10 Best Rat Traps for Indoor / Outdoor

If you are worried about the rats and mice that keep coming into your house through small holes or open doors, you need a mousetrap. But there are so many different kinds of mouse traps available in the market that it may be difficult for YouTube to choose according to your house situation.

Still, you don’t need to worry because we’ve got that covered for you. We have assembled the ten best rat traps for you to choose for your home according to your wish, have a look:

10 Best Rat Trap Review

We’ve picked the top 10 amazing rats for you so that you get rid of those pesky little annoying creatures for once and all:

  1. Best Seller Rat Trap: Authenzo Mouse Rats Trap  
  2. Best Rat Trap in Friendly Budget: Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap
  3. Best Humane Rat Trap: Gingbau Chipmunk Trap Humane Live Rat Trap Cage
  4. Best Electric Rat Trap: Pest Zilla Electronic Rodent Zapper Trap
  5. Best Baited Rat Trap: Catch master Baited Rat, Mouse, and Snake Glue Traps
  6. Best Plastic Rat Traps: Bell Labs Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap
  7. Best Glue Traps for Rats: Tomcat Glue Traps for Catching Rats
  8. Best No See Rat traps: Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap
  9. Best for Catching Multiple Rats: RUGGED RANCH RATTR The Ratinator Multiple Catch Live Rat Trap
  10. Trap Best Outdoor Rat Traps: Tomcat Rat Snap

1. Auth Enzo Mouse Rats Trap


  • Easy to dispose of killed rats.
  • Simple and quick to install.
  • No complicated mechanism.
  • Easy to place the bait.


  • Be careful after setting the trap.

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The modern version of classic snap traps is now called Auth Enzo mouse rat traps. These mouse traps come in a packet of 6 and are made up of plastic, which is easy to clean and is reliable.

This mouse rat trap does not need any complicated mechanism to set up, and you simply have to press the tail of the mousetrap to set it up. To add the bait, there is a removable cup at the bottom of the mousetrap.

You just have to remove it, fill it with peanut butter or any kind of bait, and then re-insert the cup. There is not even the slightest chance of you snapping the fingers too because it is completely safe to use. It only takes 15 grams of weight for the mouse rap to show its work, as it kills the mouse or rats quickly as soon as it comes near it.

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2. Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap


  • Effective rat trapping technique.
  • Provides clean and quick trapping.
  • Easy to use.
  • Poison free use.


  • Setting the trap may take some time.

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If there are frequent rat visits in your house and you don’t want to spend all your earnings on a rat trapper every time, then Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap is the one for you. It has the same traditional wire snap design as it used to be in classic rat trapper but a more elegant design.

All you have to do is place a small bit of bait onto the paddle and pull back the bow, and now you have to engage the bow with the locking bar, and there, your rat trap will set. After this, you have to be careful as any movement upon this will make the trap snap and, it may injure you or your pet or children if they come near it after it has set.

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3. Ging Bau Chipmunk Trap Humane Live Rat Trap Cage


  • Do not harm or kill the mouse.
  • No mechanism is required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe for the places with pets and children.
  • Can be reused to catch another mouse.


  • If the rat chews down the little flap inside, the trap will be of no use after that.

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If you are a soft-hearted person and do not like killing the rats who are roaming about in your house and disturbing your peace of mind, then we’ve got a perfect rat trap for you. Ging Bau Chipmunk Trap Humane Live Rat Trap Cage will only capture the rat for you without killing them or providing any harm to them.

To capture the rats, all you have to do is place the bait in the food area inside the trap and open the spring door, and the mouse will enter the tunnel-shaped trap, and as soon as it will reach the food compartment, the door to the rat trap will shut, and the rat will be caught inside.

There is absolutely no chance of the rat escaping. After trapping it, you can let the rat go by opening the door somewhere outside your house. There are small holes that help the rat breathe and not suffocate to death.

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4. Pest Zilla Electronic Rodent Zapper Trap


  • Instantly kills the rats.
  • Can be used to kill squirrels or chipmunks other than the rats.
  • Easy and safe to use.


  • Cannot be used in damp places.

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This rat trap works by providing a 7000V shock to the rats who go inside the box-shaped trap. You only have to power it on after putting in batteries and little bait to set up the trap wherever you like.

