10 Best Side Sleeper Pillow

Best Side Sleeper Pillow

Uncomfortable positions can cause lightheadedness and dizziness in the morning. It would not only affect your everyday routine but your health too. An inefficient sleep pattern may lead to spinal injuries. Moreover, there is a high chance that you will face apnea and fatigue. So, the best way to avoid this scenario is to get a comfortable mattress along with a pillow. This combination would enable an improved sleep cycle that will be free of pain, and strain.

If you choose a pillow that is not suited for your sleeping criteria, it can cause a long list of health issues in the present and future. Since there are different types of pillows, getting the best one is quite hard. The most rewarded one for its efficiency is a side sleeper pillow. These items have an ergonomic design that helps in relieving the pain. That said, get a sleeper pillow and save yourself from all these issues at once.

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

Hundreds of manufacturers make these side sleeper pillows. We know that this makes it very hard to choose from this range. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best available side sleeper pillows that will help you in selecting the right choice.

Moreover, the guide also contains a buyer’s guide and FAQs sections that will further help you in choosing the pillow if you are new to this. So, keep reading the guide till the end and buy the right pillow.

1. Beckham Gel Pillow



  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes in a pack of two.
  • Contains fade-resistant materials.
  • Stain-resistant due to hydrophobic coating.
  • Machine washable.


  • Does not contain plush support.

The top product on the list of best side sleeper pillow is from Beckham Linens store. The reason this item is here is that it contains gel dots that absorb the heat generated from your body. The result is sweat-free sleep. Moreover, the memory foam in the cushion provides improved comfortability that helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

The product consists of state-of-the-art materials that make it mite-free. In other words, you won’t face any mite bites or any dust. Beckham pillows are very stylish and will give a sleek look to your room. If you are looking for something that provides maximum support, yet provides a clean vibe, these pillows are for you.

2. MyPillow Classic



  • Made with interlocking technology.
  • Made with adjustable design parameters.
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee.


  • Not available for King size beds.

If you are a fan of maximum firmness, then this pillow is just right here is for you. MyPillow contains shredded memory foam that provides a pillar to the neck and back. The combination of polyester aligns the spine, providing a strain-free sleeping experience. Also, you can adjust the pillow according to the needs.

It consists of a no-slip design and using that, the user can set the modify the dynamics accordingly. The best feature about the pillow is that it will not go flat. It is because it has plush support. Another key reason to buy this pillow is that it is machine washable. And if you want, you can dry it using those big dryers.

3. Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow



  • Comes with extra padding.
  • Vegan free design.
  • 5-year limited warranty.


  • Not washable due to materials used.

Coop is known for its home solutions, and its adjustable pillow is lately gaining a lot of attention. The reason for that is the cushion contains an ergonomic design that fills the space between the head and shoulder. It supports enough support for the back to rest completely.

And yes, it also helps in getting a perfect position for sleeping. Moreover, the pillow reduces the snoring problem to some extent, helping you and your partner to sleep comfortably. The product is certified from GREENGAURD, which means it is free from any toxic chemicals. If you are currently facing pain, snoring or tossing, and turning, then this pillow is the right recommendation for you.

4. IKSTAR Memory-Foam Pillow



  • The fabric used makes it dust resistant.
  • Mite-free design because of interlocking technology.
  • A removable cover makes it easy to clean.


  • No warranty available.

The main reason the IKSTAR sleeper pillow is here is because of its design. The adjustable V shape enables maximum convertibility helps in getting a night of sound sleep. Moreover, if you regularly experience breathing allergies, then this cushion is for you. It will help in expanding your lungs, allowing you to breathe efficiently.

Furthermore, the product comes with a pack of extra foam, so that you can fill the pillow with it for extra comfort. The cushion contains 75% latex and 25% polyester fiber. The combination makes it stretchy. This side sleeper is anti-microbial and mildew proof, providing a clean sleeping experience.

5. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow



  • Durable because of memory foam.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Eliminates thermal build-up.
  • Provides uniform pressure on all joints.


  • May fade after regular use.

Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow contains three-layer technology that helps in aligning the joints better. Due to its design, you can place the pillow under the head, stomach, calves, and any other place. It will do the work and provide the help needed to repair the joint. The padded design enables air to flow and allows a better sleeping experience.

If you toss and move all over the bed, then Royal Therapy Memory foam is for you. Along with that, the reason people use it is that it does not deform. It mimics the shape of your body to provide a cozy feeling. And yes, the pillow looks great in your bed due to its furnished design.

6. Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling Gel Pillow



  • Contains a volatile organic compound.
  • Certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Customizable according to the user’s requirements.


  • Not strain-free.

How can we forget gel foam from Perfect Cloud in the list of Best side sleeper pillows? The pillow consists of interlocking technology that helps in sleeping in a better way. If you are not a fan of heat jamming up under the pillow, then consider this edition. The item contains a design that is recommended by doctors. It helps in aligning the body, along with providing a snore-free sleep.

The product is free from any toxic metals such as lead, mercury, and zinc. If you are from that race that experiences hypoallergic, then move your attention to this. The extra breathable material will provide a dust-free feeling.

7. Honeydew Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow



  • The padded design makes it breathable.
  • Ultra-soft.
  • Elevates sleep cycle using comfort experience.


  • Comes in a simple design.

Honeydew has changed the way we use sleeper pillow. Have you ever heard of a copper-infused cushion? Well, this is why this item is unique from all other products. The copper here regulates the air and provides a pathway to warm air to get released. If you think that this makes it harmful, then you are wrong.

The company has been certified from Oeko-Tex Level 100, meaning it is safe for humans and as well as for pets. You can guess that this item is featured in Forbes for its outstanding results. If you want, you can get a 60-day trial for this product.

8. SORMAG Bed Pillows



  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Protects the cervical spine.


  • Only available in soft firmness.

Featuring another item on the list is from SORMAG. The pillow comes in a pack of two and has a dimension of 20 x 30 Inches. The optimum measurements cover a standard size bed. The product contains a futuristic design that makes it an optimum side sleeper and a back sleeper.

If you are worried about dust and mite and this causes you difficulty in breathing, then SORMAG pillow is for you. It contains Hypoallergenic gel that prevents any dust and mite from entering the premises. The product remains fluffy even after extensive use, and this is possible due to its 100% cotton filling.

9. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow



  • Ergonomic design.
  • 100% natural materials.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Requires a lot of maintenance.

EPABO foam pillow is the only item here that contains a design based on orthopedic suggestions. The cushion is adjustable, and you can use this feature to cater to the needs using the feature. Go for this product if you have trouble sleeping. You can use the pillow as a side sleeper, back sleeper, and support for the back.

And the plus point is that the product is easy to carry. It weighs only about 2 pounds. The item consists of high-quality materials that make it very breathable, allowing you to breathe the air efficiently.

10. WonderSleep Series Luxury Adjustable Loft Home Pillow



  • One-year warranty for claiming.
  • Stylish and plush.
  • Lightweight because of gel addition.


  • May released a chemical smell.

The last product on the list is from WonderSleep. It is here because it contains a removable cover that helps in cleaning the cushion. If you are looking for something that has a sleek design and is easy to carry, then go for a pillow from WonderSleep.

Along with that, the pillow contains gel bearings. Now, there are two advantages to that. Firstly, it will divert the warm air trapped to the outskirts. Secondly, the gel will prevent dust and mite from entering the cushion. Moreover, the package comes with extra padding so you can adjust the comfort and height.

What is a Side Sleeper Pillow?

A side sleeper pillow fills the space between the head and neck, allowing your spine to rest without any support. The important point here is that these pillows provide optimum support that helps in sleeping comfortably. People prefer these pillows as they prevent snoring and improves breathing.

Advantages of Side Sleeper Pillow

There are tons of advantages of using a side sleeper pillow. All these advantages rely on its feature of containing memory foam that helps in getting a good night’s sleep. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Pain relief

The first advantage of using this pillow is that it reduces the pain that you may experience while sleeping. The intensity and affected area vary from person to person. Sleeper pillows prevent the pain specifically associated with the neck and back.

