10 Best Solar Pool Cover to Use

Unless you’re one of those adventuresome polar bear characters who like bouncing into ice-cold water, you definitely want to maintain your swimming pool heated. But before you go out and drop the wealth on a regular electric or gas heater, have you thought of a solar pool cover?

A solar cover can build and maintain your in-ground pool’s water temperature over the ground. It will also decrease your power costs, reduce water loss, improve heat retention, and in some situations, even decrease chemical requirements. That’s why a solar pool cover is beneficial. If you are uncertain about these kinds of covers or are seeing for tips, then check out the following article to discover the best solar cover for in-ground pools.

10 Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews

Our top 10 stocks consist of solar pool covers that maintain the temperature in your pool constant, keep out debris and other components that can dirty your pool, and are usually easy to use. Have a look at them.

  1. Best for usage: Natural Chemistry Cover
  2. Best overall product: Robelle 18’ x 36’
  3. Highest performance: Blue Wave NS520
  4. Premium choice: Blue Wave BWC752
  5. Best value for money: Blue Wave BWC922
  6. Best for durability: Intex Solar Cover for 9.5ft
  7. Most lightweight: Pool Mate 571224-4
  8. Best for In-ground pools: Blue Wave 18-ft x 36-ft
  9. Best for budget: Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 24-ft
  10. Best saver of time: Crystal Blue 15S-8SBD

1. Natural Chemistry Cover


  • Reduces evaporation and maintains water’s temperature.
  • Keeps water warm longer.
  • Do not interfere with pool chemicals.
  • Reduces growth of algae.


  • May be tough to remove.

With the mono-layer technology, the Natural Chemistry Cover decreases evaporation and conserves water and money. It reduces water evaporation by up to 85-percent and restricts heat loss by as much as 70 percent.

You can use the guide on the bottle’s side and squeeze the recommended dose over the swimming pool water’s exterior. The suggested dose is 4-ounce per 20,000-gallons of water or 667-square meters per week. In severe weather conditions, use the equivalent amount twice per week.

2. Robelle 18’ x 36’


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Requires no assembly.
  • Keeps the evaporation level down.
  • Raises temperature fast.


  • The plastic bubbles may fall off after a while.

The Robelle 1836RS-8 Box Solar Cover is an excellent option for in-ground pools. It arrives in blue color and is offering an 8-mil polymer. Unlike different pool covers, the Robelle Solar Cover can be cut by you to fit your pool capacity.

Unluckily, placing the body on or removing it may become a two-person job. Though this is 18 x 36 ft., you can cut this to fit your impressive pool size. Moreover, it also comes with a 3-year warranty.

The high-grade polythene material used works well to trap heat from the sun and to make it ultra-violet resistant and less susceptible to deterioration. It floats when the pool is not in use to allow energy to pass through at day and retain the temperature at night.

This Blue Wave Solar Blanket is an ideal fit for rectangular pools. It is 16 x 32 ft., but you can cut it down according to your pool’s size. The cover is 14-mil thick, giving it the right quantity of power so that it would not blow apart. Concurrently, you may require a reel or another person to assist remove it or put it down.

The solar cover features round bubbles and is simple by design. Built with air bubbles that work as an insulating cover, the cover can raise water temperature by up to 15°F and keep it warm even at night.

3. Blue Wave NS520


  • Saves energy and reduces heat loss even at night.
  • Uses UV rays to raise the temperature quickly.
  • Holds up well against cool weather.
  • Durable and well built


  • May be hard to lay flat.

This Blue Wave Solar Blanket is an ideal fit for rectangular pools. It is 16 x 32 ft., but you can cut it down according to your pool’s size. The cover is 14-mil thick, giving it the right quantity of power so that it would not blow apart. Concurrently, you may require a reel or another person to assist remove it or put it down.

The solar cover features round bubbles and is simple by design. Built with air bubbles that work as an insulating cover, the cover can raise water temperature by up to 15°F and keep it warm even at night.

4. Blue Wave BWC752


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Cuts to shape easily.
  • Good at fighting evaporation.
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • May develop small holes after a while.

This Blue Wave BWC752 is designed for 20×40-foot pools. It features a polyethylene scrim that can withstand harsh weather conditions and cold chilly nights. A UV protective cover protects the surface from the effects of the sun.

There are metal grommets at every corner to tie the body down. This navy-blue cover has a jet-black base, which helps hinder algae growth. Moreover, this amazing pool cover comes with an 8-year warranty.

5. Blue Wave BWC922


  • Holds up well against pool chemicals.
  • Lays flat easily.
  • Prevents algae and can withstand winters.
  • Maintains pool temperature.