The mouse will go inside it and instantly get killed by the shock. This electronic rat trap works efficiently without the chance of mice or other rodents escaping. You can easily place it outside or inside wherever you want to keep it. You don’t even have to touch the rats to dispose of them, and you can slide them off without touching them outside in a bin or wherever you want.

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5. Catch master Baited Rat, Mouse, and Snake Glue Traps 


  • Ready to use the gadget as it comes with a bait.
  • Captures the rats effectively.
  • Professional strength glue makes it easier to catch.
  • Safe and easy to use.


  • One tray is for single use only.

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The Catch master rat trap is amazing as it comes with bait. It is simple to use because it is a glue trap, and you just have to place it at an appropriate place, a place where there is a frequent visit of the rats. The professional strength glue makes the rats stick to it, and then you can dispose of it, away from your home.

It is very safe to use as it is non-toxic, making it safe for kids and pets. The best part about it is that it can also be used in damp and humid areas, so you can use it outside to capture squirrels and chipmunks too.

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6. Bell Labs Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap

The Pros

  • Can be placed both outdoors and indoors.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Snaps the trap with only 0.03 pounds of weight.


  • Can be dangerous for pets and children after setting it up.

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Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap is also one of the greatest and easiest to use rat traps. It has a great elegant design to trap rats, and later you can dispose of them easily without touching the dead rat. It has great performance, and you won’t be disappointed with its results.

To use this rat trap, you have to add bait in a small bucket that is removable and is present beneath the rat trap.

You can take it out and put it back very easily, and after setting the trap, all you have to do is wait for the rat to go through it and snap! It will be suffocated by the plastic pointing at its neck, which makes it difficult to breathe. You need to be extra careful; do not touch it after setting it and make sure no kids or pets go near it.

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7. Tomcat Glue Traps for Catching Rats


  • Easy to use.
  • Can effectively trap the rats.
  • Can also trap a variety of insects.
  • Can be used at small entry places too.


  • Consists of the strong smell.

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There is another way of catching the rats and not killing them instantly by using Glue traps. These Tomcat glue traps consist of Eugenol for increased stickiness, and in this way, the mouse rats will stick to it if they walk across it.

You can use these mouse traps in your home, and if you have kids or pets, then it is perfect for you because it is non-toxic and safe and even dogs and cats resistant. You may even catch insects too as they stick to it easily.

To catch the rats, all you have to do is place bait on top of the glue trap and wait for the mouse to walk on it. As soon as they walk on it, you can pick up the trap and throw it outside your house. You have to be quick in throwing it out because if the rats are strong, they can drag it around the house before the pesticide inside the glue traps kills it.

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8. Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap


  • Can dispose of the killed rat without touching the body.
  • Safe to use around pets and kids.
  • High voltage shock kills the mouse in seconds.
  • Removable chamber to easily clean and set the bait.
  • Can be reused.


  • Trap can be a bit small for some rats.

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Other than the wire snap and glue trap mouse trappers, there is also an electronic rat trap that uses an electric current to kill the rat as soon as it goes inside the trap.

There is no complicated task; you just need to place the bait inside the electronic rat Trap, and as soon as the rat goes inside, it will receive a current which will instantly kill the rat. There is an LED indicator on top of the rat trap, indicating that there is a rat present inside the trap so that you can dispose of the mouse.

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9. RUGGED RANCH RATTR The Radiator Multiple Catch Live Rat Trap


  • Easy and quick and install.
  • Comes with a plastic container that fits the entire cage.
  • Safer to use than traditional wire snap traps.
  • Lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.


  • Difficulty in removing them unless you are releasing them.

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If there is a great rat infestation in your house, then this rat trap is the best for you because it can catch up to 21 rats in just a few hours!

It is a humane live rat trap that just traps the rat, and later you can free them outside away from your home.

You can use this rat trap both outdoors and indoors as it can catch many rats in one go. Just place the bait inside the trap and set the trap door as well. The rats will go inside and won’t be able to get out.

You don’t even have to use the poison to kill so many rats as the poisons also destroy the surrounding.

