What is Saw & Types of Saws

For thousands of years Saws have been used as a cutting tool. Being a tradesman saw is one of the essential tools that you must have. Saws are usually used for works that include wooden projects, but they can also be used in metal works. 

As there is a range of work out there in the market, there are a wide range of Saws available depending on the work type, for helping you to get the work done quickly and more precisely.

It is said that while choosing a Saw, always keep this in your mind that the Saw you are going to pick should be in accordance with your project and the goal you expect to achieve.

With so many choices available, Finding the right Saw for the job can be a serious pain. That is why we will help you to make the right decision and choose the best one for your needs and of course your budget. 

Circular SawA well known handheld tool in the wood industry. Design specially for cutting wood but it can be used for cutting other material like masonry, plastics, or even metal. You can use different blades for the cutting and even you can mount it to a machine if you do not want to handheld it. It comes in both left-handed as well as right-handed.

Worm Drive Circular SawA heavier, more powerful, and expensive Saw having extra cutting power. It is designed with a unique gearing system which makes it having a greater torque than a circular Saw. It makes them popular among professionals and home DIYer.

Band Saw: A Powered Saw designed especially for metal cutting, having a long and sharp blade stretched between two or more wheels allowing it continuous cutting in one direction It is also used for woodworking and lumbering. It helps to cut irregular shapes and curves efficiently.

Track SawAn effective tool use for small cuts, guide rail cuts, and high precision. They are light in weight and portable. It has a stable track in most situations due to the rubber strips present on the bottom. It helps a lot in tight spaces. It produces clean long cuts.

Miter SawA powered circular Saw use for making a quick crosscut at desired angle quickly and precisely. They are used for cutting, trimming, and molding. They have no weight and are easy to move which makes them portable.

Wet Tile SawAlso know as Tile Saw or Wet Saw is a tool design for making cuts precisely, safely, and efficiently on ceramic, stone, and porcelain tiles. It uses a water-cooled diamond blade to provide smoother and more uniform cuts. It’s an easy and quick tool for use.

Reciprocating Saw: Also known by the names of Hognose, Recip, and Saqzall Saw. Having a blade at the tip it is one of the best handheld tools that pushes and pulls at a high speed. They are used in construction and demolition work as they can cut a wide range of material in no time.

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