8 Different Types of Massage & Their Benefits

The thing that makes you relaxed after a long working time is nothing but the only massage. This is such type of process in which your muscles get rubbed, kneaded, and pushed by another person.  

In this process muscles and joints get pressured by hands, stones, and sometimes by the help of a machine.  

Worldwide different types of massage therapists give a variety of massages as per your need. They apply fine pressure to your body and release pain often. 

To know how many types of massage? and some related questions. Let’s go through this healthy article. 

Hope this reading will help you to find your required massage. 

Types of Massage 

Medically there could be 18 to 20 types of massage literally but here we would know some basic and most important types of massage. So, let’s start with the first one; 

1.   Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one the most common type of massage that is available globally and everyone can afford it easily. 

As per Canadian massage therapists, Swedish massage is the natural way to regulate blood circulation throughout soft tissues and it relaxes the body gently. 

In Swedish massage, there are many forms of massage strokes to apply such as; rubbing, kneading, bending, stretching, and even vibration. 

It focuses on all body especially joints and soft muscles without harming them deeply.  

2.   Point massage 

Knots or tighten points of the muscles need special therapy that can relax them instantly and reduces the pain. For this, all you need to have a Point massage

Basically point massage is a great combo of two types of massage (Swedish massage and deep tissue massage) 

In this therapy therapist focus to a triggered area where muscles get hard and the patient feels pain. 

Within tight muscles, the pain can be the leading cause of discomfort mayo clinic declares. Headache and body pain is lastly symptom of this condition. 

3.   Deep Tissue massage

To get a deeper massage and high pressure on the tendons/muscles Deep tissue massage is the best way. It simply focuses on the complex network of jointed tissues throughout the body. Yours inhabit muscles, organs, nerves, bones, and even all tissues get deep pressure when you get this type of massage. 

If a patient surviving with any type of chronic pain then deep tissue massage will not only reduce the pain but help tissue to re-growth finely. 

Registered massage therapists of the “Association of Ontario” declare that it helps in relieving all kinds of stiffness and arthritis. 

4.   Prenatal massage

Pregnancy is the most complicated period for a woman; it comes with a lack of health so, the mother may have a variety of issues.

 In these issues muscle bending, swelling, stiffness, and sometimes lower back pain are common. 

Well, medically all these pains can be simply treated through a massage type that we have written here. 

By having prenatal massage the mother feels enough relaxation and slowly gets rid of these irritating situations. 

The leading pro of this massage is reducing the risk of premature birth means everything for a woman. 

5.   Sports massage 

Sport is the most common physical activity that causes muscle pain means a massage is required. The pain that players face by playing any kind of sport is can be treated with one kind of special massage known as sports massage. 

Even many athletes get enough time for sports massage as a warm-up and to play with great intensity.

Sports massage is not made for everyone as sportsmen/women are found with healthy muscles so they can bear high pressure on the body. This pressurized massage increases the blood flow and helps a person to get speedy recovery from the muscles pain. 

6.   Hot stone massage 

By the name of hot stone massage, you can simply conceptualize that in the technique stones are used to be hot every time. This is quite a tricky technique and you have to take this technique from specialists only. 

By using hot stones muscles get relief verily and pressure is not needed all the time. In this method, RMT places smoothly hot stones on particular areas of your body. 

Not all stones or small stones require for this massage but only volcanic rock and Basalt stones are used to give this massage. Both of these stones are best for skin and are heat resistant means you get a fine temperature on your muscles. 

These stones are also used in Swedish massage by some RMTs.

7.   Aromatherapy massage 

Aromatherapy is not new but it is in the health field for many centuries. In this therapy, essential oils are used for giving fine pressure to the body with light fragrances. 

No need to describe the benefits of essential oils. For this therapy, it is not necessary to get any training at all but you may give this type of massage to anyone at home. 

The most famous essential oils known for aromatherapy are rosemary, peppermint, lavender, lemon, bergamot, and many others. 

For this therapy same Swedish massage steps are included but this time your RMT is applying essential oil with no side effects. It commonly helps the patient to get relief from muscle pain and gives a sound sleep too. 

Once I heard that on night shifts often nurses give aromatherapy to sleep, apnea patients. 

8.   Reflexology massage 

Last but not least and my favorite massage type is Reflexology massage means everything that you need for comfort.

Reflexology Association of Canada says that this method of massage depends on the study that, particular parts of our body map other organs of the body.

A clear example of this massage is (A finite pressure to the feet may help you to get rid of stomach pain.) RMTs follow a reflexology map before starting the treatment. 

In this map, each and everything will be clarified which shows where and how much pressure is needed for your hand or foot. In this section, the research is very few but enough to make a person relax with different pains. 

No worries much but as per Mayo Clinic reflexology technique is helpful for pain and increases mental health.

Tip1: before having any massage make sure which type of massage you are looking for like you can’t relax your abdomen muscles by aromatherapy. It all depends on the massage you take so, for you it would be good to go to special massage therapists as you may have the right treatment for your pain.

What happened in massage?

Well, this is the most asked question by the patients. Look, you cannot have the proper steps of massage until you don’t off your clothes. 

In these clothes, your undergarments should also be removed such as your bra or underwear. If someone is not comfortable then he/she may put both of these but for having the right massage the body should be naked all the way. 

Don’t worry certain parts of the body will be covered within a sheet. More familiar parts of having any kind of massage would be the neck, back, arms, legs shoulders, feet, etc. These parts are the most intensive parts of the body that takes high tension and need to relax.

However, these parts are having hidden triggering points for pressure means; a small amount of pressure can give amazing results.  

Cost of a massage

Well, the price of each type is different in every region. All types of massage are charged for minutes like in the USA $60 to $150 for one hour. 

Most therapists get a 15 to 20 dollar tip on their service extra but a few centers do not accept gratuity. 

Instead of basic massage given type of massage could be expensive.

  • Aromatherapy 
  • Hot Stone Massage 
  • Prenatal Massage 
  • Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage 

To have a massage at a good price it is good to do some homework locally. In your area find any massage therapy center or therapist who can treat you at your home or where you’re most comfortable. 

Hope you’ll find someone your match soon who can come to your need instantly. Some health insurance companies give massage therapies too so if you’re insured approach your policy for having massage therapy. 

How to find a massage therapist?

Well, most doctors recommend whether you have to take which type of massage and where? Online there are many platforms where you can find your good RMT who can relax you through massage. 

Now, it is all as per your wish that if you want to go to any massage center or need someone at your home. 

Before booking make sure he/she should be comfortable with you and you also have to feel comfortable with the person too. In this way your massaging time could be great fun. 

Tip2: Before starting your massage session do a table talk with the therapist to have a proper massage this way you’ll be relaxed entirely. 

Bottom Lines 

Indeed massage is the best way to feel both physically and mentally relaxed. If you do not believe then have a demo for your pain and know these words are true. With your concern and help this highly researched article is available so, read it calmly and have joy! 

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