rely on it or use it for specific tasks, there is always a best microwave for you.

If you are going to use it for cooking the entire meal, then look for the latest innovations and more variable features like cooking time, power percentage, sensor, defrost, etc.

And if you are going to use it for specific light tasks like melting, reheating, or preparing popcorn, you would not need many fancy features. Thus, there is no need to invest in them.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of a microwave oven are as important as that of the refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

Consider the available space, as well as the size of the microwave oven before buying it. There are different microwave oven sizes, and you need to buy one, which can fix in the available space of your kitchen.

Your microwave should have the capacity to cook enough food for your family without any delay. The microwave capacity is between 13L to 42L. A typical family needs a microwave having a capacity between 20 and 25L. This is just the measurement of volume and not height and size. Measure your largest plates and mugs to find out how much capacity and volume you need.


It is important to look at the power of a microwave while buying it. Generally, the microwave will cook food fast and easily if its power is high. The power of available microwaves ranges from 600 to 1200 watts. 

An 800 watt over range microwave may easily boil a cup of water in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and experts mostly recommend this. So invest in one with an optimum power to cook your food properly.

Energy Saving

Although it is difficult to find an energy-saving over-range microwave, you may select one having variable power settings and sensors. Microwaves having variable power settings and sensors will help you to save not only energy but time as well.

A microwave having a sensor is also a smart way to keep your energy consumption balance; it will cook your food as much necessary.


A ventilation system is the best means of ensuring the cleanest air and is compulsory for your kitchen. If your kitchen is not designed to have an outside exhaust, you may need a microwave with a built-in ventilation system.

While buying an over the range microwave, you need to consider that it has built-in exhaust fans, which help as a stove-top ventilation system to eliminate smoke, steam, and cooking orders.

Other Features You May Consider

Nowadays, over-the-range microwave ovens are so advanced and have so many features. In addition to the above considerations, you need to consider the following features as well:

  1. Programmed cooking: Tell the appliance the food that you are cooking and hit the start button.

2. Programmable cooking: this feature lets you select various outputs and the timing for complete control.

3. Racks: Some microwaves include racks so you can cook multiple dishes at the same time.

4. Steam: The steam option keeps food moist without adding fat. This feature also helps you to poach eggs in your microwave.

Some other features may also be considered like grilling, inverter technology, easy-clean interior, etc.

Our 10 Best Over Range Microwaves & Why

Opting for the best over-range microwave from hundreds of them is indeed a difficult task. To make things easier for you, we have compiled the best products we have personally researched so far. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Best Child Safety Lock: Black+Decker Microwave
  2. Most popular microwave: Toshiba Microwave
  3. Best microwave wrt power consumption: GE Over-the-Range Microwave
  4. Best microwave wrt safety: Midea Microwave
  5. Best over-range microwave: Comfee Microwave
  6. Best microwave w.r.t vent systems: Impecca Over-the-Range Microwave
  7. Best sensor: Cosmo Over-the-Range Microwave
  8. Best spacious microwave: Quarts Kitchen Convection Over-the-Range Microwave
  9. Best pre-programming microwave: Farberware Professional Microwave
  10. Best for even cooking: Advent Over-the-Range Microwave

1. Black Decker Microwave


  • Pre-programmed for a variety of functions.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy-to-read control panel.
  • Child safety lock available.
  • Strong body.


  • Maybe the sound is a bit loud.

Our list stands Black+Decker Microwave, which comes with a turntable push button door and child safety lock. This microwave’s operating wattage is 1000 watts, which counts in an ideal scenario for any microwave. Its body is made up of stainless steel, making it strong and a hard nut to crack.

Interestingly, if you want to ready a plate of popcorn, pizza, frozen vegetable, or dinner plate, you don’t have to remember the timings for every dish to heat; instead, it is pre-programmed for this. Black+Decker microwave beeps approximately three to five times when one cycle is finished.

2. Toshiba Microwave


  • Eco-mode is available.
  • The buzzer on and off option available.
  • One touch-start.
  • No noise when food is being cooked.
  • Vent on the left side.


  • May not give good results for deep frying.