  • May be tough to remove.

If you are looking for a cover for your oval-shaped above-ground pool, this is it. The Gold pool cover by Blue Wave is 19 ft x 34 ft and provides easy installation without overstretching your cover. Its package adds a winch and an all-weather cable for a reliable fastening onto your pool.

With a scrim count of 14×14 and added polyethylene construction, there is no denying that this pool cover is super durable and will give you an excellent period of useful service. Secondly, it can resist algae and other severe weather elements like snow and ice-Thanks to the black underneath and heat-sealed seams.

6. Intex Solar Cover for 9.5ft


  • Reduces evaporation and keeps the pool warm throughout the day.
  • Easy to handle and carry.
  • Comes with a bag for storage.
  • Lessens water accumulation by draining water through the eight holes at the top of the cover.


  • Dirt and debris may gather over it.

Here, the solar cover is an outstanding lightweight stock, fitting any pool up to a 15 ft size and perfect for private use. If you are a family homeowner with limited time to heat a pool, you would love this stock to help maintain the temperature high during the day. Fit for spas too; this cover has multiple uses.

A cover bag for full comfort of transport is an excellent addition to the cost. Fold it, store it, and off you go.

You’ll find that this stock captures the heat from the sun, freeing you from the tension of heating the pool from time to time repeatedly during the day, which is great news!

7. Pool Mate 571224-4


  • Cuts and fits well according to the pool size.
  • High quality and well built.
  • Cleans off well.
  • Works best for above-ground pools.


  • May not be long lasting.

If you have an oval pool, then this cover may be the best for you. It comes in many several sizes to serve most pool owners. The possible dimensions are 12 by 20 ft, 12 by 24 ft, 15 by 30 ft, 16 by 25 ft, 16 by 32 ft, 18 by 34 ft, and 21 by 41 ft. The pool cover continues for an extra 4 inches to reach the tightest seal achievable in all of these sizes. 

However, in terms of color, you don’t get to have the same right. The only possible color is dark olive green. Besides this, it has strong metal grommets in which the tightening cable runs. Expectedly, it is more useful than rubber-lined inlets. What’s more, the tightening line is coated with vinyl, which provides a larger flexible size with a lower risk of ripping.

8. Blue Wave 18-ft x 36-ft


  • Doesn’t disturb the pool chemicals.
  • It lays flat without any hassle.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Keeps water warm longer


  • The straps may be flimsy.

This Blue Wave 18-ft × 36-ft  is created for 20×40-foot pools, but they also make several sizes for smaller and larger arrangements. It includes a polyethylene scrim and heat-sealed seams for added strength. A UV protective coating protects the body from the effects of the sun.

At the surfaces of the cover are loops every four feet for binding the body with water tubes. There are also metal grommets at each turn to tie the cover below. This navy blue cover highlights a jet black bottom, which inhibits algae growth.

9. Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 24-ft


  • Has a 4-foot overlap to avoid stretching.
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions, especially chilly winters.
  • Sturdy and well built.
  • Prevents the growth of algae.


  • Holes may occur after sometime.

The Bronze Series cover from Blue Wave is a perfect solution for those looking for an affordable and efficient solution for preserving their pool all winter. This cover is comfortable but still has a range of high-end features typically found in more expensive materials.

This cover is for 15-foot round pools, but it has a 19-foot limit, providing extra coverage. Both the scrim and waterproof coating are manufactured from rugged and tough polyethylene with heat-sealed seams, so this pool cover will be capable of standing up to the worst weather conditions. This pool cover is also employed with a UV-protector to prevent fading or untimely wear from the sun pounding down on the surface.

The cover’s base is a dark black color, which retards algal growth, which can be an actual headache when you open your pool in the summer. Thanks to this algae inhibitor, you should be able to see each summer pure crystal water when you eliminate your pool’s winter cover.

10. Crystal Blue 15S-8SBD


  • Increases pool water temperature by up to 10 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cuts evaporation by up to 90%.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Keeps the pool warm by capturing UV rays.


  • May not be long lasting.

When connecting to a solar pool cover or solar blanket, this “bubble cover” is the regular and most generally used.

As stated, the air bubbles in the pool case amplify the sun’s UV light through the day and act as an insulator once night comes. These covers are produced to withstand the harsh sunlight all summer while enduring light, moreover, it is also simple to handle.

If you’re studying for the most affordable way to heat your swimming pool, and one that needs very little work to establish and use, this is the go-to.

Buying Guide – Things to Know Before Buying Best Solar Pool Cover

By now, you have got the idea about the features and qualities that must be present in a pool cover, but still, there is way more to know. That’s why down below, we have listed the best buying advice to look out for whenever you are shopping for a pool cover.