  • Spinal alignment

Another health benefit of the sleeper pillow is that it aligns the spine. The reason spine is dis-orientated is because of the sleeping position. As you know, a sleeper pillow improves the state. Through this, the back also becomes aligned.

  • Reduces allergies

By allergies, we mean problems associated with breathing. A sleeper pillow elevates the head to an optimum position that expands the lungs, allowing you to breathe more efficiently.

  • Firmness

These pillows contain contour memory foam to increase the firmness and give the user a comfortable feeling.

  • Support

The material in these pillows expand and contract depending on your sleeping position. This criteria gives more support to the neck/should joints. 

  • Hygienic

Sleeper pillows are more hygienic than the rest because it creates an air pocket that helps in relieving the germs.

Buyers guide-Things to Consider Before Buying Side Sleeper Pillow

We know that you will face many issues before buying the perfect pillow. To assist you with that, here are some factors worth considering.

  • Breathable material

The first thing to consider is the breathable fabric. Our body generates heat, and that heat can be trapped under the pillow. It can make it hard to sleep in hot temperatures. So, to help you with that, select a pillow that has breathable material.

  • Choice of sizes

Pillows provide your head with the support they need. So, size matters a lot in this case. Let’s say if you have a king-size bed, you will be needing a king-size pillow for that.

  • Dust-free

It is an important aspect to consider. If you have a breathing problem, then it is recommended that you buy a gel-infused pillow.

  • Removable cover

Make sure that the pillow you are buying has a removable cover. It will help you with washing the top and the padding effortlessly.

  • Extra Padding

It is not that important but, if there is an option, you should go for it. The reason is extra padding will help you in adjusting the height and comfortability of the cushion.

FAQs About Side Sleeper Pillows

Here are some of the questions asked by buyers when they are on their best side sleeper pillow buying journey.

How to know if it is a side sleeper pillow?

Side sleeper pillow is thick on one side and is thin on the other. If you are planning to buy a side pillow, then look for this design element.

Is body pillow good for side sleepers?

Anything that supports the neck and shoulder is good for a sleeper. If you are a side sleeper, then it is recommended to use a body pillow that has an ergonomic design.

How many pillows should a side sleeper use?

Side sleepers are people who prefer to sleep on one side. So, if you are a side sleeper, make sure that you are using at least two pillows.

Should shoulders be on a pillow when sleeping?

No, shoulders should not be placed on a pillow. The reason is that for a comfortable sleep, your head and neck only should be elevated.

What is the best firmness for a side sleeper?

Side pillows are available in medium, fluffy, and ultra-soft edition. For a side sleeper, go for soft to medium firmness.

What is the healthiest sleeping position?

The most effective position to sleep is on your back. There are multiple advantages to that. First, it will help align your body. And secondly, you will be able to observe a better breathing rate.

Is Side sleeping not preferable?

There is no harm in side-sleeping. However, make sure you are sleeping in a flat position.

Is it OK to sleep without a pillow?

No, if you sleep without a pillow, there is a chance that you will experience neck strain and pain after you wake up.

How should I sleep to relieve neck pain?

The efficient method is to use sleep on a mattress. Moreover, if you use a fluffy pillow, it can also relieve the neck pain.

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

Consider a pillow made from these materials to prevent back pain:
1. Memory foam
2. Latex 
3. Buckwheat
4. Feather pillow


Everyone needs a break from a hectic day and a lot of users do this task by having a good nap. If you have a cozy bed, the chances of a sound sleep are high. However, if your bed contains a soft pillow too, the chances of getting a comfortable and heavy sleep doubles. There are two types of sleepers: flat sleepers and side sleepers. If you are from the second type, there are specific pillows for you called side sleeper pillows.

We have created a list of the best side sleeper pillows. These will assist you in selecting the item from this wide range. If you ask us, the product that takes the lead is from Beckham. It will help you in relieving back pain due to its features. Do not forget to have a look at other products too as they are nothing less than this.

We hope that this guide will help you in choosing the right pillow for you.

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