Toshiba microwave comes with an excellent sound option on or off, so if the sound is disturbing to you, you can get off it. Eco-mode is available by which you can standby power by turning off the display when the microwave is not in use. The microwave’s body material is stainless steel, which makes it strong.

This over-range microwave has pre-programmed buttons for six different foods, so you don’t need to heat it; again and again, you get your desired result. The operating voltage is 120 volts, the frequency is 60Hz, and the wattage is 900 watts, saving you from consuming more electricity. Buzzer indicates the food is ready. There is an option available to mute the buzzer too.

3. GE Over-the-Range Microwave


  • Auto and time defrost.
  • Convenient controls.
  • Multi-Vent system.
  • Low power consumption.


  • Maybe the buzzer sound is high.

GE over-the-range microwave consumes approximately 100 watts of power with an operating voltage of 120 volts, which will save your electricity bill. Microwave is made up of strong steel, making it tough to break even if it falls. There are no batteries included, so recharging is not an option for this microwave.

There are three venting options for the GE microwave. The exterior one is on top and rear, and one vent is on the front top. Through vents, there is a filter from which air passes inside the fan. Then, it travels through ductwork outside your home.

4. Midea Microwave


  • Spacious from inside.
  • Open cavity.
  • Stainless steel cabinet.
  • Low power utilization.


  • Maybe the fan doesn’t turn off when the door is opened.

Midea microwave body is made up of strong stainless steel and consumes less wattage of approximately 1000 watts. The capacity of the microwave plate is about 0.9 cubic feet, which makes it very spacious. When the door is opened to place the food, the timer automatically resets zero, so you do not always have to reset it.

Midea microwave is easy to understand controls. It comes with an oven cavity. The cavity provides space to keep food and protects against the leaking of electromagnetic waves from inside the oven.

5. Comfie Microwave


  • Child safety lock available.
  • Mute function available.
  • Spacious from inside.
  • Energy-saving mode is available.
  • Very low power utilization.


  • One vent may not be sufficient.

Comfee microwave oven comes with a friendly eco mode, which you can standby power by turning off the display when the microwave is not used. It minimizes almost 50% standby power by turning on eco mode. Comfee microwave utilizes almost 700 watts of power with almost 11 power levels, which is very low as compared to other microwaves. The manufacturing body is stainless steel and plastics.

One-touch express cooking function with 1-6 minutes and +30 seconds functions, which saves your precious time. The microwave plate size area is almost 0.7 cubic feet, a right, spacious place to place the food. The mute function is also available in case if you want to silent the buzzer.

6. Ipecac Over-the-Range Microwave


  • Vent duct attached.
  • Added carousel.
  • Spacious from inside.
  • Touchpad controls for easy usage.
  • Auto defrosts available.


  • Maybe the sound of the buzzer is loud.

Impecca over-the-range microwave is available in black and white colors, and the material used in manufacturing is stainless steel, which makes the body healthy. Impecca microwave has all the functions you need to heat any dish in just minutes. The user enjoys convenience cooking controls with various pre-set menus.

Microwave place capacity is enormous, which is 1.6 cubic feet and operating power of 1000 watts. The vent system is also available. Through the vent, there is a filter from which air passes inside the fan. Then, it travels through ductwork outside your home. The flue is connected to the vent duct so you can move the air where ever you want.

7. Cosmo Over-the-Range Microwave


  • Convenient cooking controls.
  • Strong body.
  • Vent system.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Quick heating of food.


  • May not be a space saver.

Cosmo over-the-range microwave comes with an internal capacity of 1.34 cubic feet, which is very spacious and can easily fit even a large dish.

Operating capacity is approximately 1000 watts and comes with ten power levels, which makes the ideal condition of power consumption. There is also a sensor that detects when food is done cooking and automatically turns off the microwave.

Cosmo microwave has a vent system attached to it. Through the vent, there is a filter from which air passes inside the fan. Vent duct is attached to you can throw air anywhere you want.

8. Quarts Kitchen Convection Over-the-Range Microwave


  • Dual plates.
  • Control console.
  • More food capacity.
  • Auto shutoff.
  • Easy to clean.


  • May consume more power.