Best Type Solar Cover

Solar pool covers come in several types, including:

  • Bubble Solar Covers

They are also known as solar blankets. They are covered with tiny sealed air bubbles that catch heat from the radiator or the sun.

  • Solar Rings

They are a smaller option to the giant solar cover with magnets on the rim. Related to solar blankets, they are more valuable and less capable because the entire covering isn’t covered.

  • Liquid solar covers

They are a chemical additive that produces a little film on the pool’s exterior, which acts as insulation. The flow is biodegradable. It cuts down over time; hence, you will require to maintain the liquid concentration to replenish it.

Narrowing down on these three options, the solar blankets are the most efficient in keeping the heat. It will satisfy your pool, virtually eliminating dehydration better.

Best Solar Blanket Color

Solar blanket’s colors are most usually blue, green, and clear covers.

The darker the cover pools colors, the more heat they will pull and catch in the air bubble, and the quicker they will transfer the heat to the water.

The more volatile the cover, the more light will move through but will not trap the sun’s heat properly. It might provide some UV light to pass through, thus diminishing the water sanitizer.

Best Pool Cover Thickness

Solar pool covers come in 8 mm, 12 mm, and 16 mm.

  • 8 mm solar covers
  1. Lowest price
  2. Lightweight
  3. Increases temp to 10 degrees ( F)
  4. 3-year warranty
  • 12 mm of solar covers
  1. Moderate price
  2. Medium thickness
  3. Increases temp to 15 degrees(F)
  4. 7-year warranty
  • 16 mm of solar covers
  1. Highest quality but reasonably priced
  2. Thickest cover
  3. Increases temp to 18 degrees (F)
  4. 8-year warranty

The 16 mm pool covers seem to do the job more enjoyable and last longer from the lookup.

Most people opt for the mid-range width because the major drawback to a thicker solar cover is that they are larger and more cumbersome to move around.

Best Pool Cover Design

Popular designs include;

  • Bubble Solar Cover

This design option looks like a large construction roll of tiny bubble wrap pockets with air caught inside them.

  • Straight Line Vinyl Cover

It is a sheet of thin vertical line material vinyl that floats on the cover of the pool.

  • Insulated Vinyl Cover

This design choice is made from various layers of vinyl making it thicker. The thickness provides pockets of air in between the layers.

The solar bubble case is the most approved of this pool design due to its effectiveness and complex form. This cover is designed to resist the hard sunlight all summer while enduring light and is simple to handle.

Best Pool Cover Measurement

It would assist if you took the right areas of your pool to choose the right pool cover.

Most covers are square or rectangular solar blankets that are made to fit precisely match your pool’s dimensions.

Though you have a vast pool or your pool is irregularly formed, you can custom develop your collection by trimming the body to suit the pool’s appearance.

Best Solar Pump Cover (FAQ)

Making a buying choice is not easy, and while making that decision, a lot of questions occur in one’s mind. Here are answers to few questions that will pop in your mind:

Do Solar Pool Covers Perform Well?

Yes, Solar Pool Covers do operate! They help retain heat and reduce humidity, and when used on outdoor pools, they also help add warmth to the swimming pool water.

What Is the Best Solar Pool Cover Thickness?

The thickness of solar polar covers varies from around eight mils to 16 mils. More numerous masks are more skilled at retaining heat and aren’t as swiftly blown off the pool by strong winds, but they are more complex.

How Does a Solar Cover for an In-ground Swimming Pool operate?

A solar cover for swimming pools works like a cover. It takes the heat from the sun and limits your collection of debris and dirt. It also prevents heat loss as well as the water from concentrating.

How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat a Pool?

In an in-ground swimming pool, a solar cover can keep the water temperature by 5 to 8 degrees F for every 12 hours of coverage. With no cover at all, pool water consumes a large amount of sunlight. 

How Long Does a Solar Pool Cover Last?

Because a solar cover is made of a plastic body, it will decline after a while. Also, because of the extreme elements and chemicals in your pool, the pool cover will start to dry around the corners, and the bubbles will begin to decrease as well. High-quality solar pool covers can survive in good quality form for about 4-5 years on average.


There are many advantages to having a solar swimming pool cover, from keeping your pool temperature to adjusting your pool’s chemicals. You can use the above reviews to decide which outcome is the best solar cover for your in-ground pool. However, all the above-provided options are best, but the “Robelle 18’ x 36’” has no match. From amazing features to longevity, it includes all the essential features, and that’s why it is worth buying.

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