For those less condoling to the mess of rats, the Rat traps come with an air-tight plastic container that fits the entire cage. The Rattrap weighs just over 9 pounds, not including trapped rats.

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10. Tomcat Rat Snap Trap


  • Can be reused.
  • Rats cannot escape after trapping inside.
  • Removable cups are present for baits.


  • Should keep it away from reach of children and pets.

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To kill those big rats, you need a bigger rat trap, and for that Tomcat rat snap trap is one of the best choices. These rat traps are big enough to kill bigger rats or other pests like squirrels and chipmunks. You can either keep it inside your home or outside in the garage wherever you want to keep it.

These work in the same manner as any other rat snap trap by putting bait inside the trap and setting it up until the rat comes inside and gets itself killed.

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Buyer’s Guide – What You Need to Know Before Buying Rat Traps

Buying an accurate rat trap can be difficult, considering there are so many various types of rat traps present but, you don’t need to worry as we are providing a guide for you so that you know what exactly you are looking for in a rat trap.

  • Size

The size of the rat and the size of the rat trap matters a lot. There are a lot of rat traps that are designed for only small mice or rats and, if you buy that one, but you have bigger rats roaming about, then it’s of no use. 

So before buying any rat traps, make sure you know what size rats there in your house are. If you don’t know that, then you can go for the glue trap, which is compatible with both big and small rats.

  • Area

The area where you will place your rat trap also plays a major role in buying an accurate trap because if you have to keep the rat trap outside where there are moisture and dampness, then an electric rat trap may not be suitable for that need.

A snap trap or glue traps may work fine under that circumstance. So, make sure you buy an accurate rat trap according to your area.

  • Easy Disposing System

Some people are absolutely scared of rats and can’t stand to look at them. Especially if they are dead, if you are one of those people, then you need a rat trap where you don’t have to see the dead body of the mouse and throw the whole trap. 

These traps are usually covered and can be electric traps or snap traps, but in the end, you don’t have to touch or even see the rat. Throw it away by either throwing the whole trap, or there is a sliding chamber that disposes of the rat when you slide the chamber.

  • Speed of killing

Some Of the rat traps kill the rat instantly after capturing it in the trap, while some take time for the rat to consume the poison and then die. If you want to free your place of rats as soon as possible, then go for the snap traps or electric rats’ traps, but if you want to leave the trap open and do not mind waiting for it to kill the rat, then glue traps are the ones for you.

Rats usually stick to the glue traps and later die by consuming the poison while at the same time, you can also not kill them and remove the rat from the glue traps outside away from your house so as not to kill them.

  • To kill or not to kill

Some people are soft-hearted and do not like killing animals whether or not that animal is driving them insane by roaming in their house. There are rat traps designed specifically for these people so that they do not kill the rat; just capture it and then let it go outside their house.

This is the easiest way to trap rats, as there is no blood spilling just, capturing it in a trap so, it is a win-win.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions About Rat Traps

Here are some of the answers to the questions which go through every rat trap buyer. We hope this works out for you.

Where should the rat traps be placed?

Rats traps should be placed around corners with your house walls, especially at those places where you notice their frequent visits. The rats have weak eyesight, so they usually take the help of their whiskers to objectify the area and help them travel in the corners.

What happens if an unwanted thing sticks to the glue trap?

If any unwanted thing apart from rats or rodents gets stuck on the glue traps, for instance, a child or a pet then, use mineral oil and spread it on the area where they got stuck and, it will help them remove themselves.
Similarly, you can use this same technique to remove the rats from the glue traps outside your house, too, if you do not want to kill them.

How to place the bait for a rat?

To place bait for a rat, make sure you are wearing gloves because rats have a great sense of smell so, if they get a mixed smell of bait, something which they may not like, then they will turn around and not touch the bait.


Rats can be very unpleasant; other than their appearance, they can prove to be such a disaster for you because of their chewing tendency. They can eat away your expensive furniture, couches, and even clothes if they somehow get access to your closet. So it’s important to remove them from your house as soon as you spot them before they cause any damage and, for that, you need an excellent trap just like CATCH MASTER BAITED RAT TRAP as it already comes with bait and rats get themselves stuck to it which makes it easy for you to remove it.

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