Quarts kitchen convection over-the-range microwave oven’s operating wattage is 1400 watt, which is a bit higher than other microwaves. It is a multifunctional kitchen oven that comes with dual hot plates in large and small. The hot plate power is 1000 Watt (Large) and 600 Watt (Small). Moreover, it has other versatile cooking styles, such as bake on a baking tray, etc. You can make more space by taking it out. This suggests that Quarts kitchen convection microwave is consumed more space than ordinary microwaves.

An interesting feature in Quarts microwave is that if it’s not in use for 60mins, the microwave will auto shut off. So, if you mistakenly forgot to close it, it will automatically. Food capacity in this microwave is almost 30 quarts, so a lot of food for a whole family can be made ready in this microwave in one go. 

Quarts microwave does not have a vent system to get the air out because it is a convection microwave. A convection microwave has a fan and exhaust system that circulates hot air around the oven’s cavity. Therefore, it automatically moves the air out.

9. Farberware Professional Microwave


  • Convenient use.
  • Easy cooking.
  • Smart cooking technology.
  • Spacious.
  • Solid-body.


  • May be firmware have some glitches requiring a firmware reset.

Farberware Professional microwave has seven one-touch cooking programs, including 3 Auto defrost pre-programmed settings, 4 Melt pre-programmed cooking options, and 3 Soften pre-programmed cooking options to make quick work of any cooking task. This will surely save a lot of time in using the microwave for the same food. Pre-programmed tasks make the work easy.

Farberware microwave consumes almost 1100 watts of power, and with ten power levels, you can customize your cooking into multi-stage cooking. There is also another technology in this microwave, known as smart cooking technology. Smart Sensor Cooking Technology monitors the temperature and amount of steam coming from the food to judge how much water remains and how long it should continue heating.

10. Advent Over-the-Range Microwave


  • Pre-programmed digital cooking settings.
  • Less consumption of power.
  • Glass turntable available.
  • One-touch electronic control.
  • Easy to clean.


  • May not be a space saver.
  • The vent duct may not be there.

In Advent Over-the-Range Microwave, microwave plate space is approximately 0.9 cubic feet. It consumes 900 watts of power with ten adjustable power levels, which let you boil, defrost, reheat, and much more. This is the average power consumption of microwaves. Six pre-programmed cooking settings are available and are only one-touch away.

Advent microwave also has a glass turntable, used to rotate foods to provide even cooking. There is also a trim kit available with this microwave. Microwave trim kits are designed for airflow necessary to the microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions about Over Range Microwave Oven

Before completing your purchase, do not forget to have a look at this short frequently asked questions section to wave off any further confusion.

How do I clean my over the range microwave?

Place water and vinegar in a bowl and microwave on high until the mixture boil and the window steams up. Let the microwave cool for a few minutes, then wipe the interior with a cloth or sponge.

Can I use metal in my microwave?

The metal heats up very rapidly and will eventually catch on fire, so don’t put metal in your microwave. Try to use utensils made from glass, silicon, safe plastic, or any other microwave-friendly utensil.

Is the food cooked in the microwave safe?

Yes, microwave food is safe, and there is nothing to worry about it. It is comparatively safer than other alternatives because the food cooked in a microwave is adequately cooked.

Can I dry herbs in my microwave?

Yes, you can dry herbs in your microwave. Arrange some of the herb leaves in a single layer on the towel and then top with another folded paper towel and pat down. Then transfer it to the plate and keep it on the microwave shelf. Make sure the leaves don’t burn.

How do I reset my microwave?

Press and hold the start or enter key for approximately 4 seconds. The indicator or lock icon should disappear from the display. If the controls are still not responding, attempt a reset on the microwave by unplugging the unit for 2-3 minutes. Plug the microwave back in and attempt the use the microwave again.


Microwaves usually have a life expectancy of around ten years — so in case you’re purchasing it, you need to make the right choice at first, or else you would continue regretting it. Buying a microwave isn’t and should not be considered a simple task.

Taking everything into account, the microwave has changed how we cook food. It has opened doors to quick and easy cooking of food. The most recommended microwave from the products mentioned above is the Comfee microwave. Its eco-mode minimizes 50% standby power. Low power consumption that is up to 700 watts and 11 power levels makes it economical to use. Its body is made up of stainless steel, making it a hard nut to crack.CategoriesReviews

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